Level by Yohhann Burati (BuBu)

Unauthorised walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts this level by picking up the Keys to the Jeep. Drive the Jeep and watch out, as there are some deep holes. At the end to the right is an entrance. Drive through and up at the other end. Leave the Jeep. Climb up that stone structure and climb down the ladder.

Underwater city.

It is rather a huge place, jump in and swim North. There is a huge statue and on the right an opening you can swim in. Follow and end up in a pool.

In the North is another opening and there is the Pyramid that needs the beetles. For now get out of that pool.

Room with pool and fountain

In the North is a coffin with The Scarab in it. In the South on a block by the pool you get the Revolver and another coffin with a medipack also on the right is a block you can get to the ledge with two closed door with levers. In the East and West are also doors with levers.
Enter the door on the West, at the end you end up in a room where you need a Hand and there are rotating knifes but they are not moving yet. Pick up the crowbar.

You can jump into the water and on the West wall at the end is a door that you have to open, there is the Hand of Sirius. In the south, next to the entrance is a ledge you can stand and under that ledge is an opening. Get out of the water and climb that ladder. At the other end do a safety drop and you are back where you picked up that crowbar.

Putting the Hand of Sirius in its receptacle opens three gates and making life a bit more difficult, the rotating knifes starting to work. Funny enough these rotating knives arenít that difficult to master. I jumped in between two knifes and walked forward making sure to do a running jump into one of the openings on the side. Now you have 3 Beetles and one more to go (that is what you think). You can either drop into the water or try the jumping through the knives again. Go back to the room with the fountain and open the door on the East. This room has swinging axes you can pass with a running jump. Jump over those opening and at then is another Beetle. A trapdoor opens and Lara is sliding down.

At the end do a backflip and climb up, follow the corridor and at the end jump into the water and you are back at the underwater city. You cannot place the Beetles, as two of them arenít worth much so swim back to the statue and end up again in the room with the fountain. Now get on that block on the South to open that door in the North upstairs. Follow that corridor and watch out for knives popping out of the floor and spiked balls coming from the ceiling. Those are manageable but there are also slicing knives as well.
OK here we go. First left and left again, youíll find the Laser Sight. Go back right and now straight on and after you crawled under that spiked ball save, as now the slicing knives will appear. I just ran and jumped over the last knife, but keep going, as there is another spiked ball dropping from the ceiling.

Stairs with knives.

At the top you see two lions, so use revolver and sight and shoot at the gems in their mouths. Very handy, there is some revolver ammo lying there as well. Get Beetle number three. Crawl under the spiked balls, right and left and you are back at the fountain. Go the South door now.

Enter a room with more spikes, time your jump and use the crowbar to pry that beetle loose, your fourth, and immediately do a backflip. Go back to the fountain and swim North. Place your 4 beetles and get the Mechanical Beetle.

Get back in the room with the fountain and on the left of the coffin North is a pushable block (light a flare). Pull it out and you have the Key.

On the West wall, behind a banana plant, is an opening. You need to use the Mechanical Beetle here. After following the corridor you end up in a room with another fountain, a opening in the water on the East, some clanking knives in the North, a small medipack in SE corner and a closed gate in the NE corner. So use the Beetle again behind the clanking knives and you find a medipack and the Grenade launcher, there in that same corridor is a block. Light a flare and push it twice, next to it another one, push once and next to that another block, also push that. Follow the corridor and around a corner is another, pull that, Retrieve your steps and you see you opened a small space with a crawl space, Climb in and at the end climb down in a room filled with sand. There is a Blue Gem on a pedestal.

Get back to the fountain room and pace the Gem at the gate. Pick up some revolver ammo. You better save now and slide backwards and hang at the end. You hear a clock ticking and I let Lara climb up, hang 3 times and then the clock stops and spikes will pop up. After they are released, it is save to enter the room. Shoot the gem out of the lionís mouth on the North and South wall, the gate will open. At the east wall place the Scarab on the left and see a block being lowered. Dive into the water and end up in the pool with the fountain. On the South wall is an opening so run down and end up in a room with walkways and a pole. Slide down and jump to the ladder West. And from there jump to the ground.

In this room is a ladder on the West wall (you just jumped down from but canít go back), 5 wall torches on the South, a corridor with closed gates on the North and a room with breakable wall tiles on the East.

Go East and pull that chain and two bulls will emerge. There is also a ladder but you canít climb it as it is blocked so it is time for you to do the bullís dance and let them smash the tiles. Canít help you out here, as there is enticing and jumping to do so good luck. After all four tiles are broken, and it wasnít an easy task let me tell you, you can climb the ladder there all the way to the top.

Room with ladders.

Turn right and jump off. In the West wall is a crack, run jump and grab, shimmy to the left, crawl in that space and at the end is a lever. Flip it and follow the corridor up. At the end do a safety drop and now you can monkey climb to that platform on the left. From there a running jump to the next and a standing jump to the ladder. I stayed on that side and looked to the right to get as high as that slanted block, then I went around the corner and backflip plus roll to grab that slanted block. Pull up, slide and jump and grab the ladder, around the corner is a lever. Do take notice of all the tiles upon the wall though. Flip lever, standing jump to the next ledge and a running jump to the ladder, Climb about one and a half block away from the ceiling, transverse to the right and a backflip to another ledge. Jump to the next and get on top and grab the Golden Serpent and watch the camera. Here you can even have a better look at those tiles.

Now get back to the room with the 5 torches on the wall. I went East, jumped to another ledge and from then NW and then again to the crack, shimmy and follow that corridor. The bull are still out there so sprint pass them. Better save when you are back in the room and have a good look at those tiles on the floor.

North, there is the picture of a falcon, start there. Every time you jump to the next one and you did it right, the tile burns. Do not jump on the last falcon but jump over it. The trapdoor opens halfway on the ladder (your way out) and a gate in the North corridor is open. Pull the chain and all the torches are lit and leave via the ladder and the pole.

Fountain room and NW enter opening, the Serpent goes on the right. Watch the fly by of a treasure room. Dive into the water and into corridor with the clanking knives, into that crawlspace and you en up in the treasure room. Pull four golden vases on the four manholes looking things on the floor a door opens on the South and climb a ladder. On the West wall is a lever and that apparatus stars working revealing a Guardian Key. Put the key in its slot on the North wall and get the Statue in there. Climb down and you hear the growling a demi god, Slay it and also the other and find twoBlue Gems. Use the gems on the North wall and slide to the end.