BtB2013-2-Summertime Sadness.

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Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder

These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Somewhere in Brittany, France...

The Stables.

Pull/push the wooden block W to the E side of the stable (under the marked tile) and a trapdoor opens up SE. Climb down and head S, straight at the crossing and down a passage with a cascade. Grab the small Medipack, roll and go up the passage to where the water comes from. Turn around and jump to grab the climb wall, go up just one step and back flip into a passage. Follow through and climb up N, throw the lever in the window E to open a ceiling hatch in the stables.

The Old Key for the Gate.

Follow the passages back, straight at the crossing to the cave under the stables and climb up using the rock. Climb up S and off to the right to the upper floor, some sacks NE contain Flares and next to the bed NW is the Old Key. Back down and through the trapdoor SE into the caves, at the crossing take a right and use the Key there (W) to open the gate E of the crossing as the flyby will show.

The Flooded Caves.

Go through the gate and follow the cave to the end where you'll find an opening in the E side, swim through and take a left (N) to climb out at the stairs. Go NE into the passage and around the corner NE is a Lantern (for later), follow through to a Hall with a pond in the middle.

Timed Jumps.

Dive in, use the underwater lever W to lower a block. Climb out W and go through the new opening in front of you. Inside are 3 trigger pads in the floor and in the Hall are 3 platforms you'll have to get into the opening NW (over the entrance). Stand in the S side of the room, run over the left hand side of the first two pads and turn right while running over the third, through the opening to the Hall and jump on the block, a running jump to grab the first platform. Pull up, turn left a bit while running a bit and hop to the next platform, do a running jump into the waterfall alcove NW, quickly line up for a jump right around the corner to the expanding platform and jump into the opening (savegame.0).

The Silver Circles Key.

Straight ahead is a Lantern (for later), remember that and around the corner left is a Rune button, use it to expand some platforms at the stairs. That's all for now, go back drop down in the Hall, notice the new block next to the entrance and leave W, back to the stairs. Swim into the SE corner, pull up on the slanted rock and back flip onto the raised block. Jump N to grab the platform and go inside for the Silver Circles Key. Jump back to the block S.

For a Torch.

From the block you can jump SW into a hidden passage in the vegetation behind those roots and use the Key there to lower the block you just came from. Back out of the passage and swim E into the tunnel, climb out and go straight and climb up left. Grab a Torch (I threw the rest of them down N too) and go down N, there's another Lantern here. Go out N and you are back in the Hall. Go out NW, be careful in the water, just walk in and swim/wade to the stairs. Go right around the corner into the NW passage to come to a trigger pad with a spike trap behind it, stand close to the spike trap, wait for the pad to trigger the fire in the bowl and jump through the spikes, get to the bowl fast and ignite the Torch (savegame.1).

Light the Lanterns, the Celtic Knot.

Back with the Torch to the stairs and into the other passage (NE) and around the corner is the first Lantern you can ignite (NE). You'll get a screen of a gate at the Stairs. Go in E to the Hall and through the opening in the S wall where the second Lantern is.

Out to the Hall and climb the block NW next to the entrance and hop into the opening NW, straight W is the third Lantern. The gate opens up, you can leave the Torch here. Go down to the Hall and out NW to the Stairs.

Climb the block that was there already and get up the platform, into the open gate and grab the Celtic Knot. After the flyby you can pick up a small medipack from the corner and dive into the water below, swim S all the way and in the end go right through the small opening. Up the stairs and use the Celtic Knot to activate the spike traps. Get into the passage and only pass over the active traps to get to a pit. Drop down and find a Medipack in the NE corner. Climb out using the block N and jump over the pit to you come to a room what looks suspicious like a small version of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Cave.

Walk to the middle and you'll be transported to small area with a babbling brook. Follow the stream, slide down and watch the flyby.

The Huge Cave, the House, Timed Block.

Make your way to the W side, onto the yard with the lanterns and find a door on the right.

Go to the first staircase you see (E) and near the window (S) is a TIMED lever on the right.

This will raise a block outside, so run like hell and jump on it and immediately jump up to grab the monkey swing (savegame.2-hanging on the monkey climb). Swing to the left of that stone bulge coming from the ceiling and grab the jump lever (Camera shot of a block going down, for later).

A Lasersight, Bow and Arrows, shoot the Ball.

Back in the house, up the second staircase, open the chest there for the Laser Sight and a door opens (on the third stairs top floor). Go down and take the last staircase, up to the second floor and the opened door is S. Go to the far end (SW corner) and shoot some backs for the Flares under it.

In the E wall is another door, go onto the balcony and go all the way S, the block here lowered with that jump lever before. Follow through and next to the cross in the SE corner you can get the Bow and some Arrows. Come back here in a bit.

Make your way down and around the corner on the slope with the block and tree; look up and shoot that spiked ball.

Empty Sack and Rocks.

Go back where you found the Bow and see a block in the corner is gone. Go left and all the way around to the other side of that structure. When Lara gets onto the bridge to that structure with table and benches, she looks at something.

Go to the NW corner and grab the Empty Sack.

Back onto the bridge and now jump up SE, carefully follow around to the far E side and get hanging from the edge of the rocks. Shimmy all the way around right to the end and pull up to back flip onto a platform. Hop SE into the opening and inside, in the sacks SE are the Rocks, combine with the Empty Sack to get a Heavy Sack. Go out and find some deep water to drop down (from the balcony).

Use the Weight (Heavy Sack), the Waterskin.

Go W again and onto the yard to enter the house, up the stairs N to the top floor and the far S side, in the SE corner you can put the Heavy Sack in the contraption, the wheels start turning. A platform will rise in another part of the house.

Go out E to the balcony; take a right and then right again into another yard. Into the door N and in the end is a hole where the platform went up, climb down. Use the lever in the next section to open a trapdoor. Climb back up and go out S, back left to the balcony and into the house. Go N to the next room and to the right is where you opened that trapdoor (in the ceiling). Climb up to the terrace and see a balcony below. Climb up N, side step left and hop back with Ctrl to get to that balcony. Take the Small Waterskin and get a screen of where you can use it.

Use the Waterskin, the Lion Head.

Back with a Secret: Push the doors open and inside go to the S again, out to the balcony and S towards that opening in the S wall. Take a left onto the grassy ledge and walk to the E side. From there jump SE to the grey rock ledge and carefully hop to Secret #1, Flares, a small and a Large Medipack. Slide down and in the lake you can fill the Waterskin.

Head to the E and over to some grey blocks NE, from the rock ledge next to the higher block you can jump and grab the ridge E (screenshot-1.jpg) and shimmy to the right, pull up next to the waterfall and hop in E. Go to the Stonehenge cave, into the middle where you'll end back up in the other part. Go around the outer side to the passage S and follow through to blue gates you can open by using the water on the tree in the bowl.

Go in and find a pushable NW, pull it into the passage to the blue gate and leave it in front of the tile with the flames. Go into the room SE and find a TIMED lever SE, the flames at the pushable will stop for a while, run back and push it onto the flame tile (savegame.3). The flames in the room SE are now gone so you can get the Lion Head there. You'll get a screen of screen of the Big Head in the Huge Cave.

Back to the Huge Cave, the Silver Blue Key.

Go back to the Stonehenge Cave, into the middle to transport and into the passage W. Down into the Huge cave and make your way W, right around the corner and to the falls (N). Drop down into the lower lake and find a small pit with some water bubbles, get the Silver Blue Key from the bottom and get out. Grab up to the near by block (W) and jump to grab the rock pillar W. Jump to the cascade S.

Use the Key, a Timed Run.

Go E and jump NE to the grassy ledge (or shimmy along the edge there and pull up). Go to the door E and pick up some Flares that are hiding in some grass.

Open the door with the Silver Blue Key. Go in and straight, up the stairs, on the left is a TIMED lever (N wall). This opens a gate in the downstairs hall, up the ramp on the right (savegame.4).

Mirror Room, for the Blue Circles Key.

Go straight and at the end left. In the mirror room look in the mirror and see a strange texture on the wall, go there (N) and climb in. There is a floor lever opening a gate in the passage we go to now.

Go out and look at the W wall it looks like a doorway, go there and push the statue out the opening and then two times N and two times E. (see ceiling of the mirror room) and a blue light appears.

Leave E and in this small passage a trapdoor has opened to the right, back flip and grab and hoist up. Follow through and pick up the Blue Circles Key. Go back down and around the corner in the next room to find a jump lever on the right. A trapdoor next to you opens; face N and climb up. Go S and use the Blue Circles Key. Go through S, use the chain and leave through the opened gate W. Safety drop down.

The Golden Cross.

I jumped from the balcony to the block SE and then to the floor. Leave W and take a right where the door opened, jump over the hole (for later) and just follow through. Use the floor lever, go back and now drop down in the hole in the floor you jumped before and get in the water. Go to the SW corner, climb up E and open the chest to get the Golden Cross and in the other alcove a Medipack and 3x Shotgun Ammo.

Use the Cross, the Sword.

Get back up into the passage, go E into the building again, straight and up the stairs and in the little chapel at the end you can use the Golden Cross E.

A trapdoor in the previous room opens, get the Shotgun and 3x Shotgun ammo and get through the moving logs, in between is also a small medipack.

Time the emitter and pick up the Sword. You'll get transported to the lower part of the Pit where the beast is trying to kill you.

The Yellow Circles Key.

After he is dead find the Yellow Circles Key in between the grass near a skeleton. Use it behind the column N and climb up the column; you are back on the bridge. Go back S and get a camera shot of a lever in the Huge Cave.

Back flip and get up and leave this place W. Go outside and make your way to the upper lake and find the island opposite the house and use the Sword on the lever a door opens.

The Snake Head.

Go N and hop down from the cascade into the lower lake, walk S under the cascade and find the opening in the wall. Get through the low passage and wade into a room where you just opened that door. In the SW corner is a small medipack, then enter the door E, swim right around corners, up a stairs and get the Flares (air up above), swim out, to the E wall of the room with the pedestal and use the underwater lever (screen of the pedestal) Swim NW into another flooded staircase and use the underwater lever. Pull, swim into the room and get the Snake Head where the spikes lowered. Another screen of the Big Head.

The Big Head.

Use the block again to jump up W and jump to the cascade, go E and jump to the NE corner of the cave. Walk as far as you can to the W and jump NW to grab the rock ledge with the tree and then jump into the opening in the head. Careful, there's a boulder. Run in a bit, roll and run a bit, then jump a bit left back to the tree (savegame.5). Back in again and follow up to where you can use the Lion and Snake Heads left and right to open the big door.

The Holy Grail, 3 Tasks.

From the bridge in the next room you can see the Holy Grail on a pedestal. Dive into the water and look for the ceiling lever under the bridge. It will lower 3 blocks opening 3 rooms in the next room. Go to the room with the Holy Grail and into the opening W, avoid the Axe and find a first crystal button on the W wall (light a flare) and get a screen of the pedestal. Go out and into the room E, jump and grab the sloped block E, hang right and time the spikes, pull up over, slide and jump, side flip right to the safe ledge and time the spikes S to get to the second crystal button in the SE corner. Jump to grab the block W and hang left, time the spikes and jump to the corner block, slide and jump twice to get to the exit.

Last room is N, face the platform in the E passage, hop and immediately hop again, two more hops to safety (you have to time the spikes before you start). Throw the lever to raise a block and jump back (savegame.6). Over the raised block W is the third crystal button and the pedestal will be safe.

When you take the Holy Grail, a wall lowers in the N room, go there and climb up into the light.

G&D. Feb 11-2013.