BtB 2013-4-Search for the Last Realm of Thor.

5 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder

These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Go forwards and just drop into the water of the lower room.

Swim down and through the arches; go right at the seventh opening and into a tunnel for Secret#1, Shotgun ammo. Best go back for air, swim through to the end of the arches and up at the end. Get air, spot the floor lever W (later), open the underwater door right (N) and swim in.

Get out of the water and S through a doorway, in the far SE corner of that room is a crawlspace. Going right (W) Lara gets attacked by a wolf pack.

The Shotgun.

Make your way to the waterfall N, go up the W side and take a running jump to the ledge W from the higher NW side. Then a curved jump S to the next ledge around the pillar and make your way to the far SW corner with another banana jump at the end (savegame.0).

Face E and use the jump lever to open a gate. Go back to the waterfall and stand on the right hand slope, there is a crack in the N wall. Shimmy to the right around the corner and climb up.

Climb out the other end, hang from the edge and shimmy right again till you can climb up. Now jump the ledges and get to the SW corner, you get to the room where the ships are. Keep jumping the ledges towards the N side and find a small corner of the floor sticking up (E). Face E and hoist up to get to the upper level.

Walk E and look down SE to spot Secret #2, the Shotgun on the grassy ledge below. Drop down there to get it and climb back up.

Timed Run for the Gate.

Go into the far SE corner (behind a slope) and jump over the ridge onto a slope, jump again to get to the higher ledge that runs along the S wall. Run along the S wall to the W and around the corner you’ll find a TIMED lever N. The gate this lever will open up is all the way in the NW corner.

Pull and back flip roll, run to the higher ledge S and jump up turning left, sprint to the other end and turning left a jump to the ledge along the W wall. Another jump N and sprint, jump a bit left over the corners of the ledges and stay on the same level sprinting E, roll at the end to get through the gate in case it is already closing (savegame.1).

Drain the Pool.

Once you are through face S and spot that pillar with a crack. The trick is to jump over the corner and land on a slope, immediately jump again and grab the crack, shimmy left around the corners and pull up. Then jump SW and use the lever, this opens a gate in the water below.

Jump into the NE pool and turn around and swim through the opened gate (W).

At the next pool climb out and use the lever E, this will drain another pool (with the floor lever).

Back into the water and to the pool, climb out go to the room SE and left, through the crawlspace in the left (NE corner). Make your way N and safety drop in the now dry pool. Go through the passage S and to the right, there is that floor lever you saw before, a gate opens in the room near the start of the level.

Open the Big Door.

Go to the small pool E and swim back all the way through the arches and up at the end. The gate you opened is N in the blue room. Follow though, down some steps and hang down from the edge. Shimmy all the way left and pull up into a crawlspace to get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo there. Crawl out and drop, go use the lever there to de-activate some spikes as well as open a Big Door.

The Sacrificial Dagger.

Grab the crack in the S wall and shimmy right around corners till Lara can stand safely in another passage. Get the Sacrificial Dagger from the chest.

Jump up to grab the monkey swing and go straight to the other side. Drop down and get Flares from a chest.

In the W wall is another crack so use that to shimmy around to the right and use the lever there. More spikes are triggered. You have to shimmy back, using the monkey swing and another shimmy back to where the first lever is.

The Monstrous Heart.

As the spikes there are gone now you can jump to the slope W and shimmy left around the corner, back flip to a ledge, safety drop facing N and climb down the ladder. Slide down to the ground floor.

Once you go through the door, kill the Giant Troll and pick up the Monstrous Heart from the chest on the left. Combine it with the Dagger to get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice then use it on the small pedestal near the gate.

Jumping Ledges.

Another gate high up at the W wall opens, climb in and save in front of the spikes. Use the sound of the boulder to time your jumps and save in a new slot as soon as you land on a ledge.

The idea is to jump the ledges to an opening on the right first and in a chest you'll find a Celtic Knot (#1). (I went to the solid ledge W first, then via the near by ledges to the upper ledge NW. Drop onto the bluish ledge and turn around, run jump with a left curve into the opening NE) Then make your way to the other side S to get another Celtic Knot (#2) from a chest.

Then make your way to the opening W and around the left there use the Knot. The door W slides back, so go there and use the next Knot (savegame.2).

Go back to the poison lake and up to one of the upper ledges W, from there use the ropes to get to the ledge E. Push the Rune button on the wall and get out of here (Take a stand jump down from standing a bit back from the edge so you can roll on the timed ledge and jump to the exit after timing the spikes) (savegame.2).

Drop down in the passage with the candles and the gate N is open.

Face S, drop down and grab the edge, then the crack and shimmy left till you can go no further, let go grab the next crack, shimmy left again and grab the jump lever, slide back and back flip to a ledge where the spikes went down. Jump N and then W and go into the opening there. Follow through and push open some doors at the end.

The Big Tree.

Drop down to the ground and go to the pushable block in the SW corner. Pull it out once, a gate opens and a pack of wolves comes out. Go to the open gate in the E and get Secret #4, the Uzi from the chest.

Back to the wooden block and push it once more (N) and climb up. Jump to the balcony S and get some Shotgun ammo from the chest. Go back where you climbed up and jump to the next ledge and to the balcony N. In the chest is Uzi ammo.

Go back to the ledge and now jump to the tree. Jump from branch to branch to get to the top. There is a lever there to open a door below.

Get down to the ground (hang from the SE corner and shimmy right to the slanted branch, drop grab the one below, pull up and hop E onto the balcony) and go into the opening N. Go up the stairs a bit and turn around, jump SE onto the landing to get the Medipack from the chest.

Back up the stairs and once up go to the other side. Turn around, stand back at the wall and jump to the ladder to grab it, climb up and off to the right.

The Laser Sight.

Go up the ramp through a passage and kill two Vikings, one of them leaves an Old Key behind. Continue S and down some ramps and there you can use the Old Key. Drop down and shoot some bags N to get the Silver Circles Key. In the SW is another ramp down, follow through.

Open the door at the end, first pick up the Laser Sight under some jugs NE near the fence, then go into another passage (W). Use the Key and enter. Go to the end and back flip on the water stream to grab the monkey swing. You have to probably swing side ways first to get going and then straight and after three pillars take a left and swing around the corners to get to a jump lever.

Jumping for the Bow.

Now go to the water stream, back flip and grab the monkey swing but this time go the other way (you may have to climb sideways with "Shift").

Get up the ladder and kill two more Vikings, one leaves an Old Key.

Go to the gate W, turn around and walk onto the snow slope against the middle pillar and up S you see an opening, take a running jump over the snow close to the middle pillar and grab the one S. Follow through and to the right you'll get to a room with some deadly water on the bottom.

You have to jump all the slopes to get to the other end (video-realm1.wmv). Open the chest there to get the Bow. Jump back via the 3 slopes E (savegame.3) and get outside. Jump up into that opening with the gate N, turn around and look up, shoot that spiked ball. The gate behind you opens up. Follow through, use the Old Key W and go through the next gate.

Moving Logs, open the Gate.

Go through the passage avoiding the moving logs (left behind the second is a gate). At the end of the passage face SE and run jump and grab that crack. Follow around the corner and use the jump lever. Go back to that passage and now get left behind the second moving log (N) where the gate opened.

Just run in and to the wall ahead as a boulder comes down behind you and use the lever, back out again, take a right and back to the sloped passage.

Go through the door W, from the entrance face N and climb up the block and grab up even higher. Jump over the ledges and into the corner opening SE. In the chest there is another Old Key. Drop down and use the Key at the gate W. Then flip the lever and watch the flyby as three big round doors open up.

Three Trolls.

You have to kill three Giant Trolls; I jumped onto one of the blocks E and shot them from there. Go through either of the open gates W and follow through and behind the Big Door in the S wall is a ladder so up we go.

An Old Key.

Face NE and take a running jump, roll in the air, when you touch down, jump and grab the opposite slope. Shimmy left and pull up, go to the N and then look left. Jump over the block there, slide and jump onto another slope, shimmy right around the corner, pull up and back flip twice and flip the lever there (You'll have to shimmy to the corner and pull up to get in front of the lever).

The Celtic Knot.

Either drop down on the ground and use the ladder and the same way to the now closed trapdoor or jump S from the lever, at the end of the jump turn slightly left or right just touching the top of the sloped block to land on the trapdoor.

First push the block in as far as and then go back out, now jump to the ledge left (NE), and pick up the Celtic Knot from the chest.

Jump back to the trapdoor and use the Knot in the passage, then jump back to the ledge where the chest is and climb up N through the open gate.

After entering go left and jump to the other side. I stood on the side of that slope (monkey swing on ceiling) and side flipped to the slope and then could grab the monkey swing (savegame.4). Swing forward and let go at the ladder and grab it, traverse around the corner. Then back flip with roll and slide down to grab the end and shimmy left so you can pull up. Then jump over to the E ledge. In the SE corner is a ladder, climb down and take running jumps over the first two columns to the NW. From this one you can proceed to the ledge with the TIMED lever W or jump down NW into the alcove to get Secret #5, a Medipack from the chest. Hop onto the slanted block in the lava and keep jumping the blocks to get to the ladder W and go up. There is a TIMED lever on this ledge.

Timed Run to the Gate.

So pull while holding the look key and hop back twice, run with a left curve and start pillar jumping and up the ladder, back flip and run left over the corner of the hole and run into the gate (savegame.5). Be very careful as there is a swinging axe behind the gate. In a chest in an alcove on the left is a Medipack. At the poison floor jump the slopes and grab the ladder, more slopes follow and more axes (savegame.6). Best is to not grab the slopes, but simply jump over immediately.

Another Old Key, for the Spikes.

There is an opening in the floor on the right, first hop over and get another Old Key from a chest. Go back to the slope at the Axe passage and jump SW over the slope to end up at a Key hole for the Old Key, spikes go down where we go now. Face NW and jump onto the slope, back flip immediately over the slope under the axe (savegame.7). Now go down the hole on the right (spikes lowered here) and follow through.

G&D-Jan 21-2013.