TCUE - Twin Crystals Ultimate Edition. demo

Level by Seifer Zero.

Walkthrough G&D Production.

Sapphire Underwater Temple.

Shoot the bat and go W, jump over the deadly pool to come to a closed door, enter the passage S. Follow through to a pool, get in, swim through the passage to a room where you can get the Old Key from a coffin. Go back and open the doors with the Key.

Connection Room.

A pool and three doors.

S side: Open the one S with the lever, inside and left is a small medipack. Proceed up the sloped corridor to a hall, S is a ladder, go up and up there jump over to the alcove W and use the lever. Drop down in front of the open door and follow through to a couple of boulders... Let's do that again... Step on the sloped part of the floor and roll to run around the corner. Now go up and pick up the Lasersight in the alcove W. Use the lever N to open the N side doors in the Connection Room. So follow back there and enter those doors.

N side: Go into a corridor with a deadly pool, jump to the right for Shooting Stick ammo, jump diagonally to the next ledge to get the small medipack and then jump N, carefully go N into the passage and jump through the moving block, use the lever to open the door W in the Connection Room. Get back there.

W Side: Follow through to a room with a suspended boulder, go to the doors W and turn around, climb the ladder to the balcony. Hop over the corners of the roof to get to the E side balcony and use the lever there to drop the ball, opening up the pool. Get down, use the underwater lever in the pool to open the door N.

Use only the reach-in switch where the flames are down and after all three, the door W opens up at the boulder. Go back and enter W, up the slope to a pit, jump over at one of the sides and quickly run into an alcove.

First room, two closed glass doors, second room a Timed lever opening up the door N, a wraith also showed up better first run back down the boulder slope E, jump the pit and get into the water, Then you can go back and use that Timed lever, roll and run into the door. Up to some poles, swing to the other side and jump the glass ledges to the back where you'll find a jump lever opening up one of the doors in the First room. Jump back and drop down in the room with the poles, go E and into the door S.

5 levers, 5 doors: from left to right, do 1-2-4 and all doors open, go in and use the lever to open the N door in the First room. In there are two puzzle pieces, place them on the nearest tiles and the door opens up. Get through the moving blocks, shoot the bat and walk the rope. More blocks, shoot the Hydras in the next room (I went up close and they were gone in a bit, 2 small medis lost). In the water is an opening, inside a Medipack and an underwater lever to open the next door. Jump into the Star gate and the level ends.

G&D Productions, Dec 03-2012.