Lost Lunar Complex.

Level by Eye of Isis.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Go straight and take a left and crawl in. At the end jump down and go straight (S). Take the first opening on the right and follow through. In this small room get the Flares on the left and a small medipack on the right.

Go back to the corridor and go S again. Go down to the water edge and in the SE is a hole. Swim through and almost at the end go to the right (W) and up. Get out at the S side and pick up the Flares. A couple of bats are flying here in this area.

SW is a cave, go through it and come to a valley with scorpions. Follow the path and end up at an obelisk.

The Obelisk.

Go W and into a crawlspace. Down at the end, follow through and end up at a pool area. Jump in the pool and go up the steps at the other side.

The Spike Trap.

Run into the opening (W), where you’ll find break tiles over a spike pit. Just run straight and come to the next small square.

The Small Square.

Go to a lever in the SW corner. The two doors on the small square open, each leading to a Key we need, doesn’t matter which one you do first. We did it like this.

Torch Puzzle, First Moon Hypostyle Key.

First take the opening N.

There’s nothing in the vase, grab up to the ceiling to use the monkey climb to get over the deadly floor. Go around the corner go into the opening left and find a Torch on the lower floor. Take it with you and back to the corridor and continue E.

Igniting a Torch.

Next room has a push puzzle. Put the Torch somewhere where you can find it later.

Pull the block in the middle of the E wall out once and then push it to the corner SE. Pull the block in the W wall out as well and push it next to the one in the SE corner against the S wall. Push the third one (standing NW) against the second one so you have a row of 3 blocks. Now you can pull out the next one from the E wall and move it W as far as possible. Climb up and hop onto the lower part of the ledge on the S wall, from there jump over N to the walkway (now you know the route with the Torch later).

On the walkway are 3 more blocks.

Push all blocks to the W side so you can pull out the block in the W wall and leave it one block from the bridge. Use the ledge N to get on top of the push able blocks. Jump up E onto the bridge. A Fire Wraith is released, so jump down into the water to get rid of it.

Timed Jumps with the Torch.

Take the Torch and stand on the slightly raised tile N. This is a timed run so better make a save here. Get back on top with the torch and ignite it on the flame (don’t get too close to the fire). (savegame - Video) Throw the torch down on a safe spot and jump in the water

Fetch the Torch and go out S, straight into the room where you found it and light the two baskets E and W. The door opens N.

Get in and pick up a Moon Hypostyle Key.

Leave the Torch and go back out S, take a right and use the monkey climb again to get to the other side. Get out to the Small Square.

The Small Square, Four Sisters Puzzle, Second Moon Hypostyle Key.

Take the door W. Come to a small fountain, there is a lever on the W wall, this opens a gate further in the corridor S.

Fiery Pillars.

Stand on the coloured tile and the flames start on the pillars. Shoot the two crocs in the pool below; you may have to lure them closer. Then dive in and swim to the other end; turn around and use the underwater lever (facing N). This turns of the middle flame. Get back through the water and climb out. Walk to the end of the coloured tile and do a standing jump and grab the edge of the first pillar, shimmy around and stand in the corner. Hop over to the tile without a flame and then take a running jump to grab the next pillar. Shimmy around as well and jump to the floor lever. This opens a gate in the passage at the spike pit.

Back to the water, swim back, take the corridor back to the area with the fountain, head N to the Small Square and up the steps (NE). Then jump over the breakable tiles to the opening on the right (E) and through the open gate. The gate slams shut and quite some dogs will attack. Use the floor lever to open a door ahead, more dogs to kill. Go through the opening E and jump down. Take a right and jump on the block in the corner. Jump higher on the next block and face E. Jump and grab the ladder there, transfer to the other side and back flip. Turn S and jump up to grab the ledge and hoist up. Stand on the highest point and run jump to the next ledge and the next (N). From there go into the opening on the left.

You’ll end up on a walkway, drop and grab the edge and shimmy to the right and into the opening in the fence. Use the button there and shimmy back to the entrance.

A rope appeared (N) take a running jump and grab the rope, swing once and grab the crawlspace. Get in and find Secret #1, a Shotgun, a small medipack and the Sacred Sistrum of Bastet (just an artefact, we won’t have to use it). Get back out and drop on the ledge.

The Four Sisters Scroll.

Either use the rope and lower yourself to drop on that column with the gate around it, or take a standing jump, in which case you’ll loose some health.

Pick up the Four Sisters Scroll and read it:

For the path to unleash, the Four Sisters must reunite.

When they wander the left path, you shall find the light.

The Four Sisters.

Jump down and enter the open gates N. Pick up the Flares on the pedestal.

There are 4 cat statues here (the Sisters) and they have to be pushed around.

The clue is “When they wander the left path”, left around is counter clockwise so the statues should end up facing counter clockwise standing in a circle (screenshot). The one standing W against the pedestal goes to the square E of the pedestal, the others you’ll have to figure out yourself.

Underwater Levers, the Second Moon Hypostyle Key.

Go in and into the water, swim W and then take a right or left. In the adjoining rooms are 4 levers in total, each operating gates in the W side of the room. There are 5 gates in total:

1-2 are the entrance gates to the next passage, 3-4-5 are located in that passage. So you’ll have to try out which lever operates what gates and make notes.

NW lever gate 1-2-3

SW lever gate 4-5

NE lever gate 4-3

SE lever gate 1-2-4-5

So DO NOT touch the underwater levers in the first rooms only the ones in the last rooms NW and SW, those are the only ones opening all 5 gates (If you would use another lever, a gate opened already would close again).

Swim through the open gates W and at the end go up, N on a pedestal is the Second Moon Hypostyle Key (camera shot). Swim back and go to the Cat statue puzzle room and then out to the poolroom…

Using the Moon Hypostyle Keys.

Go E into the passage and get into the crawlspace left to get back to the Obelisk.

Go N into the cave and coming to a room with pillars go the right and jump up the sandy slope into the NE corner. Grab the monkey bars and swing to the other side. Let go at the end and grab the ledge, crawl into the crawlspace, down at the other end and use the two keys N and S.

The door W opens, go down some steps and take a left or right and come to the Crystals room.

The Crystal Room, 4 Jump Levers.

In the pool, under the bridge are some Flares.

Now we need to find and operate 4 jump levers.

Go to the NE corner of the room and climb S up to the top of the sandy hill at the E wall. Face W standing back at the wall and jump to the pillar to grab the climbable top. Shimmy to the right around, Lara’s feet have to touch the last runner (screenshot). Back flip and grab the next, shimmy left around one corner and try to get to the middle. Back flip and roll to grab jump lever #1 (screenshot of the room).

Back on the sandy hill and this time jump SW to grab the pillar there (saves some moves).

Shimmy right or left two corners, again back flip and roll. Shimmy right again and try to end up in the middle, back flip and roll and grab jump lever #2.

To the Rope.

A rope appears, up in the N side of the room. Go back to the sandy hill and climb the first pillar again. Shimmy around two corners and back flip/roll and grab the next one (W). Shimmy right around one corner and back flip/roll and grab the pillar (the one with the first lever you used)

Shimmy around two corners and back flip/roll to grab the rope. Swing and grab the top of the pillar W.

Pity, but you have to go the long way around to get to the jump lever on the back of this pillar, so shimmy right around and back flip/roll grab.

Next is shimmy left and grab the next, shimmy left and jump to the next and finally grab jump lever #3. A block comes up, so now you can jump to the cage SW and make your way from pillar to pillar till you end up at the last jump lever #4 SW. Drop from the block and find the big open doors W, up the stairs and to the W end of the next room, turn E and jump to the ledge to get the Flares. Now drop into the water below. Climb out W and then turn to your right, use the binoculars and spot that jump lever.

On the other side of the room is a push block, push it under the jump lever.

After using it jump down and get into the pool, there is now an opening you can swim through. Get in and use the underwater lever at the end, swim out and climb out. A door is now open in the S wall. Jump in and you have to time the spikes. Pick up a Medipack and climb up and jump down, go to the N end and in the alcove left is a wall lever. Camera shot of raising blocks creating a way back up to the Crystals Room for later. Shoot the two crocks in the pool and jump in the water, there is a door in the S wall, you have to open manually.

Winding Tunnels, to the Sacred Star of Bastet.

Get air and make a save. Dive in and follow through this twisted tunnel. If you are lucky you won’t need a small medipack to make it through all the way, but once in the huge cave, swim up and get air.

Get onto the island and jump in the water again at the E side, in the side of the building is an opening, get in and be sure to have your health topped up, then swim down all the way, then through a cage like structure (E), swim into another twisted tunnel and up a steep part, after that go left into the corner and up a long shaft to get air.

Dive down again and keep left, through 2 empty rooms and up another winding tunnel, up into a room with some air finally. Get out E and walk to the other end, jump up and use the lever.

Watch the fly by, an explosion follows, a trapdoor opens and lets in the moonlight. An artefact appears on a pedestal, we have to get back to the Crystals room.

A door opened E, go in and stand left of the spike trap, turn right and jump onto the sloped spike trap, back flip off onto the higher block. Slide down the next passage and follow through to the room with the push block.

If you used that lever in the alcove we mentioned, the blocks W should be up. Push the block near to it so you can climb up and up to the top floor. Go E, down the steps and in the Crystal room go left and around the corner get the Sacred Star of Bastet.

Watch the fly by and go the long way around to meet the demi god (so you don’t wake the golden beasts that guard the dias there). After killing it (or outrunning it), you have to climb the blocks at the W wall (SW) as the door up in the wall opened there.

Avoid the Bird Blades and use the button to open doors. Get out and go to the S end, into the passage, take a right or left and up some steps return to the room where you used the Keys before and the level ends.

July 16-2012.