BtB2013-6- Save the Dwarves.

6 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

2012, Somewhere in Ireland.

Watch the flyby.

Keep the wall on your right hand and after shooting a raven pick up Secret #1, Reward for the Finder up in the NE corner.

When you continue another raven attacks.

Head into the NW section and get the Flares, retrieve your steps and go to the right, around there is a small crawlspace in the W wall where you can pick up a small medipack.

Up in the W wall is another crawlspace with a lever. After pulling it go back to the cave, loop around to the right and find an opening in the floor (W wall).

Lasersight and Musket.

Slide down and at the deadly pool jump up and use the monkey swing to get to the other side.

Use the lever next to the gate and go in. At the S wall is a chest with the Laser Sight in it. Go to the N wall and into the small cave, left and jump through the opening to the W. On the S wall is a crystal button, use that to drain that deadly pool.

Go back W to the entrance, down into the dry pool and get the Musket. Jump back up SE and go back through the gate a bit, look up and shoot the spiked ball to open the gate E. Go through that open gate and grab the Musket Ammo on the right.

Avoid the two swinging axes. Follow through and to the right is a gate with a lever, watch the flyby.

A Bag of Runes.

Use the lever to open the gate, jump over the deadly pit into and alcove on the right and then continue E. Climb the ladder on the left and when Lara's feet are above the brown wooden beam, back flip/roll. Take two steps back from the edge and hop to the popping up spikes and a running jump to a safe ledge where the gate opens. Go in and use the jump lever on the left (S wall). Look in the Red Lantern for the Bag of Runes.

Square with the Big Stones, Axe Handle, Axe Blade- The Axe.

Back out and safety drop to the ground floor, the gate you opened is on the right (NW). There are 6 crystal buttons here, only use the 4 green ones (with a flower motive panel). The door N opens.

To the right is a Medipack, and straight ahead a small medipack.

Go to the W wall and find the Axe Handle in front of the tree stump and a bit further the Axe Blade next to the stone NW. Join them together for the Axe. Go into the building N to get rid of that Fairy at the Cross.

Dried Leaves and a Small Waterskin.

Use the Axe near the entrance (S wall), a gate opens W and you'll get to a small village.

The far NW house has Dried Leaves in a bowl.

The SW house, entrance around the back, has Musket ammo and a Medipack.

The middle house N has two Raven and a Medipack, in the NE corner is a Waterskin.

In the alley next to this house is a dog, he will leave behind some Musket ammo.

The Frozen Flame Key.

The last House (Blacksmith), push/pull the three wooden blocks away to get Flares and Musket ammo.

Now go outside, dive into the pool and swim through S to retrieve the Frozen Flame Key.

Use the Frozen Flame Key.

Climb out of the pool go E behind the fire place and go back through the passage E to the big stones, go N and use the Key to open the Big Door. Go into the gate that will open up.

Get through the first moving block; right around the corner at the second one is Secret #2, a Reward for the Finder. Then avoid the last one and grab the Musket Ammo.

Skeleton Pit, the Viking's Head Statue.

Go to the N wall and use the swing poles to get to the other side. Get Musket Ammo and a Medipack from the pedestals, and open the doors SW.

Go all the way to the back (W wall) turn around and stand against the slope on the right hand side. Jump over slope and immediately up and grab the edge.

Push the block in front (SE) in twice and turn around and go back through the wall, right around the corner and push the other block into the room. Go around and move the block onto the trigger tile NE. This opens the gate SE. Grab the Viking's Head Statue and go out.

Drop down to the ground floor and go to the pit. Look down and spot the tree men walking around. Drop down, there's a small cave in the E side, get in there and left around the corner is a Crystal button, push that and a block lowers in the pit so you can use the ladder to climb back out (savegame.0).

Open the Blue Gates.

Use the Head on the pedestal in the NE corner and go inside. Do not go through the gate E yet, but pick up small medipack NE. That opens a gate in that corner, go in and behind the glass wall you can see what you have to use in the bowl, empty the Bag of Runes in it. The next gate opens up, go in and put the Dried Leaves in the bowl (don't save till you burned them). Go back out into the room, fill your waterskin in the shallow pool and pick up a Torch. Ignite the Torch next to the pool, go to the bowl with the Leaves and ignite them (you can leave the Torch). Through the next gate you can use the water on the dead tree and the blue gates W open up.

For a Secret: open the gate E with the Rune button, (it is actually also for opening a shortcut between the two parts of the level in case you forgot to pick up something on either side). Use the lever in the other room and step on the sliding floor. Avoid the spikes, run on the tile when they are down (short stop), run again onto the next and so on and follow passage to almost the end. In the third alcove to the right (W wall) is a crawlspace, get in for Secret #3, a Reward for the Finder. Get out and the gate opens up on approach (No need to go out there, but this gate should be open in case you need to return to the other side of the level). Go back through the spike trap, climb the block left of the sliding floor, face the E wall over the sliding floor and jump to grab the hidden crack. Go left around the corner and drop. Go back to the room W.

Boulder Trap.

Go down and the flyby shows some boulders and levers. When you go down the left side you'll get the advice to save. Do this and continue down the slope, over trapdoors and to the bottom of the slope. Use the lever E (marked with one black dot) and the trapdoors open, go there and down into the tunnel below to get Secret #4, a Reward for the Finder. Go back and climb up the W wall, to the left and drop on the floor where you can stand. Go up the slope to the lever on the right (marked with two black dots) and save.

Pull turning left and run into the corner, duck and the boulder goes overhead.

Go further down the slope, the boulders should have fallen into the open trapdoors and thus triggered the blue gates at the bottom of the slope to open.

(For a nice challenge you can also try to outrun the boulders, jump over the open trapdoors and get to the gates).

Go down, over the trapdoors (savegame.1) and enter the Green Room.

The Green Room, Pushblocks and Raising Blocks.

Two Keys.

Go to the passage S, slide down backwards and grab the ladder, back flip to the ledge. Face S and stand back a bit (2 steps), jump to the next ledge and a running jump to grab the one in the next part of the room. Pull up in the left hand corner and run to jump to the crawlspace W.

That wooden block at the end of the crawlspace has to go straight to the opposite side (SW). Climb up, turn around and use the jump lever above to raise a block. Move the wooden block against it so you can pull the block out of the E wall. Climb that and up right to get the Silver Blue Key. Now go into the passage W and follow left to get the Silver Yellow Key.

Look up S there and use the jump lever above to activate a chain. Go left around corners to that chain and use it to get across the pit. Follow through right around corners to get some Musket ammo and leave the passage N into the Green Room.

Timed Blocks.

Use the Silver Blue key S and reveal the Timed "blue" lever, use the Silver Yellow Key N and reveal the Timed "yellow" lever, which we will use first. Then get to the blue lever, from there run and jump onto the low block (NW), onto the high block and side flip to the first floor where you'll get the "save" advise (savegame.2).

Six Rune Buttons for the Celtic Knot (#1).

That is why you had to save, when you use the wrong button, walls go up and you can't get them down so you have to reload. Look at the floor under the buttons; there you can see which one to use. Use the right hand one N and in the S the one in the middle. The fire goes out and you can get the Celtic Knot. Get back down into the room below.

Yellow Circles Key for the Celtic Knot (#2).

Up the staircase S and shoot the werewolf to get the Silver Circles Key and use that S. A wooden gate opened, go in and climb up to the first floor. Stand in front of the yellow glass wall N and use Ctrl to grab the Yellow Circles Key from it. Back flip onto the slanted block N, jump and grab the ledge above. Jump to the other corner, then jump E and turn around to jump grab the ledge and use the key there to disable the spike trap. Jump to the disabled spike ledge and from there a curved run jump NW around the corner (savegame.3) to get the Celtic Knot (#2). Safety drop on the other side and down to the floor, go back to the Green Room to use both Knots N.

The Sword (Crowbar) and a Rope.

Through the door in the next room is a large pit, go to the SE corner, shoot that crate in the crawlspace and climb in there. When you drop into the back part, music plays. A rope will have appeared over the pit so climb back. Go to the animated Frozen Flame NE and grab the Sword from it. Use the rope to get across the pit and go N, pull the chain to open a door to the next room.

The Frozen Flame.

Go S and first right through the open door, grab the Frozen Flame NE and use the two crowbar levers to raise blocks. Climb up to the first floor for Secret #5, a Reward for the Finder.

Mirror Room, a Snake Head.

Back down and into the passage, go past a big closed gate up the steps and to the right is a Timed lever. Use it, sprint back left down the steps and left into the small gate (second opening left) (savegame.4). In the back is a Medipack and to the S is a jump lever opening the gate to the passage. Turn left, go into the room and look in the mirror to find the Musket ammo in the corner.

When you look SW in the mirror you can see an opening in the passage through the archway. Go back into the passage with the jump lever and climb up into the hidden passage W to get the Snake Head. Leave through the mirror room E.

The Sacrificial Dagger.

Take a right, follow through, shoot some Raven and get through the dart traps. Pick up the Sacrificial Dagger from the pedestal W and head up the steps SW, follow through and find a receptacle for the Snake head to the left opposite the fenced off area. The gate W opens up.

A Torch for the Monstrous Heart.

Pick up a Torch near a barrel NW, ignite it at the fireplace and burn the rope of the boulder (throw the Torch in the water), a trapdoor opens in the floor. Go down and get the Monstrous Heart, combine it with the Dagger to get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice. Pull the wooden block under the trapdoor to climb back up (face E).

The Lion Head.

Go out and into that passage to that small gate E, shoot a Raven and climb up right of the gate and you'll trigger the gate to open. Drop down and go through the gate and right, turn around at the end and shoot that swinging ball in the ceiling, a block lowers N. Pull the wooden block once, climb over and push it once more. Then get up and use the monkey climb to go over the deadly pool. Grab the Lion Head E and pull the wooden block under the monkey climb to get back. Move the block so you can get out and to the right is the receptacle for the Lion Head. Then use the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice on the pedestal next to the gates S and they open up.

Changing Ledges, Empty Sack and Rocks.

Go up the steps and take a right through the transparent opening, time the burner and come to a Hall with changing ledges.

Jump the ledges and save in a new slot after each successful jump; this way you will get across (savegame.5). The last jump is a run jump. Grab the Empty Sack there and drop into the pit below, hidden in some grass is Secret #6, a Reward for the Finder. Get back up the ladder SE to the entrance ledge. Magically some Rocks appeared at the N wall, combine them with the Empty sack to get a Heavy Sack.

Back in theVillage, a Golden Apple.

Go out E, use the Heavy Sack in the contraption and get through the gate to the Village. Go S through the Alley and pick up the Golden Apple from the barrel. Go W to the gate and use the Apple right and the Frozen Flame left to open the gate. Follow through to a room with boulders after shooting the Witch.

4 Boulders.

Go into the passage right (N), up left into the crawlspace, follow around a corner and shoot the blue vases, then use the crystal button they were hiding. The flyby will show a lever appearing in the opposite passage. Go back through the crawlspace and right into the passage S. Use the floor lever and the boulders fall into the pool, raising the water level. Dive in and find an opening on the bottom SE, use the ceiling lever there to open the door across the pool and swim there to go through the door to a room with an elevator for which we will need a Key.

Lift Key for the Elevator.

Go to the opening on the right (S), you have to jump the break tiles; a stand-jump with grab, another stand-jump with grab, a running jump and a hop and run to safety.

Go left up the ramp to the top and jump to the terrace (watch out as there are also some flames there). Pick up the Holy Grail and a Medipack. From the Medipack run and jump to the jump lever, possible without burning if you jump from the correct spot.

A gate opens below, jump S over the fence, go down and right (N) to that gate and at the end of that passage, hidden behind the Cross is the Lift Key. Use it in the Elevator, go up the large staircase and use the Grail on the Guardian statue. The Dwarves are Saved, mission accomplished.

G&D, Feb. 16-2013.