Tomb Raider - The Path of Fire.

Levels by Ram16

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Part I.

A Push Block.

Just slide down into the room  (turn around and look up the tunnel you came from... Level 3 - No idea what this means). Now we will have to get up to the ledge above the doors W of the pool.

The Hard way: In the N wall is a push block, push the block twice into the room behind the N wall, climb up and jump to use the jump lever on the W wall. A gate opens in the NW corner, climb the vines and walk to the end, jump forward and a bit left to that ledge and once again to get into the alcove W, from there you can do a banana jump to get to the ledge above the doors (but as I wasn't able to pull the last banana jump off within a reasonable time I quit the attempts).

The Easier Way: Pull the push block out of the wall and push it to the pool, now stand on the N side of it and PULL it to the N (only this way Lara will move it over the higher part of the ground). Then move it to the NW corner of the pool from where you can use it to jump to the ledge above the big doors.

W side Ledge, open the Big Door.

Grab the Shotgun ammo NW and go S to get the Shotgun. Go behind the pedestal and push the block once. Go around and into the crawlspace S to get to a button opening the Big Doors below. Get out and into the open doors.

Scorpion Caves.

Follow through, climb over the wall and slide into the Scorpion Cave, run forward and left around the corner where you can jump into a flat corner of the rocks. From here you can just shoot the Scorpion without harm. Go up the steps W and push the button to lower a block. That block is in the crawlspace in the SW corner behind that fallen column, the jump lever is up E and opens a gate where we go now. Go to the NW corner of the cave, behind the lion statue and hop over the hole in the ground, grab the climbable wall and go down. Take the Shotgun ammo and turn around to find the gate you opened. Crawl in and stand up, shoot a bat and jump up to grab the crawlspace E in the ceiling. Follow through to Secret #1, a Ba Cartouche (probably a wrong name in the script as this is the Gold Idol). Get back out, grab the Flares and follow the cave shooting all the bats. As there's nothing in the other end of the cave, return to the last corner and look for the crawlspace SE, inside climb up W and follow through to a flooded tunnel (get Lara on her knees and hit "sprint" to roll through the crawlspace).

Transparent Ledges.

Follow through and climb out of the pool E at the pole. Go up the pole and back flip to the ledge, look around the room with binoculars to spot the transparent ledges. Get down again and into the NE corner, to the W is the first ledge, you can reach it with a run jump with a roll W onto the slanted rocks and jump to grab the ledge. Shoot the bats, face W and walk to the edge of the ledge, jump straight op and grab the transparent ledge above. Jump E onto the roof like ledge and crawl in E to use the lever there, it will open a door S. Back outside and hand from the edge to shimmy right around corners and pull up E. Into the open door S and climb up to a large complex, a flyby will show you around.

Temple Complex, Open a Door.

Jump straight S and grab those vines, climb up to the top and shoot the Ninja that will come from the W. Go E over the roof, shoot the flying skeleton and jump E to the terrace. Another Ninja to deal with, pick up some Shotgun ammo from the floor. Shoot the big vase NE and use the lever behind it to lower a block on ground floor. Now go SW and look around the corner to spot the lever on the ledge (shown in the flyby). You can't reach it, so jump to the S ledge of the roof and shoot the skeleton down from the roof. Hang from the S side and drop into the windowsill. grab the Shotgun ammo. Drop to the ground floor and under the roof structure, between the columns, is a push block. There are two Ninjas on ground level, deal with them when they show up. Push the block N into the passage so you can use the lever to get a block out of a wall (SE). You can now push the block around to the N side of the structure and under the vines ladder NW to climb back up to the roof. Go around to the other side of the roof and from there you can jump to the new block behind the tree SE. You can also drop down to the windowsill where you got the ammo before and from there jump SE and grab the new block. It's better visible from there. Grab up E and use the lever on the ledge to open a door in the dark. That's up SW in this area.

The Crowbar.

Drop back onto that block below and jump to the W, grabbing the ledge there. From the lower part jump N to the pillar and go jump to the ledge SW from where you can jump with Ctrl and grab the corner ledge at the opening SW. Go to a pit, stand left and turn around, hop back and grab the edge. Drop onto the sloped block below and grab the edge, shimmy left till you can climb onto a corner block. Light a flare and look on the E wall for the Crowbar (picking up the crowbar will also open the next gate).

Climb up N and go through the gate.

Jungle Room, the First Northern Shaft Key.

To the left as you enter are three receptacles for Stars. Go left and into the W alcove with the Lion statues, shoot a vase in the left hand alcove and get up there, pick up the small medipack. Push the block in the S wall all the way in and climb up over the block to get Secret #2, another Ba Cartouche. Get out and to the vase N, shoot it and climb up to use the lever to open the gate below (W).

Enter the gate, pick up Shotgun ammo and shoot the skeleton into the pit and go get a Medipack NW next to the steps, there's a closed trapdoor here. Then go up the steps N and deal with 2 Ninja's. Proceed and run through the teeth doors, save before you sprint down the sloped passage and run to the right into the opening. Grab the vines on the ceiling and go follow to where you could go left to the opening, turn right to the vines on the wall. Drop and grab the vines, go down and left around the corner into a small opening to get Secret #3, another Ba Cartouche.

Climb out again and go left around the corner, up and right around the corners to get back to the monkey climb, use Shift to get Lara from the ladder to the ceiling and turn around to go into the opening across the pit, deal with 2 more Ninja's in there. Hop into the pool, use the underwater lever to open that trapdoor you saw before and turn around, light a flare to spot the object on the opposite wall. Just swim to the bottom under it and hit Ctrl, Lara will pick up the Northern Shaft Key (#1) from the bottom.

In this case there's no need to do it the intended way:

Get out of the pool, go to the NW corner and find a block in the N wall, push it all the way in (you could not do that before using the underwater lever). Inside is a lever which will drain the pit where we just got the Key. The idea was to climb down and take the Star off the wall with the crowbar. To get out of this place you could take the passage SE, go through 3 teeth doors and climb up through the trapdoor you opened and out to the Jungle Room.

Short: Get out of the pool, go to the opening NE, jump forward and grab the vines on the ceiling, follow to the other side and go up the passage, through the teeth doors and get back to the Jungle Room.

The Mask, the Mirror Room, the Second Northern Shaft Key.

Go to a vase left of the E alcove and hidden in the plant is the Mask. Go into the passage in the E alcove and left around the corner is the place where you can use the Mask. A gate will open at the end of the passage, go into the Mirror Room. Walk 2 squares N, turn right and go one square E, turn left one square. Now you can go straight E and right onto the symbol ledge. Grab the monkey bars and go W one square, turn left and go to the mirror, turn left to the ledge and drop to get Northern Shaft Key (#2) from the wall. Go back the way you came and get back to the Jungle Room.

Water, the Third Northern Shaft Key.

Into the N alcove and pull the block out twice, then move it against the E wall. Climb up and use the jump lever S to open the gate below. Go in and jump left around the corner to the ledge around the pit. In the SW corner is a jump lever opening up a trapdoor somewhere in the water below. Dive in, swim into the S side to find an underwater lever on the pillar (face N) lowering a block in the N wall, get air. Swim down NE, to the N wall and through the opening and up through the trapdoor you opened. Walk to a lava pit, turn W and use the jump lever there to open a gate at the other end of the pit. Jump from side to side to get to the other end and go through the open gate.

Boulder Puzzle.

Push the boulder from the ledge and jump down E, turn around and stand back to the wall. Jump forward and hit Ctrl to get on the ledge under the entrance ledge. Turn right and hop back grabbing the edge of the ledge to drop onto the block below. Grab the small medipack there and go push the boulder into the alcove with the symbol tile (E). A block lowers left of the spike traps S.

Jump through the spikes up to the ladder S and go up, back flip onto the floor above and stand W, grab the edge of the floor and shimmy along the crack to the right and drop onto the ledge under the entrance. Jump E, then jump and grab up W, from the entrance a jump to the ledge SE and get into the crawlspace. Climb up to the right and use the lever there to flood the room. Swim to the spikes S and just before the spikes go left through the triangular gap into the E wall opening.

Go through to a gate that will open for you, it will drop shut after you entered.

Just run or sprint along the right hand wall and jump high up in the NE corner (you can stand there). Let the boulder pass and follow it down the slopes to get to a statue (don't get close!). Climb up in the opening W, left of the statue and follow through to the Northern Shaft Key (#3) on the N wall. Look in the SW corner for a lever that will open the trapdoor in the room with the spikes. Go back the way you came, swim to the spikes and out to the right. Up through the trapdoor in the ceiling and follow through to where you slide down into the pool at the start. Climb out S and go up to the Jungle Room.

Use the 3 Stars in the receptacles on the SW wall and a block will lower in the middle of the room between the banana plants. Drop in and follow to Part II.

Part II.

The Mask.

Grab some Shotgun ammo and proceed to where you get a flyby of the outer Temple area. Hop down right onto the path and stand back in the corner to shoot the incoming Eagle. Go to that bridge and jump left to grab it over the deadly pit below. Pull up and get ready to shoot some skeletons from the bridge. If you run SW onto the path there and roll you can easily shoot them off the bridge.

Along this ledge (get around the columns) you can walk to the end and get more Shotgun ammo. Follow the path down to the ground level and pick up the Medipack there. Shoot another Eagle and dive into the pool, go right around corners and into the small opening right of the fence. Grab the Mask and see a door opening up, get out of the water and head SW for some Flares between the 3 trees.

Revolver, Lasersight and a Torch.

To the N is de building with the open door, get inside and go up left or right at the boulder ramp in the back. Upstairs in a vase SE is the Lasersight, the block under the trapdoor N is a pushable, get it out of there, use the lever behind it and push the block back if you want, climb up through the trapdoor and get the Revolver. Go out onto the balcony S and left around the corner behind the column is a Torch, go back inside and ignite the Torch on the bowl. Go outside and throw the Torch down onto the square below. Walk to the SW corner, turn around and back flip over the roof part, slide and grab. Shimmy left and drop onto the flat part you'll see below. Turn N and run jump up onto the far part of the roof, with a bit of a right turn so you can grab the egd as you slide off. Go left and climb up E, jump over the high part into a place with a fence to grab Secret #4, another Ba Cartouche. Actually an end of the world spot here.

Use the Mask.

Back flip to the W and safety drop from the roof onto slanted rocks below. Go S and spot a block in the left hand wall, go get your Torch and take it inside and ignite the two bowls near the entrance. That's the block for you, go out, right around corners and use the Mask, a gate opens behind the waterfall S. You can take the Torch in there if you like, maybe only for some extra light.

Push Blocks.

To the E is some Shotgun ammo, in the lower part of the room is a central block, in front of that statue E is a raising block, operated by the lever in the S alcove, there are two push blocks, move the brown block NW in front of the statue, place the grey block (SW) between the brown block and the central block, use the lever S and move the brown block over the grey one to the middle and climb it. Jump to the green block W and then to the ladders S, go climb left and up to the ledge. Shoot a Flying skeleton and get some Revolver ammo. Jump and grab the rope N and turn left to swing into the opening W. Crawl through and hand out the other side, shimmy right around to a ledge. The floor of this pit is deadly and there's a closed trapdoor. Stand close to the wall with the crack and look above the trapdoor to spot a brown ball, shoot it and walk to the tip of the ledge to do a stand jump straight into the trapdoor without touching the floor. The Wraith will kill itself.

Sunken Temple.

Drain the Place.

Swim W and get some air in the ceiling of the large cave with the mysterious lower section. From the air pocket swim SW a bit and find the ceiling lever, it will lower a block W and a bit right of the lever in the orange light. But first go back for air, face S and swim to the rocks S. You can swim into a crevice, then down left and follow through to a ceiling lever, it will lower a block for a Secret (later). Get back for air, swim to the orange light W, down where the block lowered and up to use a Flood lever, the whole place is drained now.

A Torch Puzzle.

Go back out and make your way to the ladder in the NW corner, get the Flares and climb down. Just right of the ladder is a push block, move that to the E and left onto the symbol tile (#1). To the SW is a second block, that one will go nicely onto the symbol tile (#2) in the middle of the W wall. The last block is on the E side of the central structure, move it onto the tile S (#3) and a gate opens up NE. Go in, shoot the vase and walk to the back wall, push it in and a bowl will ignite. Get the Torch and ignite it on the bowl. Go around the room to ignite 3 wall torches (NE, SE and SW). You'll have to stand ON the block where the wall torch is attached to ignite these torches. A flying skeleton will pester you. The block next to the SW torch is a good spot to jump into the central structure and ignite a bowl (#4). A block goes down in the upper part of this place. From a block at the E wall you can grab up into an alcove E and get a Medipack, go into the passage behind the Medipack (opened with the second ceiling lever before) and claim Secret #5, another Ba Cartouche.

Go back up the ladder NW and go along the rock ledge to the E, in the yellow light is the block you lowered. Turn around, grab the ladder and back flip from the top into a passage. Follow through to a deep room, jump a bit right to that ledge and from there to the rocks N, go up into the crawlspace NE. Follow through to a lever opening a gate down in the room. Back and either safety drop to the sloped floor below or jump to the pole and use that to get down.

Dive into the pool and quickly swim to the ledge, shoot the crocs and get to the ledge SW, look up S and use the jump lever to open a trapdoor at the ladder N, shoot another croc and get to the ladder. Just use Crtl (no other keys) and Lara grabs the ladder. Go up and save at the slide up ahead.

The Path of Fire.

Slide and jump over the pit, pull out a gun and shoot the Ninja before he knicks the small medipack under the vase SE, dodge the skeleton and shoot the vase NW for another small medipack (desperately low on ammo here). Get through the crawlspace behind it and a flyby takes over.

Due to a flaw in the set up here you can skip a hard part of the play here. First I'll mention how it was supposed to be done:

Just to the right of where you enter, in the plant are Explosive Arrows, a gate in front of a switch opens when you grab them. Under a vase along the E wall is a small medipack, then pull out the corner block to the right of it and grab the Crossbow. Move the block to the S once so it is standing in front of the plant in the corner. Climb up and jump to the jump lever on the E wall (will move the yellow statue NE, revealing the receptacle for the Mask).

Now go behind the palm tree SW and use the reach-in switch where the gate opened before, a block will expand in the SE corner. Climb that block and use the jump lever S to ignite a wall torch up in this room (N). Look W and spot the vines on the pillar, climb up and find some Torches. First jump NE onto that pillar and draw the Crossbow to quickly shoot a flying skeleton. Jump back and grab a Torch. Jump NE and N (here is an unlit wall torch), follow the pillars to the burning wall torch N and ignite your Torch. Shoot a skeleton before jumping back to the unlit wall torch S and ignite that wall torch. The gate to the Mask opens up (W on the slopes).

Go down to the ground, up the slopes W and get the Mask. Go back down the ramp to the NE corner of the room where you can use the Mask to release the boulder. It will ignite the Path of Fire and open the gate at the top.

Using the design flaw:

Just to the right of where you enter, in the plant are Explosive Arrows, a gate in front of a switch opens when you grab them. Under a vase along the E wall is a small medipack, then pull out the corner block to the right of it and grab the Crossbow. Now, in stead of using a Torch  to open the gate to the Mask, you can just move the block S once and push it to the E wall, a gate with a Mask behind it opens up (the block activates the heavy trigger under the wall torch above). Pull the block W once, then S once so it is standing in front of the plant in the corner. Climb up and jump to the jump lever on the E wall (will move the yellow statue NE, revealing the receptacle for the Mask).

Now go W and follow the ramp up to the gate with the Mask, first shoot the skeletons and then get the Mask. Go back down the ramp to the NE corner of the room where you can use the Mask to release the boulder. It will ignite the Path of Fire and open the gate at the top. Follow the path up (you can pass by most of the burners when you run by with Lara's shoulder against the wall. On top you can grab Secret #6, a Ba Cartouche.

The level ends here.

Jan 19-2013