Primordial Catacombs.

Levels by Colin Benson

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

To get the savegames and screens, you’ll have to download the PrimorcatSaves folder (0.5 Mb- saves may not always have all the extra objects mentioned in the walkthrough as some were found later on).

Remember you can always shoot the pistols in dark places, this will give you some light and you will save some Flares for the places you'll need them most. As you may notice in savegames, I shot a wraith somewhere to get rid of it and it accompanied me everywhere, giving light in the darkness.

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Part I.

In this level you have to shoot all the bones you can find to open a door to a Secret Sapphire.

After the flyby jump down S and get the Flares, then get down on the ground, first go SW and find a breakable floor. Underneath is a Medipack. Then go to the E, on the S wall up a block near a big vase is an Earth Crystal. Bit more to the E on the right is a coffin and in it Uzi Ammo.

Keep going E and follow the wall on the right you can hop on a ledge NW, break the tile and get an Air Crystal.

Down to the floor and NE are Flares. Go back a bit and jump on a block with a shootable vase, from there jump up NE and shoot that vase for a Secret Sapphire (1). Drop down the ground floor and go to the S wall and climb the blocks into an opening in the ceiling. Get in and follow through to another room. Along the E wall is a Fire Crystal. DO NOT open the coffin yet, but grab up into the crawlspace behind it to get a Secret Sapphire (2) in the next room, go back and now you may open the coffin to get the Shotgun. An open coffin won't let you get into the crawlspace.

To the Room with the Pole, Crawlspace E, the Thunder Key.

Get out N and near the E wall is an opening in the floor, climb down, go to the end and at the pole stand facing W and hang at the opening, let go and grab to get into a crawlspace. Get down on the ground and get the small medipack. If you go straight you encounter two hell hounds (DO NOT shoot the vase there, it will block a Secret Sapphire for you). So better just go right (S) where you'll find the Thunder Key underneath a vase and don't even go into the other passage.

Crawlspace W, Goodies.

Go back to the crawlspace and at the end safety drop down, there's a closed door at the end of this room.

Go back upon the pole and up to the floor above, we'll do the other crawlspace when we return.

Exchange the Thunder key for the Eternal Key and Open that Door.

Climb up the ladder and go W to the coffin (N wall where the Uzi ammo was) Right of the coffin is a passage, where you can use the Thunder key after shooting a bug. On the pedestal in the room is the Eternal Key.

Coming out of the passage and to the S you can climb the block on the right from the one with a vase on it, and jump to the high block S, stand close to the wall to grab up to a monkey climb, go E and drop on a block near the E wall. From there do a curved stand jump to that jump lever NE. A door opens up in the room with the pole, so back E you go, down the ladder, to the pole ands this time face E and drop/grab into the crawlspace there. Go to the left and get the small medipack, back out again, go left (E) and left again and into a hole, there are Grenade ammo and an Air Crystal.

Crawl out and safety drop into the room with the pole again. There is a Water Crystal under the NE vase, the rest is empty. The E door is open, so enter and follow through, almost at the end to the right is a Water Crystal under some bones. Then you’ll come to a crossing where you can go left or right, ahead is a gate we'll open later in the rooms with the crawlspaces.

Room with the Tall Pillars, Sapphire Hunt.

For a Secret Sapphire, first go left, to a room with tall pillars, on the right hand side is a lower block. Use that spot to safety drop down to the floor of the room, quickly heal yourself and shoot the 2 scorpions. Now go look around for a Secret Sapphire (3) in an orange vase S, a Fire Crystal in a vase SE, a Medipack in a vase along the E wall. Go to the NW corner where you’ll find a ladder on the pillar, go up and jump E, slide and jump to the exit.

Use the Eternal Key, Blue Glass Rooms.

Head N all the way to where we can open the doors with the Eternal Key. Get into the room with the blue glass floors and go to the NE corner Go down the ramp (S) and down into a room. In a couple of the vases are nasty beetles so be careful what you shoot.

Under one vase in the NE corner is Water Crystal. Push the button N, a block goes up in the Tall Pillar room. In this room are bones (1) SW, look down and shoot with the Shotgun. Leave the room.

For a Secret Sapphire.

Now go up the ramp, a skeleton comes running down, shoot him into the room you just left and go up the slope, to the right into the room with the blue glass floors and out SW to the corridor with the closed gate. Head S to the room where we raised the block before.

Room with the Tall Pillars, get across.

Jump to the E and to the wall, then back to the slope and shimmy right, backflip/roll and shimmy, again backflip/roll and shimmy and the last backflip roll and shimmy and pull up. Jump again to the wall E and from there to the column W. Jump W again and enter the opening there.

In the room at the back, climb the ladder and climb up into a room with a nice floor. Take the first opening on the right and crawl under the spikes. Shoot only the vase left for some Arrows, the other one has a wraith.

Big Empty Pool, a Secret Sapphire.

Get out and from the room with the nice floor into the opening W, room with 2 doors. The left hand one is open, so enter and find a Secret Sapphire (4) in the poolroom SW (this would have been closed if you shot the vase at the 2 hell hounds in the "crawlspace E). The room NW has a Medipack. Dive into the pool and swim into the opening SW to get an Air Crystal and there’s a wraith catcher in the tunnel NW (in case you need it).

Switch the Doors.

Back out and E to the room with the 2 doors, now we have to open the other door. Go E to the room with the nice floor and out N, down the ladder to the Room with the Tall Pillars, jump to the W, pull up on the slope and slide jump to the next pillar, do this one more time and grab the Flares. Turn E, jump to the slanted pillar and slide jump to the pillar, and then jump to the exit to the corridor with the closed gate. Go all the way N to the room with the blue glass floors and to the sloped corridor E. Take a right all the way up the ramp, keep along the left wall as there’s a nasty pit somewhere. Pick up some Shotgun ammo on the way and come to more blue glass floors and go into the opening N.

Open the coffins for Arrows and a Fire Crystal. Back out, shoot the Hell Hounds and go to the opening in the S wall. Watch out, poison darts. Go up some steps and in the lever room find a small medipack behind a pillar SW and flip the lever, watch the camera shot as one door opens while the other closes (right hand one should be open).

Back out and through the glass floor room, into the passage with the ramps, down the ramp and left into the blue glass room and back to the passage SW and now go straight (S). Once more jump across the Room with the Tall Pillars, up the ladder to the room with the nice floor and a door S opened there so head S into a large room. Four holes in the floor, NE shoot the vase for an Earth Crystal. NW and SE, don't go in, wraiths... SW, shoot the vase and get another Shotgun.

Get out to the room with the nice floor and W into the room with the 2 doors where the right hand one should now be open. So take the right hand opening and come to another room with a pool.

The Big Pool.

Go back for air every time, dive in and swim into the hole in the floor NW, swim SE and you can find Revolver ammo left of the door there.

And in the SW corner is another hole in the floor. On the bottom is a Water Crystal.

At the S wall is another opening in the ceiling and if you swim left and up a bit (SW) on a pillar is Shotgun ammo.

Swim back and now take the other side (SE), swim all the way in the back, left around and through an opening (SW) into another room. In the ceiling you can get some air. In the small underwater alcove N is a Fire Crystal.

When you climb out the water a nasty bug appears, N is a closed door.

Double Pool Room.

Dive into the other pool and swim down either way. On the W wall is an underwater lever that opens the door in the Big Pool. So back up and out of this pool, into the other one, out E and then NE, down the floor and then to the door NE. Swim in and up and get some air. Get out and jump into the water and to the left (S) around the corner swim up and in on the left, there is a timed trigger tile.

Swim out and to the left, then swim to the middle of the room and on the right and there is another trigger tile you have to swim over. This opens the one opposite, so swim over that trigger tile, that opens the gate in the left (S) and there is some air to breath again.

You can swim back to the underwater room and in the NW corner you can find an Air Crystal. In the SE corner an Earth Crystal.

Swim back through the S gate and use the underwater lever on the wall there, a door opens up at the double poolroom (shortcut back to the Big Pool).

Get out and shoot the Hell Hounds. On the back of the pillars are ladders, start climbing and get Flares SW.

Go in W and crawl in (right or left it doesn’t matter) in between pick up an Earth Crystal and in the room get the Arrows from the coffin. Shoot the bones (2) for the Sapphire door (later).

Crawl back and go to the other area in the E. To the right before you step into the room E, is a Water Crystal.

Crawl in and use the button to open a gate in the corridor near the Room with the Tall Pillars.

If you remember which crawlspace you came out of... step on the slope in front of the other crawlspace and turn around, a block will lower in the NE corner, inside is a Secret Sapphire (5).

Back to the Double Pool Room, to the Cloud Pillars.

Back out trough the crawlspace; climb down the ladder and into the water. Swim N all the way, out of the water and back in again, through the opening in the ceiling near the S wall, swim SE to the end through the opening and up. Climb out into the double poolroom.

The door on the N is open. Get the Shotgun from the pedestal and leave through the E door. Shoot the two skeletons into the Big Pool and head for the exit E. The next room has the two doors, go E to the room with the nice floor and leave N and go down the ladder N to that Room with the Tall Pillars, jump to the other side again along the W side. Go through the corridor and left (E) to where a long closed gate opened up.

Room with the Lava Pit and Cloud Pillar Door.

Follow through to a lava room with two skeletons. SW is the Cloud Pillar Door.

Along the S wall get the Shotgun ammo and then use the ropes to get to the other side. Two more skeletons appear.

The NE opening, is the way to the Secrets Room, so go there if you have Secret Sapphires, down a pole and choose which of the gates you open.

Knives and Boulders.

Back up and now go to the SE corner. Jumping over and crawling under the knives, get the Flares.

At the end jump over the lava and watch out, as a lot of boulders will drop down, dodge them as best as you can and go up the ramp (go up left, turn to the middle and immediately left again, then to the middle to avoid the last boulder). Jump into the alcove and use the button, this opens the door so you can go back later.

Torch Slope #1, Cloud Pillar #1.

Go left (W) and in the next room Lara looks up. There are 5 torches on the wall and you have to ignite them by jumping on 5 trigger tiles (the ones with a picture on it) all the way up to the top, the last part of the route goes up to the SE.

Go in the now open door and get Cloud Pillar #1. In the NE window is a small medipack. On the terrace outside and SW is a Fire Crystal.

Torch Slope #2, Cloud Pillar #2.

Go back down the slope, out into the passage and now take the other opening (E), the same ramp and same trigger tiles to ignite the torches so you can get to the top. In the SW corner are bones (3) for the Sapphire door, which will be open now. Go inside for Cloud Pillar #2.

Use the Cloud Pillars, to the Eternal Key Maze.

Back out and down, down the boulder ramp and jump over the lava pool. Back over/under the knives and over the next lava pool. Use the two Cloud Pillars on the door SW.

Follow through and at the intersection I went right (N) and you still can get all the pick ups this way.

Avoid the darts and go S, to the right is the Sapphire door you opened by shooting bones, get the Secret Sapphire (6) and continue S and on the right you can pick up some Flares. S again around some corners, passing an opening in the floor on the right and go left at the next intersection (closed door ahead). Pass through only two teeth doors and pick up Flares. Return through the two teeth doors, to the opening in the floor and climb down the ladder.

You get into a very dark maze; you are in the N side. There are four closed doors and you need keys to open them. Also in this maze some midgets running around and when you kill them, look if they are carrying an Eternal Key, there are 4. It fits on every door and as far as I can tell you get Crystals behind 3 doors.

And somewhere NW on a W wall I found a door where there is a hole in the floor inside.

You go over a sort of bridge and in the middle is a button. At the end climb up and after shooting all the vases I found an Earth Crystal in a vase SW.

Go around the corner in the back and climb up N, and in an alcove push the button to open a door near the teeth doors. Get out N picking up some Uzi ammo and back into the hole in the floor, over the bridge and back to the maze. Go right around corners to get back to the ladder on the N wall, go up.

Go to the right, there at the end is the door you opened. Jump over the spikes, and use two ladders to climb down and pick up the Shotgun ammo left around the corner. Look up S to spot a message over the entrance:

Study and memorize the layout of the next room.

Better make a savegame in this room so you can have a peek when you need to.

Go S and jump diagonally left and right over the pit, so you can get to the other side, shooting some bees while you’re at it.

When you get at the other side Lara looks up, written over the entrance is”

Here’s a hidden passage, located where this room has altered from the previous room.

On the walls are the snake images, in the previous room the 3 left and 3 right were looking at each other, in this room on the W wall the right hand side is looking away. There should be a hidden opening there that passage is in the SW corner by jumping over the slopes next to the vase, but if you want some more pick ups go first N and jump down, there are Flares and an Air Crystal # 4. Get out and now jump over the slope and through the wall.

Lara slides toward Part 2.

Part II.

Slide down to a large room, this looks complicated...

Some Pickups and Wraiths.

First we go E, E side of the room, find in the left dark alcove a Secret Sapphire (1). N side of the room, Flares and a small medipack in coffins, two Wraiths show up, run back W and to the left (N) through that room, down and through the next room to the wraith catcher. Back and in the E side of the room is a Fire Crystal, NW a Medipack. Go back up and now get the 2 Water Crystals in the E room S side. Another wraith shows up, so back to the wraith catcher.

Go from the first room to the W, room with a grated floor and some holes in it.

Grated Maze, the Vortexiors.

First we need to kill some burners on the lower level of the maze, so go into the opening N and S up stairs and use the jump levers there to kill the burners at some crystals. Shoot the skeletons into the pit and return to the grated maze. Drop into either hole, N or S.

S: Just keep making your way down to a sandy floor and pickups here are Shotgun ammo, a Water Crystal and the Vortexior #1. Enemies are some bugs.

N: Just keep making your way down to a sandy floor and only find a Water Crystal downstairs near Vortexior #2.

Go into the passage W where you can use the Vortexiors left and right. Doors open somewhere, go up the step stairs W and in the SW corner is a Fire Crystal. Enter the room on top.

Hall with the Lever.

First make a tour around the room to find a small medipack NE, a Fire Crystal N. Now look up in the high SW corner (stand N) and spot a vase standing in that dark arch, shoot it to trigger a hell hound in the Secret Rooms.

Just wait where you are and he will come bring you a Secret Sapphire (2)... Nice doggy. If you don't have a Lasersight or something to mount it on, visit the Secret Rooms first.

Then go use the lever in the middle and doors open in the passage W, go straight in and look W, those are the Secret Rooms.

To the N and S are the two open doors, but when you just run there, they will close because of trigger tiles in the floor, look closely and you can see darker tiles with a lighter path through them (Map:primorcat1.jpg).

N side door, Secret Sapphire Puzzle:

Save before going N and find your way over the lighter coloured tiles and enter. Shoot 4 vases and get two Earth Crystals and a Medipack. Then climb into the dark crawlspace E, right hand side (NE), drop down in a lower part and shoot the bug, get the Fire Crystal dropped by the bug and also a Water Crystal that was already there. No need to step on the tile in the back, so back out to the room and into the crawlspace left (SE).

Drop in a room with a puzzle, "name this character for a Secret Sapphire".

Name of the character might be DARIA (From Rune Factory 3, a game for Nintendo DS), so if you step on these syllables, D A R I, the door will open. Don't touch any of the others. Go grab yourself a Secret Sapphire (3) and leave through the crawlspace, carefully through the corridor with the trigger tiles (in case you close the doors, just use that lever again. Make your way over to the S side door.

S side door, Steam and a Skeleton.

Jump over the steam pillars and get a Fire Crystal, jump to the next and be ready to shoot a skeleton before you try to take the Water Crystal. Jump further and to a ledge. On the right hand wall in the dark is a jump lever opening up a gate in the next room. Go in and through that gate to a large room with pits.

Room with the Pits, Timed Run and Stuff.

On a wall W is Shotgun ammo, then go E and take some more Shotgun ammo near that door. Look down in the pit SE and spot a Timed Run tile, that's for the door E...

Head W through the opening and down the sloped passage left and come to the first pit. There's a ladder E, remember that. Go left (S) to the next and shoot a vase for the Grenades in it.


W is a hole in the floor, get in and crawl E and straight at the crossing, down and left around corners till you can stand up, get into the opening W there and follow through to a Secret Sapphire (4). Go back and down, crawl NE to the pit and get in, push the face button to open a door in the Room with the Pits. Get out E, go N and find a Fire Crystal. Now go NW and find a small medipack.

Turn left and go through the opening in the NE corner, shoot a bug, go through E and find another Fire Crystal there. Crawl backwards through the opening N and hang into the pit, shimmy left around the corner to where you can pull up, grab the Earth Crystal there. Hang out, go left and pull up again, head to the vases in the NW corner and shoot them, go onto that ledge and run through the wall... A Secret Sapphire (5) is your reward.

Out and hang in the pit, left around till you see Flares, get those and go into the back there for Uzi ammo under a vase and Arrows in a coffin. That's all, make your way back the same way you came here, no easy way out, sorry.

To the Timed Run.

Back in the pits go E, then left (S) and come to the third, there is an Air Crystal E. Pit #4 is empty and the next pit is one with tall pillars. Jump to the opening E, go N to get a Fire Crystal and shoot a bug and get an Earth Crystal he drops. Go through the opening E and jump over to the Timed run tile E. Jump back and release Ctrl for a moment to get up the ledge faster, jump the pillars and sprint through the pits, take a right in the last and right again up the sloped passage. Out to the right and straight to the door (Savegame.0), stop as soon as you are inside. You can also use the ladder E in the first pit to get up and to the door in time.

Golden Sphere #1.

First Turn around and go out, to the left (N) and to the NW wall, jump into the door you opened in the dark crawlspaces, get Golden Sphere #1. Jump back out and go into the timed door (still open). (There's another door, to the S, there's a Sapphire behind it, but will only open up later.)

Two Vortexiors.

Use the monkey climb to pick up the 2 Vortexiors. First take a right to the first Vortexior, go S and at the end right to the next and come back a bit to go to the other (E) side.

Hall with the Ropes, more Golden Spheres.

Go to the NE corner and take a running jump to the rope, turn to the right (NW) and jump to that ledge. Inside use one of the Vortexiors and get a camera shot. Go around the pillar and now push the face button, the gate all the way to the SW has opened. Use the ropes to get there, and inside climb down a long ladder.

Golden Sphere #2.

You get to the ground floor (well.... floor..?). Take running jumps to the NW corner and the door closes when you are in. Use the 2 face buttons (S and W). Kill the mutant dogs and skeleton and pick up a Vortexior and a Golden Sphere #2 they drop.

In side the small room W you can use one Vortexior on the wall W so you can leave this place E.

Golden Sphere #3.

Jump over the lava S and climb up the looooong ladder.

Use the ropes to get to the other side (SE) and place a Vortexior and then use the face button (behind the pillar again). Before going out pick up a Water Crystal in a dark spot NW.

Use the ropes again to get to the NE corner. Down the long ladder and jump the blocks over the lava to the room S.

You know the drill, pick up another Vortexior and a Golden Sphere #3 and use the Vortexior in the room E.

Pick up the small medipack SE and leave, jumping over the lava and climb the long ladder.

Use Golden Spheres, the Caves.

Now use the ropes to get to the middle ledge of this wall (E wall) and use two of the Golden Spheres.

Go in and keep to the right for a Fire Crystal.

Keep going right and get some Uzi ammo on a dark tile. An Ice Wraith is on the loose. Turn around and use the button there (E). A block will lower on the right (NE), jump in and follow to the end; the wraith will be killed at the wraith catcher. Pick up an Air Crystal on the way out.

Room Up the Pole.

Once back up, go N and find a small medipack, a bit further is a pole, climb it all the way up and back flip. Under the vase N is an Air Crystal.

The one NE has another Air Crystal. Another one W hides Flares. The others release Scorpions, kill ‘em all and find another Air Cystal NE. In the W room where one came out is a face button. This opens a door somewhere in the caves below.

Slide down the pole to the cave.

If you want to return, look for the last Sapphire and visit the Secret Rooms; head SW and follow through, to a lever and a button, don't shoot those vases, but use the button to turn off the steam in the room leading to the Secret Rooms. Use the lever to open the door behind you to where the level started, if you slide down there you can run through all the rooms again, this way you can go for the Secret Sapphire (6) in the door S of the Timed Run through those pits.

The Sand Trick to get out.

In case you got it all, go E from the pole and keep that wall on your right, then you can get the Fire Crystal, at the S end of that cave is the door you opened while up the pole. Go in and jump the blocks to the receptacle for the last Sphere and wait with picking up the Fire Crystal, for obvious reasons.

Use the Sphere and go in, down one of the ladders and in the middle of the room is a trigger tile for the door S, no way you can reach it... So back up the ladder and to the S room, go around to the back, shoot some midgets and push a button, sand will drop through the floor of the previous room and onto that trigger tile, opening up the S door. So back down there and enter, to the end and just run in...

Part III.

Climb Room, Jump Lever.

Run to the end of the passage and a gate opens left of you, go there and jump over to the vase, shoot it and get an Air Crystal. Now jump and grab the climb pillar, go right around and back flip to the next, keep going right around and down till you can back flip and grab a wall, just drop onto the slope below and grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up at a passage (goes faster than climbing). Closed door here, so shimmy a bit further, not all the way to the end and back flip onto a pillar.

Jump into the opening S, climb the ladder in there to get to the top of the room. Go to the left and get the Shotgun out as a skeleton attacks, behind you is another one! Look up S to find a jump lever; it will open the door in that passage at the climb wall W.

Door W, Raising Block Maze, Dragon Peridots.

You can either go down the ladder again or safety drop onto that dark pillar below (from NW corner) and jump to the opening NW. Go straight W and get some Uzi ammo from the coffin, back and S is closed (Sapphire), so head up the ramp in the N passage. A bit around the corner in the flat passage is a passage left, get in there.

Go N a bit and left into a passage where a block lowered. Run to the back and get the Earth Crystal, go look for an opening in the ceiling, go up for Revolver ammo in a vase.

Down and out of the passage and S all the way to the end where you can throw a lever, back to the passage and to the right where a block now lowered, up the hole in the ceiling and use the face button to open a door N in the maze. Get out of here to the main passage and left (S) to use the lever again.

A Cloud Pillar.

Now N through the opened door and right where two blocks lowered, right again and climb up to get a Dragon Peridot #1.

Get out, go right in the main passage and down to a lower room, right up some steps, around corners and climb up to throw a lever there. Down and shoot some midgets, one of them drops a Cloud Pillar.

Go S up into the main passage and all the way to the lever S, use it again and go back N, though the open door and left, climb up for the Dragon Peridot #2.

Down and back to the main passage, left around corners in the lower room up the steps left (E). In the passage jump up to place the Peridots, two doors open on a slope. Go back down and up to the main passage, climb back up facing S (where it is dark) to the corridor and go left (E) up the slope to the opened doors.

Top of the Climb Room, a Bit of Excersise.

Grab an Air Crystal and some Uzi ammo before climbing down into the hole. Shimmy right around the corner onto the ledge and walk N to the end. Jump from here into the passage NE where you entered before.

Go S and turn around, drop and climb along the climb wall to the left around the corner and back flip roll grab the next wall, around the left and get to the next wall from the bottom of that wall.

Go up the long pillar to where the bright spot is and just back flip. Get the Grenades and jump back to the same pillar. Go around left and look left to spot two entrances, go up above the top one and back flip roll to grab the edge.

Upper Entrance NE, the Quassar Key and a blocked corridor.

Go through and shoot a bug, left down the slope and hop into the pool, grab the Water Crystal and climb back up N. Seems for the other side we have to drop some boulders first.

Go all the way up the slope and to the right, into a Column Hall. A coffin with an Air Crystal N, and a Quassar Key in the one S. Back out to the corridor and into the one E, down and come to a passage with burners. Time the burners and run through, ignore that Crystal for now. Look up with a flare and spot the ladder in the ceiling, upstairs you can get a Medipack and a small medipack. Back down and use the button at the end, a door opens in the Column Hall.

Now you can prepare for the way back and if you're brave enough you can pick up a Fire Crystal on your way to the other side. Sprint straight into the water at the end (I made it without burning). In the water are some Flares, get back out and climb back up W to the corridor. Go to the large room and into the door that opened left (S). Drop through the hole and shoot the Hell Hound.

Dark Basements and a Torch.

Go into the next room and immediately left around corners to get some Arrows, there is a burning vase in the passage W. Go N and take a right (W) and get a Water Crystal. Back to the room and straight (E), find a Torch, take it out and back to the room and go to the opening SW and ignite the Torch on that burning vase.

Back to the room, the door N has opened.

In that dark room are three alcoves straight ahead (N), shoot the dark vases only for a Fire Crystal and a small medipack, the left (white) holds a wraith. Go into the N room and find two levers, a jump lever and several doors. Go to the NW floor lever and use it to open a gate in that central structure (N side). Up there in the ceiling is a wraith catcher you might need later.

Opening up some Doors.

SW of that lever is a jump lever on the W wall; use that to open a door somewhere (to a Sapphire, passage in the W wall of the Climb Room where you went in first).

The floor lever S opens doors E, go down there with the Torch, and ignite the two scones on the S wall to open the door. You can leave the Torch where you can find it again and go in and left, watch out for Spikes and pick up an Earth Crystal.

Now go use the Jump lever S and open a door somewhere. Go out of the room (pick up the Torch) and straight to the scones at the N door, inside are pits, avoid falling in and go use the floor lever in the back. A block lowers somewhere.

Back out along the E wall to get a Water Crystal, and once in the hall again, go to some big vases E, carefully ignite them to open the door to a Sapphire, leave the Torch outside and go in E. My advise is to ignore that Uzi ammo left (wraith) for now and first get the Fire Crystal from the other corner. Now get the Uzi ammo and go get the Torch only for some light because you don’t need it for anything else, sprint back up the slope W, left and right and into the open gate in the structure, up the ladder to the wraith catcher.

Back down and now you can enter an open door N, inside is a Secret Sapphire (1).

Go out and to the passage in the W wall, because the blocks in there are down now. Make your way through the knives (I did swan dives) and climb up to get back to the Column Hall. Go towards the nearby SW corner of that room, and run close along the Southern wall until you get onto a tile which is four squares from the West wall. If you listen closely you can hear a door opening (You are on the trigger tile giving you access to the next Secret Sapphire)… No idea how we were supposed to know this, but it is how it is.

Go out E, left down the sloped corridor and left into the opening you came from before, to the Climb Room and jump to the pillar. Go down a bit and back flip (Ctrl) into a lower passage, there's the open gate, down a ladder there you will find a Secret sapphire (2).

Back up the ladder to the S down in a room where you can use the lever to open a door in the Column Hall. So, back up N climb up into a crawlspace left (close at the gate) to get an Earth Crystal. Go out to the Climb Room, jump to the climb pillar, go up a bit and back flip into the upper opening, go up the sloped corridor to the Column Hall and into the open door NW.

Drop the Boulders.

Follow up to the top of the columns and jump to the opposite corner, shooting skeletons, into the opening there. This is where you opened a door with the jump lever after using the Torch.

Pick up the Shotgun ammo and slide down the steep passage to land on a ledge in the top of the Climb room. Go to the SW corner after shooting the skeleton and drop from the W side onto break tiles, quickly run onto the ledge. Use the button and see the boulders drop into the pool. A block went up left of you, climb it. Get onto the upper ledge and to the rope W, swing to the climbable wall N, go up into the opening there (entrance of the room). Go right to that opened gate and jump W to grab the climb pillar, go right around and back flip to the next, keep going right around and down till you can back flip and grab a wall, just drop onto the slope below and grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up at the W passage, go in and to the right, down to the door opened with the jump lever, get to the puzzle room for a Sapphire.

“Add the two prime numbers that are between 59 and 71. Multiply the sum by 50% of 8”

Solution: 61+67=128 x (50%of8=) 4=512.

Use those buttons and the door W opens, go in and get the Secret Sapphire (3). Go back out and up some steps and in the next room take a left (E).

Go along the climbable wall and along the pillars to the upper opening E again

(You can now make a detour to get the Secret Sapphire from behind the gate in the lower opening, get in there, a gate opened to the right, down a ladder there you will find a Secret sapphire (2)).

Over the Pool.

Back in the upper opening, go to the sloped corridor and left to the pool and because of the boulders, the water level rose, finally get to the other side.

A jump lever in the dark NW corner allows you to open the doors and proceed to a corridor with green displays, there's a Fire Crystal on the dark floor. Use the Cloud Pillar at the other end and climb up to another alcove of the Climb Room. In the coffin are Flares, in the SW corner is the exit.

The Secret Rooms.

To the right you'll end up in a room with arches. It looks like there are three doors leading out of this room, but they're fake. In the central structure is a lower ceiling with a ladder in a hole, climb up either side and come to the Secret Rooms, you know what to do here.

Back down and out N and straight into the next room, shoot some bugs and head down the sloped corridor. Shoot the scorpions and go use the Quassar Key right (W).

Hall with the Beams, the Golden Key.

Lara looks up... Oh boy!

On the back of a pillar W is a button to raise a block, climb it and go around E jumping beams to the second beam (from the ground floor) in the NW corner to use the button there, another block goes up. That one is SE on the only beam E. Find your way over there, use the button to raise a block at the top of the structure. Get to the top to pick up the Golden Key.

Make your way down to the beams SW first floor and jump with a banana jump around the pillar to the lower beam E to use the button there and open a door for later (underwater). Drop down and leave E, to the E side of that room and open the door there with the Golden Key.

Go through the corridor with the pink displays and to the right into the Hall with the Plateaus.

Hall with the Plateaus.

N side alcove, shoot the vases for an Air Crystal, S side for Revolver ammo. Along the W side are two Timed Tiles, you know them by now. They open gates in the passages NE and SE so you'll be able to get onto the plateaus. Go have a look there, up a ladder and jump to the plateau, jump to the central arch and from there shoot as many of the vases as you can so you will have a clear path later. Go back down, stand on the back of the N Run tile and sprint into the passage straight ahead and up the ladder, to the plateau and via the arch to the next plateau and then up to the gate.

NW Gate: (Savegame.1) Inside you'll slide into the water. Turn around and swim left into the door you opened with the last button in the Hall with the Beams, inside and in the deeper room you'll find an extra bonus, Flares and 2x Revolver ammo.

Go back for air first and swim E again, follow through to a pool and climb out, shoot the vases in the pool for an Earth Crystal (S) and a Secret Sapphire (4) at the bottom. In the deepest part and SE is an underwater lever opening a door where we'll go now. Climb one of the poles and back flip to the ledge, then jump to the opening E and come to the Lever Labyrinth.

The Lever Labyrinth, Dragon Peridots.

First go straight E and up a slope, passing a lever and down a slope in the next part go right and down the ramp to get the Dragon Peridot #1.

Back up S and right into the open door, use the lever in that E room and go out and right down the slope S for Dragon Peridot #2.

Go back up N and right to the lever in the centre of the labyrinth, it will close the door E and open the one N.

Go down N and use the lever in there, out and down left (W) and up right (S) through a room and down a slope (S) for the Dragon Peridot #3.

Go up E and to the right (N) and use the lever again.

Down N and take a right (W) and careful get the Dragon Peridot #4.

Go to the opened door S (opened with the underwater lever in the pool before) and use the button in there to open some big doors. In the SE corner is a small medipack, on the NW corner block a Water Crystal. Now you can leave W and get back to the Room with the Plateaus where you have to start the second run.

SW Gate: (Savegame.2) Inside you'll slide into the water, swim left down and get the Fire Crystal from under the bones, then head E and up through an opening in the middle of the ceiling. Go E and come to the Lava Room and watch the flyby.

The Lava Room, Pillar Puzzle, the Gamma Key.

(You cannot jump over the lava, as soon as you go above the lava you'll burn, so you have to stay on the paths, can't jump over the spike tiles too. So no cutting corners here.)

Pillar 1: Push the pillar NW once to the N, on the spike trap, then go pull it to the E as far as it will go. Go to the E wall and left to the next path to go all the way around and push the pillar once. Now you can pull it onto the trigger tile.

Pillar 2: Go to the next pillar, S of you and pull it once. Go around and pull it to the W, go around and push it further W to the edge of the floor.

Now we have to do something else first, go to the W side of the room and climb the SW ladder, throw the lever there to switch the raising blocks. Down again and to the pillar you were working on. Move it to the N as far as it will go and make your way around the S side of the room to pull the pillar onto the tile.

Pillar 3: Pull it once and turn around, go right around corners to pull it W once, around again and push it onto the spike tile. Around the S side of the room again and pull it twice (W). Go behind it and push it onto the next spike tile and go around to pull it onto the lowered blue block, now you can push it onto the tile.

Go to the ladder SW and up to the lever there, enter the opening W, keep going right through a gate you opened with one of the pillars and come to a coffin, inside is Shotgun ammo. Go W from this room and keep going right, avoid some spikes in the dark and get the Gamma Key.

Go out, left around corners and climb into the left hand opening above the face tiles, get an Air Crystal. Down on the other side into a room with a pit and S, to the right, behind an open gate and use the jump lever there to open a gate on the NW ladder in the Lava Room.

Go out straight to a block, up into the hole in the ceiling for another Air Crystal. Down and up the next block for another crawlspace, follow all the way through going right and down in a room for a Secret Sapphire (5). Back into the crawlspace and where you can stand into the upper crawlspace for another Air Crystal. Go down and to the E to get back to the pit. Go NE and now climb up the left hand opening to get the Water Crystal there. Go out the other side and 2 skeletons will pay a visit.

Head E and right around to the exit NE, down into the Lava Room and up the other ladder NW, the gate here opened with the jump lever. Go through to the Room with the Plateaus. Go out W, follow through to the room with the Keyholes and take a right (S) through the doors you opened there (with the button in the lever labyrinth).

Use the Gamma Key and enter, in the SE corner is a Fire crystal, then head to the W end for some arrows. Shoot some Hell Hounds. Then go to the S in another part of this room, NW an Air Crystal, E Arrows and kill more Hell Hounds.

Go to the S gate and use two of the Dragon Peridots. Climb up the pole and go out to the Red corridor, where you can use the last Peridots to open the gate. To the right of that gate is an alcove, we've seen those before, but this one is different, hop up and run though the wall for a Secret Sapphire (6). Get out and into the gate opened before.

Shoot the skeletons and get a Fire Crystal (only with explosive ammo) and now you have to choose which pickups you want.

Drop down E and get Revolver ammo or drop down W and get a Medipack. Both holes lead to the same place, but you can get back up or across. Slide down backwards to safety drop down and go W for a coffin with Flares, then go E through an open door, no way back it seems. Walk on...

Part IV.

Push the pillar and get some Flares to the left, now move the pillar back and shove it right once (N) a door opens up (Secret Sapphire).

Almost at the very end (S) end of this pillar room is an Earth Crystal, don't leave yet, but go to the last pillar on the right, move it aside so you can use the jump lever. Then move the second pillar on the W side (seen from the door) aside to get into the crawlspace. Follow to a hole in the floor and drop down for some Grenades, an Earth- and Water Crystal. Back up and crawl to the NW, follow down to where the door opened and push the button there to open the door in the room with the pillars. Return there and enter S, run over the bridge to the far SE, roll and hang from the edge

to drop and grab that jump lever opening a gate. Drop into the water to get rid of the wraith (In case you fell off the bridge, swim through the tunnel N and go left and up to climb into a passage SE, follow through to get back to the bridge). In the pool is a Water Crystal (W).

Swim through the tunnel N and climb up to the right into the passage, follow through and get the Medipack in the end. A bit back is the gate you opened with the jump lever. Push the button to open the SE gate on the bridge and return there (into the water and up to the SE passage). Shoot the skeletons off the bridge and go to the opening SW first, there's a door here you opened by pushing the pillar right at the start. Up the ladder into the water and get the Secret Sapphire (1), back out to the bridge and into the gate SE, through an aquarium room to a Hall with a Huge Structure in it.

Color Puzzle, Invisible Key.

Go left and around the corner down the stairs, on the wall is a message:

This room's floor is made from only the two tiles above. Most tiles have been rotated by 90*, 180* or 270*. However, one tile is unique from the ones above. It is on this tile that you will find an invisible key.

Well, my idea is that it is faster to just try every centre of a tile than to figure this out, but the Invisible Key is here if you want to know (primorcat2.jpg).

Go back up to the Hall and to the E and down the stairs are the Secret Rooms, if you want to pay a visit (they are a bit early in the level as you will find most Sapphires later, you can only return here from where you use the Compass Key later. I will tell you when).

Back up to the Hall and to the door in the S, the door opens up. Just to the right in front is a high block with an Air Crystal, in the NE corner are Flares. Then go W and to the right behind that big pillar is a dart trap with the Crossroads Orb #1. Don't shoot any more vases there. Go back to the middle of the room and left around to a gate (W), open it with the Invisible Key, a swarm of bugs will attack. Inside in the coffin S is Uzi ammo, the one N has a small medipack and on the pedestal you'll find the Hive Key. Go out and to the right, to the middle of the room where you will find break tiles covering a pit with water, just drop through.

For a Swim, Crossroads and Orbs.

Go W, then left and follow through to where you can get air at the Crossing.

S: swim down S and right into the pit where you will find an Air Crystal in the connection to another pit, just go back to the crossing.

N: swim N and follow through to the very end where you'll find another Crossroads Orb #2.

W: follow through, down into a lower tunnel and into a large room with 3 side passages, visit them one by one and go back up in the middle and E for air when you need it, start where ever you want.

S side, Fire Crystal and Crossroads Orb #3.

W side: Arrows and Crossroads Orb #4.

N side, Uzi- and Revolver ammo.

E side, Fire and Water Crystal.

Back out at the middle and up, swim E and just keep going S along this tunnel to get to a Hall with an invisible labyrinth.

Invisible Labyrinth, another Crossroad Orb.

Go E and in here are two holes in the floor we have to reach, at least only one of them is important, the right hand one as you see them (N side). There are invisible walls here and the way in to the important hole is from the E side of the room and looking straight at that hole. Go in to where you bump into the invisible wall, turn left and keep that wall on your right shoulder, go follow the wall around to the hole, grab the Crossroads Orb #5 and a wraith will show up.

Get out W, go left around the wall to the E and left around the corners there. Run along the outer wall of the room to the W and get into the water.

If you like you could go back for the other hole: Left into the room to the SE corner, face W and walk to the 3rd tile from the corner, you should now be able to turn left and enter the maze N. To the 3rd tile and turn right, straight W one tile further than the hole and turn left around the wall to get Grenades.

Open some Underwater Doors.

Go back out W, right around till the end and left to the outer wall. Exit W to the water and follow the tunnel, go left at the first crossing and then right at the next, (some vases in the corner) up a steep tunnel and climb the climbable wall in the end. Shoot the skeleton and go W, back into the room where you got the first Orb. Get up onto the block in front of you and jump to the N ledge, shimmy left and go up the climb wall in the NE corner. All the way up and off to the right, turn around and spot an alcove in the left wall. Stand jump with a curve into that alcove for an Earth- and Air Crystal, drop out.

Use the Hive Key.

To the S and left, up some steps and use the Hive Key there to open the gate down the steps on the right of you (N). Stand in the entrance and spot the beetles below, from here you can shoot the vases and decide which pickups you will go for later (Revolver ammo, a Fire Crystal and Grenades). On the blocks in the corners are several buttons, the one SW opens a door to a Sapphire Puzzle, the one NE big underwater doors (#1) and the one SE the second set of underwater doors (#2).

Get out and to the right (E), a left and up a small mound under a ladder in the ceiling, up and go jump from alcove to alcove up the alcove room, shoot a bug and get the Uzi ammo, another bug and on top you'll find a sloped tunnel, go down backwards and grab the edge so you can drop and grab the jump lever. A block lowers at the end of the slope, so just drop in and crawl through (E). Down in the next room and use the lever to open the last set of underwater doors (#3). The vase NW has an Earth Crystal.

Get out, down the ladder and go SW and to the left into a knife passage. Crawl under the first and jump over the second to get Crossroads Orb #6 from a vase.

Back out and to the NE corner down the ladder.

Turn around and jump to that tiny ledge SE to use the jump lever (opens a door for later).

Go into the room E where you came out of the water before. It is a long swim, just swim right and tight around corners to get to Crossroads Orb #7 and immediately swim back left around everywhere to get back to the climb wall.

Climb up and back to the room with the pit and to the S over the sandy hills to get Shotgun ammo SE.

Go SW up the sloped passage and left up the stairs to where you opened the door before with the jump lever on the tiny ledge NE.

Open the Gate to Orb #8.

Yes, one more, left up the sloped room is a gate that's where it is. First shoot the bones next to the entrance (for a door to a Sapphire). Go to the near by high block, climb up and shoot the vase for a Fire Crystal.

Now go up the slope to that gate (DO NOT shoot the bones as that triggers a wraith) and look up to the right, an opening up in the S wall (in the dark of course). Get in and straight is an Air Crystal.

Turn around and take the second opening left (E) and get a Secret Sapphire (2) under a vase.

Go back out and loop around the right, down into a small pit and climb up N, follow through to the N and get another Air Crystal after shooting the little guy.

Go back S to the small pit and now climb up E and follow through first go N at the crossing, drop in a pit and get an Earth Crystal, go up W and turn around in the end. Look up to use the jump lever there, a small medipack will appear under your feet.

Return through the crawlspace and take a right at the first crossing. Straight E and down into a room with a scorpion, after you killed it blocks will go up so you can use the button NE to open the gate and as well as get back out too.

In the crawlspace go right at the crossing, through the pit to the W wand up the blocks, W into the crawlspace and left to the exit to the sloped room

Go up the slope to the open gate and get Crossroads Orb #8 from the coffin, shoot some bugs.

Go out, down the slope and stay on the right hand side, you'll pass the entrance and bump into a block in a far corner, on the block are Arrows. From the Arrows go SE and find the hole in the floor, get down the ladder and a door opened here when you pushed the SW button in the Hive. Proceed and come to a Sapphire puzzle.

Name the Game.

The name is "Shadow Warrior", push those 2 buttons and go get your reward, the Secret Sapphire (3) in the SW.

Back out and up to the sloped rooms.

Go E again and spot to a jump lever on the pillar in the middle of the next section. It will open a door at the end of this place, from the jump lever go NW and shoot some vases for Revolver ammo. Further down the slope some dogs will attack, a wraith shows up (run back up the slope and keep looking for an opening in the S wall, just before a large arch, that's where the wraith catcher is). Go back down again and halfway down near the S wall is an Air Crystal and near the end is an Earth Crystal and in the NE corner a Medipack.

Use the Orbs.

Go into the room E and place all those Orbs to open the next door.

In the next room is a ladder E, the ones W are fake. Go up all the way and shoot the midgets, shimmy (or walk) to the left, jump over to get another Secret Sapphire (4) from the ledge S. Get back to the ladder and down and head N to the next room.

The Pool.

Dive into the pool, swim down to the bottom almost straight and get an Air Crystal. Turn right and swim around the first pillar on the right, there's an underwater lever opening a gate for later, if you still have air, open the underwater door N and go in, there's air. Inside are two Earth Crystals.

The Bottomless Key.

Go out and open the S side underwater door, best get air first and save. Swim in, keep going right everywhere; you'll go down and up for Arrows. Swim back and after going up and swimming S, go straight if you have enough air (or go left to the pool). At the end is also air. Swim back a bit and to the right is an Air Crystal. Back to the last air hole and climb out; go the "red" hole N and get in to pick up the Bottomless Key. Back out and into the blue hole, swim straight first and to the right around the next corners to get back to the Pool.

To the right and climb out into the SW section. Through the gate you opened (underwater lever) and up the stairs, you are on the middle level. Jump NW to the ledge on the column and then to the SW section. Go into a room with a spiked floor and a ladder S, go up the ladder to the upper level (a bit above the second horizontal golden band) and back flip to the ledge.

Left around the corner are some Arrows, go out and jump NW to a dark ledge right of the pillar to get an Air Crystal. Jump back and again jump over NE to the ledge so you can jump to the upper level SE. In the back you can use the Bottomless Key to open a gate.

The Compass Key.

Go to the NE corner of the floor and jump to the ledge left of the pillar (over the Pool) and use the jump lever to get a rope out in the room (middle level). So jump back via the ledge to the SW section, then get back on the ladder S, down one level and back flip off. Get to the rope above the Pool. Swing to the SE section and get the Compass Key there (This will also be the time to backtrack to the Secret Rooms). Now you can dive down into the Pool, get out N and use the Key on the door.

Break tile Fun.

Go through and only shoot the vase W for Shotgun ammo.

To the N is the gate you opened with the Bottomless Key, inside are suspended breakable tiles. First look down in the pit, a bit to the left and shoot those bones there, if you're quick you can just see a block go down in the W wall. If you stand SE you can just see it. Run over the left side of the first tiles, at the end curve right and jump to grab the block under the column. From the corner you can do a curved stand jump into the opening NW. Go get the Secret Sapphire (5) from the coffin and now you can leave NE where another block went down. Stand jump straight to the tiles and curve right at the end, run a bit and curve left so you face the next tile, stand jumps will do it, then jump to the N and the door will open for you.

Hall with the Ropes.

Let's start with ignoring the Air Crystal, this should allow you to get an additional pickup. Go N into the room with the Pole, up the pole and look for a lowered block in the N wall, get in and claim Uzi ammo and Grenades.

Now go down the pole, into the W section with a lever, throw it and see blocks shift in the Hall with the Ropes. Go back there and now pick up the Air Crystal. Go W, up the blocks and into a small room for a small medipack. Out again and to the rope, turn around and facing the blocks aim for the left corner where a block lowered, get up there. Jump the blocks to the top and get the Secret Sappire (6) (of no more use btw). Down and to the rope, swing to the blocks in the E side of the Hall and make your way up to a button SE, it will open a gate (top floor of the pole room).

A Pandemoniun Key.

Back down to the ground floor and N to the room with the Pole. Go into the N section and use the lever there to move some blocks, back S to the Hall, up the blocks W to get to the ropes and swing to grab the E side blocks. Go up into the now open room and pick up the Pandemoniun Key.

Again back to the room with the pole and all the way up. shoot the skeleton down and enter the gate you opened with the button (W). Go left inside and get Shotgun ammo and a Water Crystal. The other end is empty so leave and head into the opening E of the pole room. Inside keep going right to get to an orange vase with Grenades. Turn around and go right around corners to get to the next room. NW is a Fire Crystal and E is a door you can open with your Key. Follow through drop down and run for the door.

Part V. Almost exactly the same as Primeval V.

In this final level you can use just about all the supplies you gathered in the previous levels.

Long Way Down Beetle Tower.

Go E and drop through the hole. if you want to pay a visit to a Secret room later, DO NOT pick up the Medipack (a block will close off that room, let's see what's in there this time). Face E and hop back grabbing the edge, safety drop down, face SE and run down to land on a block S of the pillar losing health. Safety drop down to the floor and use a Medipack. Push the pillar away and drop through the floor, face E and hop back onto the lower block and get the Earth Crystal, down one more time and NE for a Fire Crystal, two more down E for a Medipack and back up to the W for Shotgun ammo, there are beetles here, just hang from the edge and shimmy along to get rid of them (a bit).

Beyond the Pit, the Purple Devil Eggs.

On the ground floor N, S and W are face buttons to open a door E. In the SW corner is a Air Crystal, leave E to the next room, hang in the pit to get rid of some of the beetles and return to go get it. In the room with the pit are 2x Shotgun ammo pickups. Jump to the rope and swing across, get the Water Crystal S. Go to the door E and grab the Purple Devil Egg, go out E and around the wall to a room where you can see you need some more of those Eggs. Each Egg will open a door, but as I knew what was coming, I just went for the NE door, grabbed the Green Egg for upstairs and left all the other doors alone.

Every door has some enemies and a Purple Devil Egg to open the next door, no Goodies though.

The last door you should open is NE, it has a Green Devil Egg which has to be used upstairs.

Up the Pole, more Eggs.

Go out E and up the pole to back flip into the room above and find the same thing all over again, only now the Eggs are green. Last door you should do is the SE one (of course I ONLY opened this door) as you'll get the Orange Devil Egg there, which has to be used upstairs.

Up the Pole, more Eggs and a Compass Key.

Go out W and up the pole to back flip into the room above and find the same thing all over again, only now the Eggs are orange. Last door you should do is the third from the right N side (of course I ONLY opened this door) as you'll get the Compass Key there which has to be used on the gate E.

Visit the Secret Room.

In that passage are higher parts in the ceiling, in the third (dark one) you can climb up left into a crawlspace, keep going left and come to a higher part with a trigger tile in the middle, it will raise blocks at the end of this crawl maze. Go in S and keep left to get out of the maze, there are two lowered blocks in the S end, the one W gives access to the "Secret Room". Have a look around and go back into the maze, right around to come to that trigger tile to raise those blocks and go back S. Left to the room with the blocks where you can now climb both and get Arrows, Uzi ammo, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack, just jump across to the opposite ledge and get Revolver ammo, small medipack, Grenades and Shotgun ammo.

Go back through the maze into the passage N, go right all the time and get back to the corridor, go E to come to the Dark Scorpion Cave.

Dark Scorpion Cave.

Underground Maze, the Compass Key.

Just a bit inside and to the right is an Air Crystal, shoot the scorpions. Turn left (E) and go left around the corner (2 dogs) to find a lever, a bit forward and left is a Fire Crystal. Throw the lever to lower a block so you can access a small maze. Head SE towards that bluish column and behind it is the opening to the maze.

Get down and go E, right around the corner, shoot the vase to get the Compass Key. Left around back to the opening and go S, right around the corner is a Fire Crystal and in the far SW corner are also some Arrows. That's all, go back and climb out. Several scorpions waiting for you up there, head N and in the far NW corner is some Uzi ammo. Shoot a bug and head W along this side of the cave and just past that greenish light a dog will come out of a passage left, shoot it. First turn S and go straight for an Earth Crystal and a bit farther Arrows. Turn and go back in the direction of the opening N, turn right and go to the NW corner of the cave for another Earth Crystal, shoot a scorpion and a bug. Now you can open the door in the passage N with the Key you have.

Maze of Rooms, Black Devil Eggs.

The next part consists of interlocked rooms, every room has its enemy(ies) you have to shoot before the next doors open up.

Hop into the first room, shoot the dog and go W, shoot the bug and go left (N), shoot dog, go W and find Black Devil Egg #1.

Go back E and left, left again (W) and shoot a scorpion. Go W through all the rooms till you find Shotgun ammo.

Back E to the first room where you can go N, shoot a dog. Jump N and get a small medipack, jump back and go left (W) to find a lever opening up a gate at the end of this maze. Jump W and get Black Devil Egg #2. Jump back to the room with the lever and one more E, go left (S) and then twice E. Turn left (S) and hop over, shoot a scorpion. Jump S, shoot a dog, jump S shoot a scorpion and take a right (E) to get Black Devil Egg #3.

Hop back W and one more time W, shoot the dog and go W again to use a lever opening up a second gate at the end of this maze. Go back E twice, jump N three times and then turn W, go S now and shoot a bug. First go S, shoot a bug then go W for a small medipack. Now go E and keep going right everywhere, through the first open gate and then through the second, up the slope and use the three Eggs to open the door. Follow through and shoot the resistance.

Pull the Pillar.

There are two push pillars in the alcoves, you'll need to use only one, the W side. Pull it out of the alcove and go in to use the face button; this will open the door N.

The Final Key.

Follow through and in the next large room more enemies appear, make a full circle of the room and the dogs that will show up when you approach the door E are carrying the Purple Devil Egg you need to open the door.

Go through to large steps leading up to a door. To the left and right are vases, I advice you not to shoot them (you may try later), except for the one NE, to the right of the door, that one is holding the Final Key for the door. Open it.

Now shoot as many vases as possible (explosive ammo if you have any left) and run down the stairs, gathering all the bugs, roll and sprint through the door you already opened of course, the camera in the next room will show Lara with all the bugs flying after her...

Go in; run straight through the next door which will dramatically close behind you.

G&D Productions Dec 03-2012.