The Prometheus Legacy.

Level by Francesco Venco.

Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.


1- Start.

In this level you have the choice to use Save Crystals like in the TRI console version as the author states.

But you have the choice to use the normal savegame option in the start of the level, just save when this text comes up "Make a choice – Crystal or easy save."

I used the easy save system. I will not mention the crystals in this walkthrough, you’ll have to find them yourself if you use that option..

As soon as you leave the bridge the level continues in the Aegean Sea.

2- Lost City of Eos. 3 secrets.

You cannot drown in this game…. You will have some weapons in your inventory, the Uzis and the Harpoon gun, also the Scion from Lara’s previous adventure.

You can do all of the following in random order.

Pickup and a Secret.

Turn left from where you start and swim to that Big Structure SW which I’ll call Big Hall in this walk.

First a pickup and a Secret, swim straight SW over the building and down to a ledge behind it where you’ll find 2x Uzi ammo. Turn right (W) and swim down to a small opening in the left side rocks, get in against the current and pick up Secret #1, a Golden Skull.

Another Secret, 3 Levers for the Trapdoor.

Swim out and straight a bit, then turn left to the W, swim to those lamp posts and up to the right is a high ledge on two columns, on top of the ledge is Secret #2, a Golden Skull.

Turn right E and swim straight down to a vase, the First Lever is next to it and shows a trapdoor. Turn around, swim N and on a pillar to the right is the Second Lever. Turn left, swim N again and up to that corner ledge on the columns, on top is a Small Medipack.

Swim a bit NE to that high pillar and on the back is the Third Lever; the trapdoor opens up. Turn S, swim down to the bottom and forward (S). First you go through some plants and then pass through a gap in the fallen pillar, turn right (you see a tile with a face on it) and go down through the opened trapdoor (screenshot).

The Centurion Head, Golden Key III.

The trapdoor closes behind you. Down to the W is Golden Key III, better turn around facing E and save before you pick it up as the Centurion will come alive. Start swimming E immediately and see 3 openings, two above and one down (with a lever) in the E wall, go into an upper one and find a lever in the back (behind the wall you are safe). This lever will raise a Timed block in front of the lever we have to do now so you will be out of sight of the Centurion Head.

Quickly swim out, down and around the corner into the opening with the lever, quickly use it and roll. Now you can do a lever in a tunnel N (Timed block raised there), out and to the S side where the last lever will open the trapdoor in the ceiling again so you can make your escape (savegame).

Swim SE to the Big Hall.

A Hammerhead, Levers and Doors, the Silver Key.

In the lower W side is an opening (screenshot). Go in and out again as a Hammerhead attacks. Take out the Harpoon gun and shoot it. Back inside that opening are some Harpoons and in the S tunnel is a lever to open the door. We’ll need to close this entrance door.

Swim in and use the lever you see to the right, two doors open nearby, turn left and swim into the door in the corner, another lever is just around the corner and it will close the entrance door. Go out and use the same lever again to close the last two doors (they have to be closed to keep the water out as we are going to drain the first part of this place).

Swim down E and into the deep part of the bottom (big trapdoor below) in the SE corner is an open gate, go in and use the lever there to partially open the trapdoor. Go back out and the trapdoor closes again; climb out E as the room is now drained.

Preparations to go Up.

Stepping on that golden tile will open a Timed gate up in the W wall (for later). For now go into the opening SE. There are spikes popping up, time them, hop on the block and immediately up again to the next (savegame). To the left is a push block, push it once onto a ledge in the room and get back.

Go to the SW corner and into the opening W, the first block on the right is push able, push it once to the E and go back to the E side of the pool. Stand on that golden tile and run jump to grab the swing pole over the pool (While on the pole, Lara can slide left or right by simply using the arrow keys. To jump off, release Ctrl). Hold Ctrl and let Lara swing till you see the load bar go up (I did 5 rotations) and release to get to the block W, roll and jump to the same pole again, swing (I did 5 rotations) and jump to grab the ledge with the block, onto the block and W to the upper pole to swing to the timed gate W (savegame).

Inside is some Uzi ammo and up SW is an opening to a lever. A trapdoor opens up in the ceiling and the room will flood again. Swim out, up to the trapdoor NE and get the Silver Key there.

After getting the Silver Key a frogman comes in from the open door N (If you swim down the trapdoor, swim around the lower room once till the frogman comes in and then swim up again, out the door N, he probably won’t follow you). Get the Flares around the corner right (SE) and NW are more Harpoons. Now we need some more firepower.

The Shotgun and a Secret.

Swim up to the roof of the Big Hall, to the NE corner. Look in the distance and spot some Flares on the end of a stone path, go get those and swim N over that small Temple and straight to a single black rock on the bottom. Just past that rock are some plants, hidden between them is Secret #3, a Golden Skull and the Shotgun.

Swim back into the Big Hall through the hole in the roof.

The Hydras, use the Silver Key.

Now use the underwater lever N, get back out thought the roof, down the N side and turn left to find an open gate near the NW corner. Go in and down, follow the tunnel and climb out in the end, save before you go to the door and enter.

3 Hydras you have to deal with, in the SW corner is some Uzi ammo. You can only harm the hydras when they tilt their head back just before spitting fire at you. Hop left and right shooting them and when they’re gone (savegame), use your Silver Key in the lock on the fence, a gate opens up. In the vases NE is a Small Medipack, go back out to the Sea and to the NE corner of the Big Hall.

Golden Key I.

Looking down you can see an opening in the black rock below (screenshot) where the gate opened by using the Silver Key.

Down the shaft in the rock and to a small room. Climb up to and go into the crawlspace W, turn left at the crossing and save. Turn around crawl backwards because you will drop through the floor, this way you can grab the edge. Time the burner and drop, jump with a roll to grab the pole, swing 5 times and release to get to the next pole. Swing 5 times again and release to get into the opening (savegame). Turn around and stand jump to the higher pole, swing 6 times and release to get to the climb wall. Go up and right, drop (savegame) and get Golden Key I. Looking outside you may see another Scuba diver (there are three of them).

NW is a push block, get it out of the corner as the exit is behind it. Crawl down and turn right (W) to crawl to a room with a crystal (through the other crawlspace you will get to the fire room again). The scuba divers came down through the ceiling while I was down here??? It is quite hard to kill them in the sea as you can soon run out of Harpoons (get "up close and personal" before shooting). So I had to leave one swimming around.

3- Flooded Caves. 1 secret

From the Big Hall swim W, past those lamp posts and down into the tunnel in the rocks (screenshot) and the level changes.

Follow through to a sunken temple, go along the right hand side of the temple and find a lever on the wall, use it to open the entrance gate at the front of the building.

Save here, swim in and climb up, wait there till you can count 4 Harpies, because you have to shoot all 4 to open the next door. After you shot them the door N opens up. The pit in the middle of the room has a connection to a room with 4 Hydras we’ll have to defeat later, on the column is the next Golden Key we cannot get yet.

Through the door that will shut you’ll find a lever, you’ll end up in water a long way down. Swim through to a large room, to the NW corner where you can pull up on a slanted rock (screenshot), backflip and jump again with a hard right curve to grab the pole. Swing 6 times (full bar) and let go to get to the next pole, same swing and grab the rock after the jump.

Walk up to the higher part of the rock and jump N to a crack in a pillar. Go around and use the jump lever there to open a gate N.

Up to the Hydras, Block Puzzle.

Swim N, right a bit and left around the rock to find the gate. Inside climb up to the right and find a lever which will raise a block behind you. Climb up and jump up to the floor above, jump across to the W side and find a push block in the SW corner wall. Pull out twice, pull it to the E twice and then push it N into the opening in the floor. You now have a solid way back up to this floor, drop down and go back to that floor lever. Use it again to lower the block on ground floor, but it will raise a block on the first floor (NW). Use the push block to climb back up and go to the new block in the NW corner to climb to the second floor. Jump to the E side and find some Flares NE.

Climb the wall SE into a stairwell above. In the W around the corner is a small medipack. The grey block straight E behind the column is a push able one. Move it in and go inside to use the lever which will activate the Zip-line. Don’t leave yet, but push the block to the S, this will open the way to Secret #4, Harpoons (one set poisoned), Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack.

The Four Hydras, Golden Key II.

Go out to the stairs and grab the Zip-line, drop on the battle floor and go into the pool first to grab a Small and a Large Medipack and 2x Harpoons.

Now save at the lever between the pools. When you use it the Hydras will come alive, all 4 of them at once.

There are some different tactics you can use to get through this:

Run to the middle of the floor, turn slightly left or right, so you’re not facing those creatures straight and start to roll while firing. It has no use to shoot when the Hydra has no fire in its mouth, so when Lara aims and you see no fire, roll and look for another victim.

I myself also ran forward a bit after every roll (about two steps) (video)

You can also shoot the first two from the water with the harpoon gun, quite fast and safe I might add, because when close up you can harm them even when they don’t have fire in the mouth.

(savegame) (video)

Now we have to destroy the place, in the pillars where the Hydras were are 4 push blocks, pull them from under the pillars and the roof of the temple will cave in, flooding the place. Swim through the hole in the ceiling (over the centre of the battle floor) to the temple and grab Golden Key II from the golden ledge. A couple of Hammerheads show up, so swim out through the roof and go along the ceiling of the cave to the S where you’ll find the tunnel back to the Sea.

Swim E to the Big Hall and by now a submarine joined the search for you. From the Big Hall swim N to the lamp post and left there into a large submerged staircase. One floor down you can find some Harpoons NE, then swim SW to find a lever, it opens the Timed gate down E (behind you, roll and start swimming during the view of the gate). Follow and around the second corner you have to time the spike traps. Save after those and swim along the surface through the next room as there are strong current traps trying to suck you down (or follow the path where plants are growing). Get the 2x Flares and go up into the next room. Pick up 2x Uzi ammo and time the sprint through the spikes.

Use the Keys, the White Crystals.

There are two levers left and right, one stops the spikes and the other opens the gate to the Key Hall. NW is a vase with a Small Medi and on 3 of the walls you can use the Golden Keys, each key will produce 2 White Crystals on the pedestals in the middle of the room, pick up the 6 Crystals and a door opens N. Go in and hop down into the shaft.

4- Prometheus Palace. No secrets

Swim to the shore and go up to the Palace, in the wall to the left (W) is a push block. The lever on the wall to the right of the door is for later. Pull out the block and run down into the hole, swim a bit forward to get the Harpoons and quickly make it to the building N, get in and up to climb out, no need to kill the Sea Hags.

The Atlantean Machine, Discharged/Charged Crystals.

Go in NW and follow through to a slide down into a cave. Enter the next room and a flyby starts. Go to the right and two Horsemen appear, shoot them to get the 2 Discharged Crystals. Go NW and take a right along the N wall to find some Flares in front of a door you can push open.

Charge the Crystals.

Go in and up the ladder (right around a corner), time the flames and go up further. Backflip into a passage, open the door and go into the next room, shoot the 2 Harpies and go to a lever on the N wall. It will activate both ancient contraptions and you can now take the 2 Charged Crystals. Make your way back down that ladder (mind the flame), go left and the gate goes up, open the door and into the large room with the Atlantean Machine, climb the block next to the door and hop onto the higher block next to it. Now jump to the central pillar where you can see a receptacle for a Crystal. One of the Charged one goes here, turn around and hop to the ladder. Go up and off to the right, get over to the Flares SE and then get the Uzi ammo (the door S holds a Secret and will open later). Go W and turn towards the central pillar, hop down onto the ledge you see below to place the 2nd Crystal. Hop to the ladder N and go down as far as possible on the right hand side and drop to the floor.

Use the Scion.

Under the central pillar is an active receptacle and it seems to be the place to use the Scion you had in the inventory. The trapdoor opens up and you’ll end up in a passage. Through the passage is a pool with a closed gate, go E to a room with spike traps. A bit more complicated than it seems as there are traps between the spikes too. What I did (and it looks like the only way) was stand back, hop onto the first ledge when the spikes are going down and runjump with a hard right curve to end up next to a spike trap between the second and third spike ledge. Turn towards the lower spikes and run with a curve onto that ledge, a jump over the last obstacle to get to the ladder (savegame) (video).

Climb up and go straight to that push block and pull it once, turn right and go into that passage to push the block there once. Look how those blades work and run after them, jump over that hole and climb up at the end. Climb up avoiding the blades and climb up to a small cave, get the Small Medipack and go down the crawlspace SW.

The Hall.

Drop into a room with 2 Horsemen. They leave nothing behind; this room is the Hall from where we go explore different areas. Open the doors S and you are back at the front of the Palace. Go left around the corner to that lever we can now use. Save, use and turn left, jump over that ledge and into the door, the Timed gate is to the right (E) (savegame), go down and around the corner through another gate….

5- Planetarium.

Into the next room and E up the ladder, left around to drop on the balcony (If Lara won’t grab the ladder, exit the game, open again and try again). Grab the crack in the N wall and go left to the white marble balcony. Push the button to open the door below. Jump onto the W balcony to get Secret #5, a Large Medipack. Side flip over the fence to land in the water below and pick up 2x Uzi ammo from under the bridge. Go N through the door.

Planetarium Room Daytime: First Timed Platform Run.

On the E side balcony is a trigger tile, brings out a Timed platform up in the NE corner. The way up is from the W balcony to the black rock NW and from there to the roof at the N side. On the first level balcony W is another trigger tile, bringing out a second Timed platform you need. The idea is to get up to the upper ledge E.

Stand close to the first trigger (E wall), hop backwards on the trigger and get to the W side balcony, jump and grab the NW rock, pull up and curve right while jumping E to the roof (you can save while pulling up, won’t cost time). Curve right and jump SW onto the balcony, run to the tile and roll, jump back NE over to the roof and run to the E side, jump onto the first platform, curve right and jump onto the second, quickly grab up to the ledge (not close to the wall as she won’t grab there). Shimmy to the corner and pull up (savegame).

Second Timed Platform Run.

There’s another trigger tile up here, it will bring out the Timed platforms. Run S over the tile, roll so you’ll fall off the end grabbing the edge, drop and roll as you land. Run to the SW corner and jump to the roof, run to the other end, up the platforms and jump onto the ledge on the W wall (savegame). A cut scene starts as you enter the opening, I advise you to break it with the look key and quickly go for the button in the passage as two wraiths appear.

Roll, run out and roll again to grab the edge of the ledge as you fall off, drop to the balcony below, run N and drop to the ground floor. Run into the now open door N and get into the water. Dive down and use the underwater lever to change the layout of the Planetarium Room.

The Sun goes out the ceiling and it is night.

Planetarium Room

Night time Adventures to get the Sun Key.

Now we have to "get in touch" with each of the dark planets orbiting the Room.

Planet 1, Spikes.

Make your way back up to the NW rock, over to the roof at the N wall, stand SW and look down into the room to spot one of the dark planets orbiting below. Looks like you cannot get close to this one as it moves away from you when you get to the place where it almost touches the balcony. So I just jumped to it from the N roof (and got lucky?). You’ll get to a spot in the universe and you are forced to save, time the run through the spikes and the jump onto the higher ledge to get to a blue sphere, pick it up (not in inventory) and you’ll get to the white ball passage, run forward and you’ll get back to the Planetarium Room.

Planet 2, the Crystal Horse.

Make your way back up to the NW rock, over to the balcony at the E wall. Stand near the fence and as soon as that planet comes over, jump up to touch it.

You’ll be transported to a spot in the universe. You’ll be told to save too. Walk the tunnel to the gap in the floor and just run/or jump off to land on a lower ledge.

Go NE and spot the block with the spikes. Face W standing at the end of the path and turn slightly to the right so that you can side flip onto the spike block and immediately jump forward and grab the top of the tunnel.

The idea is that you should jump W through those swinging axes and shoot the ball hanging in that alcove W, but it is possible to shoot it from here with pistols (jump up and down).

A mysterious path appears somewhere. Drop down to the safe path below and face N to grab up into the tunnel again. Jump over the next gap and go to the end, walk the crystal path and go into the building N. A Crystal Horse appears, shoot it (Uzi/Shotgun) and watch the health. A blue sphere is all that remains, pick it up (not in inventory) and you’ll be transported to the white ball passage (savegame).

When you step forward you’ll get back to the Planetarium Room.

Planet 3, the Rope.

First step on the trigger tile E to get out all the Timed platforms, this time they aren’t timed.

Make your way up to the E side upper ledge and just wait for the planet…

Save and run to the end of the passage, out right or left to a lower ledge and up the stairs to the opening N where you can already see the next sphere, but it takes some doing to get there.

Jump out sharp right to end up on a slanted ledge you can stand on, hop to the block E, then to the one N and down into the archway W. From there into the opening in the S wall and go right to a lever, which will bring out a rope near the sphere. Go back N to the opening, jump out right into the archway and this time there are spikes on the blocks, turn around standing with Lara’s left foot on the white line and back flip when the spikes are just up, side flip left and immediately hop forward. Jump over to the W side and follow those blocks there up to the top of the room. From there jump to the ledge with the safe crystal (NO Ctrl) and then to the rope under the big arch.

Here you could go for a Secret: Turn right and swing SE to the ledge on the columns, jump down to the block E and follow the blocks to one behind the NE block, That’s where you’ll find Secret #6, a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

To get back to the rope, up to the highest block, then stand jump to the column W and to the S wall with the slanted ledge you can stand on. Over to the W side and the route up the blocks again to get to the rope.

Swing to the blue sphere. Pick it up and you are back in the white ball passage (savegame) Now you can almost get to that white ball, you’ll get back to the Planetarium Room because we need to do one more Planet.

Planet 4, the Balls.

Make your way up to the upper W side and stand on a corner waiting for the planet to touch you.

In the end of the passage you’ll see an island with obelisks.

Ball 1.

Jump over to the island and stand SE to jump to a moving platform. Jump W to the arch and then to the next platform N, up and jump/grab to the beam S.

Inside a ball will fall down, climb up through the window next to the ball and push the ball down into the room. Go down after it.

Ball 2.

Jump from the beam to the platform NW and then to the beam N, go in and left into the tunnel, follow up through a door and hear a ball fall when you enter, this one will be lost as it goes into a sloped passage. Go to the window W and move the push block till it rests in front of the sloped tunnel S, blocking it. Slide down the slope E and go into the passage S again, up to the previous room and a new ball will fall, stopped by the block you can now use this one and push it down the slope E. Go down after it.

Ball 3.

Jump to the platform NE and then to the beam E. Up into the room and throw the lever NE to release the ball. Now move the ball onto the white marked tile to de-activate the Blade trap at the second lever. Use that lever to open the door again and push the ball down the slope. Go down after it.

Ball 4.

Platform SE, beam S and into the room for the last ball.

On the middle of that E wall, under the ledge above, is a jump lever that will release the ball.

Hard to see, but the second block from the left (in the N wall) is a push block, get it out and over to the E wall so you can climb up and push the ball down. You’ll see the blue sphere descend to the island.

Go out to the beam; jump SW to the moving platform and then SW to the arch. E to the moving platform, jump off to the island and get the Blue sphere.

You’ll be transported to the white ball passage again (savegame).

Run forward and the place changes again. You are now in the room where the Sun went. On the W wall is a button, use it to vaporize the sun so you can get the Sun Key.

Out you go (E) and through the opened gate, drop down in that passage.

4- Prometheus Palace part 2. 2 secrets

The Golden Tablet.

Follow back to the Hall where the Sun key can be used to open the gate N. Go in and left to a spike/blade trap. Check the health, stand close, hop over the first spikes into the lower part. Then wait for the next spikes to lower and jump up a running jump to get through (savegame).

Follow the passage and open the doors on the left, this is a shortcut back to the Atlantean Machine.

For the Secret: Go in and go N onto that yellow block and make your way back up to the top of the Machine, over to the S side and a small door opened there to Secret #7, a Medipack and Uzi ammo. Get back down again and out to the passage S.

Go SE to the end of the passage to pick up the Golden Tablet, you’ll see a gate open up.

The Tablet has symbols on it and reads:

One was the Fire… In three it was divided… By six it can be reunited.

Go straight out S and up the steps to the Hall. Enter the opened gate W and come to the Iron Key room (has to be used here later). We’ll be back here, for now go out right (N) into the Room with the Balconies. Shoot the Horseman and climb the block NE, jump onto the balcony and turn right, climb the broken pillar there. Looking W you can spot a jump lever, line up and jump around that lamp on the ceiling to get to the lever. A gate opened N, go through and around the corner is a trap, this one not too hard. Stand at the edge, time the spikes and stand jump over the pit to land when the spikes are down, keep running and jump over the second pit.

You’ll enter the Stairs Room, we’ll be back through this room some times, this time take the lower stairs down to the Horseman Room.

The Horseman Room, Battle for the Golden Keys.

There are 6 horses and 4 doors, first go to a button located NW on the N wall. Two of the horsemen will come out, if you’re fast enough and shoot them before they reach the horse, they will stay on the floor and are easier to kill. If on the horse, hop backwards while facing the horse and stay on the side where the Axe is. As long as you hear the horseman grunt you’re doing ok. When he falls from the horse hop backwards and shoot him.

These two will drop Golden Key I and II. Already picked up in this save (savegame).

The Torch.

Go out S to the Stairs room, up the stairs and open the door SE with Key II (for later). Turn around and head right or left up the stairs to the N. Step out onto the left hand archway and look NW to spot a rope. Use that to get to the N side archway and inside you can open the gate with Golden Key I (lock S). Go inside to pick up a Torch. I threw down two of them into the Horsemen Room (just to be sure). You can also pick up Uzi ammo and a Small Medipack where the Torches are.

Ignite 4 Bowls for the Iron Key.

Safety drop down into the room and get a Torch. Go S to the stairs room, through the open door SE, this is the way back to the Room with the Balconies. Jump over the trap and go S to the Iron Key room, out left to the Hall and out S to the front of the Palace. Ignite the Torch on one of the bowls and go back inside, left to the Iron Key room and N to the Room with the Balconies. Jump with the Torch on the lower block E, then to the block NE and onto the balcony, go to the SE corner and ignite the #1 bowl. Go back N and onto the high block from which you got to the jump lever, this time just jump to the other side balcony and go SW to ignite the #2 bowl. Pick up the Small Medipack nearby and make your way down to the ground floor with the Torch.

Go N to the Horseman Room, jump on the throne W and then to each of the bowls on the side to ignite them. The Iron Key appears on the Throne, pick it up.

Use the Iron Key.

Leave the Torch here and return S to the Iron Key room. Find the crack in the S wall and go right to the pillar. From the highest part, jump over to the crack N and shimmy right to an alcove. Jump out SE onto that white arch and from there over to the arch W, hop to the Keyhole W and stand in a corner to shoot the Harpies. Use the Key to open a gate below and hop back to get the Uzi ammo from the grey arch. Drop down to the balcony below to get the Small Medipack, Flares and Uzi ammo. Hop down to the ground floor and go through the gate W, open the doors.

Cave of Light.

If you want a Secret, go to the N and from the corner of the building look up N to spot a ledge on the rock pillar (screenshot), backflip onto the rocks E and bounce off to grab that ledge. On the SW corner is Secret #8, a Small Medipack.

More Important Business: Symbols Puzzle.

Go all the way S and up the stairs, open the doors and shoot 2 horsemen and a Harpy. Find a Small Medipack SW, 2x Uzi ammo SE and W.

The columns in this room have symbols on them. On each column should be 4 different symbols, so move the lower parts around till you manage that (you will also notice that if a part is placed wrongly, the piece won’t fit nicely). (End result graphic)

The gate opens SE, open the doors in the passage.

Reconstructing the Symbol Column.

In the next room is a column that is partially dismantled. To reconstruct it, we need a clue. The "E" symbol will not count here, as it will stay in place, the only column in the previous room without the E symbol is the NW one. The order from top to bottom should be N-Y-P-O.

First Moves, O-Y.

Start by climbing that little bridge left of the column, inside is a Timed trigger tile to extinguish the flames in the room (in a crack, and under two of the puzzle pieces).

Run out and W of the column to get behind the O piece, push it out and sideflip left. Pull the piece in front of the column, onto the raising block. Back up the bridge to the Flame trigger and now jump over the fence to the left to get behind the Y piece in the S wall, push it out. Move it to the W and left into the alcove.

Go to the SE corner and use the lever SE next to the water (this lever operates all the raising blocks you need, next time I won’t tell where it is). Back to the

Y piece SW and push it onto the raising block in the back of that alcove.

Go N to the front of the column and onto the raising block with the O piece and push it into place on top of the E.

Next Pieces, N-P.

Climb from the raising block up to the level where the N piece is (this one is for the top level) and push it all the way to the S into the passage and left onto the raising block. Climb up one level on the grated floor where the P is and move it onto the raising block SE.

Make your way down to the ground floor and use the lever; the 3 pieces will move up/down. Then go to the trigger tile for the flames (bridge E) and run NW of the column where you’ll find a crack in the W wall, grab up and go left to the floor before the flames start again.

Get the P and move it into place.

Take the Y piece from the alcove W (on this floor) and move it onto the lowered block E.

Climb up two levels (top level) and go get the N from the passage S, move it N to the column.

Last Piece, Y.

Back down to the lever and use the lever for the last time, you can either use the crack W or just climb up using the raising block in front of the column to get to the second level and move the last piece, the Y, into place (screenshot).

A Beam of light will come from the Face in the room with the symbol columns (savegame).

Controlling the Light Beam.

Make your way back N through the room with the face and out N to the Cave of Light where the beam hits the central prism on the fountain. This beam has to eventually go into the building W of the Cave.

Follow the light up the steps E to an obelisk with a prism on top.

Turn the obelisk so the beam will hit the Crystal on the S wall (push handle to the S), the gates N and S will open up.

Go into the gate N and up the pole, go up to the blade as close as you can and back flip off onto the floor above, shoot the Horseman. Push the button in the E passage and a block lowers to the Room with the Balconies.

Back down and turn the obelisk so the beam goes N into the window. Don’t mind the other obelisk in the S room for now.

By this time the room with all the crystal receptacles (Atlantean Machine) is activated as the light beam is directed to it.

Align The Mirors.

Head back E through the door, left into the Iron Key room and let to the room with the balconies, N into the passage with the trap, jump over and go up the stairs where you’ll find an opened door to the left (W).

Inside are 3 levers, maybe this is a bit strange, but I first pulled them all down and raised the one in the middle again, the result was different that when I did the left and right lever only. So from left to right they should be Down/Up/Down, the mirrors on the wall of the Horseman room should be straight up and the door W opens up.

Hop backwards in the hole grabbing the edge. Run left along the wall into the first part of the lower floor (safe) and jump a bit to the right over the spike trap. The next room has 3 Spike balls in the ceiling, watch where you walk! Go out E.

Back through the trap E, to the Iron Key room S and W to the Cave of Light. Now we have to open the trapdoor in the pool, bit unclear how this should be done…

But if you turn the light beam to the S the gates open up, go in S, turn the handle to the N (There's no light beam on this obelisk, so a bit unclear what to do). Go out and turn the light beam into the N room again, screenshot of the trapdoor.

For me the trapdoor opened now (savegame).

Swim down, throw the lever there to turn the prism on the fountain, the light should now go into the W building.

The Colour Crystals.

To the W side of the Cave, on the right hand side of the structure you can hop up the rocks to get to a crack in the wall. Go left around and drop, go into the building and the door will open (in case you’ve been up here already, a block will have risen at the S side of the building so you won’t have to use the crack again).

Inside is another obelisk, turning it will direct the beam to the crystals over coloured pedestals, activating it. When you climb the pedestal you’ll get a message:

The Crystals in the backpack are vibrating.

Place a white crystal (you have to choose it from your inventory) and it will take on the colour of the pedestal.

You have to make 6 different colours:


Easiest way without a lot of turning the beam:

Turn the beam to the Red side and use 3 White crystals on the Red side and get 3 x Red.

Turn the beam to the Blue side and use 2 Whites to make 2 Blue, while you’re here also put in one of the Reds to get Violet.

Turn the beam to Yellow, use the last White to get a Yellow.

Put in a Red to get Orange and then put in one Blue to get Green. Now you have the 6 colours.

Making a mistake will turn the crystal back into a white one. The Clue to this was on the Gold Tablet and the signs over the pedestals (thanks Jose).

The signs on the Tablet represent from L to R- Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Violet. Remember for later! (savegame)

Use the Crystals, Fire of the Gods.

Go out of the room, E out of the cave and straight through the Iron Key room to the Hall. Go N into the passage where you got the Gold Tablet and keep right. In the back is the door to the Atlantean Machine, you may have opened it already to get that Secret upstairs.

On the ground level of the Machine are 6 contraptions, each lit by a light beam. On the pedestal are the signs again. So here they are again;

The signs on the Tablet represent from L to R- Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/ Violet. Save before you start!

So N is Violet, S is Yellow, W left is Green, W right is Blue, E left is Red, E right is Orange. Watch the cutscene and go to the Activated Scion over the trapdoor that went up again and grab the Fire of the Gods.

You will drop down again, go to the pool where the gate now opened.

Swim up the long tunnel to end this adventure.

July 11-2012.