The Land of the Snowmen. (The Land of the Snowmans)

Level by SnakeEater.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The idea is to gather Buckets, on the walls around this place are signs indicating where to use which bucket. There are a lot of pickups scattered around, I will try to point you to most of them, but donít blame me if I missed any.

Of course there will be more ways to get through this level, but this is how we did it.

To get the save games&screens, you'll have to download this folder..

Start Area.

There's Shotgun ammo behind the blue cage NE, this will also trigger a guard which might walk right through the bars. On the S wall, up between those lights, is a jump lever (for later). Go S a bit and to the S is what I call the S Area. Go left after those snowmen, into the alley E and crawl, to the left is a crawlspace for later (blocked) so go straight and shoot those big blue crystals when you come into a dome cave. That will lower some icicles in the opening SW, that's a way up to the upper slopes (for later).

First we go E to a Hall with 3 Quest doors.

Quest Door - Labyrinth, Blue Bucket #1.

Go to the Rolling Stones door, climb the blocks to the right of it and find a button hidden behind a bush. The gate to the Labyrinth will open up. First get the Shotgun ammo from behind the crate to the left of that gate and then go in.

Take a left for the Bucket, just keep going left where possible and you'll go around the back and get to Blue Bucket #1. Go back going right where possible. If you want some Flares, go NE from the entrance and keep going right to get to the Flares, head back out to the Hall. The other places here will be visited when we have a Crowbar.

Creating a Shortcut Up.

From the Hall with 3 Quest doors, back W to the Dome cave, to the opening SW (if it is blocked, shoot the two blue crystals next to the alley W). Follow through, climb up to the upper slopes. Slide down, to the W and on that row of crates is a lever, this will create a shortcut up here from the S Area. Climb the crates next to the lever and look down W into the "S Area", a stack of crates with a Medipack on top, just hop down and get it. Drop down into the "S Area".

S Area, Lasersight.

There are Flares SE (doubt that you'll need those), go W from there and shoot that blue crystal. A block goes up W along the S wall. 2 guards will come, keep your distance so you can shoot them before they even open fire. Next to the big tree W is a small medipack, SW in the corner and under a bush is the Lasersight.

Ice Cubes Puzzle, Blue Bucket #2.

Go N a bit and then to the icy blocks on the right, between the blocks is a lever (behind the bush), it will raise a block where the Lasersight was. Go to the SW wall and climb the low block, jump to the high block and from there make your way over the snow pillars W wall to the highest one and grab up W. Pull up and immediately hop back grabbing the edge, drop and let the snowball pass over.

Get back up and jump up SW and either back flip or run left onto the lower ledge. Go up again and get to the path on the higher slope W, shoot an incoming crow and head N, at the end is some Shotgun ammo. Jump E to get onto the frozen waterfall, make your way to the NE flats near that building, where you'll find three big ice cubes (push blocks). There are markings on the ground near each cube, put the cubes in the middle of those markings and each of them will raise or lower a block. Climb those blocks at the W wall, jump to the lowered block N and then make your way E to that cage. Around the cage are Shotgun ammo and Flares, there are also 3 targets visible, one SE from the Flares, jump up shooting pistols to take it out. Look for two more on the NW slopes; you can also shoot them with pistols. A block goes up S of the cage, use that to jump the fence and get Blue Bucket #2.

A couple of crows showed up. Jump back out and go to the SE corner of the terrace, look S over the edge to spot a Bucket, drop down there to get Secret #1, a Purple Secret Bucket (1). Climb back up and head NE, jump NE with a left curve to grab the edge of the icy rocks and shimmy to the right where you can safely drop down. Go NE up the slopes to find Shotgun ammo. Go down W to the building and go S along the edge.

Start Area; Blue Cage Jump Lever, use the Blue Buckets and open the Rolling Stones Quest.

Look down over the edge to spot the blue cage and the lights. Hang from the edge of the roof and drop to use the jump lever and open that blue cage that way. When you use that lever in the cage, a block lowers between the windows in the S wall in the building, go to the front of the building and place the 2 Blue Buckets on the snowmen. In the back of the building (where the block lowered) is another jump lever, that one will open the gate to the Rolling Stones. Get out and go left around.

Quest Door - Rolling Stones, lower a block.

Back into the alley E and follow through to the Hall with 3 Quest doors where the Rolling Stones opened up.

5 Snowballs, there are safe spots after the first and second and also pit after the second and a safe spot between the #3 and #4. In the back is a lever behind the right hand crate (lowers a block near the snowmobile; Mine Field) and Flares on the other one.

Get back out and to the Dome cave. Go SW into the passage to the upper slopes. NW is Shotgun ammo, that's also where the shortcut to the lower area is.

Head S and climb the ice ladder on the back of that tall pillar, back flip and roll from the top and grab the wall there, drop and grab the crack in the wall. Go left till you can pull up.

Jump to the pillar S, then W and get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo, jump back and get to that lever SE. This will lower a block for the snow mobile later.

Drop down S and get the Uzi ammo there, look W in the direction of the ramp for some Shotgun ammo. To the right of the ramp is more Shotgun ammo under the bush, there's a gap in the ramp where you'll find some Flares. I rather had some sunglasses here.

Secret in the Pit.

Go to the S side of the ramp, walk W along the left side of the ramp and come to a deep pit, turn around and hang from the edge. Shimmy to the right onto the ice ladder (may take some tries) and go down to find Secret #2, a Purple Secret Bucket (2). Back up the ice ladder to the top and slide down.

Now go to the E and right where that block lowered when you use the lever in the Rolling Ball room, to the right of the snow mobile. Climb o

ver the blocks and down the other end into a large area with a Mine Field.

The Mine Field, the Red Bucket.

Go to the corpse and shoot the fence behind it, the lines are a safe path, under most of the clear spots are mines, but not all. We have to do 4 levers and a jump lever to raise a block. Go straight from the corpse and left a bit for the first lever, take a step back and head E over a safe clear spot to throw the second lever. Step back onto the path and turn right to go S and on the first clear spot (safe), turn W. Just before the next clear spot turn right (N), then left to the W again and now you're out of danger. Go left along the crates to get to the third lever. Step back, turn to the S and go to the end, right around the corner is the jump lever, then go E and left to the last lever and the block next to the climbable ice pillar E will lower.

Go over there and climb the pillar, back flip/roll and grab the top of the crates. Look for two targets, W and NW, shoot them and ropes appear W (only the NW target will do). You could also shoot those two blue crystals you see from here, thatís safer because they will explode.

Use the ropes to get to the W stack and stay well clear before you shoot that blue crystal if you didnít yet, follow the path shoot another blue crystal and jump over, at the end you can side flip over that fence to get the Red Bucket, back over the fence, along the path and jump over again. Walk to the stack of crates W, sidestep to the second from the right and climb up there, in a hole in the roof (straight ahead) is Secret #3, a Purple Secret Bucket (3). Get back down from the stack, go E to the gap in the walkway.

Here I faced NE and jumped around the corner into the exit with Ctrl in the end. Almost no health loss, but I don't think you can get back using the ropes, climb pillar.

Transparent Ledges, for the Ultimate Secret.

Go out to the upper slopes, go to the block NW and use it to hop over the fence to the crates with the shortcut lever.

Climb the ice pillar again (E of the lever), back flip/roll and grab the wall, go left to the end, back flip/roll and grab an invisible ladder block (visible with binoculars). Go up to the top and stand on the SE corner, there are Grenades SE. Look with binocís to spot a lower ledge (transparent yellow) in that direction and run jump down to it. Hop onto the snow ledge to get the Grenades and hop back (rest of the jumps- snow1.jpg). Run jump W onto a slanted block and slide jump onto the next ledge. Jump W again to grab the next ledge and then stand SW, run jump and grab the ledge there. The next one is hard to see with the white background, but just run jump straight S and grab. Look S and spot a raising block (binocís) and just jump and grab to the snow ledge right of it, the block will lower and reveals a button. The button will lower a block (door) in the Top Secret Room, although we don't get to see that. Stand on the NW corner of the ledge, just hop back onto that last ledge and run jump N to grab the next. Best way down I think is to face SW, stand back in the corner and hop backwards off the ledge to land on the crate below as I could not find another way down.

When you want some more pickups, you can always jump from the big ramp W, over the blue fence N and pick up Flares and 2x Shotgun ammo in the field. Drop down onto the block (near the big W tree below) in the S Area. When you do it at this moment, you wonít have to get back up here.

Use the Red Bucket; opens the gate to the Sentry Gun.

The snowman for the Red Bucket is E from where you come down. When you place the Red Bucket on the snowman, a gate will open in the Dome cave.

The Sentry Gun, the Yellow Bucket.

So back into the E alley again and the gate is to the left (N) in the Dome cave. Inside is a Sentry gun in the back, there's some Uzi ammo, but I advise you to leave it there. Stay behind cover and sprint into the passage W, follow through to a room with more snowmen (In the room with the Gun, thereís also a hidden passage in the E wall, opposite the W passage. This will lead you to the back of the gun so you could shoot it, but because we donít have a Revolver we will skip that).

On a ledge SW is an ice cube you can push away to get the Shotgun ammo. Then go move the ice cube NW to reveal a lever, it will open a door in the Dome cave. Under the ice cube SE is a small medipack, head back S through the passage and get back to the Dome cave. Go into the door S and shoot the two snow leopards.

Shoot the fence NE and throw the lever there to open a gate. That one is NW, inside a lever for the gate SW, a gate opens SE, E side and the lever there will open the SE S side gate. Now a gate in the W wall opened, the lever there will finally open the gate to the Yellow Bucket (W). Shoot some of the other gates to get 2x Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Go in W, jump with a curve around every bag and pick up the Yellow Bucket. This Bucket goes to the S Area. (The Purple Secret Bucket in the room with the gates is a red herring, you cannot get that)

Use the Yellow Bucket for the Crowbar.

Get back through the bags, out to the Dome cave and to the W through the crawlspace or SW through the passage to the upper slopes and down via the shortcut, whichever you prefer. On the so-called S Area head W and to the right is the snowman for the Yellow Bucket. Yet again no indication whatsoever as to what happened, but the block in the crawlspace in the E alley lowered.

The Secret Hall.

To the N of the yellow snowman and over the bridges is the Secret Hall. The SW door needs 2 Buckets and has the Uzis, 2x Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo. On the wall is the clue to what the other doors contain. Big Red is a Medipack, small red is a small medipack, green Flares and yellow = ammo. So take your pick and visit back here whenever you want.

Top Secret Room, Grenade Gun.

So again into the E alley and this time crawl left, shoot the guards as soon as you see them and stay well back in the passage (one of them drops the Green Bucket). When the coast is clear, enter the icy area and remember you did the button after the transparent ledges? The open "door" is in the Top Secret wall, go in and push the ice cube to the end. In this room is Secret #4, 2 Purple Secret Buckets (5) and the Grenade Gun. Go out of the room and into the icy area.

A Green Bucket, the Crowbar.

Get the Green Bucket (#1) where the guard dropped it. To the N and right is a passage, follow through crawling and stay against the wall, because when you go through the middle you can get stuck in the plants. In the end and hidden under a bush SE is the Crowbar.

Return through the crawlspace to the icy area; go out S to the Dome cave. Head E into the Hall with 3 Quest doors. Go S from there and use the two levers to open the gate to the Great Hole Quest.

The Great Hole Quest, a Black Bucket (#1).

Inside to the left around the corner and behind a crate are Flares, in the other corner NE is Shotgun ammo on a ledge.

Go to the S side of that big hole in the floor, look down and run jump with Ctrl into that opening you can see (be sure to have enough health), now look for the next opening (left) and jump in there, go on like this till you get to the last opening (E wall) with 4 Medipacks and the Black Bucket (#1) (to be used much later).

A Secret and a Frosty Swim.

Jump out left and grab the crack, go right and drop down to the next crack, to the right into a crawlspace with Secret #5, a Purple Secret Bucket (6). Check the health and drop into the freezing water, roll and swim into the tunnel, follow up while pumping Medipacks and get out (will just about take those 4 Medipacks you just got) (savegame.0).

The Crystal Cave Quest, Revolver and Shotgun.

Go S to that slope with the ledges, jump to the one SE and then to the next. The next one is tricky, jump from high to low (savegame.1). Now make your way up to that lever W (run jump without Ctrl) and open the Crystal Cave with it.

Enter and keep an eye on those icicles on the ceiling, shoot a dark blue crystal (left) to get a small medipack.

Proceed with caution and get Flares behind a crystal SW, open the near by door with the Crowbar and get the Revolver inside. From here I shot some blue explosive crystals (N) and an Ice monster showed up. Go N and more Ice monsters show up. Go along the right hand wall and around the corner to the end where you will find the Shotgun and another Ice monster. Go back along the S wall and shoot through the second of the wooden grates, you can step through it now. Inside run through the spikes (watch the health) and jump up onto the higher back part. Get Flares and Shotgun ammo, then shoot the blue crystal W and crawl in, shoot another crystal to get Secret #6, a Purple Secret Bucket (7).

Get out, use the crack in the E wall to get back over the spikes and leave the Cave.

"Frozen" Quest.

Go to that Frozen door E and open it with the Crowbar. Go into the cave, NW is Shotgun ammo. Then go to the NE corner, shoot the blue crystal to release the snowball and that will trigger a block SW. Go climb that block and the higher one next to it, use the jump lever on the W wall and a block lowers N under the monkey climb. Get back on the block near the jump lever and run jump N to grab the monkey climb, go straight N and drop on the pillar where the block lowered, jump to the opening N and get the Flares there. On the back of the crate is a lever that will lower a block near the Bucket. Jump back to the pillar and grab the monkey climb, go left and drop to get Secret #7, a Purple Secret Bucket (8).

Broken Sentry Gun, the Yeti House Keys.

Get out of this Frozen cave, go back out N and left to the Dome cave, to the N into the room with the Sentry Gun, which seems to be deactivated now (In case it is still active, go into a hidden passage E (opposite the W passage) and carefully follow through because there are some nasty pits. At the end you will be behind the Gun, shoot it and go into the room). In front of the gun are the Yeti House Keys. Go back out (pick up the Uzi ammo near the exit); go to the right through the crawlspace alley to the Start Area . You can open the door N with the Keys.

The Yeti House, Lower a Block.

Shoot those Yeti's and on the ledges E and W are two vases you can push. E side, move it S over the snow to the first blank spot (4 squares). W side, move it S till it stands next to that block in the SW corner (6 squares). A block goes up on the block SE, get on it. Jump grab N to the grated monkey climb and go N to the wooden pillar, grab up N to the ledge.

A Timed lever SW will raise a block SE so you can use the lever there (if you want Flares, jump from the block into the window and back). Back flip roll and sprint, jump diagonally over the corner, sprint again and again over the corner. Onto the block and use the lever to lower a block in an underwater tunnel (pool at the Secret Rooms) (savegame.2). Jump to the grated ledge and from there another jump into the window S for a small medipack, jump back again.

Optional: The Secret Rooms.

Get down and out of the room, to the S area and W to the yellow snowman, into the opening N and over the bridge you can use the Purple Buckets. The room SW has the Uzis if you like, you could choose the whole N wall as they have the most Medipacks, but we have all the Buckets, so no problems here.

Freezing Swim, the Gold Key and a Green Bucket.

When you're all loaded up, go outside to the bridges, look down S into the pool and shoot that grate. Now dive in, follow the tunnel where the block lowered by using the lever in the Yeti room and watch the health. Stay high in the tunnel and swim immediately left around the corner when in a larger pool; climb out on the corner ledge (savegame.3). On the bottom of the pool is the Gold Key, swim back to the ledge.

Best is to use the lever next to the ledge, this lowers a block in the SE corner. Then go for the lever on the E wall and climb up the ledge on your right. Use the lever, jump over to get the Uzi ammo, jump back and then swim to the SW corner for another Green Bucket (#2). Now we have to swim back to the pool with the bridges, go left or right to climb out (savegame.4). This adventure cost me at least 3 small medipacks. (when you come back to the pool with the bridges, swim up under the bridge close to the wall and Lara will end up ON the bridge).

Use the Gold key, the Snow Mobile.

Go to the upper slopes using the shortcut blocks left of the Red Snowman (E). From the crates with the lever you can jump over the fence S, open the gate to the Snowmobile with the Key. Take the snowmobile up the ramp along the left side and jump the gap, stop where the sign says so and leave it there. Go further up the ramp by foot and go to the S side snow ridge, you can grab up to a ledge there.

Run jump W around the blue fence and go look for a hole in the ground with another Purple Secret Bucket (9), should be Secret #8, but doesn't count as a Secret and also serves no purpose anymore, but it is nice we found it. Go back to where you jumped around the fence and slide to the path, go N and in the NW corner you can climb up to a ledge with some rocks.

Grab some Flares and Shotgun ammo and go N through the fence onto a lower ledge, hang from the ledge and drop/grab to the one below. Shoot the grate and get another Green Bucket (#3) inside. Get out, jump W to those ledges on the slope and go N to the one at the edge of the slope, drop down onto the pillar and jump S onto the sloped one so you can safety drop down to the ground.

Use the Green Buckets.

Into the alley E for the very last time, straight to the Dome cave and left into the room with the Sentry Gun, left into the passage to the room where you can place the 3 Green Buckets.

The Theatre, invisible ledges for the Second Black Bucket.

Go in and into a kind of theatre, shoot the guards and go into the NE corner, climb the ladder into the left hand alcove and get the Revolver ammo. Down and up to the far W side, from the red steps you can shoot the Targets in the E alcoves with pistols or the Revolver. A block lowers behind you (NW). Climb it to use the jump lever raising a block on the red steps. You can spot the invisible ledges with the binocs. Climb up and face N, stand to the right and run jump grab the first block, pull up and slide jump, then slide and jump right to grab the next block, pull up over and slide jump to a flat ledge.

Stand SE and aim for that yellow light SE, hop back and do a run jump to the next ledge, stand S and hop onto the next. Now stand a bit left facing S and run jump straight onto a slanted block, slide immediately jump and grab the next flat ledge (savegame.5). Jump to the E ledge and go N, jump over the gap and climb the ice ladder N. All the way up and left around corners till you can drop and grab the block where the Black Bucket (#2) is. Jump from the higher block to the ice ladder E and get down to the floor.

Use the Black Buckets, a Boss.

Head up to the W and use the Black Bucket(s). Go in and to the left is a small medipack and a Caution sign on the wall. Proceed and shoot that Big Yeti (grenade gun from far or shotgun close up). In the S is a vase, it has to go to the far NE corner of that balcony. A block lowers at the ladder N, go up there and off to the right. Shoot that bell in the middle and a block goes up N, go up and use the lever. The door W on the ground floor finally opens up. Get down there and follow through to where a door opens for you.

Timed Jumps, a Blue Bucket.

Go to the N side and jump to the lower pillar, to the higher one and save at the lever. Pull, back flip/roll and run jump to grab the slanted pillar, quickly get up and run jump to the first of the Burner pillars. Then jump E over the pillars to end up on the ledge along the E wall (savegame.6). Use the jump lever SE and then the one NE, go to the higher part of the ledge and jump to the white pillar, from there a tricky jump to the pillar with the Blue Bucket (savegame.7). Be sure to have enough health and just run down from the pillar to the W and follow the grated ledges to a ladder, get back up.

Use the Blue Bucket, to the Zip Line.

Go back through the Boss room and the theatre to the room where you can use the Blue Bucket E and enter the door, in the next room are two kinds of levers and a button (all remaining levers used here?), use them all and enter that open gate N. around the corner a gate will drop shut behind you, run N and hop over the pit. Then use the two levers in the passage to open a gate in the room with the three levers and the gate at the boulder slope goes back up. Return and go into the new gate E, go left at the canyon and use the Zip line to get to that ledge over the canyon (timing is of the essence here). Jump E and walk the Lane of Glory, saluted by Snowmen....


G&D Productions Dec 08-2012.