BtB2013-5- Hammer of the Gods.

4 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Watch the opening flyby

Exploring the front end of the fjord.

Swim NE and locate the underwater lever in an alcove left to open the underwater gate in the opposite bank (S).

Go in there and pull the underwater ceiling lever to raise trapdoor at the nearby bank.

Go out and left to climb up onto the platform. Jump and grab to the wooden sloped ledge SE. Jump up onto the wooden ledge E and use the Chain to shimmy to other side of the fjord (walk to the edge and use Ctrl).

Drop from the chain and jump from the slope onto the balcony.

If you like, you can jump W from the balcony onto the jetty below to get a small medipack.

Return to balcony via platforms and chain shimmy.

Entering the corridors of the fortress.

Operate the lever to open the gate. Get in avoiding the spike trap.

Solve two pushables puzzle N and S to open the wall W to continue. The solution is on the ceiling.

Go in and take note of a Laser-sight behind the gate (for later).

Head to the right at the intersection (N), the warped wooden door on the right is for later. Go through to the longer balcony operate two jump levers. Do the W one first (jump towards it) and a block lowers in a passage below. Now jump over the balustrade to the E lever, it will open the entrance gate to the bridge and the gate for the Laser-sight (later). Drop into the fjord and climb onto the platform NW.

A timed swim for a sword.

Pull the TIMED lever and see an underwater lever as well as an adjacent wall block. Save again.

Pull lever again and run/swim to the S wall and a bit on the left to the lowered raising block to pull underwater lever behind it and get out before block rises again (roll and swim out high) (savegame.0).

This underwater lever opened an adjacent wall next to it (S wall).

Go into the tunnel where wall opened, go straight and down right to find the Sword at the back of the cave, swim back a bit and up left to a breathe hole.

Bow and Arrows.

Pull out of the water, shoot the bag SW for a small medipack pickup, then go through the door E. Pick up some Flares after shooting the sacks NW. Use the timed pressure plate in the middle of the floor to get through gate S (stand on the S side, pull up onto the floor and hop up S, running forward) (savegame.1).

Shoot the Werewolf, avoiding the blades.

Go into crawlspace left (E), shoot the box and retrieve the Bow. Get out and walk along the right hand side through the blade passage to the exit door.

The Lasersight, injured Viking's quarters and the Dining Hall.

Get into the water and return to fjord (N), swim to the NW and get on the wooden platform, turn around and jump up SE and from there onto the bridge and left into the corridors.

Grab the Laser sight on the left. Follow though N and use the Sword on wooden door around the corner and right.

Enter the Injured Viking's quarters and shoot a sack for a Medipack (W). Pickup some Arrows from pedestal (E). -Note: this is a replenishing supply of arrows-.

Go E into the passage and get Viking to smash two barricades to enter Dining Hall. Defeat two werewolves in there.

Move a wood stack (next to fire NE) to access a crawlspace behind it and grab the Shotgun ammo and Flares.

Use the TIMED lever on the other side of the fire place to raise a block to get to the ceiling trapdoor and open it. Then use the lever again to pull up into the room above (savegame.2) and grab First Hall Key to Runic Portal Hall. Shoot the sack to grab a small medipack.

Get back down and into the corridor W, get up a slope on the left and grab the small medipack there, back down and loop around to get some Shotgun ammo from the pedestal. Now lure the Viking back to his sleeping quarters to smash barricade there, then upstairs to one more barricade.

Getting across the bridge.

Wait for Viking to arrive to smash that last barricade. Once he's done that, use the sword to operate the crowbar lever. Notice wooden gate open behind in opposite rock wall revealing a spike ball (outside).

Go back down and out the door right (S), go right again, around the corner to the longer balcony. Use the bow and laser sight to target and shoot swinging spike ball in small alcove in the S rock wall. This opens the gate at other side of the bridge.

Go across the bridge and proceed through corridors.

Grab the Shotgun from a pedestal in a corridor on the left. Proceed S and locate a small crawlspace behind barrels for Secret #1, a Medipack (if you have problems to get in or out, use the roll-in-crawlspace move). Then return to the corridor, go W and use the First Hall Key around the corner to enter the next area.

The Empty Sack.

Enter the Runic Portal Hall. Shoot a Mummy with the shotgun.

Grab the Empty Sack from under the skeleton.

Proceed upstairs (SW). Solve the multi-lever puzzle using the "arrow" texture clues (they either point down or up) on the back of the blocks in the other side of the room. The levers to use from left to right are 1-2-3.

The Troll Hall, Chalice of the Council #1 and the Rocks.

Enter the Troll Hall, shoot a sack S for a Medipack and then watch the flyby of a Giant Troll approaching as you go E.

Kill the Giant Troll. Move the wood stack on the right to the tall pedestal (E) to pickup the Chalice of the Council #1 (this also opens the place again so you can leave).

Hop down from the block and shoot the bags on the right (N) to get the Rocks. Combine the Rocks with the Empty Sack and get the Heavy Sack.

Chalice of the Council #2.

Go down the staircase again and use the Heavy Sack on that contraption left of the Circular door.

Go in and left (S) to pickup Chalice of the Council #2 in side room. Then continue on via newly opened exit door W. Proceed to rear part of the fjord and watch out for that hole in the floor.

Blacksmith's hut, a Serpent's Head.

As you emerge at the balcony overlooking the rear part of the fjord, note the keyhole for later and the dropped trapdoor next to the balcony. Use chain shimmy to get to other side.

Turn left (W) and jump up the wooden ledge. Shoot the wooden box there and pickup a Serpent's Head. Head S over the bridge to the Blacksmith's house, killing a Viking on the way.

To the Cave, the Wolf's heart.

Get Shotgun ammo from wooden box next to fire. Remember the fire for later. Climb up NW and get Flares from under the sacks, this triggers another Viking. Jump to the rocky ledge SW and go to the end and get the Medipack near the cross. Jump back to the ridge N and jump over to the E. From there jump to the monkey swing and shimmy to hanging platform then jump and grab crack straight in front.

Side shimmy and pull up into cave. Descend into cave. Shoot the bag to get the Wolf's heart.

The Rear Fjord, the Sacrificial Dagger.

Get out of the crawlspace, exit the cave E. Jump into the water of the rear fjord. Pull up out at the rock platform (under the bridge, SW), climb up the rock outcrop.

Get the Sacrificial Dagger from that rock outcrop (a bit hard to see).

Stand jump E to the tree branches to swing back to the balcony and head over the chain again.

Combine the Dagger and Wolf's Heart to make the Sacrificial Ritual and use it on the pedestal, then enter the Witch's den.

Witch's Den, Golden Apple Half 1.

Shoot the Mummy with the shotgun (if you want, or you just dodge her).

Light a flare to locate a high crawlspace in corner of room (SE). Pull up to crawlspace to grab Secret #2, a small medipack.

Get down and shoot the jars on the shelf (NE) in Witch's den for the Platform Key for a Trapdoor later. Then get into the opening in the E wall to the mirror room. Get a small medipack by taking a running jump to the S where you can see different looking tiles. Then turn left (E) and jump to the corner tile, on it is the Golden Apple Half 1. Hop back N and leave this room, go to the W side and climb up the shelf for the Torch. Go back to blacksmith's cave to ignite the Torch, out S and over the bridge.

Return the same way to the Witch's den and set her scarecrow on fire to open door to the Fairies courtyard (stand on the lower floor next to it).

Shoot 4 Ravens and enter courtyard. Ignore the fairies. They will amuse themselves.

Courtyard of the Fairies and Hall of the Valkyrie, Chalice of the Council 3 and Golden Apple half 2.

Lara's attention is drawn to a small box in the centre of the courtyard. Drop to the lower level of courtyard and use the Serpent's Head (E wall) to enter Hall of Valkyrie.

Kill the Valkyrie, then climb up the ladder (NE) to the back room to grab Chalice of the Council 3 and Golden Apple half 2 from the two pedestals. Exit the Hall of the Valkyrie.

On upper deck of the Fairies courtyard, combine the two halves of the Apple to a Golden Apple and place that on the central pressure switch (face N) to activate the cogs and reveal the Inner Sanctum Key, watch the flyby.

Pickup the Inner Sanctum Key from the pedestal (N) and see the camera showing the location of Inner Sanctum keyhole.

Leave S and return to the other side of fjord using the chain.

Use the Platform Key there to raise a platform next to the balcony.

Hop over the balustrade onto the platform, then jump E up rocks to the top, turn around and take a running jump from standing right and grab the ledge. Use the Inner Sanctum Key there to lower a raising block and reveal an underwater door. Jump back to the E ledge, from the higher part you can run jump with a right curve into an alcove under the rock outcrop NE (hit Ctrl as you are near the corner of the alcove). Here is Secret #3, a Medipack. Hop into the fjord.

The Inner Lake, the Frozen Flame.

Open the underwater door E and swim in. Note the wooden box on the bottom. Get out via the rock ledge in the NE corner and jump into the tunnel NW. From here you can shoot that wooden box in the water with bow and arrow. Jump in and retrieve the Turret Key from the water.

Get up via rock ledge and jump to the tunnel again. Follow through and head up the ladder and off on the right, then make your way around Fire pit. Save the game when you are on a platform at the N wall, then hop to the next and take a running jump with grab to get into the opening S avoiding death by spikes (savegame.3).

Use the Turret Key at Thor statue balcony to open the wooden gate and then use the chain to open the Fortress gate.

Turn around and jump the ledges in the fire pit again and then into the open gate NE to grab the Frozen Flame.

Leave this place the way you came.

Jump in the water and get out at the wooden gate on the left. Face SW and use the cracks in the S wall to shimmy to the right and enter the passage. Use the Frozen Flame on the stand and hop through the gate.

Entrance to Glaosheimr.

Head along corridors and arrive at an entrance area. Go right into the SW corner, pull up to high ledge E and shoot a wooden box to get into the crawlspace. Follow through, jumping a fire pit and push the wood pile onto a spike trap.

Return and jump back to the ground floor. The wood pile you pushed is on the right (E). Jump on the wooden pile to safely retract a piece of a wall. Press the Rune button to open a wooden gate near the ledge you pulled up on earlier (SW). Use the lever there to move raising blocks as shown in the camera shot. Go to the block N, pull the jump lever to open the main door. Go into the corridor, hop over the pit avoiding a boulder trap (scoot left or right). Grab Medipack and Shotgun ammo from two pedestals.

12 seats of the Council, a Fierce Battle.

Into the Council Hall, operate a floor lever at the S wall. This opens the Ornate Lion gate. Go through corridor and upstairs, first save, then slide down to Thor's Domain.

Hall of Valhalla, Chalice of the Council #4.

Defeat Thor and watch the fireworks afterwards (savegame.4).

In the NE corner a trapdoor opened, drop down and get in the next room the Chalice of the Council 4. Follow through (N) and around the corner climb up on the left. Go up the ramp and jump down, get on the wooden elevator and when it stops you are back at the Council Hall. Place the 4 Chalices of the Council on the statues surrounding the square.

Watch the fly by after you collected your prize: The Odin Chalice.

G&D. Feb 9-2013