Level by Tabsdad

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts, as the title in the beginning says, somewhere in Cleveland and as she start walking better draw you guns and at the end, jump up and shoot the barriers away so the girl can climb out. You are in a big room with some doors and a huge iron gate.
There is a big vase on the left with some revolver ammo under it and on the north wall left, the laser sight. Under the bench youíll find some
shotgun ammo.

The blue doors South and North can be opened and the South one has some shotgun ammo, the North the shotgun, but that also triggers a guard. And he leaves some flares behind after being shot. Go back to where you found the shotgun and crawl into the crawlspace there.

In the corridor a bit further you see some flares and the revolver but there is a boulder trap here. The easiest way I found is to hop back twice and run back. The gate closes but opens again if you are near the crawlspace, now you can get the flares and the revolver. There is way ahead another gate closed but if you look up you can see an opening, so climb in. At the end is a slide so to be on the save side, use the F5 button!

Crowbar room.

Slide down and at then end jump and grab and a nasty flying skeleton fires bolts at Lara. 
There is a fire straight ahead and the goal in this room is to shut it down. Take a running jump to the North and a safety drop on the floor. This is also the point where you have to climb up again. On the South is an opening with the Uzi in it and behind the car (N) a barrier you can shoot. If you wait a bit another flying skeleton comes flying out and after taken care of the creep, enter. In there is some revolver ammo on the floor. The big vase South has some shotgun ammo hidden. Now walk in front of that jeep and do a back jump and shimmy all the way down till you can let go. Jump down and find the crossbow and crawl in that crawlspace to flip a lever, watch the camera. Get out the same way as you got in and walk to the other jeep, jump in the hole there and find the crawlspace.

After shooting that grate you find yourself in a room with boxes and a big iron gate. Straight ahead is a box you have to pull out as the opening to another room is there. Funny thing is that the moment Lara moved the Iron Gate opened, but the lever to open the gate is in the other room or was it just to trigger some camera work?. But go there anyway as there are some goodies to find. Jump on the box and get of left, as a spiked ball will roll down. Stay away from the middle and shoot the barrier and the bench and get the revolver ammo.

There is more revolver ammo under the vase. And on the right where that spiked boulder came from is an opening with a lever that gives a flyby from the open Iron Gate.
The minute you jump down there is another spiked boulder so keep running and to the right and get the Pharos Knot and the arrows if you didnít do it before. That will trigger a guard so shoot him and heíll leave some flares behind. Go back to the box (and boulder) room and standing on the box looking West you see a ladder, climb it and follow through, crawl in the crawlspace and at the end hang, and shimmy right till you are above the wall lever there. Use the lever and the flyby shows that the fire is out. Now we have to open the gate there. So go back to the jeep near the wall and climb up. On the balcony is a medipack and after the balcony face South and a running jump with grab and a shimmy so you can stand. Another running jump and a flying skeleton to take care off. A running jump to the East to place the Pharos Knot and the gate opens with the crowbar behind it. Jump back, pick up some arrows and a running jump in front of the extinguished fore and pick up the 

You enter a corridor. Left is a lever but in my game I didnít need it to push it, as the door at the end was open so I left it like it was.

So go right, corner, another two corners, pass a blue gate around the corner and take the first left. A guard appears so shoot him and he leaves some shotgun ammo behind. Take also the first one left and almost at then end also left, jump up and at the end down. On the right is a lever and flip it. A flyby shows a gate opening, remember it?

So jump up and down, at the end right and left and the gate is at the end of that corridor. Safety drop down and get out, through crawlspace and you end up at the bookcase you got the shotgun, Get out in the main hall and open the door North with the crowbar. Go in and run right and left and open the door there.

A guard has some revolver ammo and in the closet is the Key. If you have problems opening the closet, take one step back and push the Ctrl key. The Key opens the door a bit back so get to it. Another guard is in there. Now gather the goodies like in one closet some shotgun and uzi ammo, the other has a small medipack. On the workbenches some shotgun ammo and flares. The shelves have revolver ammo and shotgun ammo and the big vases harbours some uzi ammo.

First go the West wall on the left and climb that box, behind it you find revolver ammo. Back on the box turn East and jump and shimmy to the right, pull up and on the top of another box is some uzi ammo. Get back to the floor and a guard will leave also some uzi ammo behind.

Now go to the North wall and shoot the vase and there is also another closet with some shotgun ammo. The shooting of the vase also triggers a guard. Get on top of the boxes and a running jump to the next and just a jump to the second one. Jump up and monkey climb to the next and from there to the opening in the South wall.

Shoot the grate and enter crawlspace. On the right is another grate to shoot and in there is some shotgun ammo. After that you enter another room with boxes and some artifacts. Jump on the floor. A big vase hides some uzi ammo, the closet has some flares and another one somearrows.

Climb the boxes on the East wall and look up, jump and grab that hole and there is a switch. A flyby shows that the huge Iron Gate is open now. Get down on the floor and a guard will shoot at Lara, sneaky man. Now open the blue doors and go the first left.

Earthquake room

You have to jump all around this room, till you end up again at the East wall, there is a lever there. The camera shows some spikes retracting. Jump back and hang from the platform, let go and grab immediately again and shimmy left till you can drop on a ledge. You could go on jumping, as behind that big pillar, surrounded by fire is a switch. Do not go there as that switch will only close the door you have to get through. So get off that ledge and enter.

You enter a room with a burning floor and there is a gem at the end, sitting on a pedestal. Running jump to the next ledge and get that Blue Gem. An earthquake starts and stops when you stand on the next tile. A flying skeleton is on the loose so shoot it. You canít go back the way you came in so jump down and slide and a jump and you are save. Donít wait too long or else you way out will be burning. There is some uzi ammo at the end and one tile back you can jump up and grab and climb the ladder that is there. The room has changed so now it is climbing. Get on the first small block and from there on the next (N). You end up at the place you started but the exit is blocked. So jump to the ledge next to it, running jump to the next (W) standing on next to the wall, running jump (S) and at the end a standing jump East. At the end of that climb up (also East) and from that ledge get to the next (N). Turn West and you see the opening you have to get into, so slide and jump/grab and climb in. At the end of the corridor do a safety jump to the ground floor. The Gate at the end opens when you approach and go left and use the crowbar on the door with the face on it you are back where you started.

Now go through the iron doors and you are in a corridor. Go right, shoot the vase on the box and from there shoot the big vase. Climb up there and get the arrows and crawl into the crawlspace and at the end, drop on the floor. There is a lever on the right near the gates. There are four vases there. You only have to shoot two to get the Gate Keys and find a switch, but go on, shoot them all. Flip the switch; some boxes will shift so you can get out. Crawl back to the corridor. The bench has some revolver ammo. Go South and take the stairs there. Use your keys on the gate. Enter and go right and right, as on the pillar is a jump lever. There are guards around. The lever opens the door opposite, so down the stairs and up the other stairs and go left. Climb the box there and shoot out the grate there and crawl in.

In the next corridor behind those blue doors, there is nothing. But further down shoot the big vase, as behind one of them is a switch. A guard starts to snoop around and heíll leave some shotgun ammo behind. Flip the switch and jump past the knifes. Another guars will have a look and at the end the door to an outside area is open.


Go down one stair and jump to the North, there is some revolver ammo lying there. After picking it up, get all the way to the ground. Run all the way to the back and go right and there is a crawlspace in the end to the left. At the intersection take a left, around the corner and climb down. There is a jump lever in the North East corner. Go back through crawlspace and go out in the open. Straight ahead is a block you can climb on and facing North grab and pull up to the next one. Now face the building and climb up. A door is open there. Enter and go left and enter a new room.

Block puzzle room.

Shoot the vase and pick up revolver ammo. There are boxes shattered throughout this room and one blue door. Open the door and on the West wall is a crawlspace. Get in and climb up, there is nothing there but through some mash you can see a key laying there.

Return to the room and turn left, there is a block that needs pulling, pull it so you can see what is behind it. Open the blue doors, the room behind it is guarded by two guards and has a switch all the way in the back on the left. Another guard is having a peek and after shooting him go back to the room once again. Near where the vase was are more blocks that need pulling as there is another door behind one of them. In the room is a cupboard with some arrows and also a crawlspace on the West wall. This is the way to the Key you saw before so get it and leave this room.

Go to the corridor but instead of going outside, go straight ahead. Use the key for the door.

Roof terrace

Go straight, pass some blue doors, around a corner (nice moon by the way) and find a switch behind a box West. Nothing more to do than going back and there is of course a nosey guard. The blue doors are open. Get some uzi ammo and a small medipack from the shelves, more uzi ammofrom the cupboard opposite the shelves and another blue door. Open this and you see you are on the other side.

Take a running jump with grab to the ledge and another one over the balustrade, and climb up onto the roof. There is a hole on the left and be sure you have full health and do a safety jump in the room below. On the South wall is a receptacle for the Gem but it is burning. In the NW west corner is a jump switch on a pillar and in the NE corner you can climb that pillar there and get also some revolver ammo laying there. Jump to the ledge on the right, pass the knife-slicing guy and place the Gem. The gate opens and run in, another gate opens and jump in hole in the floor and the level ends there.