By Compassion.

Level by Marcos.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Compassion opens the gates of heaven; Kurtis on a rescue mission.

Start forward into the flooded room, climb up E and hang down into the hole, drop and slide down.

Head N and right around corners, climb the grating W up into the alcove to use the button. It will open a trapdoor on the other side of the grating, so down again and left around corners to climb the other side of the grate. Back flip into an upper room, just shoot twice (you have Revolver and Lasersight in the inventory) to break both grates in the crack W.

Down the grate again and up the one W, into the crawlspace. Now you have to get down into the lower room W, but the drop is very high so you better use the in between floor to get down safely. First check the health and get down. (This is what I did: Turn around, one step from the edge, then hop back and just as you are under the edge of the floor hit Ctrl to land on the floor below. You'll slide off, grab the edge and safety drop down).

Look on the N wall for a stick coming out of the wall, it's a lever. There's a second one in the S wall, a gate opens up W of where you came down.

The Mirror Access Artefact.

To the left in that passage is the Mirror room, for later, just go straight into a room with swinging crates on the ceiling, look for one hanging near the entrance and to the right (over a lower spot in the floor). Use the Revolver to shoot the metal block where the rope is attached to the ceiling. The falling crate will open the floor; get in there and to the purple gate in the end.

There are 2 Phoenix statues, jump onto the block under the N statue and the purple gate opens up. Now face S stand back against the wall and run to jump with a right hand curve, to the higher floor W (you have to land on the higher floor W, otherwise the gate will drop again). Go to the end of the passage and grab the Mirror Access Artefact. Head back, climb up to the room with the crates and head E, turn right into the room where you can now open the Mirror with the Artefact.

Through the Mirror, a Secret.

Go through and drop into an outside area. To the E, under the mirror are 2 Healing Fungus; to the SW are 2 more Healing Fungus. On a pillar NW is a gargoyle, grab up to that pillar and stand S to do a run jump with a right curve, hit Ctrl in the end to end up on the ledge with the fences S. Hop S and grab the vines to climb down, head to the corner and shoot the grate up E, get in there and down, side flip over the fence and in the middle of the pool of water is a Secret, a Statuette. Climb the E wall a bit and back flip over the fence, get through the crawlspace to the passage. Go W and around the corner up into the alcove on the right. Turn E and jump to grab the alcove E, use the button to open the gate to the yard.

The Helpful Horse.

Approach the Horse's stable S and then turn back into the passage N. the Angel doesn't want you to leave yet, so she orders the horse to open a gate for you. It is in the SW corner of the yard, enter the next yard.

The Catapult, a Red Crystal and the Principal Key.

On the hay bales W is a Rusty Iron Bar (Crowbar), take it to that Catapult N and use it on that iron pin holding the Catapult down. The rock will smash that gargoyle and end up in the pool of water with a pressure pad that will open the gate W. Go in there to get the Red Crystal. Now jump onto the mound E where the gargoyle was shattered and find the Pricipal Key.

Back through the Mirror.

Head back E to the other yard and N into the passage (you'll get a screen of the angel heading back through the mirror).

Turn around in the end and grab up to the vines, up a bit and back flip onto the ledge with the fences, hop down N and go under the mirror to open the door there with the Key. Follow through and jump over to the ledge with the 2 armour statues W. Turn around and jump through the mirror. Go out of the mirror room, left to the room with the crates and left again to a room with a snake statue. Use the Red Crystal on the red candle NE.

Shrink a Mutant Monster and free the Prisoner.

Just go straight through to a room where a Mutant Monster is making a scene. Just approach and see the Angel take care of it.

Go use the chain behind that pitiful Mutant and return W through the passage to the snake statue, you can now climb a block next to it and operate the statue to open the doors W. The bright light of the Angel blinds the Bad Guys, so you can free the prisoner who will return to his family.

Mission accomplished.

G&D- Dec 29-2012.