A Cold Wet Day in Paris.

Level by davep83

Walkthrough by D&G productions.


Finding the 5 Secrets will give access to a Bonus.

Save often, as some parts of the level will require tactics, certainly where it comes to enemies and the amount of available ammo/medipacks.

Lara wakes up in front of a chair; near the chair are Laser beams.

Feed the Cat, the Key.

So walk around the chair and get the Medipack from the floor. Go to the staircase and up to the first floor. Just next to that big clock is a cupboard in the wall, pull it out twice and then move it to the left once, climb up and open the hatch in the ceiling. Climb up and get some Cat Food, the Revolver plus ammo and a small medipack. Get back down and open the door left of the Mona Lisa reproduction. On the sink of the bathroom is a glass swan, shoot that and get the Lasersight. Get out of the bathroom and down to the kitchen, feed the cat where the note says Reminder: Feed the Cat.  

A Note with a Code.

A Key will be available on the floor, get that and head back upstairs, go left and open the door near the bed and use the key inside, get a piece of the Torn Note. Go back downstairs and shoot the sprinkler you see above the lasers. The lasers de-activate and you can get the Pistols left and a piece of the Torn Note on the right.

Now examine the Torn note, Piece #1:

The address for Madame Garvier is: Apartment 11a, Rue de la Lancette, Picpus, Paris.

The password to exit my apartment through the cellar is 14, (rest of the note torn away)

Piece #2:

Torn piece of paper with “71” written on it.

Go to the other side of the room, behind the pedestal with the vase and punch this code into the pad: 1471.

Out through the cellar.

The trapdoor in the floor opens up, climb down the ladder and go to that barrel Lara looks at, pull it once and then move it to the other end of the cellar, onto the conveyor. The barrel moves onto a container, turn around and look at the wall opposite of where the barrel was, use the jump lever there to move the container with the barrel. Go down there and grab the ladder on the right hand wall, go up and left around the corner. All the way up to a duct with lasers, crawl underneath those to get Secret #1, Cash.

Get back down to where the barrel is and jump up the steep part of the floor, open the hatch above and jump up.

Out to the Street.

Open the door to the street  “This is the police, Come out with your hands on your head”

Immediately shoot the garbage bin to the right to pick up the Medipack and Revolver ammo.

Then shoot the dogs (2) and the incoming Policemen (4). One of them leaves a small medipack.

Follow the street to where you see a big billboard on the wall; The revenge of the Nephilim. This is a clue for later, so remember the name. First go to the left and get a small medipack at the end of the street, the gate Lara looks at we’ll pass by along the other side later.

Turn back and go straight past that billboard and open the door on the steps, step in and get out again to battle 2 dogs in the street.

The Nephilim Code.

Go back inside and when you look up the stairs you can see Kurtis waiting for you… Go upstairs and to the right, shoot the dogs and go to the end where you can shoot the window. Climb down the ladder into the courtyard with 3 code pads. The SAS won’t hurt you, but now you get a text hint:

A password is required to proceed further. What are the mythical offspring of gods and humans known as? Etc. etc.

Here the word on the billboard in the street will come in handy… NEPHILIM. N=14, E=5 etc. etc. The numbers you’ll come up with are 14 5 16 8 9 12 9 13 in groups of 4: 1451-6891-2913

Punch those codes into the 3 pads; starting left and the door will open when you did it correctly.

Follow the passage passing that gate you saw before, open the door at the end of the passage and step out where a flyby shows a pole in the corner of a yard. Jump left around the gate and quickly jump over the balustrade and go for that jump lever in the left corner. It will open a trapdoor in the corner behind you. Get in there to get rid of the giant cockroaches. While you’re down there you can pick up Secret #2, Dynamite. Get back out and go to the other side of the yard, shoot the dog, return to the other side and pull that container out of the doorway and place it next to the trapdoor. Climb up and jump to grab the pole over the trapdoor.

Up to the Roof.

Go up and back flip to a ledge, turn around and jump to the other side, around the corner is a ladder. Up and drop left onto the walkway, around the corner is an open window, get inside and pick up some Grenades. Remember this room as the cabinet near the window holds another secret (later when we got something we can use as a crowbar). Go back outside and to the right at the end is another ladder. Climb up and drop right onto the walkway, follow to the end and jump over to the balconies on the other side of the yard, go right over the fences till you reach the pole again. Go up the pole and back flip onto the ledge there. Go to the other end, face the wall and grab up to the gutter (just below the top of the roof). Shimmy to the right all the way to another ledge around the corners, drop there and turn right. Jump over to get a Medipack and jump back again, face the wall and this time jump straight up and grab at the last moment to get to the top of the roof.

Shoot the crows and get a small medipack near the building, Kurtis disappeared behind the chimneys. Go there too and find an opening in the fence at the corner of the roof, hang down and drop to grab the gutter, shimmy left and drop on the next ledge. Go down the ladder left of it and follow that walkway around the corner  “Stop” .

Two police men come for you, take them out and one leaves a Screwdriver (Crowbar). Go back to the ladder and up to the ledge above, grab the gutter and go right to the ledge at the corner, drop and jump straight up to grab the roof, pull up. Go left to the structure and open the door with the screwdriver. Inside you’ll find a Key. On the crate in the other corner are a Medipack, Revolver ammo and Grenades.

Out to the roof and left, because we want the next Secret of course, therefore you need to climb down on the side onto the ledge, run off from the side onto the roof and slide down to the walkway. Go to the ladder at the other end and down, to the right and into the open window. Inside you can now open the door in that cabinet and pick up Secret #3, a Painting. Back out, up the ladder, to the right and over to the balconies at the other side, go to the pole and up to the roof gutter again, shimmy to the right and get back on the roof there. Over to the opposite corner and drop down, shimmy along the gutter to the ledge, down the ladder and use the key on the lock there to open the gate.

The Elevator Challenge.

Climb down to the street below and turn right, pick up a small medipack near that fountain.

Go back to the ladder and turn left to the opening in the building, better save before you approach that opening. Inside is toxic gas!

 “Stop or we will open fire!”

6 Policemen show up behind you, use some tactics to take those out and pick up a small medipack and Grenades. Now go in and left to go up the stairs, right around the elevator shaft and jump over the broken landing, run into the W side passage where you’ll be safe from the gas. Run to the stairs again, jump over the gap and grab the other side, go right and up the stairs, then left around the corner to open the door there. Inside is a Medipack and also fresh air, in the drawer of the table are Revolver ammo and a Key.

Back out and go straight jumping over the gap, into the passage W for fresh air. There’s a push block on the next stairs, leave it there for now, but jump over it and go up the stairs, left around the corner and open the door there to get a small medipack and Grenades.

Back down to the push block, jump over it and pull it once to the elevator, then push it inside twice to the back so you’ll ride up with the block. Push the block out and climb on top, pull it once and get on to again. Now jump W over the banister and go right. On the right hand wall of the next room is a button, push it and get a screen of the elevator on ground floor. The next Secret is there, so jump over the banister to get back down the stairs and go all the way down, use the side passages and rooms to get air when you need it. In the elevator shaft on level 0 is Secret #4, a Gemstone. Get some fresh air outside.

Over the Rooftops, a Torch.

Make your way back up the stairs to where you pushed the button and next to the gate is a keyhole, use the key there to get outside where a Police helicopter is looking for you…

Climb that ladder on the right and quickly jump up to grab those cables above. Follow to the end and drop on a terrace, grab the small medipack and Grenades and walk to the opening next to that pickup.

Check your health and hop backwards out onto the roof, grab the edge and safety drop a long way down losing some health.

Run into the building and find a small medipack and Grenades in one of the corners. In the window are more Grenades. Go out in the opening in the W wall and grab that ladder to the left of the walkway. Go up to the roof and hop up to the higher ledge to get a small medipack and a Torch. Stand near the ladder and face the street between the warehouses, throw the Torch down to the street. Now look right (S) to spot a rope in the distance, jump with a to the roof and slide backwards from the roof, grabbing the edge. Shimmy left to the end and go one grab back, now back flip and roll to grab that rope. Swing over to the roof in front (E) and go to the left (N), climb up to the terrace in the middle and quickly get Secret #5, Luxury Chocolate. Hop back behind the wall quickly and drop from the roof onto the walkway below, jump and grab the ladder and this time go down to the street. Go get a Medipack near that burning barrel and look for the Torch, it should be close to the wall opposite the ladder. Ignite the Torch on the barrel and go N and around the corner leave the Torch near the door.

On the glass display over the button are two numbers visible: 4 and 2.


Open the Warehouse.

Go back and S, left around to the end of that street near the steps you can find Grenades.

( trapdoor keyhole-shortcut to elevator street )

A bit further you'll find a machine with valves on it, so use valve # 4 and # 2 (other combinations possible). Go in and push the button. The glass over the button opens at the warehouse opens, so back we go to where we dropped the Torch. You’ll get shot by the chopper, so run..

Push the button and get the Torch and burn both ropes so the crane will move the crate. Leave the Torch as you don't need it anymore and go to the NE corner, climb the pole, back flip to the walkway. Climb the next pole and back flip to the upper walkway, get the Grenades from the other end and return to the opening in the banister.

Up to the roof, the Chopper.

Jump to the crate and then to the other side, shoot the grate and follow through, shoot the next grate too and from the opening jump a bit left to that stairwell. Down the stairs is a dog, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back up the stairs; open the door and climb up to the roof.

The Chopper will be there waiting for you, circle the structure and find a Medipack and Grenades.

Look for the pole next to the roof and slide down to the alley below, the chopper should come down there too, shoot it from standing in a far SE corner (to be safe when it explodes) and then go get the Red Key (to allow access into previous area: shortcut key) and another Key.


Now, if you do not have 5 Secrets and want to play the Bonus too, get onto the container under the pole. Jump S with a curve over the fence around the corner of the building into the next alley, up the first set of stairs to the landing and safety drop from the E corner into the alley in front of the warehouse. Follow the street to the trapdoor near the last warehouse and open it with the key, go through and climb up in the street near the fountain and house with the toxic elevator. Now you can go look for the secrets you might have missed.

You can get to the very start of the level by going up to the roof and down the other side, from the first floor walkway you can even jump back to the passage leading to the 3 code pads and further to the apartment if needed.

Bonus Shooter Level:

Continue:  Get back onto the roof by climbing the pole and go left to a door, open it and go inside. Hit Esc and if you did get all the secrets, you'll end up at a gate near the courtyard with the cockroaches. In the corner next to you are the Grenade gun, Revolver ammo and 4x Grenades. The mayor of Paris ordered reinforcements, as the first party of Police couldn't stop you...

Go to the right (SW) up the stairs and shoot the guys there, take 3 Medipacks and some Grenades.

Head back down the stairs and go straight to the alley where another herd of police is coming, shoot those and get 2x Grenades and a small medipack.

The idea is to follow the same route as before, so turn back after getting the goodies and go through the gate (N) where the level just started, shoot the resistance and go up the pole again. Onto the ledge and to the other side up the ladder, ah well you know the route to the roof... Someone’s waiting for you there.

Pick up 2 Medipacks and a 2 small medipack. Go to the other corner (behind the chimney) and see a guy behind a fence across the street, you can shoot him with Grenades from up here. Hang from the gutter and shimmy to the ladder, get down to the walkway and with some tactics you can shoot the police down in the street with Grenades. Down to the street and pick up some Grenades there.

To the Rooftops again.

Go all the way up the staircase in the toxic house, shoot the police, but save some revolver ammo. One of the police you’ll encounter will drop a small medipack. Climb the push block, jump over the banister and get outside. If may have shot the policeman here from the roof with the chimneys, if not take him out now.

Up the ladder and look to the end of the cables, there's a guy patrolling there, shoot him from here and then use the cables to go to that terrace, grab the small medipack. Drop from the roof where you did before and land on the walkway between the warehouses. Police below, you can take them out with well aimed Grenades, let them bounce off the wall of the warehouse so they land close to the policemen. Go through the warehouse to the walkway with the ladder, police everywhere, take out what you can and get down the ladder.

To the warehouse you opened and up the poles, over the crate, through the passage and jump down to the stairwell. Go up to the roof, take out the resistance and get into the same door you opened before to end the level.