Bones Palace.

Level by mugs (Pat Chancey)

Level 1 – Bones Palace.

Slide down the slope and go get that Medipack that is lying on the ice. Two snow leopards attack, it’s a pity, but you have to shoot them. 

First Palace Key.

Go W to the palace, take a right and right again into a small cave, shoot another snow leopard and climb down the hole in the floor. The lever will open a gate in the palace, so climb back out and head out, left and in the direction of the snowy hill S. Right around the last wall is the open gate, climb in and go down and around the corner in the wider passage jump up the ledge to the right. Grab the Shotgun and turn around to spot a jump lever on the W wall.

Jump to use it and a block will go down at the other end of this passage. So turn right, around the corner and grab the First Palace Key. Climb up to the right for Shotgun ammo and then jump over to the other side and find a Timed lever.

Timed Run for the Second Palace Key.

Use the lever, run back through the passage and jump up, don’t run down outside, but just right around the corner into the open gate and get the Second Palace Key. Hop down and go to the N, left to a place where you can use a Palace Key in the SW corner (W wall). 

To the First Lever for the Entrance Gate.

A gate opens up, go back to the snowy hill S and straight up the first snowy slopes. Then turn right and jump onto a higher spot from where you can run jump and grab the upper ledges of the palace (screenshot).

From this corner of the ledge a jump to the corner of the rock plateau E, follow straight E (over some rocks and through some snow) and jump over a small gap. Jump up the snow hill (SE) and then over the hill. You’ll end up on a frozen lake and fall through the ice.

And the Third Palace Key.

Swim SW and pick up the Third Palace Key. Swim back to the hole in the ice and climb out facing E, run over the ice and at the end jump up to safe rocks. Face S and jump to the rocks there and on that small triangle in the corner. Grab the crack and shimmy to the right to where you can pull up inside a crevice. Crawl S and right a bit then left around the low rock. Grab some Revolver ammo and then drop/hang into the lower end S. Shimmy left and drop, go get Secret #1, the Revolver.

Run back to the middle and grab back up to the crack, crawl through to the lake and shimmy right all the way to the end. Once on the snow walk to the edge (W) and take a running jump towards the building (mind those fire buckets though) and throw the lever there, a screenshot of a block lowering.

Use the Second Key.

Just slide down the hill and go into a cave in the NE corner of the valley to get some more Shotgun ammo. Get out and return to the front of the palace where you used the Key before, a block lowered in the other corner so you can place the Second Palace Key, another gate opens up.

To the Second Lever for the Entrance Gate.

Go back to the hill S and get onto the first floor ledges like you did before. Go over to the ledge sticking out E and jump into the cave E, out the other side and left over the snow ledge. Just go almost straight N and jump over the lower part of the hill (rocks). Shoot the snow leopard and throw the lever inside the building to open the entrance gate. Shoot another leopard and just go back the way you came, through that cave and jump to the ledges W. The entrance gate W is now open so enter.

Battle the Guardians, make your way in.

When you enter the room, three skeletons and a Harpy will come after you, I took the fight outside near the front ledge. You can shoot the skeletons down from the ledge and then take care of the Harpy.

Back inside you can find some Shotgun ammo SW between the two rooms. Look for a reach-in switch NW (N wall) and one SW (S wall). Back flip fast as fire will start from them. A door opened in an alcove SW, inside and to the left is the place where the Third Palace Key can be used.

The First Skull.

Turn around and go to the opened gate, run jump to the grated wall N and grab it. Shimmy all the way left and when you hit the wall, climb up so that Lara’s feet are one step from the bottom and then one shimmy to the right. Back flip with a roll, grab the pole, swing and jump off with a hard right curve so you’ll end up on a safe ledge next to a slope (savegame).

Stand jump NW around that slanted block to the flat part behind it. Run diagonally over this ledge to jump to the slanted block at the corner, slide down facing forward and jump up to the monkey bars above.

Timed Gate.

Go into the alcove and save at the Timed lever, pull and roll, forward and bit and jump up to the monkey bars, Go right around the corners and drop as soon as possible into the passage. Run around and jump to grab the slanted block. Pull up over and jump into the open gate (savegame). SE is the First Skull.

The Second Skull.

Be careful in the next part as two harpies will show up, you’ll have to find the best tactic to deal with them, so save often.

Go back W and hang from the edge of the floor, drop to grab the crack below and once again. Crawl in and left, go to the lowest tip of this ledge Face E and aim for the lowest part of the next ledge, jump with a grab to get there. Now look N and see the spikes have gone at the Second Skull, so jump over to get it. Jump back and grab up to the monkey climb ceiling, follow into the opening SE. A trapdoor opened up, climb up and go use the Skulls in the alcove NW. Pick up the Shotgun ammo and Medipack in the doorway.

Go in and down the slopes, jump over the pit and shoot the Harpies. Head into the passage where the level will change.

Level 2 – Interior.


Go right (NW) to a deadly pool, first take a right and get past the skeleton, turn around and blast it into the pool. Go inside but stay on the left side as the other part of the floor is deadly. Pull that body away from the Shotgun ammo and carefully go back outside (you cannot use that switch). Go left to the other end and shoot another skeleton into the pool.

The gray block NW, in the pool is climbable, but you’ll have to jump to it from facing NW, so you’ll hang over the pool. Traverse to the right and into the opening, go left for some Shotgun ammo and then head N. Down E and to the alcove NE, grab up into the crawlspace there. Follow the stairs up to the floor above the pool and jump to the ledge right (NW). Shoot a Harpy, climb up into the opening somewhere in the middle and turn around. The wall is climbable, so jump up and go up.

Death Slide, a Palace Key.

At the end of the sliding floor you face up there is a pit with a flame emitter. Stand back from the floor so you can do a run jump onto the floor after timing the emitter, jump over that pit and you’ll go left a around the corner. Almost at the end of this stretch you’ll have to jump and grab a crawlspace up in front. Inside is another Palace Key. Get out and hang from the crawlspace, look left and you can just see the reflection of another fire pit. Time that one and drop to slide/jump past and drop into a pit (savegame) where you’ll find Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, Flares and a Medipack.

Drop out of that alcove and jump to the N ledge, get back to the stairs E and down to the pool where you can now open the gate with the Key. Throw the lever inside to open a gate in the passage W of the pool, get in there and take care of the two Harpies.

Dropping the Ball.

Spot the suspended ball in the middle of the room and head into the NW corner, lure out the skeleton and shoot it down into the pool. Go into the same corner and to the end of the passage, up right into the alcove (the skeleton can be left alone, just avoid it). Run back to the previous room where the boulder fell and triggered a trapdoor to open. The trapdoor is SW, run in facing W and grab the W wall ladder. Go down to about one square under the trapdoor, back flip with roll to grab a ledge, pull up and shoot the skeleton off the ledge, pick up the Shotgun ammo.

Icy Jumps.

In the NE corner of the room is a small alcove you need to get to. Face E walk to the edge, hop back once then hop down to the ice ledge and do running jumps over the ledges to get to the ledge you see in the N (savegame). Jump with grab to get into the alcove NE.

The lever on the left wall opens a gate in the alcove left of you. Jump back to the ledge W and shoot the skeleton off the ledge; pick up the Shotgun ammo.

For Another Palace Key.

Jump and grab the ice ledge N, pull up and turn around to jump up and grab the ladder above. Traverse to the right all the way (hanging by hands is faster) and at the end, let Lara’s feet get up the ladder and back flip into a passage.

Follow in and come to a room with slopes and fire emitters. You’ll have to get across to the jump lever E. The way to do this is: jump straight into the frozen water and quickly wade to the other side. Jump to pull the lever opening a gate to the W. Return through the water and when back on the safe shallow part, look left and see a block went down revealing a Palace Key.

Spikes Challenge, the Timeless Sands.

Now enter the room W and right around the corner is a receptacle for the Key. A block lowers above the receptacle, climb in and use the lever to stop spikes on a nearby block. From the alcove you can jump to that block SE (also possible to climb it from the ground floor).

Jumps to the Timed Gate.

Jump to the ledge S, a Timed gate will open up NW (make a save here), so roll and jump back a the higher ledge N, roll again and jump to the higher ledge S, run to the right and jump NW into the open gate (savegame). Use the lever there to lower another block.

Jump from the opening to the lower block SW and then to the lever N, a gate opens up providing you with a way back to the start. Now jump with a curve to the ledge in the far away NW corner and use the lever to open the gate to the Palace Key. Jump back E to the ledge and then over to the S side. Grab up to the monkey bars and get to the opening E. You’ll run straight into a receptacle on the E wall.

For the Palace Key; go jump to the higher ledge N and enter the now open gate to get it. Safety drop to the ground floor and climb the block N, another block went down here so you can get Secret #3, Flares, Revolver ammo and a small medipack.

Jump back to the first floor S and place the Key SE, a gate opens up NW. Go back along the monkey bars to the block W and jump over to the N side. From there jump and grab up to the opening NW and go get the Timeless Sands. Two Harpies appear, deal with them and drop down to the ledge below and jump to the S. Jump and grab up to the ledge above the popping up spikes (SW) and from there a running jump with Ctrl to get to the block W. Use the lever to open the gate above and get in, run over the ice ledges to the cave SE.

Check the health, make a save and slide down backwards, after landing on the ice; run to jump up to the NW ledges. Jump up to the crack NW and go right to pull up into the crevice. Crawl in to get Secret #4, Grenades and the Grenade Gun. Get out, be sure to drop onto an ice ledge and run over the ice to the S side (if you fall into the pool without breaking the ice, there’s an opening at the shallow end S where you can get out).

The Snowmobile.

Run over all the ice ledges along the S side so the Snowmobile will be freed. Run it up the SW corner carefully and turn sharp left, go E and some wasps will come for you, they will be killed by the Snowmobile. Further to the E and left around the corner some Yeti’s appear they are doomed too. Head up the ramp to the N wall and turn right another corner and pick up speed to jump the gap. Into the opening S and hit the brakes going down, go right and stop on top of the next wider part.

Step off and make your way back to the opening at the top of the ramp you just came down from. From there slide down to the E and wait for some more wasps to show up. Now jump SE and hop into the cave E, get the Shotgun ammo and throw the lever to raise some convenient platforms. Make your way back to the Snowmobile and back up a bit to make speed for a jump over the gap to the platforms W. Turn right into a large hall and leave the Snowmobile somewhere near the levers on the W wall. When you pull one of the switches some Yeti’s might turn up though.

From left to right throw lever #1-3 and 4 and blocks will go up in the path to the first floor, making driving easier. Take the snowmobile up there and make speed there to jump from a small ramp to the slope E (savegame), turn right and run it up the ramps.