Somewhere in the Ice.

Levels by Piper.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Level 1 - Frost.

Make your way up to the NW slope and find a pit with a button; it will be the first button for a Secret.

Pool Cave, Opening up Doors.

Go to the hole in the ground and hang, drop down into the pool cave. Go up W and turn left to go SW up the slope, now do a run jump up to the flatter rock SW and get into the cave there. To the SE is an ice cube you can pull out, then pull it aside and go in. Shoot all the transparent ice crystals you can find near that ice door E and push the second button to open the ice door. Go in and get Secret #1, a Frosting. Go out and pick up a small medipack (Almond biscuit) SE and Flares from the water. In the SW corner are icy spikes. Standing in the water look up E and spot a jump lever, go use that to open a trapdoor in the pool outside. Go out and slide down to the pool, swim down and use the underwater lever to lower an ice cube.

Wade out SE, climb onto the ledge E and jump over into the NE cave where that cube lowered, push the button to lower those icy spikes in the cave SW. Go back out, through the W side of the pool and up the SW slopes again. This time push the ice cube into the passage and all the way to the end; then onto the ice tile in the SW corner and the N side door in the pool cave opens up. Get down to the pool cave.

The Torch.

Go up NW, up E and grab that Torch there, get into the open door, but don't go too far. Drop the Torch on the floor (hit #1 key) and shoot the ice wall blocking the W side cave. Get the Torch and jump in there and stay well clear of that bush while shooting the crystals inside till the bush ignites. Go ignite the Torch and jump out NE with it, stand in the NE corner of the lower ledge from where you can ignite the roots hanging from the roof of the cave (standing on the higher ledge isn't a good idea). Water starts flowing from the roof and the cave below fills up. Drop the Torch, looking down S you can already spot two underwater levers, there are more levers. But the 4 levers on the N and S walls will open the big door down E. Get back for air and use the last lever on the W wall, now swim E into the next cave and right around corners into the SW corner for another underwater lever opening up a trapdoor in the dry part of this cave.

Raise the block, 2x Core Ice.

Go up E and climb out NE, find the open trapdoor there and get in, push the button near the ice door to open the trapdoor at the other end of the passage. Get out, go S and down to use the button there to raise a block. Get out and jump to the block from the E slope, turn around and jump E to the cave, behind the stack of blocks are some Flares, then go up the blocks to get 2x Core Ice. Get down and go to a block (SW) near the pool where you can use one of them to get ice on the pool. Now run W and hop into the cave there, follow through, up the ledges to a climb wall, go up the W side and back flip onto a block for a Medipack (Chocolate Santa) the block at the E side has a small medipack. Now go all the way up the middle of the climb wall and up to the surface.

Daylight, the Snowball and 3 Northern Stars.

Near by are Flares, a nice little snow fox shows up, no need to shoot it I think.

Go E and to the left side of that stone structure, in the NE corner of the yard are some snowmen behind an icy block, in one of the bushes (E) is a Snowball (to be used for a Secret much later). Go back to the structure in the middle of the yard and from a higher part of the snow drift it is possible to climb up. Go down into the lower part and climb down the ice wall. In the SW corner is an ice sculpture with a Northern Star.

Down in the lower parts of the cave, SE and NE you can find two more Northern Stars. Go back to the ice wall (W) and climb up, grab up to the top of the stone wall and look for a jump lever on the S side, which will raise a block.

Use the Stars.

Head W and climb down into the hole in the ground at the W rock face. Push the button on the climb wall to raise a second block, go climb that and get onto the one you raised with the jump lever. That's a receptacle where you can use a Star. Get down and pick up a small medipack NE of the two blocks. Then go into a pit W, next to the climb wall and use the second Star, all the ice doors open up. Climb out and place the last Star in the opening NW and watch the flyby. The doors in the large pit opened up, that's the climb wall where you came up from.

The Ice Poles.

Get out of this cave and go SE to the near by opening and climb down the wall (you can't drop/grab), near that blue light a back flip onto the ledge where the doors opened. Go in and jump to the pole, slide down and find 4 ice poles in the corners. Look up on the block above the pole, where you see 1 object, pull the pole once, 2- pull twice and 3- pull three times and a door opens W, get in there.

The Icy Spikes.

Hop onto the higher ice floor and head N, jump to the higher one.

Go up the pole E and turn around to back flip into the opening (with Lara's feet on the bottom of that bright part in the pole- screenshot). Shoot both objects in the back so you can use the two big buttons, S side lowers spikes, N side will open the way to a secret.

Get back down the pole, stand in the NW corner and face S, hop back and hang from the edge to drop to an ice ledge below. Drop into the lower part of the room; face N and grab up into the crawlspace. Shoot the crystal and get Secret #2, a Frosting in that room. Get out, hang from the crawlspace and climb right along those crystals on the N wall (to the right of the crawlspace) and go up to back flip to the N block again.

Make your way to the SW corner of the room and use the jump lever there to open the doors above (W wall). Go back onto the ledge N, jump up NW and then into the opening W.

The Icy Labyrinth, the Frozen Artifact.

The pool has two openings W; they lead to the labyrinth of which a Map (provided by the author) is available in the downloaded folder.

-So first take the right hand opening, take a first right and right again to where you can go up for air.

-Turn W and swim into the first right where a block lowers so you can use the first lever (#1), another block lowers.

-Go back for air (left) and swim S, keep going right till you can get air again.

-Swim W and first left to get to lever #2, another block lowers.

-Turn right, swim back right to the air pocket.

-Swim W, second right, left, right to lever #3, another block lowers.

-Turn left; take a right to the air pocket straight ahead.

-Swim N and keep going left to lever #4, a door opens.

-W and around the corner is a Medipack, swim back and go left at the crossing, swim straight and over a hole in the floor to the first air pocket we visited.

-Turn around, swim W and down the hole, to the N are Flares, swim back S and straight to where a door opened, swim into the room to get the Frozen Artifact. There's air up in the ceiling. There are more connections leading out of this room, all come up to the Labyrinth.

-Take the one W and follow to another lever, this will open doors to another Secret.

-Turn left from the lever, right and immediately up to the upper section. Swim E and in the end is air, turn W and go right around corners to get back to the start pool where you'll find Secret #3, a Frosting in the alcove E.

-Swim back into the left hand opening W and take the second left, passing lever #2 go straight W and take a right in the end. Then to the left where you'll find another lever, it will open the door left of you and that is where we go.

Use the Artifact and a Core Ice.

Climb out there and there are Flares NW and a small medipack SE. The door E is for a Secret later.

Place the Artifact W and the doors roll aside. Climb up W and come to a big door you can open with that Core Ice you have been carrying around. Before checking out, go back into the previous room and shoot 4 transparent cat statues around the pool (in front of the pillars) and on a transparent statue in the middle of the pool another Core Ice will appear (light a flare and stand a bit to the right or left to pick it up). Go back up W and through the door you opened.

Penquin Sanctuary, Sapphire Disks.

The next area has a large lake with some cute fish. They won't harm you so dive in, swim down in the SE corner and in the lower section behind a pillar in the corner is Sapphire Disk #1. Turn around, swim out and go right around the pillar to find an underwater lever, it will lower some spikes on a Key for later.

Back to the surface for air and into the NW corner (first level) where you can climb out, use the button to the right of the Disk, block lowers SW, use the button there. Then the button NE, the one left of the Disk, the one W middle, E middle, on the block NW, on the block NE again and the block on the Disk lowers so you can pick up Sapphire Disk #2 (more combinations possible).

Use the Disks, the Detonator Key.

Swim back out to the lake and swim S into the crevice in the upper part of the lake. Up there and climb out, go to a block SE and climb it to use the button, then use the button in the SW corner. Go to the E and W side of the pool where you'll find two jump levers in the dark ceiling, lowering the block SE and raising the one SW, now use the next two buttons and spikes lower at two receptacles.

First go to the S, jump right or left onto a boulder slope and jump from there onto the blue block with the crystal inside. Use the jump lever on the N wall and see that door open up where you placed the Artifact. Now place both Sapphire Disks and the blue block lowers, hidden in that crystal is the Detonator Key.

Get back into the water, swim up to one of the corners of the lake and get out. Into the open door E and from the pillar in the pool into the open door E, to get Secret #4, a Frosting. Get back to the lake.

The House Key.

Now go to the left hand opening W (left of the blue crevice in the lower part) and get out of the water. On the SE pillar are 6 buttons, use them all to get out a pole near the water (after 5 the pole appeared).

Face S and climb up (there's a ring in the pole, Lara's behind should be on that height- screenshot) turn a bit left and back flip onto the NW pillar. Grab the small medipack and look SW, jump with a grab in the end into that opening, use the Core Ice and go in to get a Medipack and around the corner is Secret #5, a Frosting. Jump back to the same pillar, go around the back and jump E, walk along the right hand side to the S and jump to the SE pillar. From there you can use the jump lever W and see an underwater door open up. Back into the water, swim S into the open door and get the Load (probably House Key) where the spikes lowered by using the lever near Sapphire Disk #1.

Get out to the lake, swim up W and go to the house, to the S under a small tree is a Medipack. Now open the door with the Key and go inside.

Level 2 - Homelike.

The Hall.

Straight W are the stairs, but first go SW and pick up a note block (Shopping List), examine it and read:

Bananas, cheese Cinnamon...wait, what was that?

Oh hell, someone left the door open and now a penguin just ran through the hallway, so now where is...

Oh snap! The screwdriver I just wanted to open the doors with is gone... just like the keys. "siigh" the penguin must have stolen it, but usually penguins only steal if something was stolen from them? Mysterious, what could they miss?

First run N down the steps and approach a door N, a platform goes up, we'll take care of that later. Go back S up the steps and right to the stairs

First Floor.

Go all the way up the stairs to the first floor and go to those suits of armour W, push them straight W under the colourful tiles on the ceiling and a platform goes up. There's a Medipack on the cabinet in the SW corner. You can climb the platform on the N side, open the hatch in the ceiling and climb up N to the attic.

The Attic, the Basement Key.

First go to the dark crate N and push it to the side once (for a secret).

Use a switch on the N wall and a block goes up S so you can pull a crate out of the SW corner. Use the button which was hidden behind that crate to open a trapdoor and lower a crate along the W wall. Go there to use the button which will lower a platform and the jump lever N (notice the door left). Use that and a crate will lower, but a platform will raise at the switch N, climb the platform and get into the crawlspace for the Basement Key. Drop down and go into the near by hole in the floor, where you pushed that first crate, in that passage you'll find Secret #6, a Frosting. Get back up to the attic floor.

The Basement, Dynamite.

Go back down SE to the First Floor, go down the stairs to the ground floor Hall and in the SE corner is a trapdoor you can open with the Key. Get down and push the left hand crate in to enter the basement. In the end is a door and a pole SE, use the pole three times and go into the open door to get the Dynamite (notice the closed door).

Use the Dynamite to get the Penguin Egg.

Go back up to the ground floor, leave the house and head back to the lake. Go to the N side and up N into the cave, go to the N wall and place the Dynamite in the contraption on the wall. Go to the lowered block at the detonator and face S to use the Key on it; the N wall will blow up. Go in there and find the Penguin Egg behind that snowman.

"usually penguins only steal if something was stolen from them"

This must be it...

Give back the Egg, the Screwdriver.

First use the Snowball you found earlier on the snowman and a door opens up W, inside is Secret #7, a Frosting.

Get out to the lake and to the S side where the penguins are, there's only on facing SE (the first one in the flyby), give her the Egg and you'll get the Screwdriver back. Pick it up and return into the house. Now we can open some doors.

The Torch.

First go back to the stairs and up to a door straight ahead, the bathroom. Under the sink E is a Torch, get that and the button next to the toilet is for flushing after use. Go back down to the Hall and drop the Torch near the SW doors.

Dining Room.

Open the door S with the screwdriver, inside and left of the piano is a harp, pull/push the harp W and under the tile on the ceiling (#1 for a trapdoor). To the E are the receptacles for the Billiard balls. Go out to the hall.

Kitchen, the Upper Rooms Key and Wrapping Paper.

Open the door W with the screwdriver, take the Torch in with you and ignite it on the fire SW, leave it at the door. Pull/push the harp to the tile on the ceiling (E, #2 for the trapdoor) and go down into the open trapdoor to get the Upper Rooms Key, Climb out, go to a cabinet next to the table and get some Wrapping Paper. Grab the Torch and leave, from now on just take the Torch with you to get some light.

Upper Rooms, Bedroom, a Teddy Bear.

Head up the stairs taking the Torch and open the door left of the clock. Inside that bedroom is a fireplace, ignite the fire and a trapdoor opens up in the SW corner, go in there to get Secret #8, a Frosting. That is one more Secret than the author says there are. Now jump into the corner right of the fireplace and push the button there to open a door in the Basement (later). Go to a cabinet at the E wall and open it to get a Teddy Bear.

The Basement, Stocking Presents, lower the Platform and open the Secret Panel.

Go back down into the basement, into the passage where you got the Dynamite and open the door, inside are the Stocking Presents and on the N wall is a switch, use it and that platform that went up in the Hall N will go down. Go back out and to that pole in the corner, to the W is a crate you can pull out and aside. Go in to where you opened the door with the button in the bedroom and get a Medipack and Flares, then shoot the cover from a switch to use it, it opens a secret panel behind a fireplace in the bedroom you just visited.

Bedroom, a Billiard Ball, a Box, wrap the Present.

So back up the stairs, into the bedroom and just run through the fireplace, there's water behind it to douse the flames. In the corner left of the bed is a Box, combine that with the Wrapping Paper to get a Present. Now go to a plant in the NW corner and grab the Billiard Ball (#1). Use the screwdriver to open the door N and step into the corridor. Leave the Torch here and go W.

The Living Room, get a Billiard Ball and the Living Room Key.

All the way up to the attic again and to the door NW, open it with the screwdriver. Down the ladder and into the hole, shoot the lock on the door and climb down into the Billiard room. Hop onto the billiard table and get the Billiard Ball (#2).

At the S wall is a small cabinet, open the drawer (stand a step back) and get the Living Room Key. Go back up the open door NW and up the ladder, back flip off and go through the attic and down to the upper rooms.

Head down the stairs to the ground floor.

Dining Room, place the Billiard Balls, a Present Box.

Go to the S door and into the Dining room, open the door E by placing the Billiard Balls, shoot that big box and in the SE corner is a Present Box, combine that with the Teddy Bear to get a Teddy Bear Present. Go back to the Hall.

Hall N, Library, Christmas Sweets.

Head N down the steps and to a door N (in case the platform is blocking the door, go use the switch in the room in the basement where you got the Stocking Presents).

Push the doors open and find a book switch in the SW corner, go to the open trapdoor N and climb down the ladder.

In the room below and between the presents at the W wall is a bag of Christmas Sweets. Go back up and out of the Library.

The Living Room, use the Presents.

Open the doors W with the Living Room Key and step in, you've been here before.

On the fireplace N are stockings, put the Stocking Presents in there and get a screen of a door W. Go to the small table to the right of the fireplace and place the Christmas Sweets. Now go to the Christmas tree and place the Teddy Present and the other Present on top of the presents already at the tree. The door W will open up; go out into the cold and head W to leave...

G&D Productions-Dec 18-2012