The Ordeal in the Shadow of Death.

“Expert” Levels by Raymond.

Walkthrouh by Dutchy.

Be sure to take the Torch with you when you go through a level change, you'll need it to the end.

The normal route is playable for “experienced” players and is marked by blue textures like the one on the floor where Lara starts. To make the level even more challenging you should try to find ways to get rid of enemies without shooting them, most experienced players know these tricks by now. I don't think there's a penalty for shooting them, but finding other ways is a nice task.

The Skull hunters will see a Skull mentioned in the walkthrough, at that point you can go for that skull, just click on the link and you'll be taken to the text you need at the end of the walk. The Skulls are Emerald, Silver and Gold, in increasing difficulty. Most only for Experts.

I have included some savegames for the Normal route players at points where I thought they might come in handy.

Level 1: Into the Great Pyramid.

Pick up the Scroll Lara is standing on and Read it!!

The actual route through this level is short, but not when you’re a Skull hunter. Run over that break tile just to the right to open up the passage below we’ll need later. For the normal route, scroll down to Normal route”.

_Emerald Skull #1: Now, near those golden burner blocks and between the two grated trapdoors is a trigger tile.

If you want the first Skull you’ll have to run with the Boulders. Make sure you DO NOT touch that trigger tile, but go over the first unlit burner block to the grating in front of the sloped passage in the E wall. Up on the slope is a boulder, face W, stand left or right and sprint a bit towards the bridge, jump over the sloped part onto a break tile and jump to the next part, run and jump over the next slope onto more break tiles, if you were fast enough, you can jump from here over the side (not over the middle) of that second boulder and run through the timed gate, jump over a pit just before the pedestal and grab the First Emerald Skull (Video). Jump back over the boulder and use the Hourglass switch to open the timed gate, get out quick. Walk E onto the bridge and drop down the S side to land in front of a gate with the next Skull. In the water next to a red block is an underwater lever for the next Skull.

_Emerald Skull #2: Save while pulling the lever, which will open the timed gate nearby (NE) on the sloped side of the pool. Better practice a few times first. The way to get there is as follows. Pull the lever, turn left while swimming N and pull up on the N slope on the right hand side of the lowered red block, backflip and hit the higher slope S, jump forward with a right curve and let Lara slide down a bit before you do a back flip with roll so you’ll end up on the edge of the higher slope again, now just a back flip, no roll and you should end up on a flat part of the ledge under the bridge. If you happen to slide, you should try to get higher on the S slope. On the flat ledge turn right and run jump with a right curve to the gate (There is some time to spare to adjust your jumps on the slopes) (Video). Grab Emerald Skull #2 and get out, into the water at the underwater lever again.

Normal route: From the start go S, you can run straight over the trigger tile between the 2 trapdoors and a boulder is released, opening up a trapdoor for later. Climb up into an opening in the W wall, grab the Flares and safety drop out the W side, landing in the S pool. Go to the W and onto a red block. Behind the block is an underwater lever for the Skull hunt.

Back on Track, the Pyramidal Key.

Down at the bottom and N is a narrow gap, get in and follow through to get the Pyramidal Key. Stand up on that blue tile, up E is a jump lever for the Silver Skull challenge.

Use the Key.

Just grab up to the sloped wall N, slide down and swim E. Climb out SE, jump up to a triangular ledge left of the bridge pillar and jump N from there to get to the ladder NE. Climb up to the wall above and drop down to the start area. Look up W, left of where you came down and grab up into that opening to place the Key, the pools below will be drained. In the dry N side pool is a jump lever for the main route (blue texture), so get down there and use the lever on the N side to open a stone door.

To the West Side.

Climb back up SE and go to the S side pool, W onto the red block and jump from the block onto the flat ledge between the bridge pillars. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_1st Preparation Silver Skull #1: Before you climb up the ladder you can go for the jump lever under the bridge. You have to do a banana jump around the bridge pillar to the jump lever you saw before. This how I did it: About five steps away from the bridge pillar and one side step away from the edge of the floor is the start point (screenshot). Turn a bit right, facing just outside the corner of the pillar and do a banana jump around then pillar to the lever. A gate will open in the start area, but there’s a block too and that one still has to come down. Pull up to the S sloped wall from the blue tile and get on the red block, jump N to the ledge under the bridge.

Back on track, The Torch.

Climb the ladder to the bridge and slide down to the W side of the room, climb onto the corner of the burner block to the right of the gate W. Turn around and jump to grab the edge of the ledge with the Torches.

Grab a Torch and stand at the edge, hit the #1 key and Lara drops the Torch onto the floor below (You could drop down an extra Torch if you like) Drop down and ignite the Torch on the burner block and leave it where you can find it again. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_2nd Preparation Silver Skull #1:

Face SW and opposite that crawlspace in the end of the wall you stand on is an alcove, you’ll have to do another banana jump SW and left curved to get in there. There’s a button that will lower that block at the First Silver Skull.

_Preparation Silver Skull #2:

Take a burning Torch and run down from the bride to the N side pool, get out SE and jump the corner ledges to the ladder NE. Once you are on the triangular area in front of the ladder, you throw the torch into the crawlspace right of the ladder (stand back as far as you can before you throw it). Then you climb up the ladder.

_Silver Skull #1: Here is the previously opened door N. So go through it and pick up your Silver Skull #1.

_Silver Skull #2: Get out and drop down E to the start area, get into the opening in the floor where the break tile was and crawl to the Torch that should be in there, take it to the E wall and stand in a corner, face diagonally and you can now jump up to the floor (or stand against the E side, jump up and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on the floor). Ignite the unlit burner block next to the boulder slope and a gate opens SE, climb in there to claim Silver Skull #2.

I don’t think you have to do the following, but it’s a nice challenge (You can also leave the Torch behind and get a new one if the route back is too hard:

Getting back W is a bit harder, because you have to take the Torch. Get down into the N side pool, to the W is a bit of a higher floor, jump up S onto the triangle ledge. Now you have to jump SW, up to the triangle corner ledge and from there to the N, stand as far S as possible, face S and backflip onto the higher sloped wall, jump forward with a hard right curve and you should be on the wall, if not, keep jumping till you are on the safe floor.

Back on Track, Get the Torch to the next Level.

Take the burning Torch NE and hop onto the ledge there, turn W and jump into the opening, throw the Torch through the narrow gap in the wall and return to the burner blocks. Climb the one left of the gate and face E, jump and grab the ledge opposite the Torch ledge. To the SW is a crawlspace. Stand SW, face SW and hop back, run and jump to the right hand corner of the crawlspace and grab it, climb in (savegame). Go down into the next room (passage SE is for the Bike later), go W and up right into the burner passage, time the burners to go to the N end and pick up the Torch. Go back through one burner and take a right into that open stone door, opened by the jump lever in the dry N pool.

When you step onto the blue tile you should have the Torch in hand; if you don't it will be gone when you come back.

Level 2 - Inside the Great Pyramid.

(savegame) Go W where you see a small gate with a Gem behind it and enter the Pyramid. A lengthy flyby shows you around.

This floor is divided into 5 areas, with a walkway surrounding it.

In the middle is the Cage, left of where you are (entrance) is a block maze (need a Bike), behind that the pool with the slope, SW are the pools with water, NW the Lava pit and to the NE is the “4 jump lever pit”. Save at the entrance before having a look around. When you are familiar with the layout, go back to the save. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Golden Skull #1: We can first go for the Golden Skull #1 from the Lava Pit. For this you’ll have to complete a hard jump sequence. Jump in the SW pool with ramps and climb up on the ledge with the wall torch (for later). From here you can jump to the triangular flat ledge SW. Will describe the series in three parts.

Here you start the first part of the route: Stand back in the SW corner, face E and run with a sharp left curve to jump to the slope facing left, slide far and jump with a little left curve to hit the corner of the left slope, bounce off and land on a submerged slope, jump back with a right curve and land on the last slope landing on the exact edge of it, back flip to the safe ledge (screenshot video).

From here I used the “short run trick” because I couldn’t get the curve right. Aim for the right hand side of that sloped block in the lava, stand back as far as and hold Shift, hit forward and let go of the Shift, immediately hitting the Alt key.

Slide as far as possible from that block and jump with a right curve onto that pointy gold block holding down the forward key, you’ll have to land just over the top so you can run down from the other side and curve hard right to land on the far side of that dark ledge while holding the forward key. Immediately turn left and release the forward key before you run off (screenshot - video). This is as far as I got with this one…

_Third part:

You have to do a left curved run over the block and jump with a left curve to be able to grab (or land on) the corner of the block standing right of the Skull block. Stand jump to the Golden Skull and take it (screenshot).

Back to safety: Hop back onto the last block and from there another long jump (holding forward) to that corner ledge NE. Now a side flip onto the slanted block E and another jump over the next slanted block, slide down and turn around, grab up to the block and shimmy left, pull up and backflip to the walkway.

Back on Track, the Spider in the Cage.

From the entrance, take the Torch straight W to the Cage, open it with the lever on the left and go in, onto that block NW, turn left a bit and throw the Torch through the gap so it will land on the block left (behind the gate). Go out and close the gate behind you (better for later).

Go to the S side of the Cage and spot a jump lever on the pillar of the Cage (later). Dive into the water there and swim N through a small gap, turn right and get the small medipack. Roll and swim W, follow to a small room and climb out on the unlit burner ledge SE. Turn N and hop onto the block where the Torch should be. Hop back onto the back into a corner near the water and face the middle of the ledge, ignite it, turn N and hop back up. Face NE and throw the Torch back through the gap into the Cage where a big Spider is now running around (closed in).

Remember the line “don’t use weapons on the enemies” and furthermore, the Spider has to stay alive almost to the end of the level!

Bring out the Dogs.

Swim back to the Cage and head to the 4 jump lever pit NE and E of it a red block lowered. Use the lever next to it and two Dogs come out, run N and left, onto a bridge leading to the Cage, the gate will open up, hop over the Spider and get on the block NE, watch the Spider kill the Dogs.

The Tear of Heaven.

Or get out N while she’s busy and return to that gate E you just opened. Inside is a small medipack SW, in the back is the Tear of Heaven. Push/pull that vase into the alcove NE and the gate will open up again. As soon as you leave the room, a Beetle will come for you, take it into the Cage, hop on the block, get the Torch and run and roll around till the Spider either kills the Beetle or you have the chance to get out N without the Bug and Spider following you.

With the Torch, head back around to the entrance E and go to the blue tile to get to the first level.

Level 1: Into the Great Pyramid - Part 2.

Once you're back, drop the torch somewhere safe. Good place is the alcove N, just after the blue tile.

For the Bike.

Then make your way S through the burner and left, left up into the higher passage and through the crawlspace to the floor below. Out E and drop down N from the bridge, through the pool to the SE and over the triangle ledges to the ladder NE, up to the start area.

Near the burner blocks is an open trapdoor where the boulder went in, climb down as far as possible (deadly floor) and backflip into the passage. Use the Tear of Heaven and go onto the lowered block to use the lever, the block in front of the Bike comes up and you can now go get it. Get out of here, to the N and step on the Bike.

Take it up the boulder slope passage in the E wall and upstairs is a lever that will open up a gate for the Bike. But there’s a burner in that passage we’ll have to take care of. Take the Bike down the slope and stop on the grating.

There is a trigger tile here, just in the entrance to the bridge, crossing that one will close the door you just opened. There’s another trigger tile for that burner in the Bike passage and it is on the middle of the bridge (yellow), so we’ll have to find a way to get there.

You could do it like this: Take the Bike down into the opening in the floor NW (into that crawlspace). Go out and right, up the slope going left to the higher NW corner and get onto the W side floor. Once you're on the other side, you’ll have to make a running jump out the opening E to the middle part of the bridge and onto the marked tile. Now you may not jump ahead to the start area, because there is the other trigger tile closing the door. Just jump off NE and go over the N side slopes back to the W side floor.

Or try the Alternative route: The jump from the W side to the bridge is pretty nasty! Once you opened that door in the room on top of the slope, go straight down the slope and jump to the bridge with some speed. You’ll run over the trigger tiles and also jump to the W side floor. Now the gate is closed, but the fire is out.

Get back on the slopes NE and make it all the way to the SE corner where you can get back to the start area. Go up the E passage again to use the lever again opening the gate. So, fire out and door open as you can see. Ride the Bike down into the opening in the floor NW (into that crawlspace). Go out and right, up the slope going left to the higher NW corner and get onto the W side floor to the open gate S (savegame).

The Bike Key.

Follow through to the W where a gate will open up, park the Bike inside and grab the Bike Key. Leave and go left into the burner passage, left through the stone door and get the Torch before you step on the blue tile…

Level 2 - Inside the Great Pyramid – Part 2.

Relocate the Spider for it’s own safety.

Drop the Torch here for now and go left to the gate SE and open it with the Bike key, take the Bike and ride it N through the wall (or go on foot), leave it near the gate where you got the Tear. Go to the Cage over that bridge and lure the Spider with you to the Tear room, lock it inside (run in, hop over the spider and get out to the lever closing the gate. Don't run too far into the room or the gate will close and you'll have to pull/push the vase out/in the alcove again).

The Block Maze by Bike.

Get the Bike and take it S to the entrance and right (W) into the Cage, open it with the lever (you would have killed the Spider now if you didn’t relocate it).

Go around to the S side and use that Jump lever left of the gate, go into the Cage and take your Bike inside. As you go inside you’ll activate a grey trigger tile (1st for a block). All blocks have two trigger tiles to lower them (Bikemaze).

This is the route (run 3) (Skull hunters, remember this one).

Go with the Bike onto the grey tile outside the gate S, left around over a lowered block (A) to the E side of the Cage again, inside and out S. Straight over the narrow path to the S, left and first left to a lowered block (B). Go right into a small area, go left a bit and then circle right around the pillar there, triggering the next 2 tiles and go out W again. Sharp right and right again at the next lowered block (A), go straight E over a lowered block (C) with a trigger under it and to the end. Turn right around the low wall and into the next right where block D lowered and you can activate the trigger under it. Turn left into the path S and run over the last trigger, lowering the block in the opening S (Remember this route when you are going for the Skull).

Go through the opening into a small room. Straight ahead is a still closed “Golden Skull” block and left is a door. The passage on the right takes you up to the Bronze Key hole for the Main route. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Golden Skull #2: Hard to get and you’ll have to drive very fast, doing the block maze again. Line the Bike up in front of the door E and it will open up, go in and stop on the next grey tile, just before that one with the yellow line. Get off the Bike and open the door with the lever.

(Run 1) - Go on foot to the S side of the Cage and use the Timed jump lever to open the gate (draw pistols when Lara drops from the lever, so she will recover from the drop faster). Backflip with roll and sprint or run with jumps back to the Bike. (Run 2) - Get on and race it N to the entrance and left into the Cage. (Run 3) - Left out the timed gate and outside sharp left, left again to get inside once more, if you’re fast enough the gate S will still be open so complete the rest of the maze as shown before in a record time so when you get into the room behind the block S, the door ahead will still be open and you can go in with the Bike. Don’t grab that Skull yet, but go around the room and back out N to get to the water SW. Get rid of the Wraiths and return to collect Golden Skull #2. 

Back on Track, a Bike ride.

Take the Bike back to the JS on the central tower. You're now in for a challenging ride over the slopes in the pool. Your goal is the Fire statue, because from there you can jump over the slope to the still closed central area on the W side. (screenshot) So back up and run it W along the cage over the water onto the slope, a bit right to jump over to the next slope and up left to the slope under the Fire statue and to the NW, keeping as much to the right as possible because the fire is hot.

On that floor are 2 trigger tiles, hit them both with the Bike to open the gates N & S. Maybe they already trigger when you came in here. Leave the Bike for a bit and hop into the pool E, use the underwater lever to open a gate W where the Bike is. Climb up W and into that gate, save in front of the Hourglass lever there. It opens the door at the W end of the passage. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Emerald Skull #3: Go back around to the entrance where you should have dropped the Torch and take it to the S side of the SW pool, a red block went up there so you can now jump to the ledge with the wall torch and a red block comes up next to you. Look down on the N side of that block a spot the trigger tile on the bottom, that’s where you have to go over with the Bike. First hop to that tiny ledge NE and face E, hop over the sloped wall E and slide, jump to safety. Drop it somewhere safe and go get the Bike to the far SW corner of the pyramid, line up facing E and run it with a curve over that sloped block next to the red raising block. Jump to the wall torch ledge and over the red block behind it onto the slope, over the slope left up the ramp to the Fire statue and to safety W (Video). Hop back into the passage W and go into the now open gate S, get Emerald Skull #3. Shoot the 2 boxes and get a small medipack. Go out and save in front of the Hourglass lever.

Back on Track, Timed Run.

Pull the lever, turn left already running forward and sprint to the closing door. Just before the door, hit Alt to roll through or run against the door and then hit "roll" (savegame). The block here is for Skull hunters.

Flood the Pit, the Bronze Key.

First go N to the end of the walkway and onto the slope, where you’ll find a ladder down into the pit. Go down and backflip onto the floor and go into the E lower section to use the button. Back up the ladder and jump to the N wall near the ladder, there’s a crack. Go right to that opening and get in, drop down and pull that block W twice (for later). Climb back up and hang into the big pit. Shimmy back to the ladder and climb up.

Walk S and down from the small block to the lower part where you see a crawlspace, get in backwards and get some Uzi ammo. Up in the N wall is a tiny crack and inside is a Key (for later) Just grab that crack and shimmy to the exit. Walk S and go down onto that lower ledge in the pit so you can jump NE over to the lower edge of the other side. Go up to the door you opened with the button in the pit.

Go N and follow to an unlit gold burner block (Skull hunt). To the S of it is a lever, use it to flood the Pit and open a door back to the passage where the Hourglass lever is.

Swim back S, and head W back to the pit and swim into that narrow gap N, where you pulled that block, behind the block is a Medipack. Get out, get air and swim into the narrow gap W, a red block went up where the ammo was, but you can now get that Bronze Key from the crack in the N wall. Go back to the door SE and get out through the open gate S (it could be the closing gate pushes you back, locking you in. If that happens you’ll will have to use the flood lever again). For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #3: Skull Hunters, don’t leave the area. Go back to the flood lever, but this time climb out N and pull the red block once (next to the burner ledge). Now you can go back and get out into the passage with the Hourglass lever and go get the Torch over to the W side. Go N through the gate past the Hourglass passage and left is the opening you created when you pulled the block back. Hop in with the Torch, drop it and push the block to the end so you can ignite the burner ledge. Best move the block back again and take the Torch into the Hourglass passage.

Now you have to do this Timed sequence twice, fist pick up the Torch after using the lever and sprint to halfway down the passage (you’ll have to find out where) and throw the Torch through the door where it will end up in water (when you can still pick it up from this side, you didn’t succeed). Then get in yourself.

Pick up the Torch and head N, walk slowly down the ramp into the water and swim across carrying the Torch, go to the opening SE and dive, the Torch will drop on the floor. Swim into the passage and left to get to the burner ledge. Push the red block once and jump to the flood lever S. Empty the rooms and go get the Torch here so you can ignite it on the Burner ledge. Back to the Pit and turn E, jump up against the E ledge and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch up there. Climb up, take the Torch and walk as far as possible onto the triangle ledge at the slope, face NNW (screenshot). Hop back and run jump with a right hand curve around the slope to land near the wall torch NE.

Go light it and now you have to jump back with the Torch, I did it like this: Check the health, from the ledge below the wall torch, face S standing on the edge (screenshot). Jump with a left curve over the edge of the slope, hit the #1 key to drop the Torch and slide down into the pit, try to land on the higher part of the bottom. Climb up at the ladder and go look if the Torch ended up like this (screenshot). Doesn’t always work, but I could not make the other jumps. Now first go up SW and to the room where you can get Silver Skull #3. Back to the pit and jump over to the low part next to the door, go get the Torch and hop on the low block near the gate to the Hourglass passage. Hop through and go down to the E, leave the Torch here in a safe spot.

Back on Track, use the Bronze Key.

Leave the Torch here in a safe spot, take the Bike S and left to the E, through the wall and leave the Bike there for a bit. Go into that opening S you opened after the Bike maze. To the right into the passage and up at the window you can use the Key. A block lowers in the pit straight outside.

Yet another Bike/Torch challenge.

Take the Bike down the ramp into that pit and go into the opening N, follow through till you are blocked by Fire. We'll need the Torch too, so leave the Bike here for a bit. Go back out and up the blocks left of the ramp. Go get the Torch where you left it (near the entrance E?) and take it down to where the Bike is. Throw it through the Fire into the room S, take the Bike and carefully approach the Fire, it will stop if you did it right. Go into the room and leave the Bike here (savegame). Throw the Torch through the gap in the W wall, it has to end up on the floor behind the gap. Use the button on the S wall to open a door in the hole SE and get in there, up the ladder and use the flood lever, flooding this place.

Swim back, through the gap W and go into the hole in the floor, use the underwater lever and climb back up to where the Torch is. Ignite it on the burner ledge and ignite the wall torch. Spikes go down near some ramps (where you'll have to land on the first floor later), throw the Torch back through the gap. Do the whole flood lever again to swim back to the Bike, the door to the flood lever is closed, so leave everything behind and swim back to the pit. Swim E into the room and in the end left are some Flares. Swim back a bit and use the underwater lever in the N alcove, a trapdoor opens up on the upper level and the Lava Pit will be flooded (with deadly water).

Upper Floor, Skeletons.

Get back out of the water and head into the Cage, climb the ladder SW to the level of that gate to the right. Hang almost left, backflip with a roll and steer hard right, landing on the upper floor where you disabled the spikes (savegame). To the E and around the corner are some Flares on a ledge.

Now go SW (watch out in the corners of the room, low ceiling) and spot the entrance to a room with pillars, remember that and head N. Into the reddish passage and run to the push block, you now have triggered two Skeletons, so run back and lure them into that room with the pillars (SW), take the entrance with the water. Jump the pillars and the Skeletons will surely fail the jumps here or there. So watch them plunge to their “second death”.

A Push Block for the Pyramidal Key.

So, when they’re gone you can go back N and pull that block out till you can push it into the alcove left (W). Go where the block was and grab the Pyramidal Key. Go SW and drop down into the pool below, get out and in the direction of the Bike maze. In that maze is a pillar with green light, on the E side of it you can use the Pyramidal Key. Though the grate below you can see the Bike and the door to the flood lever which opened again.

Retrieve the Bike and Torch.

Go swim back down to the Bike and into the hole in the floor SE to the flood lever to drain the room. Ignite the Torch on the Fire in the passage, throw it into the N room and drive through with the Bike, take both up to safety one by one.

The Lava Pit.

You can take the Bike to travel faster, drive around to the N side and park it. Facing the bridge to the Cage, there is a small (safe) pool to the right, swim through the tunnel and use the underwater lever, this one does three things. It floods the 4 jump lever pit. For Skull Hunters: It also lowers a block there and a block goes down near the entrance to the Pyramid (E). Swim back and climb out. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

Until it is fixed, it is probably not possible to get the Skull below due to a bug? Once inside, the gate didn’t open anymore, not even with the botton on the wall. So if you made it into the gate, consider this one accomplished and go back to an earlier save.

_Emerald Skull #4:  Swim back out, go E to the entrance of the Pyramid and just to the right of it is where the block went down, revealing an Hourglass lever. It will open the gate to the Emerald Skull N, near the bridge. But… the route through the cage will be blocked by raising blocks, so we’ll have to come up with another route. Throw the lever, turn left while starting to run, W towards the Cage and turn right to jump to a small hill on the bottom, left of that pillar, jump to the next while turning left, then hit sprint and Lara sprints through the deeper water to the hill at the bridge, turn right and run a bit more to jump to the floor and sprint into the gate (Video). Push the button on the back wall to get back out (didn’t work).

Back on Track, The 4 Jump lever pool.

Now we go for the flooded 4 jump lever pit. On a pillar in the pit are 4 jump levers, two for the normal route (blue texture) and two for the Skull hunters.

Near the pillar are three spots where Lara can stand.

Let’s first do the two blue levers;

1 - Stand at the SE corner of the pillar NE of the jump levers, face SW and run over the high bottom with a right hand curve to jump and  grab the first lever, screen of a gate (screenshot).

2 - Stand on the spot indicated in this screenshot. From here line up a bit right of that lever and standjump to it with a bit of a left curve, the gate opens up (savegame). This gate is in a tunnel in the SW corner of this pool, it leads you to a closed gate to be opened with the Bike, so later. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #4: As mentioned above, the other two jump levers are for skull hunters.

1 - Stand on the mound near the SE pillar, do a curved jump and get to the jump lever (screenshot). I could not do it directly, but I was able to grab the edge at the corner of the sloped pillar and shimmied left to the jump lever.

2 – Stand on the mound near the bridge and back against the fence, face the jump lever and sprint the first part, release sprint and jump with a left curve to the lever (screenshot). Under the S side jump lever is a shaft down to the opening where you can claim Silver Skull #4.

Back on Track, Bike down the jump lever pit.

Get out of the pool NW, left and past the bridge into the tiny pool again, swim to the underwater lever to drain the jump lever pit again, go get the Bike and down into the SW corner of the jump lever pit, down the passage and onto the tile in front of the gate. Behind that gate another gate will open up, but this one stays closed. So back out on foot and climb up N out of the passage. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Preparation for Golden Skull #3: Before anything else, go get the Torch and bring it down to the Bike. Leave it in a safe spot there. Go back up and climb out N.

Back on Track, the Golden Key.

Go flood the jump lever pit again, you know where by now (underwater lever next to the bridge). Then go N of the Lava Pit and there’s an opening in the wall (next to the Skull gate). Jump to grab the ladder on the left wall and climb up the slope, drop and follow to a slope into the water. Save here because it’s a long swim and you’ll have to find the route too. Swim down, right around a corner and then straight to the gate with the Bike behind it.  Now go W just before that gate and follow through to a golden alcove. Up N is a narrow gap in the wall, inside is the Golden Key. Quickly go back for air and turn around.

Open the way to the Bike.

Swim back to the gate where the Bike is and swim up into the ceiling there to use the underwater lever opening the gate for the Bike (but also closes the door behind the Bike).

Draining again.

Now for getting out, the route behind the Bike is closed, so swim back to where you came in, left into the alcove S. There is an underwater slope, swim up against it so Lara tries to stand up, backflip to another slope and jump to grab the sloped crack E. Hang left against the wall, pull up and backflip with roll to grab to the monkey climb. Drop at the skeleton and grab the wall ladder to go left and up. Slide down to the Lava Pit. Now we have to go get the Bike (and Torch for the Skull hunters). So drain the place again.

Retrieve the Bike once again.

(The next part is hard as a nasty fixed camera caused me to ride the Bike into corners where I could not get out of, as soon as you get a fixed screen; stop and save/reload). You have to go into the same passage again (N of the Lava Pit) and take the Bike through it to the Lava Pit area, park it (savegame). For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Golden Skull #3: You must have noticed that unlit Burner ledge at the skeleton in that passage you just left…

The Torch is there so go back inside, to where you got the Bike and this time take the Torch, go left into the first opening and ignite the Torch on the Burner ledge. Make your way to the skeleton at the ladders and ignite the Burner there (Having problems at the last slope? Face E, backflip onto the slope and jump to get to the sloped crack, backflip again and you should land just on top of the slope).

Now save and ignite the burner, quickly get out and down the slope again (only safe place). Bring the Torch all the way to the last room (S) where you just got it before. Near that closed door and return to the slope near the burner, face W standing to the right and jump forwards onto the slope, backflip and jump again to grab the monkey climb again.

 Now go to the left side, close to the burner and save, when you reload the burner will be off, go forward to almost the end of the monkey climb and turn right a bit (I did the save reload before every move). Now when the burner is off, drop and quickly jump up left to that ladder so you will be safe from the burner. Go up and slide down. First go get your reward, Golden Skull #3 next door.

Get the Torch back up.

We are still not done, the Torch is still down there. Either go get a new one in level 1 or do as follows: Flood the place again, go in and swim to the underwater lever in the ceiling near the gates and use it again to close the gate (and open the door to the Torch). Get out of here, you know how by now and drain the place again. Go down the SW passage in the 4 jump lever pit and get the Torch, bring it up to the surface and stand in the NW corner, facing W, backflip onto the slope and jump hard right. Take the Torch out of the pit.

Back on Track, Use the Golden Key.

Go get the Torch and head to the SW corner of the pyramid to find the keyhole for the Golden Key on the W wall. Behind the door the level will change, so be sure to have the Torch.

Enter the door and get to the next level with the Torch.

Level 3 - Excursions.

Hop up the block (don't back up to much or you will go back) and throw the Torch through the gap (into water of course, it couldn't be easy, now could it). Crawl backwards into that opening and get the Torch, hop up W and leave the Torch near those grates W. Up the ladder and down the other side, there's a button opening the gate where the Torch is. To the W is a glass floor through which you can see a room with coloured vases and behind a gate is the Uzi. Doors closed, so go back over and through the grated crawlspace to come to the room with the vases. Throw the Torch down into that room onto the grating.

Room with the Coloured Vases. (See Map)

For the Normal Route you only have to shoot two blue vases.

Skull hunters need to shoot all vases in a specific order, from left to right blue/green/white/yellow. You can already shoot one of the blue vases. Face W stand in the middle and backflip onto the E slope, jump again and shoot. Jump to and fro aligning yourself till the blue vase W is gone. The other blue vase is blocked by a grating.

Pick up the Torch, face W and stand left, backflip onto the slope behind and jump with a left curve onto the slope down W. Then jump with a right curve and slide once more, one more jump to the last block and jump into the open door N.

Ignite the Torch and open the door to the Uzi. (in case you want it to shoot the vases)

Get out onto the unlit burner ledge outside to the right, stand on the corner at the door and face W, run with a left curve and jump as soon as possible so you'll land on the corner of the burner ledge S. Ignite the Torch and turn around to jump onto the sloped block, jump again with a left curve to the unlit ledge. Stand in the corner close to the sloped block (SE corner) and ignite the burner top open the door upstairs. Backflip onto the sloped block and jump into the open door N. Throw the Torch on the red square (elevator) and use the lever on the E wall.  A trapdoor went up now, so you can jump SE to the hole between the lava blocks (below is the Gold Skull) and then SE over the corner of the slope to the start.

Face E, stand left and backflip. Jump left and slide, jump to grab the ledge with the vases, shimmy left to the ladder and go up. Backflip into the upper room and go get the Uzi and some ammo. Go down into the NW corner, get the Torch and light the walltorch there, the small grating in front of the blue vase opens up. You can leave the Torch upstairs, go to the left hand opening in the E wall, select the Uzis and holster them. Grab the ladder, go down and drop grab below the vase. Save hanging on the ladder and line up with the vase. Backflip, draw Uzi and shoot (A nice trick I just learnt here by accident, while on the ladder I could hit Alt and spacebar at the same time. Lara drew weapons while she still had to backflip so she shot the vase easily (try it out for yourself). Then jump with a left curve while putting the Uzi back and slide backwards down to grab the edge. Hang left and pull up, backflip and slide to safety. Both blue vases are done, so here we part ways again, careful, a part of the grated floor is open (savegame).  

For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

Now it’s getting harder:

_ Emerald Skull #5:

First Green (E)

Stand backwards against the open trapdoor facing E, on the right hand side and draw Uzis, backflip jump with a right curve shoot the green and curve left to the slope in front of the white slide back and grab the edge.

Second Green (W)

Face E stand left at the open trapdoor and backflip, jump with a left curve and slide to jump and grab the vase ledge, shimmy to the ladder, go down to below the ledge and backflip, draw Uzi and shoot. Backflip roll steering left and put the Uzi away, grab the edge again and hang left to backflip/roll steer left and slide backwards to the gratings...well they are gone, so grab the edge. Go down the ladder and to the right for Emerald Skull #5. On the opposite ledge is some Uzi ammo. You can see the other Skulls W.

Now it's getting real hard:

_ Silver Skull # 5:

First white (E)

Climb back up and the next one is the white vase E, just on top of the slope. Pull up and wait a fraction of a second before doing a backflip so you will land facing E on the slope behind you (pull Uzis). Jump back shooting, put away the Uzis and grab the E side again.

Second white (W)

Hanging on the E slope, backflip/roll grab to the other side and hang almost to the right (leave some space). Pull up, draw Uzis and slide off for a moment before a backflip, jump again with a right curve shooting the white vase W. Put away the gun and grab the edge again. The trapdoor over the Silver Skull is open.

First yellow (E)

Hang E and left, backflip after the short slide and jump back with a left curve shooting the vase, landing on the slope next to the pit, jump to the right onto the slope under the white vase and slide back grabbing the edge.

Second yellow (E)

Hang W and left backflip after the short slide and jump back with a left curve onto the slope to the W, slide to the end and jump shooting the vase, if you jumped correctly you should fall through the trapdoor to Silver Skull #5, also grab the Uzi ammo next to it. Crawl back E and hang on the edge to shimmy towards the ladder.

 Now for the more difficult jumps ;) Get to the ladder in the NE corner (blue vase). Get under the vase ledge and hang left. Drop while holding the left key and Lara should be able to grab the edge, hang left. Backflip and jump again from the E slope, steer right and hold the forward key, you should just make it over the top of the slope and slide down W. Jump from the end holding the forward key and go left a bit so Lara will go over the lava floor. Then grab the ladder and go down to Golden Skull #4. Get the Uzi ammo and get back to the ladder E, climb up.

Back on track, the Torch.

Make your way over to the ladder NE, stand left facing E, backflip onto the slope and jump with a left curve, slide and jump the ledge with the vases. Shimmy to the ladder and hang under the gap, hang as much to the right as possible, just backflip and jump back with a slight left curve to grab the upper part of the ladder. Go up to the upper room, where you can pick up the Torch again. Go NW to the elevator and jump N into the open door.

The Hall, a Rolling Ball Run.

Go down into the hall and pick up some Flares S. Down into the passage W taking the Torch, go up N and save at the walltorch. As soon as you light it, the ball releases. So sprint down along the right hand side (left for viewers), throw the Torch and jump on the red block, climb up right (left for viewers), before the ball gets there (savegame).  For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #6: Don’t go for that crawlspace, but stay on the block. Wait as long as possible and backflip over the boulder to get behind it, run after the boulder which will eliminate the fire trap. Light a flare and when the boulder falls down, jump over the boulder to get ahead of it, but in the air you should throw the flare. This way Lara will be in the flare animation and doesn’t have to recover from the jump, so you can immediately run and jump into the gate that will only be opened for a short time. Claim Silver Skull #6 and turn around, jump over and then hop back to grab the jump lever, opening a door. Go back to the S end of the passage, climb up in a crawlspace to get the small medipack. Then go get the Torch and hop on the red block, up E to get back to the Hall.

Back on track, the Torch again.

Drop back into the passage after the boulder passed and go down to the N end, find the jump lever near the boulder and use it to open a door and raise the red block again. First go back to the far S end of the passage, climb up in a crawlspace to get the small medipack. Then go get the Torch and hop on the red block, up E to get back to the Hall.

Boulder Room.

The door you opened is on the block NE (In that room is a ramp with a boulder, only for Skull hunters.)

Go down with the Torch to the red block next to the ramp, turn E and stand back, throw the Torch into the crawlspace. Hop onto the ramp and slide down, jump SW over the lava and grab the edge of the floor, next to that ladder is a lever. The block under the crawlspace E lowered, go up the ladder and backflip to the top of the slope, down to the crawlspace and go in for the Torch, Take it to the unlit burner in the end and stand left in the corner of the walls, ignite the burner and turn to face the exit. Throw the Torch and duck, crawl along the wall to the crawlspace and throw the Torch out straight. The Torch should be outside on the red block, leave it there. Go back up S, jump on the ramp and get to the other side again to raise the red block. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_ Emerald Skull # 6: This is where the boulder comes into play, so back to the Boulder Room. You’ll have to trigger the boulder without getting squashed. Well, as soon as I hit that trigger I was killed, so I found this way… Stand in the opening to the Hall on that blue tile, stand left and aim for the lower corner of the trigger under the boulder, jump around the boulder onto the trigger and immediately jump, then just let Lara slide and the boulder will go overhead (video). Now you can jump back to the ladder, where the red gate at the sloped crawlspace is now open. Get hanging on the edge of that crawlspace and look left inside to spot a grate in a crawlspace. Now get to the top of the ramp. Stand on the NW corner, face S and turn right a bit. Sideflip onto the slope in the opening W while shooting that grate in there. When you hear it crack you’re done. Backflip to get onto the slope and make your way back up to the Hall. Up in the N wall is the opening where you shot the lattice, get in for Emerald Skull #6.

_ Silver Skull # 7: Go back into the boulder room, get to the top of the slope where the boulder was and now grab the pole the boulder was hanging from. Go up and backflip into the room. Push the button in the corner, it will open the gate at the end of the boulder ramp below. Go to the corner where the still burning Skull is and backflip over that tile onto the slope, jump and grab the ladder there. Go up and left to the lever, this will open the gate in the room with the Skull.

Back down the ladder, hang left to drop and immediately jump left to get over the fire tile (Lara happened to end up on the safe corner of the fire tile in my game). Go into the passage straight ahead N and look up for a jump lever which will open a small gate at the next ladder. Follow the passage down and grab the ladder, get down and into that small open gate to get a small medipack. Continue down the ladder to get back into the room with the ramp. Go into the room at the end of the ramp and shoot the grate in the crawlspace N. The right hand wall has a hidden crack.

Stand N and left, turn right and jump to grab to the crack in the back passage, shimmy to the crawlspace to get the Flares. Drop out, roll on the break ledge and run jump back. Go get the Torch from the red block and bring it into the small room you just came from. Stand on one of the S corners of the tile and ignite it. A boulder is released from far away at its coming to you. So with the Torch in hand face the gate and wait for it to open again, then run out and do a banana jump around the boulder back onto the ramp again.

To get the Torch back with you, the red block SE should be lowered so you can throw the Torch through the spikes onto the block. So maybe you’ll have to go and lower the block first. Save before you throw the Torch so when it lands in the spikes you can try again (I could never really get it totally on the block, so I went there and took it out of the spikes with a little health loss and dropped it safely on the block).

Now get to the ladder NE, throw the lever to raise the red block (and Torch) and go up to the top of the ramp. Go up the pole again to the room above to get Silver Skull #7. E is another passage behind the blue glass (later). Go down the pole as far as possible (even where there’s no pole anymore) and backflip to the top of the ramp.

Back on Track, Sloped Challenge.

Go to the Torch on the red block and bring it with you to the Hall through the passage SE. Drop it in a safe place near the open door S.

Go through the door S (SW) and go to the top block, jump onto the slope S with a bit of a right curve so you’ll be facing downwards and jump to grab the jump lever (opens new door near the Hall).  Slide halfway down the ramp to jump and grab the ladder above. Climb to the bottom of the ladder and left around to get to the crawlspace with the Flares. Hang out again, in the right hand corner and hold “left” while you drop, so Lara will slide backwards. Grab the edge, go a bit down and right around the corner. Drop onto the trigger tile here and a gate opens N and the water turns safe (savegame) (This trigger and passage are important for the Skull hunters). Go into the passage and spot a red block, just in front of it is some Shotgun ammo. Go back to the gate and leave, gate closes. Make your way back to the Torch in the Hall. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Golden Skull #5: Take the Torch down into the room S and onto the highest block as before. To the S you can see a ladder, that’s where we have to get to while dropping the Torch ON the slope. The Torch will slide down and we will be going down the ladder as fast as possible, through the lowered red block and down the passage to that trigger tile so the water will be drained before the Torch get there from the slope. Go light the walltorch. Take the Torch into the open gate N and go up to the room. Up to the highest block, leave the Torch there and jump to the ladder S again. All the way down the ladder and up in the crawlspace to get Golden Skull #5. Go back out through this passage, the gate and up the blocks to the Torch, jump out of the room to the Hall.

Back on Track, to the Second Floor.

Take the Torch and go to the block NE (entrance of Boulder room) to find a new door opened E (by the jump lever over the slope).

Hop onto the blocks and throw the Torch into the crawlspace, get in too and Save. Forget about that ammo and the Torch for now. As soon as you start into the passage, spikes will start popping out. The trick is to do a runjump landing on the fore last tile before those pop up and with the last spikes already up, that way you can run through and duck into the crawlspace (savegame). Now you can go back and collect Shotgun ammo and the Torch. Follow through taking the Torch and go through the level change to get back to the Pyramid.

Level 2 - Inside the Great Pyramid – Part 3.

On the top ledges of the Pyramid, go right a bit and face E, hit #1 key to drop the Torch on the floor below. Hang from the edge and drop onto the sloped block below so it will break the fall. Take the Torch to the N side near the tower in the middle. In that part of the floor is a trapdoor you opened way back. Face SW and just run in diagonally  with the Torch, you’ll land in the water under a jump lever (the Torch would go out anyway). Pick up some Shotgun ammo from the bottom there and climb the red block N. Turn and jump to grab that Timed jump lever, the block below will raise for a while, grab the Torch from under your feet and ignite it quick, face NE and when you see your block go down; jump back to the other block and light the wall torch there. A door opens on the Second floor. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #8:

Throw the Torch back SW on the lowered block under the jump lever. Then grab the jump lever again and jump from the block to grab the next jump lever W, backflip from the slope below to land back on the block and grab the Torch to light it again. Turn NW and run onto the red block there to ignite the wall torch there. Swim to the SE and into the now open door for Silver Skull #8. Now go back to the first block (E) and use the first jump lever again, then the second W and backflip, run onto the third block, get the Torch and run in one go left around the corner over the at that moment raising/lowering blocks to the first block (E side). Ignite the Torch again.

Back on Track, get the Torch out again.

Face NNW and stand jump high onto the slope there, immediately jump again (no sliding) curving right and one more right curved jump from a submerged sloped block will get you to safety (savegame).

Go with the Torch (don’t have to ignite it) to the far SW corner (Golden Key door) and go up the block to where the level changes again.

Level 3 – Excursions –part 2.

Throw the Torch into the crawlspace and get in, jump up the red (lowered) block and into the opposite alcove, then up W to the glass floor over the vase room. Ignite the Torch here and exit NW. In the Hall onto the block NE and into the same passage (N), no more spikes this time so just follow through to where you are back in…

Level 2 - Inside the Great Pyramid – Part 4.

Make your way over to the opened door E.

Level 3 – Excursions –part 3.

Boulder Room, passing through.

Leave the Torch behind in this passage and drop down into another boulder room (boulder is for the Skull hunters).

Just slide down and almost at the end jump up to grab a ladder. Go up to the top but, don’t pull up, backflip with roll to grab another ladder and go up into the passage. Go to the other end (S) and through the door which will open up. Go to the right to get the Torch and head back into the same passage, jump over the open trapdoor at the ladder. At the end run out left onto the block there, just run down E into the next alcove and get the small medipack.

Two Burners for a door.

Run down W into the next lower alcove. Stand in the left corner next to the burner and ignite it (find the correct position, I had to face SW). Wait for the burner to stop and just run out again (if you’re fast enough you can get out before it even starts). Turn and run down into the next alcove, another one and ignite the burner there in the same way (door opens) and run out. Get to the bottom of the shaft (savegame). For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #9: For this you have to go back up the shaft: Do backflips and jumps back up the shaft with the burners. Save at a point where you are under a burner and reload, most of the times the burner will be off when you can move again.

When you’re back in the upper passage, jump over the trapdoor, go all the way to the end and down, left to the boulder room. Behind the boulder you can see a break tile, to the left of it a burner tile.

Face the boulder standing left, slide and jump around the boulder to get on the breakable tile. Turn left and quickly ignite the burner, throw the Torch and slide down to grab that ladder again. Go up and from the top a backflip roll as before, up the other ladder and in the upper passage to the right where a trapdoor opened up. Push the button to open a door and close the trapdoor at the ladder.

Go back to the top of the boulder slope and of course this time the boulder will be ready for you, so try jump around the boulder trigger, thus not triggering it and get back on the ladder over the slope. Up and hang from the deadly slope, shimmy left and from here you have to get into the open gate behind you, immediately jump to grab the monkey climb above or you will still be killed by the boulder as it triggers here too. But the spikes at the end of the boulderslope will also be gone, so just slide down there and go left at the spike trap to get Silver Skull #9.

Back on Track, Burner Room.

Go N to the next room, head into the passage N and to the end, throw the Torch past that lowered red block onto the lava behind it (W). Go back to the room with the burners. To the opening W and jump to grab the slope over the pit, hang right and pull up, jump with a right hand curve to land on another slope. Grab the edge and shimmy right around the corner, pull up and stand in the corner next to the ladder E, face E and turn left a bit. Backflip onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder. Go up almost to the top to backflip/roll and grab a crawlspace (savegame). Get in and into a room with a huge column.

Into the passage NW and throw the lever N to turn the lava safe so you can go get the Torch. Back to the room with the column and ignite the bowl on the NE statue (blue tile). A door opens in the passage NW.

For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

Skull hunters: Ignite the other statue too and a block goes up in the room with the burners.

_Emerald Skull #7 : Leave the Torch here for now and go into the passage W and down into the lower part, around the corner is a red block and some spiders show up. As it’s the case you cannot (may not) shoot them, get out of the passage to the room with the column, into the passage NW and left into the open door. Throw the lever in the S alcove to burn those spiders to a crisp (floor turns deadly). Turn the floor safe again and go back into that passage with the red block. Move the block to the N and then into the NE corner under the entrance. Climb up N, jump out E and go left around to use the lever in the adjoining room again to turn the floor deadly once more. Go back and drop onto the green tile S of the entrance, pull the block once onto that tile and the gate SW opens up. Push the block back, climb up to the floor and jump with a left curve onto the sloped ledge S, grab the edge and pull up, wait a fraction of a second before doing a backflip (no roll) and land at the open gate with Emerald Skull #7.

Stand in the opening of the gate, back against the wall facing N and turn right a bit, run and jump to the slope N, jump off with a hard left curve to land inside the windowsill, from there jump back to the room with the column. Get the Torch again.

Golden Skull #6: 

Go into the passage NW and use the lever N, the red block E will go down, but the floor is burning. Now you have to throw the Torch onto the red block E. To do this you will have to make some speed before you throw it, so back up into the room W and sprint before you throw the Torch and hit the brakes before reaching the lava.

Back into the room with the column, through the crawlspace E and drop on the slope, immediately backflip with roll to get onto the ladder once more (or go via the slope, ledge N, like before). Go up and left as far as possible and drop on the grating. Stand on the SW corner, face NW and backflip onto the slope in the other corner, jump and grab the ladder at the red block and go with Lara’s feet just touching the red block. Hang right, backflip and hold forward and left keys so Lara will bounce on the top of the slope and go over. Without Ctrl you will bounce off onto the floor.

Go left into the passage and go get the Torch, back to the burner room and onto the red block, ignite the burner from standing on a corner next to it and get down. A block went up in the room with the column, so back there you go. Jump with the Torch onto the slope in the passage W, slide while dropping the Torch and jump to grab the ladder, hang above the red block (if you’re too low backflip and jump again to grab higher).

Backflip landing high on the slope and jump with a hard right curve to land on the slope right of the ladder, grab the edge and go right to the ledge under the grate, jump from there to the ladder E and go up to backflip into the crawlspace. Down into the room with the column and onto the red block W. Up to the higher floor and throw the lever there to open a door SE. Jump in there and go down to a pushblock, pull it out once and go back.

This time you’ll have to do a runjump with grab to get back on the block with the lever, jump down to the room and go through the crawlspace E and get the Torch, hop onto that ledge under the grate N and roll, runjump onto that ledge you created in the ladder pillar. Push the block in after dropping the Torch and then get it to go inside and up the passage. Jump with Ctrl to the lever block and then down into the room with the column to ignite it there. Back onto the lever block and ignite the bowl on the statue. Jump back down to the room, go into the passage NW and right, use the lever to turn the floor safe and go into the gate N to get Golden Skull #6.

Back on Track, another Torch Puzzle.

Take the Torch into the passage NW and left to the room W. Behind the wall N is a lever, throw it to open a gate up W. Get the Torch up there and throw it through the open gate into the crawlspace (be sure the Torch lies just around the corner, otherwise the closing gate will throw it right out again). Go back to the lever and close the gate again. Back to the middle of the room and up into the opening W, Crawl backwards in and go up the right hand side N. Get the Torch and jump straight N over the sloped block, down at the end and ignite the walltorch, door opens back in the room. Jump back to the crawlspace and drop the Torch in a strategic place, because we are going to open the gate with a Timed jump lever and throw the Torch out of that gate.

For the Block Puzzle.

Face N, jump and grab the monkeyclimb, turn around and go to the jump lever. Fall, backflip and jump forward, get the Torch and throw it through the open gate (savegame). Guessing you won’t be fast enough to get through that gate too, just go down S and up left through the crawlspace (the door down there is for the Skull hunters). For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

Golden Skull #7: After throwing the Torch out of the small gate, turn back to where the jump lever is. Grab the monkeyswing and get back to the jump lever, Grab it, drop and backflip on the slope, jump into the passage and roll, runjump back N over the slope with a right hand curve as a red block went up there and you can now use the Hourglass lever on the E wall. Hop back turning left, jump on the slope and into the passage, get to the S end fast and drop into the lower end S where the door is to the left, stand in the left hand corner (SE) and when it closes the way to Golden Skull #7 is free. (when the door closes before you get there, you’ll be stuck here as it turned into the passage leaving no way out!)

Go get and get out through the crawlspace E.

Back on Track, Block Puzzle.

First go get the Torch from the wall near the small gate NW and go into the new opening SW, spot a jump lever above the entrance (later), go through the water and throw the Torch diagonally through so it will end up at the other side of the low ceiling (hard to throw it from the water in the crawlspace)

For the Skull hunters: A Bonus for those that raise the red block in the room with the column to get Gold Skull #6: Go back to the jump lever up in the start of this passage, use it to open a grate above. Go back to the room with the column and get on the lever block, NW corner and jump to grab that crawlspace, shoot the grate on the left, hang out the other side and get into that opening to get the Medipack. Drop out at the jump lever and get to the Torch.

The Elevator Key.

Hop with the Torch up to the floor where the red blocks are and leave it there. Do not move any of the blocks yet, but stand back and jump grab up W over the block to the upper section, again move nothing. Go to the N and drop down:

-Push the block in front once to the S.

-Now push the block to the right of it and turn right to find the Elevator Key.

Open the Door W.

Back into the room and pull the first block back once (in front of the passage N again). Stand in the NE corner (higher floor) and standjump to grab the upper section again. Go down the E side:

-Push the block you’re facing all the way into the doorway where the Key was, creating some space.

-Push the block in front of the N passage W into the corner.

-Grab the Torch E and drop it into the passage N.

-Pull out the SE block and move it into the opening E, behind it is a button (first for the door W).

-Move the block in the NW corner over to the NE corner.

-Left block S, pull once and push it to the E.

-Get the Torch from the N passage and drop it in the S passage.

-Last block SW, pull once and go around and push the button to open the door where the Key was.

-Turn around, push the last block to the N.

For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Silver Skull #10: Go N and up to the passage above, pull the S block once and get back down. Into the passage S and get the Torch, from the higher floor in the back you can hop up N and turn SE to jump onto a corner of the burner ledge. Ignite the Torch and jump back to the upper section, leave the Torch there and push the block into the N side. Go S down to the lower section and pull the E block (in front of the opening) out and put it in the N opening. Then clear the E passage by pulling the block out twice, go through the E passage up to the upper section and pull the W block once, go back down and move the block in the middle back into the opening E.

Turn around and pull out the block W twice. Climb up to the upper section there and push the block once to the E, pick up the Torch from the right and go in W, hop right onto the burner ledge and stand in a corner on the N side. Ignite the burner to open the gate N, throw the Torch to the S into the passage and go N to get Silver Skull #10. Go back over the burner ledge and down into the W passage, grab the Torch and go down into the opening SW.

Back on Track, Get out with the Torch.

-Pull the E block (in front of the opening) out and put it in the N opening.

-Pull the block in the W opening out twice and get the Torch from the S side, enter W and down into the opening SW. Again you’ll have to find the best spot to throw the Torch diagonally so it will end up behind the “crawlspace corner”, go after it and take it up the block S, follow to where you enter the next level again.

Level 2 - Inside the Great Pyramid – Part 5.

An Elevator for a Spider.

Go left and over the bridge into the Cage and ignite it again on the burner behind the fence W. Take it S and to the right (opposite the pool with the burning wall torch), leave it there for now and open the gate with the Elevator Key. In the back of this room is an elevator, well have to get the Spider to the floor above.

First find the Bike again and ride it into the Elevator room, to the right up the ramp and to the right, over that grey tile near the exits N and leave it there (savegame). Get down to the ground floor, pick up the Torch and bring it into the back (SW) of the Elevator room, drop it into the alcove with the walltorch.

Up You go Dear.

Now go get your Spider (should be in the Tear room NE) and take it into the Elevator room, run to that alcove with the Torch. Ignite the walltorch once the Spider is well onto the Elevator. Throw the Torch on the Elevator too. Climb up E and get some Uzi ammo, then drop out E and next to the small pool is a pillar with a ladder. Go up to the top and jump to the exit NW. (the Spider was still on the Elevator, otherwise you will have to take her to the next room). Go out NW and left to a small gate W, go into the automatic gate and get the Medipack. This looks like a nice cage for the Spider, but first we have to lure some more enemies in here. Go to the far NE corner and E is a lever to open a gate, two Dogs come out, lead the way and run into the small room SW, run out when they are in and locking them up that way. Go to the Elevator to lock the Spider in here too so she will kill the Dogs (savegame).

Pushing Blocks, a Tear of Heaven.

Return to the NE room where you got the Dogs from and inside to the left is a red block, go pull it once and then go around to push it once more, now around again and move it onto the tile in the SW corner, next to the fence, and a trapdoor closes where the Bike is (Elevator). Go to the red block in the SE corner and pull it twice to go around and get behind it to collect the Shotgun ammo. Head back to the Bike and take it out of the room over the trapdoor you raised. Take a right over the walkway and ride it over that grey tile at the next gate. Dismount and enter, step on the tile in front of the NE gate and it will open because you’ll need it in the next timed run.

Pull the Hourglass lever, roll and go out NE, take a right and sprint to the gate in the E wall (blue tile). Cut the corner by jumping diagonally over (savegame). Inside you can pick up the Tear of Heaven. For the normal route, scroll down to “Back on track”.

_Golden Skull #7: You may have noticed that burner ledge inside this room, well that’s for the next challenge. You’ll have to do the timed run again, but this time with the Torch so go and get it from the Elevator and leave it in a convenient place for you. This time better not run along the outside, but take the route over that corner ledge near the tower in the middle (there were Flares before). Jump on the ledge so you can immediately hop over the slope in front with a right hand curve, another right hand curved jump will put you running in the direction of the gate. (You can also land on the outer corner of the ledge with a right curve so you can jump straight to the floor without using the slope). Best sprint to the gate while throwing in the Torch first and then do the run again to get in yourself.

Ignite the burner and the next part of the Timed sequence becomes available. It’s a trigger tile under the lowered block. Gate opens in the W wall of the Pyramid, but you can’t make it in time on foot, so you’ll need the Bike, but also the Torch, so first go to the gates in the middle of the W wall and throw the Torch diagonally through the gap between the gates (it has to land behind one of the gates and now under that low wall). Go back and pick up the Bike on the way over. Park it next to the exit gate of the E room, facing the right hand corner of the central tower. Do the first timed run again to get back inside, open the exit gate. Stand in front of the trigger tile facing the open exit and save.

Step back onto the tile and get out to the Bike, run it over the sloped blocks on the corner of the tower, keep left and do the same on the next corner, race it into the open gate. Get the Torch (which you already threw through the gap I hope) and ignite the burner ledge. The exit opens up. The idea is to step on the new Timed trigger, get on the Bike and run it left, over the corner slopes at the Tower to the open gate N, step off the Bike and hop into the gate to get Golden Skull #7. (I put the Bike inside the room, on the Trigger tile and got on, you can drive it "through" the wall between the two gates to get out faster).

Say goodbye to the Bike and take the Torch to the SW corner of the Tower. Throw it onto the Elevator.

Back on Track, Up to the Top, the Shotgun.

Say Goodbye to the Bike and the Torch, we don’t need those anymore. Go into the Elevator on the SW corner of the Tower. Use the Tear of Heaven, sideflip onto the Elevator to go up. Go to the S wall where a gate opened up, inside is the Shotgun we’ll need now. As you look up into the top of the Pyramid, you can see two transparent balls blocking the way up. You’ll have to shoot those with the Shotgun, manually aiming by using the “look” key. Best spot for me was the far corner near the Elevator. I hit both with one round. A Wraith shows up, so get on the Elevator and hang from the W side, drop into the pool at ground level.

_Emerald Skull #8: Look N there and spot a grate in the wall near the bottom, go climb out on the ledge with the walltorch and shoot the grate from there, inside is Emerald Skull #8.

Go into the Cage and climb the ladder all the way up. The time has come to face the last challenge, the break tiles. Best is to make sure you grab the next tile so you can shimmy around to the best spot for the next jump and make a save (savegame).

_Silver Skull #11: To get this you’ll have to jump up the break tiles with the Torch in hand (I thought this to be more of a Gold Skull task). Upstairs in a bright room you can ignite the walltorch SE to lower the block NE and get Silver Skull #11.

Go up the stairs into the bright light and the level ends.

This is a good time to read the endofgame.txt which was included in the download.

September 18-2012.