Level by Tabsdad

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Outside Looking In

Lara starts outside and the only thing to do here is run straight, while gathering some flares, shotgun and shooting some ninjas (one leaves some shotgun ammo behind). There are some openings left and right, take the second one on the right and get the Laser Sight. The second on the left is empty. Now take the first opening on the right, straight to the wall is a crawlspace. Pick up a small medipack in the corner and flip that lever there. In the room, there is nothing down those stairs and the same for the room opposite.

So better go to the building (W). Run around that building, first open the trapdoor behind the building, nothing to do here just yet and then keep going west and then south now and enter those open doors.

When you are at the water there, a ninja will appear and at the SW corner there are arrows, the ninja leaves some flares though.

Get in the water, lots of openings there and the west side has a closed gate.


Swim in and take first opening right, this room has four blocks, with shotgun ammo in the SW corner and a lever in the NE corner (camera) and this also triggers some bats. So back in the water, to the pool and swim straight through. Go right, you are in a room that is very empty and has a wide corridor on the west. A croc is approaching and after killing it go around the corner. A golden door is still closed. Down is a pool and around the ledge is another room with some vases. When you are near the vases a ninja shows up. Pick up the revolver from the pedestal and shoot a croc. On the other pedestal are some arrows.

Dive in the pool down below, you can open the door underwater, but a bit further is a closed trapdoor so better climb out and on the west, the gate opens and right around the corner on the north wall is a jump switch. You hear a trapdoor opening. Go up the ramp and you are back where you climbed out of the water. Back in the pool down below, as the trapdoor there is open now. Swim up and end up in a room with five levers. Four of them are traps, so take the first one (E) opposite the waterhole. The door opens and a flyby shows you the next room. Out the door, right, left, left and in the other door. This room has six Sacred Gems and five of them are traps. Take the last one (W). A croc is nosing around. Get back out and find the waterhole in the SE corner. Swim back and now go to the south.


Swim in and almost at the end, also through some greenery, swim up. There is another opening to swim through in the beginning, but that has a trapdoor (closed). Room with four Shivas and one golden gate, closed. A medipack on a pedestal. Facing west is an iron closed gate. In the corridor to that room is on the south wall a crawlspace. Get down and slide down.

Lava room

Running jump to the first pillar, standing jump to the next and a running jump towards the arrows there. Stand with your face to the tile with a face on it and do a safety drop, let go and grab the jump lever. A block rises from the lava floor, jump to the wall and climb up. Enter the opening and go left. Shoot the barrier, jump over and left again and use the lever there (camera shot). Out of the corridor and jump down, over the hole in the floor, and at the end pick up some grenade ammo. Climb up and up again and watch out as when you start climbing the stairs there, a boulder comes crashing down. Just take a back jump and run forward into the corridor left. Up the stairs over the two holes. Follow through and you are in a room with four Shivas.

Watch out for the croc and go into the corridor right (E). Go straight into the next room and climb the stairs. Pick up the Crossbow and that wakes up some skeletons. Next pedestal has the Sacred Gem, but better approach this one from the stairs. Another two skeletons are awake and a ninja will appear. In the NW corner of the other room is the Grenade Launcher. The gate is open again and back in the water.

Now swim west but go left (S) and place the Gems. Using the lever in there gives you a camera shot of another trapdoor, so back into the water. Swim to the south and now the first opening in the ceiling up, this one is also nicely hidden between some greenery. Pick up some ammo and use the lever opposite the ammo. A flyby of a burning Knot. Back in the water and now swim north.


Swim in and almost at the end through some greenery, up. Room with a burning Knot that isn’t burning anymore. Two golden gates are closed, but open the minute you pick up the Pharos Knot. And some crocs come out. 
Right one (W) 2 closed gates, left one closed gate on the right and left a room with a trapdoor and further a room with lava and a ramp. A ninja will show his face. In the opening in the middle of the floor is a jump lever. Now go to the lava pool and a block appeared there. A running jump let you across the lava pool; the golden gate opens and switch the lever. Camera of the trapdoor. The other golden gate is open as well and follow through and you are back at the room of the Knot.

Straight again and left is the room with the trapdoor. Once up pick up the Crowbar (another camera of a door). Jump down and go south, right and straight into the other golden gate, and left (S) and around the corner another lever. See the flyby and back to the room into the other corridor, right (S) and follow through. Down and watch out for a ninja, up and keep going, up again and you climb out of the trapdoor.

Place the Knot, a camera shows the door on the other side of this building being opened.

At the end of this room is a Golden Star, get it and the door downstairs opens. 
Downstairs there is nothing right, and left is a room where you can place the Star. Camera from a door outside. Two skeletons and a ninja attack. Go back and go west this time. Around the corner, down and up, out of another trapdoor. The gate is on the east. Of course there are ninjas around, but climb the stairs and end up in a room with pushable pillars and golden gates.

Get the pillars on their tiles (see ceiling) and gates open. In the NE corner is a trapdoor, open it.

First enter north wall right door. In the room jump to the first column, face west and jump with grab and end up in a small opening. Use the lever there and jump back to the column, it is climbable. The door in the SE corner is open.

Keep jumping to the last column and be sure your health is up as I jumped down where that open gate is and I am nor sure if that was intended. You get in a room and climb that central structure all the way up, a standing jump to the ledge, three running jumps to the other ledges and jump up and climb on the last one. Standing jump and slide/jump and grab and climb up. Get down and pick the Hathor Effigy from the pedestal. A skeletons comes and go downstairs. At the end do a safety jump and you are back at the first column. Climb down as the back is climbable, the whole room has changed. Face the first column west and get the Golden Star. Climb up the column and leave the room.

Go back to the first room with the pillars and take the other opening. A room with Shiva statues and a pool, a ninja leaves some ammo and in the water is a croc. Swim to west opening.


Go in and left and right get out and find some shotgun ammo and lever (camera of a trapdoor opening).

Water west again (croc) small medipack, back out to the bigger pool, go right/left and get some air.


Right and left, up, get into crawlspace and before switch lever save, as this is a timed one. So pull, roll jump and crouch, crawl and run and jump on first block and running jump to the second one, climb up and jump up to the monkey climb. There you can save. At the end is a jump lever.

Go back in the water and climb out north and climb in the opening there. Get the Ornate Handle and watch out for a ninja. A trapdoor opened almost at the entrance, so climb up the ladder, around the corner and slide into the water.

Go back to the pillar room and combine the Ornate Handle with the Hathor Effigy and use the Portal Guardian (stand looking to the east).

Two doors open and two ninjas appear. But before going into the corridors, jump into the trapdoor and place the Golden Star. 
In the corridor is some revolver ammo. The next room is a room full of rocks, Take a running jump east on the first column, turn south, another running jump to the wall, face east again and also a running jump. Now face north and a running jump to the column there (do not use the grab key) and from there a standing jump to the ledge.

Room with four gems

A ninja will shoot you in the back and just pick up all four Sacred Gems and place them in the receptacles. All the doors open but three are traps and one is save. So take the third one from the left and of course are some ninja’s and even crocs bothering you. Also leaving some uzi ammo. Run north, around a corner and run to the closed gate, that opens when you approach. There is a lever north that opens the trapdoor. Jump down, slide and follow through and two more ninjas guarding the Stone Key. The door on the east wall opens, go in and up and when there is a block Lara needs to pull up, turn around and use the jump lever there and now you can climb up and out of here. Go west en enter another building. Take twice a running jump; turn around and another running jump with a slight curve so you can do the last jump to place the Stone Key. The door opens so jump back and once inside on the left pick up the Witch’s Ashes and either flip back immediately or stand very still as a boulder comes down. Behind it two ninjas. Nothing more to do than running up the ramp.