Time of the Castles

Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

I used the revised WADs.

Lara starts this level near a river. Shoot the two warthogs and enter the opening behind her. Keep on the grass and find a small medipack on a white block. Go back and enter the small streets. Immediately after entering, on the left you can climb up. Over the roof and jump in a hole there. Pick up medipack and Token. Climb out and slide down. Go right and right and shoot barrier, pick up arrows. In the other little house, shoot barrier and use the Token. See a trapdoor opening, so back to the river and go South and shoot another barrier there, in the end is the trapdoor. Before you climb to the trapdoor, turn around and run/jump to the next column to get revolver ammo. Back again and climb all the way up. On one block you can see the crowbar, take it and go back to the small streets to open the East gate.

Again some warthogs pester Lara; pick up the small medipack and flares on the left. On the right after shooting another barrier, pick up flares and crossbow, be quick about it as a skeleton awakes. Get out and notice the trapdoor on the right. 
Go East and get that Star # 1 and blast a skeleton. Now go further and take the first left, two warthogs for you to shoot and pick up the shotgun ammo and arrows and watch out for the poison darts. Near the darts is an opening in the ceiling, crawl in there and on the boxes find the Ornate Handle. Return to the Iron Gate and see, the trapdoor is open there.


Skeletons alert, Keep the wall on your left, jump over the water and crawl into that crawlspace. SECRET # 1, revolver and medipack. Crawl back, still keep the wall on your left, there is nothing behind the barrier, but around the next corner is another crawlspace. There are some arrows there.

When you are back where you started, the trapdoor is closed.

Time to get into the water and on the West are two openings, the right has nothing and the left has some shotgun ammo. On the East on the right some flares and a croc and on the left, nothing. Now swim to the North and climb out. A warthog and skeleton will attack. Pick up somearrows and climb the stairs on the East. The Uzi is there and on the block is the Torch. Just leave it on that block as you better get to that iron gate you see and jump to a ledge on the left to get the Laser Sight.

There is some practice shooting to do in this room and outside as well. Left and right are the targets; the rolling doors go up and a running jump to the other side. Left, you can find a small medipack and on the right a ladder to climb down. There is a skeleton waiting and on a block the Gate Keys (with a camera shot of a door) and on the floor some shotgun ammo, near a crawlspace where you find SECRET # 2, uzi ammo.

Get back to outdoor area and shoot the target in the East a rolling door on the same wall rolls open. Get in there and climb the ladder and into the opening. Slide down and at the end jump on that block. Then to the next to get that Blue gem and small medipack at the other opening. There is a ladder to get out and the door opens. Place the Blue Gem on the West wall. The burner is lit so now you can grab the torch and burn the rope around that boulder, also on the West wall. A skeleton is also triggered and the door that was hidden by the boulder is open now. Leave the torch and get in the opening. There is a hole in the floor with water, jump in and swim and get out on the West side, just before the arch is a place you can climb out. The door that needs a key is behind the palm tree, up some stairs. Next door opens when you approach and enter a square with a pool.

Shoot the wild life and especially the crocs in the water. In the water is a medipack and a hole in the floor, swim in and stay as low as possible as there are poison darts and at one end the Hathor Effigy.

Halfway is on the ceiling an opening, swim in and all the way to the end (S) in the middle, swim up and get that Star # 2. Jump in the water (you can forget the skeleton) and swim to the wall and then west and up, there is a Pharos Knot there. Now swim back and get out of the pool.
North side is a small medipack and a skeleton.

West a door that needs the Portal Guardian but before you place it, climb the hedge and jump to the ledge and get the arrows there.

South side has some shotgun ammo.
East on a ledge, revolver ammo and arrows. Now combine Hathor Effigy with the Ornate Handle and use the Portal Guardian and enter. At the end is a hole with water so start swimming. Once out, shoot barrier and enter what looks like a street. Jump at the roof and shimmy over the spikes and a skeleton will see if he can get you impaled on the spikes. Be careful around the corner, boulder and a second boulder. Right, another boulder and climb up to get the arrows. You see another boulder there so just run past it.

You are in a small town, so it seems. First right, some shotgun ammo in a house. Back to the main road and left also shotgun ammo behind a barrier. Go further and on the left is a place you can climb on the roof. In a small room you find another Star # 3 and a small medipack. Climb out and slide down, there is also a lost warthog in the streets. On the left is behind a barrier some revolver ammo to get and also at the end of the main road another barrier and the only thing in there is a skeleton, so you can leave that be. Now go back to the last street south, two barriers to shoot and in the first room is a medipack and in the second room a skeleton so donít enter. Go back and follow through to the south. Another skeleton is there and an iron gate is open so enter and you are back in the small streets where you started this level.

Turn left and enter the room with the mummy in the coffin and turn right, as the gate there is open. There is a bridge with a small medipack on it and a trapdoor in the middle. The trapdoor opens and jump in, the trapdoor closes. Only thing you can do is a safety drop down. Shoot the warthogs. There are grenades and arrows to find and enter the opening on the South.

Blast the skeleton and go straight down. Better light a flare as just before you enter the next room, look up and climb that ladder. Around the corner, is a closed gate and a torch. Light the torch on that burner and throw the torch downstairs. Pick up the torch and light the rope. Also light the basket there and that opens up the trapdoor. Pick up the shotgun ammo and now we go for the last Star. Go where the boulder dropped and jump down, crawl through and get the Star # 4, go back, watch the spikes (you can jump up on the side). Blast another skeleton and find theshotgun in the other corner.

First go down the trapdoor, there are skeletons down there and a medipack, arrows, Grenade Launcher and grenades. Almost at the back on the left is a crawlspace and in there the Pharos Knot. Get out through the trapdoor and climb the ladder again as you going to open that door you saw earlier. Use the crowbar and watch out for a skeleton. The other door opens as well but ignore that, as you have to climb that ladder on your right. Another ladder and two more skeletons are waiting there. Around the corner is a door with a lock, shoot it. You are back on the bridge. Go out and back to the river.

On the South side is the area you have to place all four Stars. The door opens and a skeleton is waiting. Use the Knots and the level ends when you enter the room.