Level by Tabsdad

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Easy Tomb Raiding

You start in a burial chamber and shoot all the vases, as there are some shotgun ammo, a small medipack, flares, Laser sight and one half of the Cartouche to get. In the north wall is a crawlspace. The next room has poisonous darts and scorpions under the vases. Another crawlspace is in the north wall, but the gate hiding a half of the Cartouche is till closed so for now jump over that block and you enter a room with two lever, left and right, two gates closed and a monkey swing way up.

Using the lever on the right gives you a camera shot, now you can get the other half of the Cartouche by climbing through that crawlspace in the previous room.
Using the left lever a gate, way up opens but before you go there in the SE corner is a Laser sight. You can get there by jumping into the depression of the floor and with a standing jump, jump into that corner. 
Climb that column near the lever and jump from column to column, picking up a crossbow in the process. Use the monkey bars to get to the other side.

Left is the receptacle for the Ba Cartouche (camera of an underwater gate) and on the right a ramp with a boulder. So better save before you go down. Almost at the end you have to go right or else you will be squashed. The gate opens and you are back in the room with the levers. Go back to the start of the level and when approaching the double doors, they open. The vases only hides scorpions and the first on your left is a small corridor where the gate opens if you walk toward it. Up the ramp and on top is a crawlspace on the right. SECRET # 1, Uzi.

Around the corner, another ramp and at the end a hole in the floor. Jump in the water.

Underwater room

There are two openings there, one north and one east.


Swim in, first one right, first one left and up. Follow the corridor then, flip the lever (camera shot). Now take the other side of the corridor and find another lever (another camera shot) and now go back into the water, right and right again. Pick up the one half of the Eye Piece. The other gate there is after getting one half of the Eye, right and right again getting the other half of the Eye Piece.


Swim right and get out, climb the ledge near the block that will trigger some spikes. A running jump to the next ledge, with a lever. The gate next to it opens. At the end pick up some uzi ammo and a medipack. Climb in opening on the north wall, the gate opens and a running jump to the other side. Get the Hand of Sirius and jump into the water.

Go back out and around the corner to the left and a left again. Get out off the water and climb that long, long ladder. Back flip at the end and climb in that opening. At the end a safety drop and you are back where you started. Use the Hand and enter.

Slide and jump, here are a lot of arrows to gather, uzi ammo and a medipack, and on the floor is a lever and roaming around are three mummies. The shotgun is somewhere on the floor and use the lever. Climb the block and jump to the next one (S) around the room till you are at the gate that just opened. Jump in and up and the first to the right. Pick up the Hand of Orion and flip the lever (camera shot). Go further through the corridor, slide down and the gate opens and you are back at the start. The gate at the end is open now, so get to it.

In this room is the invisible door bug, leave the vases alone and run right over the block over the ledge (if you go left, passing the vases the invisible door will stop you). Use the lever. There are certain tiles that give you a camera shot of a gate with a lever. Slide down to the floor and there are a lot of scorpions wandering down there. Go into the opening west, this is the room of that camera shot. Use the rope and the switch. Scorpions you can shoot and mummies are on the floor you can avoid them, as you have to jump down and use the other lever there.

Enter open door, first left and left again, pick up a medipack and Grenade launcher, then right, pick up some grenade ammo. Almost at the end climb up (right) up the ramp and climb the ladder. Take a safety drop and you are on the other side of the rope. Go back to the room. In the north you can place the Hand. A camera shot shows the way, so climb the block in the middle of the room and running jump to the ledge and climb block north to monkey climb to the opening south. Crawl into that crawlspace and go right and pick up the revolver. Go all the way to the other side and slide down. Five scorpions greet you there and use the lever. Two mummies are behind the doors. Place the Eye of Horus and near the double door you enter the next level.

Nameless Waters

On the left and right is a cross and under a vase a small medipack and shotgun ammo. West are two buttons, the left one opens the right door and a dog hops out. Get the shotgun that is on a pedestal, now use the other button. A small medipack is there and another button. Climb the stairs and up and up.

Straight ahead you see you need two Stars and at the end is another button. Enter the next room; there are some mummies there and run to the right, all the way around the building and climb up. Jump to the other side and push the button there. Get in the front of the building and gather theshotgun ammo, arrows and grenade ammo from the floor and from the pillars uzi ammo and the Uzi. Back to the other room and there is another area on the east, near the receptacles for the Stars. In a crawlspace left is a medipack, SECRET # 2. Jump down in the next room.

In the SE corner is a pole, climb it and back flip to the ledge, under the vase is a small medipack. A running jump to the other side and another to pick up some shotgun ammo and crowbar in NE corner. On the south wall is a corridor and at the end a hole, jump in and also in the next one to push the lever there. The camera shows a door opening so go back to the start of this room, up and up, jump on the ledge to the other one and in the water. Climb out on the west wall. At the end go left and down and down. The door should be open and a dog is sniffing. (I had a slight problem that the door was closed, so I made it back and flipped that lever again, this time I got the door and the dog showing up in the camera shot).

Under the vase is some shotgun ammo and at the end of this room some arrows. In the SE corner is a crawlspace and a rope is hanging in the next room. On the other side pick up the Pharos Knot and the door slams shut. Take the rope back and use the ladder to climb down (or a safety drop) and pace the Knot at the door. The skeletons might hinder you later though, so be aware. Straight ahead is your first Golden Star and using the lever the camera shows you the double doors opening. Take the opening on the right; straight ahead pick up the shotgun ammo. Do NOT use the button, as that will unleash the beetles. The room on the side of this corridor has a lever and by using it a small earthquake occurs. Go back and you see a landslide has taken place. Climb the block and jump up to the ledge, the door is open again.

Go back to the other side, to the now open double doors.

Go right and end up at a pool with a door and some ropes. Flip the lever there and all the water is gone now and the door hides the Pharos Pillar. Climb the block and a running jump to the next to get out of here. Now go to the other end and see a crack in the wall, but you can also do a safety drop to the floor. Further is a skeleton is sleeping and a vase hides some revolver ammo. Go back to the crack and shimmy all around till you can climb up. Jump block and one further get the Laser Sight and jump back and onto the next block as on the east wall is a door.

Also another revolver and place the Pillar. In this room is the second Golden Star. A mummy is keeping the skeleton company, so get rid of them and jump into the opening. Now travel back to the other door and up the stairs and place the two Golden Stars. On the west is an opening and look at the ceiling, the yellow colour is a monkey climb so jump and grab and monkey climb to the opening. At the end jump in the water.

Go right and down and pick up a crossbow and swim up, there are lots of bats there and a lever. Camera shows an underwater door, so jump in the water going south and swim through the door. And up. There is a button and jump back and climb up and find the Blue Gem. Don’t worry about the cameras shots.

Swim back and all the way op, the water has risen, stay underwater and swim in and up and pick up some revolver ammo and use the gem.

Huge room with buildings

Some dogs roam around and get the lay out of this room a bit. There are four buildings. Pass the first building go left and enter the second one. In there you see a lever and that also triggers a lot of bats. Up the ramp and a jump to the button there (camera shot). A safety jump to the floor and go back to the first building and use that lever there (another camera shot). Go past the second building and enter the next one on the right. Two skeletons and also some shotgun ammo on the floor. Get the Bleu Gem on that pedestal and dive in the water. Pick up some grenade ammo and a medipack and swim in the opening there and all the way up.

Go south and in the NW corner jump over that slanted part. Climb up, running jump, slide jump and turn east and another running jump. Get theGrenade Launcher and place the Gem. Now there is a pole so you can climb out. Go further to the south and jump on the next roof. A skeleton is there and go to the SW corner, behind those blocks is a hole. Get the two Blue Gems in that room and jump to the floor. Push the lever in the NE corner and that shows you the escape route from this room, so jump the blocks and climb out. Jump back to the roof (N) and then to the east. Pick up the uzi ammo. The last jump to the building south, do line up with the lever and shoot those skeletons as they might hinder you in your task. Spikes pop up; use the lever and a running jump to the next open room, also south. Slide down to the lava room.
Apart from two skeletons this is straight forward jumping to the west.

In the next room push the button left, that opens a door right, place the Gem, another door opens and place the other Gem.
Skeletons and mummies appear and you have to shoot them as two of them carry the Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle. Put the together and place the Portal Guardian in its slot and enter. In the next room there is nothing else to do than push that button and that triggers the next level.

Ashley’s Level

Room with a bridge and lots of small pools.

Get twice some shotgun ammo and the shotgun. Underwater in the SE corner is a ceiling lever. The camera shows a gate and that one is all the way in the west. There is also a ceiling lever. Swim out and to the south there is that block that the camera showed. Climb it and also the ledge. A running jump to the east and push that button. This opens a trapdoor on the floor under the bridge east. It is only “one block square” opening in the floor. Behind the door is a ceiling lever that will raise a block straight ahead. Climb up and up the ledge; pick up the medipack and a running jump to the bridge. In the NE corner are some flares, back to the bridge and look up to find the monkey climb to the other side and around the corner to that pedestal. Pick up the Key there. Looking north more blocks has risen so climb those and use the Key there. The door on the bridge opens but first pick up the Laser Sight on the west. Running jump to the bridge and shoot that skeleton and enter. In the next room is a croc and two craters with spikes popping up, and your goal is that opening south. I lined up with the crater nearest and did a running jump with a bit of a curve without grab. In the next room use the monkey climb to pull the jump lever and stand on the trapdoor. You hear a croc so shoot it and pick up someshotgun ammo. Go right, almost at the end up and pick up a small medipack. Climb the ladder and a safety drop back to the room with the craters. Enter the gate, run through the next room to the other one.

Room with four burning pedestals.

In the north and south are two pushing blocks.


Push block as far as and enter corridor. 
Spikes and burning tiles. Stand with your back at the slanted block SE corner and a running jump right after the spikes popped up, keep jumping with the right cursor and end up in front of a barrier. Behind it use the button (camera shows one of the burning pedestals). This raises a block south. For going back, stand with an angle in the doorway and a running jump as soon as the spikes pop up will do the trick to get in the middle again.

Stand again with your back to the slanted block and a running jump over the spikes and keep on jumping with the use of the cursor to get to the south and up that raised block. Run into the corridor and follow through. Get down and now you can pick up the Ornate Handle.


Push the block twice and push that new block on the left once. Go back to the first and push it east. Enter and this room has two ropes over lava and spikes and a Demi God is walking there as well so be sure have your health up if you can’t shoot it just yet (he didn’t bother me a bit though). In the next room reach into that tiny hole and enter the trapdoor, get the Key (camera shot) and leave south. Jump down and get the Hathor Effigy.Combine the two and use the Portal Guardian (looking north will do the trick). The door west opens and run jump to that ladder and climb (take the ladder on the right). Once up use the Key and enter and around the structure to an opening on the west. North is a button that reveals another button on the other side. A block in the middle rises and the Hammer Guy appears (in my game he joined Lara on that block and gave me quite a fright) so get your bootie up on that ledge as soon as possible and get in the opening north.

Jump the pillars, running jump straight, running to the NW, next one is N, then NE, SE, SW, over to the next and pull that jump lever (camera shows another block rising. Back to the Hammer Guy room and jump over the blocks to get the Key on the pedestal. The Hammer Guy kept pestering my Lara on that first block, but I made it to the key and back again to the ledge).

Jumping those pillars again but this time stop at the block that has a ramp. Take a standing jump to the slide, another slide and a jump and a slightly angled running jump to the south. The gate closed and around the middle is a keyhole.

An earthquake occurs with a camera shot. Walk to the entrance and use that jump lever and climb the block at the other end of the room, another jump lever to use that opens the entrance gate again and of course wakes also that skeleton. Jump down in the now altered pillar room. Nothing else to do than run to the open gate on the east and use the jump lever on the south wall. Go left and end up near a small lake with boulders, Hope you cleared the entrance as a boulder drops there as well. Get to the west and in the NW corner there is a hole filled with water. Swim in and at the end up. Get the Trident on the pedestal and run to the gate and slide out of this game.