BtB2013-3- Nordic Challenge.

5 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder

These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

There are more ways through the level, but this is how we got through with all pickups.

The year 2013, somewhere in Hordaland.

Silver Yellow Key.

Slide down and go to the NW corner and open the door.

Scoot left and shoot the bags to get the Flares. In the SW corner is a floor lever, this opens a trapdoor outside in the SW corner. A Valkyrie appears and leaves the Silver Yellow Key behind.

Drop down through the now open trapdoor and follow through. Around the corner use the key and in this new room get the small medipack in the NW corner. Then go to the wood pile NE, push it S and then walk around and pull it E under that wooden trapdoor above. Then get out and up to the room. Now you can pull another wood pile out over the fixed trapdoor so you can use the lever that is above the opening (E wall).

Jumping the Pool, the Laser Sight.

This opens the gate NE, go in and follow through to a pool. Hop into the pool and use the ceiling lever under the entrance ledge to activate a spike trap. Climb back up and up to the right to take a running jump with curve to grab the balcony left (SW). From there face W standing right and jump over the top of the slanted block (time the spikes and you should have used the ceiling lever already or this jump is impossible), immediately jump right to the next, jump to and fro, roll in the air so you will end up on the small balcony. Stand jump NW onto the lower part of the slanted block around the corner and you should end up on the small triangular ledge.

Run diagonally and jump to grab the next block, hang on the left side and pull up over, slide and jump hard left over the top of the block in the corner to end up on a trapdoor. Back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the jump lever on the N wall. Trapdoor opens, follow through and climb up W, back flip and from that ledge. From here you could use the 2 chains to get to the ladder E, but then you would miss out on a secret.

So better jump to the pointy block SE. Jump to the balcony E, here is Secret #1, some Musket Ammo. A platform rises to the N. Take a running jump with a right curve to land on the platform.

Jump to the ladder and climb up into the opening left. Around the corner of this passage get the Laser Sight from the pedestal and through the open gate that will slam shut afterwards.

The Musket and the Sword.

Go down and to the E wall in the left corner is a pushable wood pile. Pull/push it to the S wall and once to the W. Climb up and grab the edge of the corner pillar. Pull up and jump/roll to grab the edge, shimmy around the emitter and pull up. Flip the lever on the wall, this opens the door at the E wall.

Safety drop down and enter and get onto the elevator. Push the button there and ride up and end on the top of the same room. Jump down left (S) down the ramp and grab the Musket from the floor.

Go back up the ramp and jump over to the N ledges. Use the Musket and the Sight and shoot some sacks SW, this will open a gate at the same wall W and now shoot the spike ball. A ledge appears at the balcony SW. Take a running jump from the transparent ledge (time the burner) to the back of the twisted pillar and the middle and hop to that ledge (savegame.0). Go onto the balcony and enter a bit, turn around and climb up. Go even higher on the ladder and pick up the Sword that is under the skeleton there.

Get the Flares from the SE corner.

Back down the ladder and down to the passage and there jump down E and follow through. You'll hear a boulder, run to the door (S) and open it with the Sword. Watch the flyby.

Hall with the Boulder, Hazardous Jumps

Take a running jump to the slope with the boulder (SE) when the boulder is closest to you, keep running and jump and grab the edge of an alcove SE. Turn around and stand left against the boulder slope facing N.

You are standing on a trigger tile; two trapdoors came up at the structure on the left W. Stand jump with a bit of a left curve back onto the slope (don't slide) and when the boulder is going to the far end, keep running and curve left and jump to the first trapdoor, hop on the second (landing on the left hand side) and a side flip to the slope and jump with a left curve to grab the edge of that alcove in the W wall (savegame.1).

Stand jump SE onto the first collapsible tile and jump following the tiles towards the small balcony on the W wall (video-ledges.wmv - savegame.2).

Open de chest and get a small medipack.

Then use the tree branches to get to the tile against the S wall and side flip right into the alcove. Face the pool and again use the tree to get to a wooden platform. A running jump to grab the slope, shimmy left and slide over and curve a bit to the left to end up on another wooden platform.

Face N and jump to grab the collapsible tile, pull up and curve to jump onto the one behind and to the right. Get into the opening on the right (E) (savegame.3).

The Moving Logs.

The gate closes so go down the stairs and follow through to a menacing looking trap. Here we have to step on 7 trigger tiles under the logs. Mind you, the corners of the tiles under the diagonal logs are safe to stand. Go as close as you can then a stand jump to the right (NE), landing on the safe corner. To trigger them all and get a Secret: Turn right, jump to the small balcony and use the jump lever, a gate opens W. Jump back to the S path where you started and this time hop NW onto the corner of the tile and run to safety. Hop N onto the next trigger and side flip left into the open gate.

Use the floor lever that opens a gate in the N wall. Run jump out NE landing on the next tile and run to safety behind it ( a tall block went up now, S). Hop E onto the tile and side flip left into the open N gate. Pick up the small medipack and use the lever to open the gate in the E wall.

You know what to do by now and while you side flip into the E gate you should have also triggered all 7 tiles and a small block went up along the W wall.

Inside the E gate you can pick up Secret #2, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Hop out SW and jump back to the S path, from there jump NW next to the log and hop onto the small block SW, turn around and jump up N, now you can reach the high raising block with a run jump and grab. Jump to the elevator platform in the middle of the room and go up (savegame.4).

Top of the Hall, the Silver Circles Key.

Climb up N into a passage and follow through. Slide down and carefully get out of the passage (axe). Watch the flyby.

Get some Musket Ammo from the alcove where the axe is swinging. Walk to the balustrade S and with your right shoulder at the wall and look to the far S wall. There is an alcove (hard to see) with some jars in it, shoot the jars. Now you can jump over the balustrade to the block that appeared and jump to the slope on the left (SE). From there to the balcony E, then over the balustrade to the balcony S. Walk to the end and stand on the right, take a running jump and grab the edge of the balcony that is behind it (savegame.5).

Use the lever (for a platform behind Lara) and jump SE over the balustrade to the crack in the wall and shimmy left and get into that passage there.

Let the Knight smash two blocks, one S and one N. Push both buttons and climb up the ladder pillar in the middle. Grab the Silver Circles Key and get down. Go to the pillar at the W wall (a bit to the right) and pull up near the corner to get Secret #3, Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Pushables Puzzle.

Safety drop to the floor and leave this place. Jump to the trapdoor that appeared and from there make your way to the N wall and use the Key there.

Now you have to exchange the statues so the snake goes N and the lion S. A rope will appear (SW), go to it and get into the now open gate in the W wall.

Spike Hall.

Sprint to the back of the room and jump over the pit, behind the ladder is a Key (later) (savegame.6).

The Cave.

Up the ladder and left into the passage to a large Cave. Grab some Flares left. Go W and down in the gap is a climb wall. Jump over the gap to the W and into the opening NW, follow through and hang out at the end, drop/grab to the crawlspace, follow passage to the Frozen Key. Gate opens nearby. Turn back a bit, climb up in the ceiling and follow to the ladder in the Spike Hall. Jump over and go back up to the Cave.

Swim with the Blades, the Silver Blue Key.

Go W, jump over the gap and hang back to get down the climb wall and use the crowbar lever there. Trapdoor opens in pool.

Follow through the blade passage (along the bottom) and left is the underwater door, go NE and get air first. Now go open the underwater door and follow through, climb out and shoot a werewolf. To open the trapdoor in ceiling, stand on block next to it. Go up and get Yellow Circles Key. Back to water and through the door to where you got air before. Climb out and open the Crowbar door. Follow through, use the Key and shoot 4 Blokes. Grab the Blue Circles Key they dropped and use it in other keyhole. Shoot the Bad Witch and get her Silver Blue Key.

For the Axe.

Leave this place, back to the Cave and go up to the crowbar lever NW and get on the climb wall to the ledge above.

Into the opening NW again and to the end, this time jump over onto the rock ledge S, with a curve right so you can grab the edge. Shimmy left and pull up around the corner, jump SE onto that Bridge Pillar. Go S over the bridge and use the Key W.

Head into open door S, jump to block SE. Stand right (low ceiling) and jump S to grab the next block, go on jumping blocks to end up on the safe block. Jump W and then S over the break tiles. Jump to that slanted ledge in the SW corner, slide and jump to get to the block with the Axe (savegame.7). Grab the Axe and jump into opening W, use the lever to raise a platform for your return trip. Back to balcony, jump to grab the crack in the E wall left of that block and go left around. Pull up to take Secret #4, 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump back to balcony and to wooden platform. Jump the slanted blocks to get to the safe block N and jump into pool. Get out N and outside left is where you can use the Axe (bridge changes position). Run back inside, right around the corner and jump to the opening with the Cross W to get rid of the Fairies.

The Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

Back out, jump to central Bridge Pillar (line up straight, long jump) and go to the E side. Into passage SE, use jump lever at the end. Back and jump to the raised platform NW, jump to the NE corner and go into the passage right. Here you can open the door with the Silver Blue Key you got from the witch before. Go to the end and get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice. On the floor are a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Head back to the Cave, go straight into the passage W, turn around and hop back with Ctrl to land on a slope. On the ground floor go SE and use the Sacrifice to open the big door. Slide down behind the door.

The Dungeons.

Shoot the 2 Vikings and to the S is a crowbar door, go in and grab some Shotgun ammo and the Torch from the sacks SW.

Ignite the Torch SE, then release the 2 boulders by burning the ropes, doors open behind the boulders. Go into the two cages and use the two jump levers. Back out to the Hall and a door opened in the N side of the Hall, follow up and down to a Rune button. It will raise a block in the SE corner of the Hall. Climb up and use the lever W, jump to the platform you raised and then look NW, shoot the target ball (if you need Revolver ammo, there's some on the N side balcony, along with a Medipack. But you'll have to climb back up to the platform as there's no way back). A rope appears near the platform, stand back and jump to it. Be sure to have enough health and swing E to the jump lever which will open the doors E.

The Village.

Shoot the Giant Troll and head N to a barbeque pit. Pass along the right hand side and around the corner is a button. It will raise a block. Go back where you came from and W behind the houses near the cages is the block. On top is a lever that will open the Blacksmith's. Back to the harbor and a pack of wolves will wake up. Shoot them; one of the wolves will drop Key Secret 5. That Secret is in a hole in the bottom of the harbor, NE. Open the door there and get Secret #5, a Medipack. Back to the Village and to the SW.

The Blacksmith's, Celtic Knot.

Enter the Blacksmith's place. Get some Shotgun ammo from a crate NW, in a chest NE is the Celtic Knot. Go out, left and to a shed with a table, W of it is the gate you can now open up. Inside shoot the Hammer God and grab the Silver Yellow Key.

Use it on the E wall at the skeleton and where the block lowers next to you is a crack up in the wall. Get to the alcove and jump to the walkway, use the chain to get to the S balcony and use the chain there. A door opens on ground floor, NW. Get the Medipack next to the door and enter.

Shoot the Viking and go N, grab another Medipack and push the object in the W alcove away to get the Silver Blue Key. Open the gate N with it.

Timed Jumps, a Grail Offering.

Inside is a Cog wheel, pull it about 6 times, hop back twice turning right and jump to the ledge. A running jump left to the next and a running jump to the right hand side of the slanted block, immediately jump hard right to the next ledge and do two more running jumps to get to the lowering door, run against it and hit the roll key (savegame.8). Grab the Grail Offering and go out S, jump back to the cog wheel and head down S.

The Golden Cross.

In the room to the W you can place the Grail Offering on the statue (there's a small medipack in the NW lantern) and a block goes up E, climb up and use the jump lever on the S wall, the block with the ladder will be even higher. Up to the top and into the alcove above to use the lever, a block retracts in the room with the chain. Go back to the chain and over to the N balcony where you can find the Golden Cross. Look E and spot the door that just opened, you can jump in from this balcony and slide back to the barbeque pit.

On the edge of the harbour is a block where you can place the Golden Cross, watch what happens. Swim into the new channel and climb up the terrace there you take the Frozen Flame. A flyby will show a sinister figure light a Torch and walks off with it. He is the Guardian, he will close all the doors and reset the traps for you.


G&D. Feb 7-2013.