Harmony Around A Red Star (prologue).

Level by BigFoot.

Walkthrough D&G Prod.

I encountered a few crashes while reloading a save, I hope the saves will work on other PC’s.

Starring Masurao Kage…

Part 1- The Hidden Lair. (find the 3 secrets for a bonus level)

The Bedroom.

Behind the curtain N is a table with a small medipack to the right is a blue keyhole. Go out E to the Hall.

The Hall.

There is nothing here but a way up to the floor above with torch (later) or a shortcut if you don’t want to climb the ladder in the S room.

Upstairs, the Blue Key.

From the Hall go S to a room with a ladder, up to floor above, Flares on table NW. To the N is the upper Hall.

Head through the curtain W and you’re on top of the bedroom. Through the curtain S and look left of the couch in the W window, pick up the Blue Key there. Out N and make your way down to the bedroom, I just jumped down on the bed. Use the Blue Key in the windowsill E, a door opens W behind the bed. Go through to a passage where you can see the Sword in a cage. Proceed W and get the Flares from the stairs, in the W wall on top of the stairs is a wooden crate you can push in, push it all the way through a wider corridor into the next passage under the pipe. Don’t get tempted to move the crate to the right when you reached the wider corridor, because it will be stuck on the slanted floor and you’ll need it in a bit.

Room with the Bundle of Keys.

Follow the corridor to the N, hop over the spike traps and drop down on a crate in the lower room. Under that scaffolding (behind the crate) is a lever opening a gate in the passage where you pushed the crate in. So climb back up onto the scaffolding, through the spikes to the push crate SW, push it W through the passage and down into the room through the gate you opened. Drop on the crate and move it to the ledge over the S side doors, climb up to that ledge and jump to the jump lever W (you cannot take those Keys yet).

The doors S open up, save in front of the Timed lever S. Pull, back flip turn right while jumping to the first flame ledge, a running jump to the next and one more jump to get to the corner ledge with the lever (savegame). This lever will raise a block in the room with the Keys. Drop into the pit and get a Large Medipack and Flares from the NW corner. Climb out E and go back to the room with the Keys.

The Iron Relic. (for the Bonus Level)

Move the wooden crate S into the open doors S so you can use the jump lever in the ceiling of that passage. A block lowers near by. Climb the scaffolding NE and hop over the spikes, go right and right again into the passage where you pushed the crate. To the S is the lowered block, inside is a lever around the left corner, a trapdoor opens in the ceiling. Grab the Flares and the small medipack and climb up to get Secret #1, the Iron Relic (spikes retract in a passage). Drop down, back into the passage and left to drop down in the room with the Keys. Go NW to climb the new block, up to the ledge and up the ladder. Follow through.

Mirror Room.

Looking in the mirror you can spot 3 hidden levers. One is next to those stairs, one on the W side of the N pillar and one on the E side of the S pillar. The spikes at the Keys should now be de-activated.

Get back to the room with the Keys and pick up the Bundle of Keys.

The Sword (Crowbar).

Climb up the scaffolding NE and over the spikes into the passage SE, follow back to the passage with the Sword. Use the Keys in the windowsill N, a door opens next to the cage (S). Use the lever there to open a trapdoor on top of the cage. Go out E through the bedroom to the Hall, go up the crates to the floor above (or use the ladder in the room S). From the first floor Hall go W, through a curtain W and look for the opening in the floor. Drop down into the cage and get the Sword (Crowbar). Climb back up using the wooden boards.

For the Red Key.

Go S to the pool and dive in, swim SE and dive into the hole in the bottom, take the first left and up to a room. Use the Sword on the lever E to de-activate spikes. Swim back to the crossing and now go left where the spikes were.

Climb out and pick up Flares. We need to cross that pit S by raising two Timed platforms.

Timed Platforms, the Wheel (Cog).

Go E into the room and climb a ladder S, left around the corner is the lever for the platforms. Light a flare and pull the lever, run down from the floor and just before you land, throw the flare away so the throw animation interferes with the high landing animation, saving you some time. Out of the room, hard left and jump the platforms to the other side (savegame). Back flip onto the slanted block and jump to grab the monkey climb, go over to use that jump lever and a block lowers behind you in the pit. Go get the Wheel (Cog). Climb out of the pit N.

Use the Wheel.

Go into the W room, use the Wheel SW and the ancient machine starts, gratings will be lifted creating a monkey climb. Go up the ladder NE and to the S and grab up from the higher floor. Go to the other end, don’t drop on the spike trap and turn around to grab up to the top of the monkey climb, go back all the way again and turn around again, grab up once more and travel the way back again. Finally use the Key bundle and go through the open door to find the Red Key, a screen shows where to use it.

Use the Red Key, the Pistols.

Go back through the endless passage and watch out for that nasty spike trap at the monkey climb, swing over it and go a bit further to drop down in the small pool below. Go E and left into the water hole, swim back N to the pool. Climb out SW and use the Key Bundle there, use the Red Key inside to the right (ahead are spikes). Use the lever to de-activate those spikes and go into the room S to get the Pistols. A screen shows what we have to shoot. And that’s way back in the mirror room.

Use the Pistols, the First Relic.

Go back through the pool, climb out N (the pool to the N is for later). Head E to the upper bedroom and jump down. Leave W through the curtain and follow W to the room where the Keys were, up the ladder NW and when you look

in the mirror you can detect an opening between the bookcases in the W wall on the balcony. Go in there and find a raising block and a lever, use the lever to open a door in another hidden passage. Back to the mirror room and look in the mirror to spot an opening in the N wall, pull up in there and find that opened door (behind that open door is a way to a secret, for later). In the back room is that object you have to shoot, select the pistols in the inventory and jump up to shoot it. A block lowers W, follow in and turn around to climb the ladder. Upstairs is another crowbar lever (face NE), lowering a block downstairs. Back down and S next to the spike passage is a Timed lever raising grates over the spikes. Get across and left to a room, watch out for the spikes! Pick up the First Relic (of two).

The Silver Relic. (for the Bonus Level)

A block lowers SE in the shortcut to the mirror room (later).

For now turn back through the spike trap N and drop into the now safe spike passage. Go through the crawlspace and use the crowbar lever there to lower a block in the hidden N passage. Pick up the Flares NW, a small medipack NE and leave, go S through the spike trap to the room where you got the Relic and go SE into the shortcut, use the lever there again to close the door in the hidden passage N. Go to the N side of the mirror room and get into the hidden passage. To the right in front of the door is where the last block lowered. Follow through, time the spike trap and get a small medipack from the table in the next room. Go out N, the next passage has a trapdoor in the ceiling and a lever in the end to open the door. Go through the open door to a courtyard, dive into the water SW, time the spikes and go up in the end, turn around and save before you wade up the slope.

You have to run into the opening to the right to avoid the boulder. Go to where the boulder came from and in the grassy room at the end is a jump lever in the NE corner, raising some platforms in the courtyard. Make your way back through the water (watch out for the spikes) and climb out. From standing close to the tree NE you can grab up to the first platform. Jump to the next platform and over to the scaffolding SE to use the lever. A trapdoor opens, go back into the passage E and look up for that ladder, go up to get Secret #2, the Silver Relic (more spikes retract in a passage). Go back down, to the S and follow back to the mirror room. Leave SE, down into the Keys room, up the scaffold NE and through the spikes to the passage SE where the Sword was. Go E to the bedroom. Go up the crates in the Hall or use the ladder in the S room to get to the upper floor.

Green Key Room.

Go to last room N and to the N up some steps is a green keyhole NE. Close to that keyhole and next to the corner of the balustrade you can grab up to the rafters above (face E). There’s a push able crate on this rafter (for later), look on the low crate on the central rafter to spot the Green Key, jump to the crate with Ctrl and duck to grab the Key.

Get down and use the Key N, the door in the NE corner opens up. Go straight at the crossing to a room with a pool, under the floating floor is an underwater ceiling lever, use it and climb back up in the SW corner. Through the open door N and step onto that tile in the middle, you’ll be teleported to another room.

A Torch.

Pick up a Torch in the NW corner and save standing in the opening E. To the right you can see a pile of wood we have to ignite, get there first (with the Torch). A standjump to the far right hand corner of the spike tile, turn right a bit and hop into the left hand side of the alcove (higher ceiling). Turn around and stand back, standjump to the spike tile, a running jump curving hard right to land on that sloped block, another jump hard right to get to the next and then left to the ledge at the opening (savegame). Drop the Torch for a bit (hit #1 key). Now you can use the lever to stop the spikes on the tile (for later).

Ignite the Torch.

Get the Torch again and make your way through those Spike hammers. Throw the torch against the crate N and climb up to get the Large Medipack. To the E is a room where we need 3 Globes.

Pick up the Torch and step onto the right hand teleporter (S).

In the new room you can open the door with the lever and go S. Pick up the Torch and you’re back in the wooden passage, take a right, to the end and left to get back to the Green Key room. Head S to the next room, this is the upper floor of the Hall, hop over the railing to get down (or go S one more room and climb down there).

Take the Torch into the Poolroom E of the Hall and walk slowly through the middle to get swimming with the Torch, up the other side and ignite the Torch.

Get back to the Hall the same way and hop onto the crate in the NE corner. Turn around and hop onto the high stack of crates, side flip/back flip over the balustrade and head N to the Green Key room. Into the wooden passage NE, go twice right around the corner and come to a large room, leave the Torch where you can find it again.

The Copper Globe.

Near to where you entered is a lever in a passage W, use it to open the door and you’ll find that push able crate. Push it once and pick up the Copper Globe from under it.

Timed Torch Run, the Silver Globe.

Now we are in for a timed run with the Torch. Go to the SW corner of the room where you’ll find a pit we have to cross. Take the opening between the bookshelves left of that pit and go to the end. Turn around at that wooden crate and throw the Torch so it will end up near the W wooden panel (so you can easily grab it during the run). Hop onto the crate SE and push the crate E all the way in, turn left and push that crate in till you can reach the lever. Save and pull, run out, down from the crate and straight against the panel W where the Torch should be, pick it up and turn right, run back to the room and left around to jump to the platform in the pit. Jump to the other side (savegame) and in the next room you can carefully light the fire in the SE corner of the room, a trapdoor opens SW. Drop the Torch where you can find it, you’ll need it again. Climb up and back flip, get the Flares and go find a small medipack (N) and the Silver Globe (SE) on the crates. Get down, pick up the Torch and go back through the pit to the large room. Leave the Torch here for now.

The Gold Globe.

Go up that ladder S and to the S is a Planet Puzzle. Go into a hidden passage left of the doors E and follow through to a lever to open those big doors in the Puzzle room. Go back out and head E into the room with a big picture of the planetary system. Next to the couch is the Golden Key (NE). Go back to the puzzle room and straight into another hidden passage in the W wall, use the Key to open the gates to the puzzle pieces.

The 2 small planets are not too hard, look up over the pieces and see under which tiles (on the ceiling of the puzzle floor) they have to go. When placed correctly an electric arc will show. The bigger ones had the same clue texture in my opinion. The red one goes close to the smaller planets and the striped one in the far NE corner (screenshot).

A flyby shows a picture opening up in the room where the Gold Key was. Follow that passage to yet another floor up.

In the SW corner of the room is the Yellow Keyhole and a door W. Go through an opening E and take a right (to the left we first need some water), in the end of that passage is a Large Medipack. Then look between those book shelves to find a jump lever S, this will open the door to an outside area.

Go back a bit and find that door E.

Outside, a Waterskin for the Yellow Key.

Go to the bridge E and look for a short ladder next to it, climb down as far as and drop to the ground, go to the SW corner and find a Small Waterskin. Fill it in the pond and head NE to a Timed lever.

Pull, run S and hop on the block there, grab up to the trapdoor and jump to the next, then 2 hops over the 2 high blocks to that short ladder again and go up (savegame). Go back inside and right around corners to use the water on the bowl E. A block lowers outside, go there and pick up the Yellow Key.

Return to the room W and use the Key SW opening the door W, inside is the Gold Globe.

Use the Torch for the Golden Relic. (for the Bonus Level)

Back out, into the small passage NE and to the Planet Puzzle, head N down the ladder and pick up the Torch. Into the wooden passage NW, left and right and through the poolroom to the teleporter room, step in and go to the deadly pool. Hop to the in-active spike tile and jump to the alcove to light the fire (careful!). A block lowers behind the second Spike hammer. You leave the Torch now, no need for it again. Jump the blocks again to get to the Spike hammer passage and pass through both to get to the teleporter room. Look N behind the Spike hammer, jump to grab the opening and jump to grab the grated ceiling. Go to a small medipack and proceed into the room to get Secret #3, a Golden Relic (last screen of the passage with a spike traps, all de-activated now).

Go W and through the teleporter to get back to the teleporter room.

Use the Globes for the Second Relic.

In the room E are the receptacles for the Globes, remember? Place those and the door opens so you can get the Second Relic.

Using the Relics.

Go back to the teleporters and take the S one, out to the Wooden passage and right/second left to the Green key room, head S to the upper Hall and then W through the upper bedroom to the curtain W. Hop into the N side pool and swim into a tunnel NE, place the 2 Relics and the wall lowers. Get through the Spike hammer and come to the Old Mine. Down the tracks to the lower section and to the W is that passage you saw while picking up the secrets, that’s the entrance to the Bonus level. The N tunnel behind that waterfall leads to the end of the level.

Bonus Level – The Forgotten Treasure. Expert level!

I will provide some videos and saves so you can look how to do it or use a save when you’re not lucky.

Go W through the dead spike trap and you will be advised to save.

Step onto the tile with the light and come to a room with hot gold. Those grey tiles will sink as you step on them, so be quick about it and the lining up is crucial (Video - savegame).

Get through the spike and spike hammer trap, but immediately stop after that.

Stand to the right, slide a bit when the spikes are up and jump right to get to that break tile, a running jump to the spike block and one more running jump to grab the tiny ledge (Videosavegame).

Jump into the opening and pick up the Large Medipack. More sink tiles inside, run around the corner to the next safe ledge and run to jump the pit with a roll, back flip immediately and jump from the sloped ledge to grab the monkeyclimb. Use the jump lever at the end of it to raise a ledge in the big room. Jump out to the right and from the ledge into the next opening. Time the spikes and stand jump, run over the spike ledge and jump again to get to the last room. Pull the chain and a wooden platform will rise at the last opening W. Get back through the traps and runjump out with a sharp right curve to grab the platform. Get into the opening and get a small medipack inside.

Then step into the teleporter to get to the top of the room.

Stand to the right and jump onto the sloped block. Jump hard right to the break tile and a running jump to the next. Run left and keep to the left side. When just on that last tile, jump to that grey ledge (will become deadly any moment) and immediately another running jump left around the spike trap to grab that tiny ledge (Videosavegame). Now turn left and jump from this tiny ledge to the teleporter and you’ll end up at the Boss (savegame).

The Relic and a Sacred Gem.

Just keep side jumping left right while shooting and after you dropped him you can get the Relic. Pull the statue at the W wall from the wall and place the relic behind it. A block rises in the middle, grab the Sacred Gem from the top of it.

You’re back in the Mine, this time step through the waterfall NE and slide back home to wait for more…

August 06 -2012.