Tomb Raider - Secret Agent.

Game by Terra Forever.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Your task will be to retrieve one Holy Cross from each level, the game is totally non linear, this is how we got through.

We advise you to safe often while using the bike because it can get stuck in objects quite easily and could be hard to free it again, the reason of it being able to get stuck is the collision applied to the bike so it will not pass through objects


The ‘Hall of Alexander’.

After being dropped off by the chopper, go to the fountain S and get the Crowbar from the bottom, climb one of the ladders W and pry that Justicar’s Sword off the wall. Place it in the hands of the statue standing at the edge of the balcony and a gate opens NE. Go down and through that gate, follow through to where the level changes.

Kouter Square.  

The Car Park Security Pass.

Proceed and just past that gate on the right is a switch to open the gate ahead. Step out to the square and watch the flyby. Take a right and go get a small medipack in the far SW corner.

Head E and go right around the corner to the barricade there and pick up the Uzi ammo and small medipack. Turn back as you can’t go further here.

A Game of Chess.  

Head over to the chess field on the middle of the square and step onto the field. Pieces start to move, you only have to complete the last move to check mate White. It’s the black queen, move it to the N as far as it will go. You have won and a trapdoor will open in the corridor you came out of before, so head back to the SW and enter the gate, left near the switch you used is the ladder to the open trapdoor. Upstairs you’ll find the Car Park Security Pass NW and 2x Uzi ammo in the other corners. Back down and 2 thugs are waiting for you, shoot them and get their small medipack and Uzi ammo.

The Car Park, the High-voltage Fuse.

Go back out to the square and to the glass structure SE. On the E wall of it is the Card Reader.

Go down one flight of stairs to level 1 and then head NW. There’s a nice Motorbike waiting for you (You’ll need the bike in the coming levels, so be sure to take it with you as much as you can).

Get on the bike, drive left to the N side and left at the end, left to the ramp leading down to level 2. Get off the bike and spot a ledge above the ramp, jump to it and get the High-voltage Fuse.

Back to the bike and go down the ramp. Drive left around elevator and staircase and hit that old fence there. Leave the bike and go get the 2x Uzi ammo in the SW corner. Look for an opening in the S wall, go down the ladder and crawl through to come to the bottom of the elevator. On the S wall you can use the Fuse, the elevator is ready for you.

The First Trident.

Go back and up the ladder, take the bike to the E and right around to the elevator. Park the bike, step into the elevator and wait for the elevator to get to your floor and get in. You have to travel all the way to the top though. Once there get out and pick up the First Trident. Take the two sets of stairs to get down to the bike or use the elevator.

The Second Trident.

Go to the S end of the garage and at the end a left (E) and smash that gate. Get off the bike and find in the NE corner another High Voltage Fuse.

Go to that passage N and down the ladder, crawl through and behind the second elevator use the fuse.

Go back through the crawlspace and up the ladder, get the bike and go around the corner right to the elevator and park the bike.

Wait for the elevator to come down and when the doors open DO NOT get in but wait for the elevator to get up and jump down. Lara will fall in some water, get out and grab the Second Trident.

Camera shot of a police car and some cops entering the parking place. Climb up the ladder and if you want some more pick ups, on the NE corner on this floor behind a pillar you can get 2 x HK-53 Ammo. Find the exit (SE up the ramp (on the ledge you can get also some Uzi ammo) and follow the signs to the EXIT NW). Kill the cops there and pick up the Uzi’s and a Car Park Security Pass. Go to the elevator in the NW corner and get up (or take the stairs). Use the Security Pass at the NW wall to get out.

Euro Coins.

Exit the Parking and head to the chessboard game, N of it is a big cage.

On the front of the big cage you see statues, place the Tridents on the statues. Enter and get down in the fountain, tourists have thrown Euro coins in the water, pick them up. Climb out and behind the statue you’ll find 2x HK-53 ammo.

For some Firepower.

Head E to the sidewalk and left to where the trams are, Lara looks at some blue doors in the arcade, leave them for now, go N to the corner and turn right.

Pick up Uzi ammo in the right hand corner and a bit further are 2x HK-53 ammo pickups. Head around the corner and E, to the right is more Uzi ammo, in the fountain E is the HK-53 and also more HK-53 ammo for it. Climb back out and head back to the trams on Kouter square.

Move the Trams for the Parking Ticket.

Go left and under the overhang on that corner are the blue doors you saw before, open them and step in, take the High-voltage Fuse from the floor. Two thugs arrive, shoot them and pick up the small medipack and Uzi ammo they leave behind.

You can use the Fuse in one of the fuse boxes but we need one more, so go out, left and climb the ladder to the roof there. Go N over the terrace and jump across the street to the ledge N, get another High-voltage Fuse. Shoot a bunch of bats aroused by your presence. Jump back and go left around to the back and find a Medipack and 2x HK-53 ammo.

Get back down the way you came and through the blue doors; place the first fuse S, use the left hand switch and the first tram will move.

Place the Fuse N and use the right hand switch, the second tram moves.

Get outside and to the back of that last tram you moved there’s a hole in the ground; the grate will open up. Get in and use the switch, another trapdoor opens and that one is under the other tram.

So get back in the control room and use the NW switch to move the second car back again. Then use the SW switch to move the first car back and go outside to the front of the first car and find the Parking Ticket in the pit. Combine that with the Euro Coins and the Parking Ticket is paid. Now I went back into the tram control room and used the SE switch again, this will move the tram away from the N street, will be easier later….

Get the Motor Bike Out.

Get out and head NW, through the glass entrance of the parking place and get the bike, head to the far SE corner of the first level and use the Ticket on the right hand machine at the Exit barrier. You are now free to leave with the Motorbike.

A First Piece of Eden.

Take it up the Exit ramp and straight up the sidewalk S, turn right and break the old fence you’ll find in the S wall. Leave the bike out on the street and go in.

On the N wall is a switch, make a save and use it. The water in the pool will repeatedly come and go a few times, quickly get down to the bottom, push the button S and climb back out from the ledge S, get into the gate S before it close and pick up the First Piece of Eden. Shoot the dogs then pick up Flares SW and leave. Go with the bike to the E sidewalk of Kouter Square.

The Second Piece of Eden.

In one of the buildings on the E side of the square is a small alley, go in and break the fence. Run over two dogs and leave the bike for now. Enter E and head up the stairs. On both sides of the next room are Golden Arrows on the wall, get those with the crowbar and also pick up the Uzis. Use the Arrows on the Sundials W (from the side) and the gate opens up. Step out to the balcony and get the Second Piece of Eden to the right.

The Timed Run for the Big Door, the Holy Cross.

Stand at the S end of the balcony; take 2 steps back and hop back. Run jump to the swing pole and swing along all the poles till you can grab the ledge in the end. Go inside and get a Medipack and another Uzi.

On the E wall is a button and it is timed but before using it you have to prepare the way first.

Go out S and jump to the ladder around the corner. Go down and place the two Pieces of Eden in their slots (N and S). Grab the Uzi’s that are on the grass, there are also 3 HK-53 Ammo pickups in the fountains E.

Go back to the ladder and climb up all the way to the top, shift left and drop down and now make a save at the button.

Push it and hop back, turn right. Run out and turn left so you are about in the middle of that ledge to stand jump to the swing pole, swing to the next and next then just jump off, you’ll land on a statue, turn right a bit and stand jump to the ledge between the yellow statues, make a running jump to get to the door ledge and quickly duck to crawl inside (savegame).

Go through to the next room, on the E wall is the Holy Cross, get that and turn around. Grab up to the monkey bars and go up to the highest point (you might have to move sideways). When hanging at the edge, hold Ctrl and hit Alt and tap Right+Down arrows and Lara climbs up to the floor above. Use the Timed switch there to open the big door back up, drop into the pool below, get out and sprint through the door (savegame).

Use the button on the stairs SW and exit to the square.

Retrieve your bike from that alley and take it out to the street, head straight N (that’s why I moved that tram before J )

When you ride through that N street, the level will change.

Palace of Justice.

More Firepower.

Take the first left and just stop at the blue doors to the left. To the N is the Palace of Justice we’ll visit later.

Open the blue doors and go up the stairs into a small yard, shoot the dogs and get the Flares on top of the stairs. Locate the ladder in the on the left of the E wall. Go up, jump to the terrace N and collect 4x Revolver ammo and a Revolver.

Get back down the way you came and get on the bike, back to the crossing and into the N street again.

The Bridge, Escape route and the Uzis.

When you go N, a bridge will be up, just make speed and jump over the bridge. Stop the bike, step off and go to the bridge, hang from the edge and drop to a crate in the canal. Get the High-voltage Fuse and see a gate opening, climb back up. Go into the street W and to the right (N) is the open gate. Go inside and come to a control room with all kinds of switches. In the lower part of the floor is another High-voltage Fuse, go get that first.

Climb back up, now we’re going to secure an escape route in case you fall into the canal. Go into the opening E and right down the ladder. On the bottom of the sewer is the Uzi. A gate opened S, go there and hop into the canal, swim across to that sewer pipe S and get in. Follow through straight and at another ladder the trapdoor above will open up, on the bottom is another Uzi. The trapdoor above leads back to the street near Kouter Square, no need to go there. Just go back and take a left at the next intersection. At the far end you can see a Medipack, go get that. The W end of the sewer pipe leads to another part of the canal. Remember that in case you need to get out of the canals you can always climb back up through a sewer pipe.

A Timed Run, Lower the Bridge.

For now retrace your steps (N is the canal) and return to the control room, place both Fuses and save in front of the switch in the middle. Throw the switch, turn left and run out to the street, to the bridge and jump onto the stack of crates on the right hand side of the bridge, jump over the top of the bridge and slide, jump aiming left and run into the open gate behind the street car (savegame).

When you go to the small fountain, 2 dogs sneak up from behind. Get the Flares SW and go into the NW and climb up. There is a switch that will lower the bridge.

Move the Street Cars, the Golden Arrows.

Go back across the bridge and to the control room, shoot the covers from the electric boxes and use the switch on the left and the tram moves out of sight (revealing a trapdoor). Then use the right hand switch and the other tram departs also (revealing another trapdoor).

Go out to the street and find an open trapdoor on the crossing near the bridge. Drop in and use the crowbar to get the Golden Arrow from the wall (E). Shoot the thugs and get a small medipack and Uzi ammo.

A gate to the rest of the sewer opened up, but we explored that already, so just climb back up to the street. Take the bike and head S over the bridge, but be careful, there’s another open trapdoor near that timed gate you visited. Drop down and go S, left and find the Second Golden Arrow. Two thugs appear leaving 2x Uzi ammo. Go back N and climb up to where you left the bike.

Use the Golden Arrows.

Go back N over the bridge and turn left, mind the open trapdoor and ride the bike W till you find the open gates to the right. Enter the yard and place the two arrows in the sundials N, a gate opens in the sewer across the canal from where you are now.

The Dinghy, open the gates to Palace of Justice.

So take a dive over that fence and swim over to that sewer pipe a bit to the left, climb in and follow through to a basin with a dinghy. With dingy go W to that gate, jump out of the dingy onto the left hand higher ledge. On the S wall is a switch that will open the gate below.

Climb up E (the bridge nearby opens) and go left, around that balcony to the right is a ladder and on top a switch that will open a door at the big park area.

Back down to the dingy and take it outside through the gate you opened. On the opposite side of the canal (W) is a lower part where you van jump out of the dinghy, go N and left and find the Essence of Justice on the pedestal. Go up to the terrace and climb up to that statue from the SW corner, put the essence in the scale, another gate opens up (shortcut).

Palace of Justice, Swing poles.

Get back to the dinghy and go across to the open gate E (where you found the dingy), get out on one of the ledges at the gate and climb back up E, leave S and go left through the street to the open gates on the left. The scales on the big statue move…

Go to the statue and to the N side bowl, face the building and jump up with Ctrl. Lara will pull the scale down and a small gate opens up at the other end of the building. In the far NW corner, next to the stairs is another HK-53. SW you’ll find a small medipack.

So back we go, out of the gate, to the right and right through the next gate. The small gate is N, get onto the jetty and run to the E. Turn around and jump to grab that pole, swing all the way to a ledge and pick up another Essence of Justice, turn around (E) and stand one step back from the E side, hop back and run jump to the pole, swing to the ledge E and place the Essence in the scale (gate opens up W). Pick up the Medipack and now you have to go back to the other end, the poles are no option, so you have the choice, safety drop down and proceed or first retrieve the bike.

If you go for the bike, dive into the canal (saves health) and climb out into the sewer pipe NE, next to the bridge.

Go N and up the ladder there, outside and to the bike W. Take it back and S over the bridge, right around the Palace of Justice and leave it near the opened bridge W. Go into the gate N and out to the jetty N, to the E side and use the swing poles again to get to the upper W ledge.

Inside and Out again, more Poles.

Step out onto the platform, stand in the middle and stand jump to the pole, swing to the roof and go left inside, jump down and collect the Essence of Justice NW and use it on the statue E.

Another gate opens up, go back out to the roof W. Stand on the edge of the roof, hop back and take a standing jump to the pole S and swing to the corner ledge, jump to the right hand side of the statue and get inside, safety drop down and go out the broken window S.

Face E and take two steps back and one hop then a run jump to the pole and swing to the ledge in the end. One step back and a run jump to the pole, from the corner ledge to the roof at the front and go inside.

NW is another Essence of Justice, back to the roof and swing to the N. Put the Essence in the scale and swing back to the roof. Go back inside and to the left make a safety drop down the trapdoor.

The Waterskin Puzzle.

Collect Revolver ammo and HK-53 ammo in the windowsill SE, there’s more in the NE. Pick up the Large Skin SW, the Small Skin NW. There are two scales; one needs 1 litre (hint on the wall) the other 4 litres. Hop into one of the pools W and here’s how to get those amounts.

1 litre- Fill the Small skin. Combine with the empty Large and fill the Small again. Combine with the Large again leaving 1 litre in the Small skin.

Pour that in the scale S and the door opens to the right, get the 2x Essence of Justice there and get back to work on the other scale.

4 litres- With the Large skin still full and the Small empty, combine them leaving 2 litres in the Large, empty the Small skin and combine again to get the 2 litres into the Small skin. Fill the Large again and combine again so one litre will go into the Small skin leaving 4 litres in the Large.

Pour that in the scale N and the door opens to the left, a gate opens also (It’s where the dinghy was).

Get the 2x Essence of Justice, some Revolver ammo there and shoot the guards. Pick up their Uzis and go out through the doors E.

Timed Boat ride, the Key to the Palace.

Leave through the front door E and go out the gate S, again run W to the back of the building, drop down to the ledge/gate where the dinghy is, be sure to have full health and swim into the open gate E, left or right to one of the sides and quickly get out to shoot the resistance. Pick up the 4 Uzis they drop.

Go get the dinghy inside and leave it in a convenient place for a Timed boat ride. Look up at the wall and remember the combination you see there.

Save at the switch, get in the boat and go out to the canal, you can use sprint to go even faster. Turn right and right again towards the bridge and just past the bridge to that jetty on the right. Jump out, get up the stairs and make it through the gate (savegame).

Take the Palace of Justice Key on the pedestal SW and get back to the boat. Go back to the place where you just came from and climb back up to the street.

My bike was there, so I went back to the front of the building. Leave the bike and go inside and open the door W with the key and find another scales puzzle.

Roman numbers, the 2nd Holy Cross.

On the W side are two more Essence of Justice.

The Clue is visible through the floor (E), 666. So the sequence is DCLXVI. Jump to the statues in the right order and place the Essence on the scales. If you do it wrong you will not survive the battle.

If done correctly the painted wall W will open up where you can get the 2nd Holy Cross. When you go outside you can see that bridge go down.

Get out of the Palace, get the bike and go to the bridge W, the bridge is actually closed due to the European Summit, but we have to go there, run through those barriers, and go left up the curb after the bridge. Into the alley there and the level changes.


Follow through, a flyby shows a bunch of hooligans breaking down a gate. That’s the place where this adventure started. Go over the bridge to the right hand side of that big truck standing near the Opera Backstage entrance. Leave the bike here next to the truck.

The Boathouse Key.

Go S along the canal and at the small square pick up 2x Revolver ammo and the Revolver.

Continue S, hop over the railing into the canal and swim S, climb onto the stairs S. Kill some dogs and notice the gate with the keyhole E, head up the steps go around the corner and come to another square.

Go into the far SE corner on the balcony and climb the ladder behind the statue, get another HK-53 and 3x ammo up there. Go down and to the waterside, left and to the entrance of the “Alexander’s Hall”. Inside are those hooligans, shoot all and get about 5x Uzi ammo, a small medipack and most importantly the Boathouse Key (could be that the key is under that fallen gate).

The Boat for the Opera Key.

Go out of the building (W) and to the right, up the N side stairs in the square and down and right around the corner is lock for the key.

Open the gate and go to the boat. Take it out and you’ll get a screen of a gate opening up. It’s to the left (S), when you get there turn the boat and move the boat nicely in front of the gate and get inside (facing N). The music suggests a timed gate, but not yet…

Inside that room is a switch (N wall) and this one IS timed although not too bad. Pull, run into the boat and use sprint going N, keep along the left wall as that gate is left under the bridge. Hit Alt to stop and jump inside the gate (savegame).

Go down in the corner into a pitch-black tunnel and follow through (S). At the gates down into the tunnel W and use the underwater-ceiling lever to open a gate. Swim back, to the right underneath the gates and S, up at the next opened gate and climb out to get the Opera Key.(A screenshot of where to use it later). Kill the dogs; hop up, the gate E opens. Go N along the canal and over the bridge to the door behind the truck and open it.

The Opera house.  No weapons allowed here.

Go right, jump onto the crates S and go to the ones in the corner and from there to the walkway W. Head to the N and right around the corner, go to the elevator SE. Get in and out on the top floor walkway.

NE is a switch, use it to open a gate on ground floor, get back down to the ground floor with the elevator, go to the ropes hanging down. Pull all of them and get a flyby of the Opera where you just pulled the curtains and the show begins. The “Look key” will get you back to reality.

On Stage 1, the 4 Partitures.


Go into the gate S to the stage. Don’t mind the dancers and singer, just hop down from the stage into the Opera House and go to the back (E). At row 6 Lara will look left or right (depends on what side you’re on) into that row, walk in and find a Partiture (#1) near a lady in black. Go SE and E through the door that will open up, go right and up the stairs, right again and to the end. You can open all doors, but only the last one on the right is of interest, as you’ll find another Partiture (#2) there.

First Floor.

Back out and left, straight and up the stairs SE and after the stairs immediately to the right (N) and down the stairs into the Lobby. There are 2 piano’s, place the Partitures on the piano and a gate will open up at the stairs.

Back up W and to the right, all the way to the NE corner and up the stairs there, head S and into the first door to the balcony, take the Partiture (#3) and see a gate open up. It’s on this floor, the NW corner. Go there and get the Partiture (#4). Go to the front of the Opera (this floor) and find the piano’s in the corners and use the Partitures, gates will open on the stairs to the next floor (NE-SE).

Fourth Floor, the 2 Springs.

So enter the one close to you and go up another floor. Keep going around corners up another set of stairs to get to the top of the Opera. Not sold out….?

Go to the front row of the E balcony and there are 2 wires connected to those chandeliers. Line up straight, as the start is difficult because of the view. Just hang from the edge of the floor, shimmy against the banister and go back one step. You are straight under the wire, pull up and turn around. I used the look key once to get a better view, but you might have to fiddle a bit to get going. When on the chandelier, on the corner SW is a Spring. Just jump over to the other chandelier NW and get the Second Spring. Jump to the N to land on the 3rd floor N side balcony and leave through the door NW. To the left are two big clocks, apparently not working. Place the springs to repair the clocks and the door opens.

Change the Décor.

Inside on one of those statues is a Holy Cross. Can’t take it, so go into the back where a gate opens up. You are at the large service area for the stage below. Go pick up a Medipack SW.

NE and SE are two ropes, pull those to end the first act of the Opera, the décor will change and a pool appears on stage below (hit “Look” to escape).

Drop from the hole in the floor into the pool and use the underwater-ceiling lever S and another gate opens near the stage.

Get out and to the back of the stage (W), climb up between those 2 pillars and go left or right in one of the corners look W and jump to that open gate (1 in each corner). You are now backstage top walkway.

Go to the W wall and use both ropes to change the décor again (hit “Look” to escape).

On Stage 2, the 3rd Holy Cross.

Go N a bit and jump over the balustrade onto the grated floor one floor down. Go N and to the crates there, drop down to the ground floor. Go E and right onto the stage again, the gate in the passage S has opened. Pull the rope and the cage lifted and on the wall is a Holy Cross. Go around backstage to get that 3rd Holy Cross (you can also jump on the crates and over the fence) and go back W to leave the Opera.  


You’ll get a screen of a pedestal with a Key.

For the Truck Key.

There are several routes you can take for this…

Take the bike (save often) and go over the bridge, left up those stairs and down to a small square. Take a sharp U-turn left down the steps to the canal and follow through to a square with fountains. In the building N is a ladder, you can break the fence with the bike. Go up the ladder for 3x Uzi ammo and another Uzi. Down again and on the bike, head W into the alley.

Gardens of Ghent.

From the next square, go right (N) and follow the street to where you come to Palace of Justice again.

Palace of Justice.

Get off the bike there and go E into the alley.  


Pick up the Truck Key from the pedestal. In one of the alcoves N is a small medipack. Back to the bike, proceed N turn right just as the street sign says and run over some left over cops. Pick up the Uzis and go back through that alley near the police cars (or back as you came, that’s up to you). You have to go to the bridge near the Opera.

Move the Truck, a Golden Arrow.

Park the bike, go over the bridge and take the Key to the (European) drivers’ side of that big truck (just run along the drivers side of the truck). The truck will run through the gates so you can go in after it.

The Boat to get the Tridents.

Go W over the bridge and into the gate opened by the truck before. Go immediately left into the opening between the gates and to the left is a Golden Arrow.

The Locks, a Second Golden Arrow.

Turn around and follow the walkway and come to a square with three dogs. Go to the ropes E and use the one on the right. One of the doors of the lock opens up.

Return the way you came and hop into the canal at the bridge, the boat should still be at that gate under the bridge, take it and go S. Into the first opening to the right and follow into the lock. Get out at one of the ledges W, up the ladder and go up to pull the other rope (NE), the water level in the lock will rise.

Take the boat in (N) and go around the corner right and push open those gates with the boat. Get out and to the stairs S, from there jump to the ledge SE and over to the balcony straight ahead (S). Next to the bench SW is the Second Golden Arrow. Get back to where the boat is and use the Arrows on the sundials there. Shoot those Hooligans and get 3x Uzi ammo and a small medipack.

The Tridents.

Now we need the bike again, so go get it over here.

You probably left it at the bridge (go out the gate E and left up some stairs to get to the bridge).

Take the bike S up the stairs and down the next, SW up the stairs there and to the square with the sundials. Hit the fence E and leave the bike, go in to get the Two Tridents.

I took the bike (or go on foot), go back to the canal side, to the S and to that square with the fountains.

Place the Tridents on the statues on top of the fountain and see a drained pool in the “Alexander’s Hall” where the chopper landed when this adventure started.

Puzzle for the 4th Holy Cross.

Take the bike and go into the alley W, to the square and take a right.

Palace of Justice.

Another right at the next crossing and over the bridge with the police barricade. The first to the right and straight all the way to Kouter Square.

Kouter Square.

Alexander’s Hall is SW, so go straight almost at the end and into the open gates on the right. Once in there go through the passage to the hall and straight down into the drained basin, left and carefully drive left onto the brown trigger pad (E). A gate opens E, leave the bike for now and go W, there’s another pressure pad and for that one we need the boat.

Push the button next to the gate W and swim out to the canal. Go NW and go up those stairs, N along the canal and over that small bridge there. Go up left on the next square and into the gate W to the sundials. The boat should be down at the bridge there.

Turn it around and go out the gates, to the left around the corner and just drive over the lock and to the left to the canal. Go right (S) and into the open gate at the left.)

Go into the gates and go up the ramp carefully to end up on the brown pressure pad. Jump out and both gates E should now be open.

Go in and right into the room where you’ll find the 4th Holy Cross. A door opens in the back of the alley where those thugs are at the start of this level. I will guide you back there.

Take the bike back up to Alexander’s Hall, leave NE and go to Kouter Square, head left (N) and straight through this street.

Palace of Justice.

Left at the end and over the bridge. Straight through the barricade, take a left and stop at the gates which block the street. Park the bike on the curb and go into the alley E.


To the square with fountains and tridents and go right (S) along the river all the way to the end into an alley, thugs attack, take them out and grab the small medipack and Uzi ammo. In the W end of this alley is the door that was opened by taking the Holy Cross.

Saint Barbara’s Cathedral.

In the first hall with the statues is a Medipack. Then go W into the street and to the S is the Cathedral, but head N first to get the bike.  

Gardens of Ghent.

Get the Bike.

Open those gates with the button on the right and shoot at the incoming police. Grab all the Uzis (6) and now you can retrieve the bike. It is probably still standing near the gate where you left it (I used it to run over those policemen).

Saint Barbara’s Cathedral.

Back (S) to the Cathedral and take a left, go S and you’ll get a screen of some policemen, Hit “Look”, take a right and step off at the carport on the left, inside you’ll find 2x Revolver ammo and a Revolver.

A Truck Key.

Back to the bike and W down the street, run those policemen over and leave the bike there (they won’t harm you if you don’t harm them, but this time you have no choice). One of the police dropped the Truck Key, the rest will leave behind their Uzis. Up the steps W and on the right is another Uzi.

The Cathedral Key.

Go to the truck and it will move back against the crate, quickly climb onto the truck and grab the ladder on the building above (in case the truck moved, go to the truck again and start over as it is timed).

Go up the stairs and get the Cathedral Key on the pedestal. Climb back down and safety drop to the street.

Get the bike and go N, stop at the crossing and go get and Uzi from the steps of the SW house, go into the arcade NE for a small medipack. Get the bike and go E, the street goes up, turn left up the sidewalk and hit those fences. Drive through those grey doors.  

Gardens of Ghent.

Inside are a lot of closed garage boxes. Leave the bike near the closed gate. On the next corner is a rope. Pull it to open some of the boxes. Around the corner and left is one of the open doors, go through the crawlspace to another garage box. Right around to the next box and up the ladder.

Go E and find an Uzi to the right. Go to the window E and get a Golden Arrow from the wall down at the statue. Back up, to the W and left around, and use the Arrow there, the gate at the bike opens up. Hop over the railing W and go get another Uzi SE.

Justicar’s Sword.

Drop down W into the alley and take the bike through the gate E and carefully hit the glass wall in the trench E.

Hop into that pool and get Justicar’s Sword from the wall. Go out and go back up the ladder (S) to the floor above, place the Sword on the stature where you got the Arrow before (E). Now all the garage boxes open up.

Get down to the ground floor, down in the alley in the SW box is another Uzi, the box NW has a small medipack. Now go to the box on the W side where you see the ladder and a bunch of thugs come for you. Shoot the lot and get 2x small medipack, 2x HK-53 and 2x Uzi ammo.

Through the Gardens, Justicar’s Sword 1.

Now go up that ladder in the garage box, head S and right around the corner, drop down to the square below. In the SE corner is Justicar’s Sword 1, in the SE corner an Uzi. Shoot some bats and head N, NE is a ladder on the wall to get back up. Turn around, jump to the balcony W and then over to the wall W. Drop into the next garden and get the Uzi near the wall, head W again.

Right around the corner is a pool, dive in, swim E and left into an opening. Pull the underwater-ceiling lever and a gate opens somewhere. Swim back and climb out at the steps to get an Uzi N. Then go W (pick up the Flares) to a square with 4 trees. Better turn around and shoot the dogs then go to the fountain N and pick up a Medipack, Revolver and 2 x ammo. Get out; in the fountain W is another Uzi.

Justicar’s Sword 2 and the First Trident.

Go S up the stairs and left down the stairs there. To the W and move those vases standing W to the tiles in the other corners.

A trapdoor opens at the ladder E, so go there (pick up some Flares N) and up.

Hop left around the corner to the glass roof and go to the end (N), up left to the roof there, turn around and jump over the railing to the terrace E. Up the stairs and left. Jump E over the railing to a lower balcony and get another Justicar’s Sword 2.

Hop down into the pool below and swim into the opening S to use the underwater-ceiling lever, another gate opens. Climb out E go through the opening in the wall and over the bridge. Take a left and into the pool, There are two open gates, use the underwater-ceiling levers and get back out of the water, to the other side and find an open gate S, inside is the First Trident.

Get out of the water and over the bridge, go to the next pool and climb up the wall in right around the corner (NE). Go over the roof to the S and tight around the corner jump back to that balcony (W). Jump over to the wall, keep going straight and jump to that glass roof. Go to the N and up the roof left, to the W side and drop down onto the square with the fountains. Go to the fountain W.

The Second Trident.

Climb all the way to the statues on top, place both swords you have and a gate opens up. Back down to the square, go right (S) up the stairs to come to those gates. Go in and shoot the dogs, get the Uzi SE and get the Second Trident W.

Town Square, 4 Pieces of Eden and 1 Trident.

Get out, go right (E) down the stairs and up the ladder NE, jump to the glass roof and a running jump to grab the wall E, jump over to the balcony and to the next roof (of the garage boxes). Go left around the corner to the NW and jump into the pool there. Climb out N; place the 2 Tridents left and right.

Enter and see a statue go up. SE is Revolver ammo, more Revolver ammo in the SW corner, then go to the fountain at the W wall and get the First Piece of Eden. In the fountain at the E wall is the Second Piece of Eden.

Go to the NW corner and into the room N, W is the Third Piece of Eden and E is a mirror. In the pool to the right, when you come in, is an Uzi. Get out of the room, go left and into the next opening left, another mirror room and here the Fourth Piece of Eden is actually hidden behind the door E. In the SW pool you’ll find another Uzi.

Another Trident, to the 5th Holy Cross.

Go out N and to a courtyard with a pool. Dive into the fountain on the right and find a Medipack, an HK-53 with ammo.

Swim through the opening to the large pool where you’ll find another Trident N on the bottom. Climb out S go back S to Town Square jump in the water and place the 4 Pieces of Eden on that pillar with the statue, a gate will open up on the upper floor around the Square.

Head back N through the mirror room and go up one of the stairs in the courtyard where you found the Trident in the pool. Go Upstairs and to the right (W) side of the place and find another Uzi in an alcove.

Timed Run to the Statue.

In this alcove on the W wall is a timed switch, it will lower the statue and you have little time to get there, roll, sprint right (S) and left around the corner, through the open gate in the N arches. Get to the lowered statue and jump on, to the front of the statue and Lara has to be on the pillar before the timer ends, otherwise you will be transported back up (savegame).

A gate opens on the upper floor of the courtyard, so go back N, up the stairs, some steps and this time left to find the 5th Holy Cross in the room E.

Go out and to the left (S) side and to a gate that opens S, this leads to a balcony where you got Justicar’s Sword. Jump E over the railing to a small balcony with chairs and climb up the roof there. Thugs are waiting for you in the alley.

Drop down to the ground floor, if you want all pick ups, shoot the thugs and get the 4 HK-53’s and go out (S), if not, let them be, they won’t bother Lara.

Saint Barbara’s Cathedral.

The Cathedral.

Go to the front of to the Cathedral to open the doors with the Key you got before. Inside to the left and right are two receptacles.

Go to the front and find the First Piece of Eden NE. SE is the Second Piece of Eden.

Back towards the doors W and place those items in the hands on the wall left and right, the fence on the altar opens up.

Empty Ciborium.

Go to the Altar and open the 2 shrines to get 2x Empty Ciboria (Take one step back to open the shrine).

Blessed Water.

Go to the front door (W) and to the right is a shrine on a small altar, open the shrine and get a bowl of Blessed Water. The shrine behind you also has a bowl of Blessed Water.

Over the Chandeliers, to the Roof.

Combine the Empty Ciboria with the Blessed Water to get 2 Filled Ciboria, put those on the plates on these altars and a statue SW goes down so you can now climb the ladder to the windowsill above.

Jump over the chandeliers to the front (N) of the Cathedral. At the 4th chandelier, look N and spot that jump lever. Jump to it and this lowers a large chandelier in the middle of the Cathedral.

As there’s no way to back flip back to the last chandelier, grab the edge of the slanted wall and safety drop down.

Get back up the ladder and jump the chandeliers to the same place and make it to that large chandelier you lowered. Jump N to the next and into the windowsill W, grab the HK-53 and ammo.

Step out through the broken window to the roof and go to the front (W), around the corner and walk the cable to the other side and find another cable that is crossing the street to the house on the right (S). Then go left up the next balcony, grab up to the roof E and shimmy along the edge to the left till you can pull up and drop to a terrace below. Jump over (N) to the Cathedral again. Go up to the broken window and step inside, jump the chandeliers to the N side window and go out to the roof on the N side.

The Serpent Eyes, the 6th Holy Cross.

Find the cable to the balcony N and walk over there. Go right and climb over the wall, drop down to another balcony and grab the monkey climb and go to the end and right, drop to the ledge below. Jump the ledges to the S to a ladder and up, turn around and jump to the N and head up the ladder on the right. Jump up N and use the cable and go over to the Cathedral again.

Walk up towards the roof and find a Serpent’s Eye. Run straight S over the roof and find a Serpent statue, place the Serpent’s Eye there.

Go W over the roof and find a Second Serpent’s Eye on the first support arch left. Go use that SW at the Serpent Statue. Back up the roof and over to the NW corner where you’ll find a Third Serpent’s Eye, use that on the nearby statue.

A gate opens in the tower, get over there (N side) and enter. Walk the cable to the other side and get the 6th Holy Cross from the wall.

It can cost you a bit of health, but just run down to the chandelier below. Then safety drop to the one NE and use the slanted ledge next to it to slide down and safety drop to the ground.

Use the Holy Crosses.

Left and right of the altar are 6 statues; place the Holy Crosses there. Save before you place the last one because a flyby will kick in and immediately after that a Timed run starts and you’ll also be hindered by a bunch of thugs.

Defuse the Bomb.

A passage opens up under the altar, shoot all the thugs running into the Cathedral, run into the crypt and shoot the 2 thugs there, grab the Bomb Defuser one of them will drop and use it on the bomb to disarm it.

When you want to exit the Crypt, the Chopper will arrive to get you out of here. It is in front of the Cathedral.

Watch the credits and use Esc to quit.