Level by Zycwty

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

The minute Lara moves, ninjas attack her. In the NW corner you can climb on a ledge and fins some shotgun ammo there. On the South is also asmall medipack. Go to the East and there is an opening. Another ninja is stupid enough to confront Lara. On either side are stairs. In the hall way is in the middle a closed door, proceed to the next room. On ten East wall are left and right a block, so climb one floor up. On the South and North are two buttons. Push them both and pick up some flares, near one of the buttons. Get down and the door in the hallway is now open. The door closes behind you. On the right an Iron Gate, also a scorpion and left and right around the corner two vases. Under one of them you find some Uzi ammo. Go back to the closed door and look up. Jump into that crawlspace and push the button there. Enter the Iron Gate, jump onto the blocks and I would save here if you are going for a secret. Light a flare stand as close to the right and slide down. At the right moment jump with an arrow to the right and you end up in a small room with SECRET # 1, some Uzi ammo. Jump down and slide into the next room. Another scorpion is there. In a small alcove on the left is a small medipack and there is also some shotgun ammo to be found in a depression of the floor.

Just climb the block and find in the next room a big medipack. Get out and slide down in the open. Another ninja attacks Lara. Go to the Iron Gate and on the right you can jump over sand as far as that first block. Running jump to the next find some Uzi ammo and another to get the Golden Vraeus. That also opens the Iron Gate. Enter the next area, nothing much to do here apart from a medipack and a scorpion. There is also a closed door so now head around the corner West and enter that area. Some flares in the right corner and climb up. On the right a closed door and a ninja running up the stairs. After the stairs jump over the opening in the floor and shoot two vases. Behind there pull whatever there is in those tiny holes. That opens the door upstairs so jump over and notice that iron door down there, but for now, enter the door upstairs.

In this room there is another iron door and you need the Canopic Jars here. At the West wall right and left are two buttons. Press them and you see a camera showing that Iron Gate. Run out of the room, down the stairs, into that hole and pick up the Guardian Key. In doing so you open another iron gate, so get upstairs again and on the left the door is open now. Enter up a block and another. Some shotgun ammo is to the left, climb further and slide down.

Room with yet another gate. In the SW corner is a crawlspace, crawl in and at then end of this corridor put you hand in that tiny hole. You hear a door opening, yes it is that Iron Gate and in there you find the first Canopic Jar. In the NW corner of that same room an iron cage has been raised. Climb it, turn around and do a standing jump to the ladder there. Half way do a backflip on a ledge and pick up a shotgun. A running jump to the next ledge and there is some uzi ammo. Then to the third and fourth ledge, and get into that crawlspace in the corner and slide down.

A ninja will attack and after that enter the room.

In the SE corner is another crawlspace and on the left you have to jump up. Better get rid of that vase, as there is where you need to go, just a running jump from that block below and then a jump with grab into the opening to the South. Push that button and make your way back again. An iron cage has risen and climb that. On the North there is small medipack and they other side gives you access to another small area with a ninja waiting. In the back on the left is some shotgun ammo.

Leave this area and jump down at the end. A scorpion is somewhere on the floor and take a running jump to that structure in the middle. There is a monkey climb and to get on that monkey climb, turn around and do a standing jump and grab it. Turn around and make your way over to thatsecond Canopic Jar, That triggers the gate down to open. So get to it.

A scorpion scurries around. On the left some uzi ammo and on the right is a small medipack and also a hole in the ceiling. Under one of the blue vases some shotgun ammo. Slide down the ramp and you are back at the room where you have to use the Canopic Jars. A ninja attacks and after shooting him, place the both Jars.
The basin is filled with water now and you dive in. Get out (W) and run into a dark corridor. At the end right is a medipack and the other leads to a big room and behind that is a hole with water.

Jump in and watch out for that croc, so swim through as fast as you can and do kill that croc as there is an underwater door there that is still closed. In the next room at the North wall you need to place the Guardian Key. Watch the fly by and jump into the water. It is a long breath taking swim and if you want you can get that shotgun ammo later after you have emerge and fill your lungs.

In the next room you see water, knee deep and a crawlspace and yes, of course a croc so lure him out. Once he is dead crawl through and no dilly-dally as you hear another one approaching.

Room with see-through wall.

Get behind the see-through wall at then end is a tile that triggers the door. You better save first and run/sprint towards it before it closes. I sprinted the first half and after that corner jumped into the opening. 
Small room with a closed door and a hole with water with on the South also a closed door. So go further, watch out a croc and in the right alcove some uzi ammo. Left is a see-through wall and also an opening with some clanking knifes and they are pretty sharp.

On the left is a slope, stand with your back to it, light a flare, do a backflip and grab and climb the ladder and a backflip to a ledge. Push the button and the door underwater is open. Swim through and get out. There is a croc somewhere around and some shotgun ammo. Stand with your back towards a slanted block and backflip with grab. Turn around and a running jump to the slide, slide, jump, roll and grab and shimmy to the left, Climb up at the end and in the dark at the end is a button. Go down and in the water, get out, now that door is finally open. Small slide en enters a room with some stairs. Climb on that structure and go either left or right, as there is a small medipack. Return to that structure and stand in the middle and look up. Take a running jump, climb that ladder and crawl into that crawlspace. To the right SECRET #2 a medipack.

Crawl out, there is a ladder, climb it till Lara still has her legs on the last sport and do a backflip. You are in a corridor, watch out ninja attack. Follow it through and after climbing a block pick up a small medipack. Keep on and then slide down. Another Ninja. And you can pick up some uzi ammoin the room on the right you can’t runjump to the other side so jump into the water and pick up some shotgun ammo. Watch out croc, when you swim in that corner. Climb out and run up those stairs. After a short slide you are back in the corridor so enter that room again and walk to the edge on the right and turn around, hang from that platform and let go and grab again and crawl into that space, Now you can run through the corridor to the other side. Place the Vraeus and you see a door opening.

Go North and follow through some slides and you end up in a big room with two ninja’s attacking and one leaves a small medipack. Climb the wall (W) and see on the left an open door, enter and slide into darkness. The end of the level.