The Quest.

Level by davep83

Beta walkthrough by D&G Productions.

The level consists of 4 parts, playable in any order and at the end of each part you’ll get a Key for the Hub room and some extras to take home with you.

"There are four Artefacts lying somewhere within these walls, I need to pay extra attention as I don’t know what lies ahead..."

Hub Room.

Pull the right hand wheel (as you face them) a couple of times and go through the timed door behind you, the level changes.

Quest 1A:

Go along the right hand side of the first blades (one by one), walk slowly through the middle of the next set (it is safe between the blades), then go left and jump over the next blade. Again through the middle and walk through the last set.

Push Pad Puzzle.

In the next room are several gates; the first right hand one is the one we want, but it requires some work. There’s a code visible through the gate and on the pillar in the centre are push pads with symbols on them.

Gate I: First go to the gate where you can see the number I behind the lever. The colour code = blue-red-purple, go in the open gate and flip the lever. Stand very still (or take a side step) and then pick up the Blue Bull’s Head after the knives went down.

Gate II: You can now enter the number II code = blue-purple-red. Pick up the light Green Bull’s Head.

Gate III =red-blue-purple and get the dark Green Bull’s Head.

Gate IV = red-purple-blue, get the light Blue Bull’s Head.

Gate V = purple-blue-red for the Purple Bull’s Head.

Back to the room and climb up the column with the push buttons and open the trapdoor. Get in and place all the Bull’s Heads. Go back down and a door opened behind the last closed gate.

Enter the last code- purple-red-blue and the gate opens

Go in and you can leave that lever alone, it is only to re-open the gate to the code room in case you came here when the door was still closed.

A Boat and some Power Capsules.

Jump from the entrance into the boat, the water is deadly. Turn the boat around and go right around the corner, get the boat close to the ledge there and jump out (shift and right or left key). Use the pulley there to raise timed blocks in the pool, jump the blocks to the other side (E ledge). SW is a Banana (Large Medipack). Then face NW and use the pulley to raise the blocks again and an extra block goes up NW, jump onto the higher ledge and a running jump NW to the block with the Power Capsule. Turn to the E and jump to the crack in the wall. Back to the last pulley and use it again, go hop to the block on the S wall and place the Capsule. The gate opens, get back to the boat (jump to it) and go through.

Get out on the ledge, use the pulley and jump to the block in the water to get the Second Power Capsule, jump back and place it N. Climb one of the ladders almost to the top and back flip off.

Run onto the conveyors and go around till you can jump of to the S, save before you enter the next room.

Poisoned Gas Push.

You have to get behind that push block SE, but the room has poisoned gas, so work quickly and pull the block out of the wall, run back for air (or go into the NE alcove). Go in again and move the block aside, no need to move it into the other alcove. Just get into the opening SE.

Walk close to the wall and left around the corner to get the Apple (small medi) and then walk out S.

Spiked Ceilings.

Next room has spiked ceilings, three of them will come down as soon as you jump to that crate in the left hand corner. The ceilings have holes in them where you will be safe, so get to those safe places and wait for the three ceilings to pass and then make your way into the opening up S.

This is how I did it, jump on the crate and face E, when the first ceiling is down, take a running jump to the block straight ahead, roll and immediately jump to the one E and wait until the second ceiling is low enough. Then I jumped N to the next safe corner. Wait for the third ceiling to pass and jump to the platform SE (savegame).

First Boss, the Ankh of Euelthon and the First Key.

On the pedestal in the corner of the room are Explosive arrows, I advise you to get those first and put them in the Crossbow.

7 Arrows and the Boss will be history. In the hole he was in you can find the Ankh of Euelthon. A Key will be automatically added into the inventory as you are transported back to the Hub Room.

Hub Room 2.

Just wait with looking for the correct keyhole; it’s easier when you have all 4 keys you need here.

Facing the wheels, pull the second from the left a couple of times. Run into the door behind you.

Quest 1B.

To get through those blade traps, run after the blade and get into on of the alcove right or left. Time the next blade and run jump onto the path when the blade moves back, run and again into an alcove etc etc (savegame). Can be done without any health loss.

In the next room you have to trigger and avoid three stone blocks that will try to crush you.

Go into the N end of the next room and back flip onto one of the sides, just keep jumping and on top steer towards the ledge with the Apple.

When you step into the next room, a flyby will show you the safe path, the rusty tiles.

From here you can choose two routes… Choose a side and save here if you want to play the other side too.

 1- The Demon Lady. (N side)  Scroll down for the other route.

Go get that Banana and 2x Arrows and Demon Lady appears.

This demon has a protective shield. I’d best use normal crossbow ammo to destroy that, then finish it off with explosive ammo.

Shoot her (takes a while and you’ll have to hit her in the chest) and she will drop a Torch, use that to light the 4 wall scones and the door opens.

Mummies, …

Slide down into a pit that will slowly fill with sand, in while those mummies crawl up out of the sand (they can be destroyed with Explosive Arrows). Finally an opening will show up S, get in there.

Beetles, …

In the next room are beetles, on the sides two levers you have to operate. Try and jump in behind them because those objects are in the way big time. There is also a Banana in the SW corner. After the levers go back into the sand pit, roll when most of the beetles followed you and sprint back, straight into the next passage and find the jump lever on the wall.

… and Snakes.

Get into the next room quick and try to take out as many snakes as you can if not all (they are down in the pit). Get the 2 Keys and get back up, grab a Banana and use the Keys for the next door. Jump in the water.

Scroll down to Sea Hags.

Route 2- Fire Puzzle. (W side) 

Use the Timed jump levers to kill the flames at the reach-in holes where you’ll get 2 Keys you can use on the locks W.

Deadly Gas and Steam.

Run to that valve wheel, turn it and maybe you have time to do the second one too, otherwise you’ll have to run back to heal yourself first. After the second valve the door will open. Drop down into the shaft at the end.

Sea Hags.  The routes come together here.

Swim N, stay to the ceiling and in the end to the right and use the underwater lever to open a gate near the beginning of this maze. Now be quick as two Sea Hags will appear, swim back to the S and keep going left to get through the gate. Up quick and no need to shoot the Hags as you will not see them again (savegame).


The next place is filled with mud, there are some safe spots and you can find them by looking up.

First a running jump straight (N), next another running jump NW and the last also a running jump NE behind the pillar.

In the next room, look at the ceiling again (go right and stay at the wall, then left and straight to the pedestal. Grab the Crystal of Light, leave N.

Push Puzzle.

There are two crates that have to go up to the floor above and onto trigger tiles, pull both crates out of the wall, use both levers and climb up to the floor above. Use the lever N and another block goes up in the middle of the room so you can move the crates. Grab an Apple and the N crate goes E, the S crate W (the clue is under the crates on the floor). The door S opens up, go to the next storage room.

If these barrels were to explode, would it reveal a clue to a way across.

Shoot as many barrels as you can and steam will blow from the floor (aim for the top of the barrels). On the spots where you see no steam are invisible ledges. Use those to get to the ladder. (Stand jump to the S and a bit left, then S and a bit right).

The Sun Guard.

In ancient times, this well known land was walked by Menes and a great civilisation arose beside a river whose mirror image may be found in the sky.

Menes was the pharaoh that unified the Upper and Lower Egypt to one country.

So you have to spell the name EGYPT on the wall by moving the globe onto the syllables on the floor.

No need to do it in that order, so I first did the P in the S, then the T and Y NE, then to the E in the NW and finally the G near the SW corner.

The Boss, Excalibur’s Sword and a Key.

A door opened in the passage SW, go through and pick up those Explosive arrows in the corner, shoot the Boss and get Excalibur’s Sword. You will be transported back to the Hub Room with another and Key in your pocket.

Hub Room 3.

Use the second wheel from the right (as you face them) a couple of times and roll, run into the door.

Quest 1C.

Jump around those hammers or run under and jump forward.

In the next room over the railing N is a Crystal of Light (Flares). Hop back and approach the gate, shoot the panthers. Pick up the Key they dropped and open the door with it.

Target Shoot.

Stand close to the W wall and put the Laser Sight on the Crossbow. Shoot those three blue statues you can see through the opening W. Back flip onto the block that will go up behind you and jump up W to grab the top of the wall, down the other side and get the Banana.


Proceed to the next room and pick up 2x Arrows and an Apple. Now shoot the skeletons and use the Timed jump lever E.

The Bull.

Go in, don’t approach the Bull just yet but go to the S side of the room where you’ll find an Apple. Now run past the Bull to the door W and jump up when you see the Bull coming from behind. The doors open when the bull hits them, so you can run into the safe passage (savegame).

Zombie Hermit.

Which number do the following have in common?

A certain Jewish festival, oxygen, spiders and the Dharmacakra symbol.  (Festival we couldn’t find, but Oxygen is element #8, spiders have 8 legs, the Dharmacakra symbol is a wheel with 8 spikes.)

So only shoot the beehive with the #8 and a Key drops to the floor. Open the doors with it. Choose a door and save here if you want to play the other side too.

Route 1: (right hand door)

The SW door leads to a room with 2 jump levers and boulders, move that crate to the W and use the right hand (SW) one first. climb up and move the crate to the E side, then use the second jump lever. The boulders will be blocked by the crate and the door SW opens up, go in.

Scales Puzzle.

In the tiny pool S are the 2 waterskins. The clue is in the clocks on the S wall, it is 4 o’clock.

You need 4 litres- Fill the Large skin, combine with the small skin leaving 2 litres in the Large, empty the Small skin and combine again to get the 2 litres into the Small skin. Fill the Large again and combine again so one litre will go into the Small skin leaving 4 litres in the Large.

Pour that in the scale N and the door S opens up.

Here the 2 routes come together, so scroll down to “Piranhas”.

Route 2: (left hand door)

The only safe chest is the one NE, it holds the Key for the door. The keyhole is E, go through the door.

Fiery Floor.

Look up at the ceiling and spot those rings, shoot the one SW and a rope appears. Now use the pulley to get that crate closer and jump onto the crate, then grab the rope and swing over to the safe S side. Grab the Apple and head out the door.

Crate Puzzle.

Pull the crate in front of you once to get it in line with the others. Move the crate on top of this stack to the other side (N) and climb up to the N floor.

Dutchy’s way: Faster…

Move the crate in the middle all the way S, on top of the one you just moved on the lower floor. Now place the others in a way that allows you to get the top crate onto the one you just pushed to the S (first create a line E/W, move the top one to the middle, then a line N/S to move the top crate to the far S side). Climb the stack and stand on the SE corner facing W and jump up into the opening in the ceiling to grab the upper floor.

Gerty’s way:

Move the top crate (W wall) to the middle, jump down and move both crates that are against the W wall also to the middle. One goes in front and the other in the back. Then move the top crate to the N. Jump down and move the crate in front of the row aside (W) so you can pull the middle crate towards the S on top of the lower stack of crates. Now move back the one from the W wall and also the one from the E wall so you can push the top one (N wall) to the lower stack of crates (S).

Then climb it and stand on the SE corner facing W and jump up into the opening in the ceiling to grab the upper floor.

The Dragon.

The door opens, revealing a Dragon in the next room, over the Dragon is a crate hanging by a chain. You have to shoot the chain to drop the crate on the Dragon, so it can’t move anymore. Jump into the NE opening and grab the Explosive arrows.

Crawl through the crawlspace in the back and go down a ladder to the room with the Piranhas.

Piranhas and 2 Gold Stars. Same route again:

Run jump to that sloped block W and grab it. Hang left and pull up over the top, slide far and jump onto the next block, again slide as far as possible and jump with a right curve to get to safe ground. Get the First Star. Jump and grab the block S, hang left and pull up over, slide and jump with a left hand curve to the next block, slide, jump to the right and one more slide jump will get you to the receptacles. The other Star is SE, jump to grab the block E, hang right and slide jump to the right onto the next block, slide as far as possible and jump to the right to get the Second Star.

To get back to the receptacles I jumped to the block in the pool, (NW) and hang, three jumps will get you to the entrance again. So take the same route as before to get to the receptacles SW. Placing the Stars will open the door.

The Boss, Thor’s Hammer.

Get the Explosive arrows, shoot the Boss and grab Thor’s Hammer and Key, you will be transported back to the Hub Room.

Hub Room 4.

Last wheel is the left one as you face them, pull a couple of times and roll to get into the last door.

Quest 1D.

Jump over all those Knife traps (savegame) and follow through to the next room.

Pegasus Rider.

To leave this room you must first give me the next number in this sequence: 233, 377, 610, 987, …

The solution is 1597 (610+987). Punch that into the code lock E; hit enter and the door will open. Grab the Banana and go N to a room with a breakable floor where you’ll see 2 passages, choose 1 and save here if you want to play the other side too.

Route 1: W side.

Flaming Statues.

S side of the room, (the clue is on the ceiling, watch the swords) facing N use the right hand lever and also the one in the middle, go around to the other side and do the same, facing the statues, the right hand lever and also the one in the middle. All flames should be down. Go to a lever on the W wall and use it to raise a block, climb it and jump to the centre of the room. Use the pulley and the door opens E.

Scroll down to “Spiders and Push blocks.

Route 1: E side.


Grab the Key from the pedestal, go open the gate E with the lever on the right hand side. Run inside and back up into a corner, the Harpy can’t hurt you. Use the Laser Sight to aim and shoot it. Open the door with the Key.

Stone Face Puzzle.

300 Years ago I was turned into stone for meddling in the affairs of Theobald, King of the North.

It appears someone has moved part of my wall, can you find a way of rebuilding it for me?

Pull the first block you see N out once to the E, then move it into the alcove S (next to the entrance)

Pull the second block twice to the S and then move it onto the trigger tile E (there are clues on the floor as to where each block should go).

The third block goes onto the remaining trigger tile, the door NW opens up.


Save and arm yourself with the crossbow, as you may have noticed, on the ceiling are electrical wires leading through a crawlspace and into the next room, on the ceiling of that room are two objects you have to shoot while under attack by two Wraiths. Shooting those objects will open a trapdoor under the Stone face and water will flow in, get back quick and dive down to the underwater lever. Use it and climb back out when the 2 Wraiths killed themselves in the water. Back into the previous room where you find a Banana and an open door W.

Spiders and Push blocks.  Routes come together here.

The next room has another nice surprise, a huge spider (or two, depends on which entrance you came from). Hop onto the block in the middle of the room and take it (them) out.

Move the blocks N out of the alcove so you can enter the passage behind them. First move the two left hand blocks, then the right hand one.

Tight Ropes, a Jewel.

Walk the rope to the other side, get the Banana, shoot some bats and the door opens in the end. Walk the next rope and climb down into the pit to get a Jewel from the dress there. Shoot the harpy and go back up, to the dart trap room E, a screen shows you where to get the Jewel in case you forgot.

Crawl in, place the Jewel on the crown from a safe place and enter the next room.

The Fire Room.  

In the corners of the room with the flames are 2 levers and depending on which you use last, you’ll have different routes.

1- NE/SW…Levers and Gates.

Run jump over the flames (when down) to that lever NE, use it when the flame is down. Run jump over the fence into the NW corner of the room where you’ll be safe, time the flame to jump to the lever SW. Use it when the flame is down and the floor gives way.

Just sprint diagonally through the next room without much damage, kill the bats and save before you use the lever on the wall.

Use the first lever W, then the second W. Turn around then use the lever E. Go to the lever S and also use it. Then take the lever E in the corner. Go back to the lever on the left of it (E) and as last take the one on the N wall (NW corner). Walk E to the door that will open.

Step into the Sinking Push Block room (scroll down).

2- SW/NE…Timed Run with Doors.

 Run onto the first tile and side flip left to the lever SW, use it. Jump to the lever NE and when you use that one the trapdoor opens up.

Go into the passage and to the right (the doors in front lead nowhere) and don’t use the lever yet, it’s timed and we have to open some doors first. Follow this passage climbing up; opening a couple of doors till you come to a ladder down to a big door. Now go back to the timed lever and use it, quickly get to that big door and step into the Sinking Push Block room.

Sinking Push Block.

There’s a trapdoor in the SW corner of the next room, open it facing S and go down to the room below. Move the pillar there to the E side and go back up, now you can pull the block out of the sand pit and onto the trigger tile SE. The door opens NE, go through (the door S is the other entrance, route 1).

The Boss, the Seraph of Isaiah.

Grab the Explosive arrows in the next room, shoot the Boss with them and grab the Seraph of Isaiah and Key from the pit, you’ll be taken back to the Hub Room

Hub Room 5.

Use the Keys on the locks around the room and the NE door opens up. Go up the ramp and leave the Quest.