The Lost Seraph.

Level by Ram16

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Get Started.

Lara starts in a desert area with lava flows. Go up into the NE and NW corners to get 2x Shotgun ammo. Down to the lava and get across to the S side, SW is a Small Medipack. Go up S from there and left over the top of the dunes, there’s a hole in the ground with a switch. Use that to open a gate where we go now.

Shotgun and the Cartouche Pieces.

Go to the W wall and jump into the opening, follow to where you opened that gate, just before the gate and in the E wall you can spot a Shotgun. Take it from the wall and jump to the ledge in the canyon. You cannot shoot the skeletons down from the ledge, so just blow them off their feet and quickly grab Cartouche Piece #1 placed on the ledge. Run straight ahead (W) and jump to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy left around the corner and drop on the ledge. Now stay there and jump up again to grab up to the top of the wall with the crack, run to the other end and get Cartouche Piece #2 and Shotgun ammo, a skeleton awakes, just jump over it and run off the S end of the wall.

The Hand of Sirius.

Jump to the rope S and swing to the next rope, then a bit right to a ledge you can just see there. Combine the Cartouche Pieces and use them on the gate. Grab more Shotgun ammo and drop into the next area. Shoot the two giant Scorpions and look for a Small Medipack SE. In the middle of the yard are some blocks, pull out the one in the middle and put it aside to get to the Hand of Sirius. The door W opens up so get in there.

Do NOT pull the switch NW (when you use that, a camera shows a passage upstairs where a block probably goes up while it should be down) and climb the pole SE. Backflip into the passage, take a step back and stay in front of the slope. There’s a ball coming from the left, so when it gets close, jump onto the slope and slide down after the ball passed by.

Head N, up into the opening E and down the other side, go left (N) and Lara might look down (that switch below), just go to the end of the passage and find some Flares.

Up left is a jump lever, use that to open a gate in the S end of this passage, so turn back and go out to the walkway, go N and grab up to the waterfall. Get onto the roof of the building and along the W wall is a receptacle for the Hand of Sirius, a gate opens NW.

Lava cave with Spiders.

Shoot the first of many spiders (be on the lookout for more) and hop onto the left side rocks at the entrance, drop down to the floor below and go to the NE corner behind the pillar, use the jump lever there to open a door at the other end of this cave. Jump back to the S side and head W shooting rats and spiders. When in the dark NW corner, jump to the E and grab the Flares there. Climb up to the walkway above from here (SE from the Flares) and go to the N. There’s a hole in the floor at the open door, so jump over with Ctrl to get into the next room.

Cave with Long Ladders.

Jump straight to the other side and grab the crack in the wall, go left to the next ledge. Jump to the ladder S, go right and down, backflip/roll and grab the ladder N, left and down. Backflip again to get to a rock ledge on the ground floor, shoot the spiders and get the Shotgun ammo. From the pickup you can jump up SE to a ledge behind the pillar and get Secret #1, the Amulet of Horus. Jump back out and grab up to the ladder S, up and right around the corner to a monkeyclimb.

The screen suggests you have to press “MAJ”, probably Majeur?. Just hit Shift and Lara moves onto the monkeyclimb. Follow and just before the end, drop and jump from the slope to the safe ledge, jump to the opening N and go in.

Balls and Swingpoles.

A ball comes down, so sideflip onto the side and jump from slope to slope till it is gone. Shoot the vases for 2x Shotgun ammo and look for a jump lever in the ceiling along the W wall (opens a gate above). Shoot the skeleton when it comes close (wouldn’t fall down in the lava in my game). Climb the N wall up to the open gate, another ball up above, so run in and jump on the side, jump again while the ball passes underneath.

Go to the end of the slope, jump to the swing pole and hold Ctrl and the forward key, then jump to the next pole, jump again and turn right a bit on the break ledge. Hop to safety near an opening NW.

Invisible Ledges, the Hand of Sirius.

Hop and grab the break ledge, then jump to grab the invisible ledge where you see the Shotgun ammo, grab that and jump to the Small Medipack. Next ledge is SE next to the pillar, jump E to the Hand of Sirius. DO NOT pick it up yet so you’ll know where the ledge is. Jump NW behind the pillar and use the switch to raise a block S, now jump back to the Hand of Sirius and pick it up. Jump up to the monkeyclimb to get to the next Shotgun ammo pickup at the end of this monkeyclimb. Jump to the block S and place the Hand to open a gate where we go now. Follow the monkeyclimb (you can only reach from one corner) around to where the entrance of the room is and drop into the passage W.

A Wet Maze.

Just slide down and land in water, stay well clear from all those fences down here as you get stuck in them. Swim down and W to the wall, go left into the place with the fences, down at the end and to the E. At the end swim up and right to an air pocket where you can catch a breath. Swim down and use the underwater lever N to open a trapdoor in this maze. Swim out N, all the way down and back to the W, up and left. Swim around the corner, then right, left and right, then swim up to that trapdoor, go up and climb out.

A Dry Maze, the Hand of Sirius.

Walk N and find a receptacle for a Hand. Facing the receptacle and to the right is a push block in the W wall, push it all the way in. Then go left, then right to the back and left to use the switch there, a block goes down in this maze.

Go back to the block you pushed, now pull it out at least twice. Go back to the receptacle and push in the block left of the receptacle just as far as it will go, far enough to open the passage left (for later).

Get behind into the passage on the right and around the corner (opposite a closed door). Use the switch to lower another block in the maze.

Go back and zigzag straight (S) and get the Hand of Sirius around the corner on the left.

Place that in the receptacle (right and right) get to the door (NW corner), which is now open.

Jungle Cave.

Go up the slope and after the flyby head N to the pillar with the plants, on the N side of the pillar is a jump lever hidden in the plants, use that to lower a block in the hill N. Go straight N from the lever and jump up right to get into the opening. Follow through to a room with a burning floor. Jump to the NE vase (there is nothing under the other vases) and shoot it to get the Hand of Orion.

Hop to the opening in the central walkway and use the switch to raise a block, go over the walkway back to the entrance and use the switch there to raise the second block. Now go and get that push block N (you cannot pull it) and move it to the right (SW corner) next to the entrance, because the receptacle is there high up on the wall.

Climb the block; place the Hand and the door N opens up. Go climb up the wall and slide jump to the ladder and climb up.

Colour/Switch Maze.

Get off the ladder to the right and find a switch (light blue light), which doesn’t have to be used yet…

Go S, to the 4th crossing left and look up through the fence with your binoculars (E), it is opposite the orange light gate. You’ll see a colour code clue.

Light blue/red/orange/white/black/green.

Go back to where you came from (N) and use that Light blue switch near the ladder I showed you.

Go S and left to the red gate, the screen suggest how to open that gate, but there’s a language problem plus typo here “press action & arrow higt” which probably should have been “press action & arrow height (height meaning UP)”

So while running into the gate tap Ctrl while you have the up key pressed. Inside use the Red switch. Go out the same way and go S to the third crossing opposite the gate with the code.

Open the gate and use the Orange switch. Back out and left to the N, second left at the white light and use the White switch inside (according to Gerty this is white). Go out and right/left to the Blue purple (black) light and open the gate to use the Black switch.

This causes the Green gate to open and that one is all the way S. Careful! There’s a ball in the ceiling. Push the ball into the passage S and turn around and make a note of that marked tile on the floor. Now look up, the N face of the shaft where the ball came from is climbable, go up for Secret #2, another Amulet of Horus.

Climb down, down the slope where the ball went to the Jungle Cave. Slide down to the ground floor and push that ball to the incline in the floor with the same marked tile as you saw in the room above (W wall).

Now go to the waterfall NW, dive in and find the small tunnel W. Swim against that ladder and hold down Ctrl as the screen suggests. Go up to a room with pole and trapdoor. Go E to the right hand side of the hole in the floor and grab up to the crack, climb in and immediately out again as a Flying skeleton will attack and you’re better off shooting him on a flat floor.

Up the crack again and hang out the other side, shimmy right around the corner and pull up in the end to use the switch which will open that trapdoor. So go back along the crack, into the room and up the pole.

Push the ball down E (NOT through the hole with the pole) and make a note of the marked tile.

Stand on the higher floor NE and against the N wall, jump up and grab when you reach the top of the wall (not the crawlspace). Climb up to the top of the wall.

For a Secret:

Go NW and hang down the N side, drop and grab the alcove with the plants and use the switch. Look out NW to the waterfall and spot an opening (hard to see through the plants). Jump in there to get for Secret #3, another Amulet of Horus.

Shortcut back: standjump out SE and hit Ctrl to land in the lower alcove with the switch, use the crack to get back to the room with the pole and go up again. You can also take the long route by dropping down into the water below and get back up to the roof.


Go SE and grab the Small Medipack on the corner of the wall. Watch out as another flying skeleton might appear. Stand back one step, jump to the swing pole, swing to the next and then to the corner ledge. Check the health and jump down to the much lower ledge N, get inside there.

Jump left around to get to the block, then to the highest one E and turn around. Jump to grab that ladder and go up and left around to the monkeyclimb, hit Shift to grab that and go to the opposite side of the room, up the ladder there to the next monkeyclimb and follow to the end. Drop on the ledge and go SE to use the jump lever there (on the left), fire will engulf the top floor, so carefully crawl back to the ledge where you can grab the monkey climb. Go to the ball and get behind it to push it down the open passage, (remember the tile) and follow down behind it and safety drop down onto the sandy slope below.

Now put the balls in the inclines at the correct marked tile, that last ball ended up near the waterfall so push that one to the S wall. The other one should go opposite that wall. Go up the dune in the NW corner and find an opening, three gates opened up here with solving the ball puzzle. Grab another Shotgun and some Shotgun ammo on the ledge in the pool.

First Floor.

Go NW and pull a block so you can climb to the floor above. Shoot the skeletons down the holes and look for a jump lever SW.

Dive down into the pool below to find an opened door W, follow through. Up the ladder with Ctrl and back flip at the top then up a crawlspace N, down the other side.

There are two skeletons here you’ll have to shoot off their feet and make use of the time gained to use a switch N. Back through the crawlspace S and find a raised block in the previous room.

Climb it and pull up into the passage above, follow to a drop into a small room, pull out the block from the opening S, hop over the block and use the switch which will extend a block in the pool room (don’t use that lever here, otherwise the skeletons will come in, going back the way you came is easier).

Second Floor.

Turn around and get on the push block to jump back into the passage. Drop down on the block, leave S to the ladder and down to the water, swim back to the pool room. Climb out N and go up to the first floor where you can now climb to the second floor using the block NE. Shoot the skeletons down and get the Shotgun ammo E.

The Lost Seraph??

From that side jump into the opening S (a ledge you can stand on) and jump to the SE and then take a running jump to the other side to use the jump lever to open the gate in the N part of this floor. Jump back to that safe ledge NE and down to the walkway E, into the open gate W and shoot the skeleton out of the room after the flyby. Pick up the Breast Plate (probably the wrong name, most likely this is the “Lost Seraph” we've been looking for) and a gate opens, pick up the Diary and read it.

Throw the switch to end the level.