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Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, youíll need to download the saves folder.

These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

Spikes Puzzle, the Sacrificial Dagger.

Turn left and go into the tunnel NW. At the gate and to the left is a statue, pull it out twice and then push it once to the E into the light, the gate behind you opens up.

To get to the Dagger you'll have to deactivate the spikes (map-spikepuzzle.jpg)

The sequence to de-activate the spikes on top of the block is: step on the brown NE spike ledge, then don't touch the floor anymore but stay on the ledges. Hop W onto the next, W again to the brown corner ledge. Now hop back E, turn SE and jump to the one in front of the entrance. From there jump to the one SW and the last is the brown one in the SW corner, the camera view changes to indicate the block is now safe. Climb it and get the Sacrificial Dagger. Go out E and back to the first cave.

Go forwards and travel E, when you come to an opening in the floor, go left over that opening into the cave NW.

Shoot a wolf and climb up at the end. Climb down the ladder, avoid the swinging axe and pick up the Medipack left (N). Go down the steps E, take a right and at the corner, pick up Flares.

Spikes Room, the Monstrous Heart.

Go further E and find an opening right (S wall), go down the steps. Immediately to the right is a lever (for later), go to the SE corner and push the statue on that different looking tile in the alcove E (under the shield). Use the lever NW to raise a block and now push the SW statue to the tile in the alcove W.

Go down the stairs and find some Shotgun ammo in a pit on the right. Get back on the floor and go N, take a running jump plus Ctrl to get to the lever. After using the lever you get a screenshot of a gate, jump back into the corridor. Go to the right into the other lower part (W).

A trapdoor opened here by pushing the statues, face N and run in, slide a bit and jump up to grab the monkey swing and traverse to the other side (savegame.0).

Avoid the popping spikes and then climb the ladder at the end. At the top back flip and take another running jump plus Ctrl to the second lever in the structure. Screenshot of the gate opening.

Jump back, turn around at the ladder and hang from the edge, drop to grab the jump lever (all spikes de-activate). Just slide down into the pit under the monkey swing and get into crawlspace straight (S). Use the lever at the end to open the trapdoor above, climb up E, turn around and go up the ladder. Go left (S) and you are back at the push room. Go up the steps (N) and go right around to find a bridge that allows you to get onto the central structure. Pick up the Monstrous Heart from the pedestal. Go over the bridge, left and out through the room with the axe. Turn around and up the ladder, follow back to the crossing of caves with the hole in the floor.

Use the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

Go E into the room and grab the Flares left.

Combine the Dagger with the Heart and get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice and place the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice on the pedestal E. Watch the flyby.

Main Cave, let's get a Shotgun.

Climb up the blocks E and get to a Cave with a lake. To the left, behind some shrubbery, are some Flares.

Go to the SW corner of the cave and around to the right is an opening behind some bushes. Follow through and shoot 2 wolves, In the next room on the left of the steps are Flares, on the other side on a pillar is a jump lever. Now go to the pedestal and claim Secret # 1, the Shotgun. We'll be back here later.

The Bow and the Sword.

Go back to the lake and find some Shotgun ammo SE, right of the big tree. A bit further, near the campfire is the Bow.

Go to the N side and stand left of that dead tree trunk and jump up to grab the ledge.

The Silver Circles Key.

Go to the W and find a small opening behind some vegetation on the N wall.

Inside and in the SW corner you can find some Arrows. Go to the E wall and behind the vegetation is an alcove with a lever. After using it a werewolf appears.

In the N wall is another opening behind vegetation (the werewolf came out of here), inside is a floor lever. The water in the pool is safe now, so jump into the pool and grab the Silver Circles Key from the bottom.

The Sword.

Climb out and leave (S), go left and over this ledge to the far SE corner (notice the Crowbar lever NE). Jump up to the upper ledges there and shoot a werewolf. In this lair S you can find the Sword.

Trapdoor in the lake.

Go back outside and jump NW onto the grey stone ledge, grab the Arrows there and head to the W side for the lever.

A trapdoor will open in the lake (near the ship). Go to the NE corner of these ledges and jump to the NE onto the rock ledge with the Crowbar lever. Use the Sword to open a gate below.

Down the Open Trapdoor, release the Boulder.

Get down to the ship and swim down the open trapdoor to swim S into the tunnel and down a bit in the next room. In here are 3 underwater levers (left, right and straight ahead) you have to pull and watch out, as sharp knives appear (best swim a bit under the lever before you hit Ctrl). Get air in between if needed. After the last lever a sliding trapdoor opens in the N tunnel. In the back of this room are some Arrows.

Swim in and down, go sort of straight (E), there is an underwater door you can open. Swim down and up in that corner, get some air and then dive again and avoid the spikes (swim as high as you can). In the next room is an underwater lever N, screenshot of a boulder falling. Get back over the spikes and get some air, swim up the ramp. Through the underwater door go right around the corners for a small medipack, swim out W and up, and in the next room up again and you are back at the ship.

Use the Silver Circles Key, the Laser Sight.

Go into the opened gate NE (crowbar lever above) and SE is a small medipack and opposite the trapdoor a key hole to open the trapdoor.

Climb down the ladder, then jump down and follow through to a pit. Watch out, there's a boulder. Stand left and run down and let Lara fall, grabbing the ladder quite low, drop down and immediately run forward (loosing some health) (savegame.1).

In the pool you can find an Ice Spell. In the bottom is an open trapdoor (opened by the falling boulder).

Swim down and S is the Laser Sight, swim back up and climb out.

Timed Torch Run.

Go to the NE corner and grab a Torch. Stand on the tile next to it and youíll see where you can ignite the Torch. It is a timed run however (savegame.2). Use the Torch in the NW corner on the wall torch to raise a block. Get the small medipack in the N. Now you can go climb the blocks SW and up the ladders to get back to the lake (the Torch stays behind).

Shoot the Ball, up the Elevator.

Climb back up the N ledges near the dead tree trunk. Go to the E side and look up W to spot a swinging ball, shoot it with the Bow and Laser Sight. Screenshot of a gate opening up. Easiest is to jump down in the water and go into the tunnels in the SW corner where you got the Shotgun before. The gate is open and step on the wooden elevator. You'll get a screenshot of Torches below this elevator.

Killer Logs, Timed Trapdoor and the Small Waterskin.

Step off the elevator and go up the ramp. Run past the moving log and jump over the spike pit. Look straight ahead (N) to spot a lowered trapdoor in the next pit. Go left and get some Flares, go SW and run passing the log around the corner and save at the timed lever there.

Pull the lever, turn right and run left around corners to get back to the pits, jump N to the timed trapdoor after timing the log and run to safety behind it (savegame.3).

Then open the door and immediately to the left in the chest is a small medipack, in the room are some Arrows on the table, and in the SE corner a box, and under that some Flares.

When you continue N, a Viking comes to kill you.

Climb up through an open trapdoor and get a Small Waterskin from a chest. Then open the door E.

You arrived at the top of the cave. But we need Water and Fire first.

To the right, (S side) is an opening in the ground this brings you back to the cave with the lake. Jump in and fill the waterskin at the lake, then make your way into the tunnels SW again and go to where the elevator went up. Drop down where the Torches are. First use the lever on the N wall to raise a block on the grey ledges. Get a Medipack S and hop on the block to grab a Torch and get out.

Use Water and Fire.

Ignite the Torch at the wall torch N and get back to the lake, go SE and jump up the rocks. Turn right and jump up again to where you got the Sword before. Jump NW onto the grey stone ledge and use the block E to get to the upper level.

Use the Torch on the bowl in the NE corner and a gate opens up in the structure E. Drop the Torch as you donít need it anymore.

Go S and use the waterskin on the bonsai tree in the bowl SE. This opens the second gate in the structure. Standing on the ledge where you used the waterskin, turn N and look on the structure for a vase (you just can see the top of it), shoot it to open a trapdoor inside. Go inside and down the open trapdoor to get Secret #2, Magic (grenade gun).

Timed Door.

Get back up and look E to spot a closed door. Go outside and go to the wheel NW and use it about 6 times, back flip roll and sprint/run jumps into the structure E and hopefully open door (savegame.4). Go to the opening in the floor.

Lara falls down and then has to kill the Giant Troll. There is some Shotgun ammo SW and a Medipack SE. Use the Sword on the floor lever (S wall), a block goes up and a gate opens NE.

Then pull/push the block as close as to the raised block and climb up and jump even higher to the gate W. Turn around and run-jump grab the ladder to climb up. The level ends in the passage.

G&D- Feb 28-2013.