Passage to Mu.

by Michael Bender (revised version)

Authorized walkthrough by Gerty

Michael made some changes so the game could be played as he intended so the old version doesnít work with this walkthrough. I used the revised coastal wads.


Lara starts in a dark corner so go out of this cave and see a building with a closed gate. Nothing else to do than dive into the water and swim to the NW corner as there are flares to be found. Get in the water again and in the NE is an opening you can swim through. Better be quick about it as there are crocs waiting there.

In the east wall, underwater is also an opening, so swim in and up and once on dry land again, pick up the CROWBAR. Dive in and swim back and once you are back in the previous lake keep swimming south as there is the place to climb out on the left side of the opening to the west lake.

Climb all the way to the top and use the crowbar on the door.

Better have a bit of a look around, as at the right is water, way down, the same on the left and straight on you step on a closed trapdoor and following this passage through you see a door that needs a gem and a bit further pick up the shotgun ammo. Walk towards the palm tree and turn to the east and look down. There is a ledge you need to climb out and if you turn slightly right you see the opening you have to climb in, it is in the south wall. On the left, near the water is an opening into the building and in the water an opening.

Dive into the water and climb out on that ledge, jump up to the crack in the south wall and shimmy around the corner, climb up and jump down. I would save on that tile here, as this is a timed run/swim. So jump up and up and into the water and swim to those stairs north, as a gate is open to the left and pick up the Horsemanís Gem. Save again while standing on that tile as it is again timed. So run out of here, into the water and swim between those underwater burners get out and climb the ladder. You are back at the door. Place the Gem on the door and down the ramp.

Get the shotgun ammo, straight ahead and shoot the warthogs. Look north, light a flare and see that crack, shimmy it and crawl in at the end of that passage you find SECRET # 1, the SHOTGUN. Get out and now go to barrier and shoot it. Go down a ramp and into the water.

Start swimming and once you are in a big room go to the left (W) and get out. Go right and jump over the pit and start walking up the ramp. Boulders will come down; the right one first than the left, so wait for the right one to pass Lara and then do a side flip. There is also an alcove on the left, and a small medipack lying there, and you can get it if you jump in and out again at an angle. Follow the ramp up, go right. There is a door that needs a Gem and around the corner, up another ramp there you can get some shotgun ammo.

Go down and save in the opening west. Now get ready for some jumping.

A running jump to the first pillar with immediately a side jump. After the boulder has fallen go back to the first pillar and a single jump to the next and next on the left (South wall). From there look back at the entrance and drop down, and hang, let go and grab again and shimmy along the wall till you can climb up.  Up a ramp, around the corner and you are on the other side.

Get into the opening and watch out, some skeletons are there. Take a running jump to the next ledge and on the right in an alcove are some flares. Use the crowbar on the door. I would save here, as the next part is a bit tricky.

Turn around facing west and up there is an opening with red and blue targets; you can use the guns to shoot them (although I had to use the shotgun to get the bleu as well, standing second step of the staircase). The red one turn on fire on a tile in front of the alcove left, where also the Horsemanís Gem appears after shooting the blue one. After getting the gem, enter the door and a safety jump in the opening in the floor.

Put the Gem in its receptacle (E) and follow through. Get some shotgun ammo on the right and take a standing jump to the next ledge. Skeletons will awake so be aware. On the right is an opening and a medipack. Follow the ledge, there are more openings, but nothing in them, there is however one crawlspace, in the SE you have to get into. Climb up and up and now you are one floor higher. More skeletons here though. Go north and find on the right, in a corner, more shotgun ammo, keep going again to the right (NW) and in the corner, right, is another opening to the upper floor.

On the west are some closed doors and in the SW corner a receptacle for a Gem. Go to the SE corner and climb on the ledge there. Face the greenery and the right one is a walkthrough wall. Pick up the Horsemanís Gem and place it in the SW corner. The door on the west is open now. A running jump gets you to the other side and the tile behind the door is a trigger tile, the camera shows you a door underwater. I did a standing jump into the water as the door is on the east. Once inside you hit the finishing trigger of this level.


Lara starts underwater so start swimming and climb out of the water. On the left (W) is a vase and under it youíll find flares. In the SE corner is also a vase, hiding some shotgun ammo.

Go north till you see water and dive in

Swim to the west and get out off the water. In the NW you can find revolver ammo, then go SW up the ramp.

Room with swinging chains.

Climb the block right and a running jump to the next. A standing jump to the next on the left and behind there is a small medipack. Climb up and stay as close to the wall as you can and a running jump to the next block is in order. Climb up and I saved here. This is how I did it. Go to the edge and hop back twice and one running jump, over one tile, to the other block in the next room. Walk to the edge and turn slightly right and a standing jump to the next and another running one with a slide to get to the wall lever there. This will lower a block north. Walk to the corner of this block and jump to the slanted one NW, slide and jump, and slide and jump again.

A wraith shows its ugly face so turn to the east and start climbing those block, up the stairs, at the end go left, watch out of the first opening in the floor and into the water in the next opening. Before you leave the room look at the north wall, there is a jump switch (camera shot).

Go downstairs again, to the chain room and jump down and get into that crawlspace on the west wall. Find flares, uzi ammo and a small medipack. Get out and up the stairs and halfway the stairs go right and out towards the blue doors, they open when Lara approaches.

Go back to the water and the blue door near the wall torch is open. A tin man will come out and heíll leave a Horsemanís Gem and inside is a small medipack.

Back in the water and this time swim east into the left opening and get out of the water at the end. There is that door you saw in the camera shot. Follow through and you are at the other side of the water.

First things first so go to the opening in the west and be prepared for some heavy fighting. There is a Tin man on a horse to the left and another one is hiding somewhere. After shooting them, the one on the horse leaves a medipack. Go west and find around the corner shotgun ammo and hidden under that vase revolver ammo. Now go north and then left and use the Gem there. Once again you meet a tin man on a horse. On the south is some shotgun ammo. Go north, either left or right and then first to the left.

You enter a room with a cogwheel and in the NW corner is a lever (camera from a block underwater). For now leave this room and go east and open those doors. Up the ramp and to the left another cogwheel and another switch, north. Pick up the shotgun ammo and be ready to fight two Tin men. Go out off this room and into the opening east. On the east wall a block has lowered and take the SIGHT.

Go out of the room and back through the doors to the first room where you battled the Horseman and the Tin man on foot. In the SW corner is a small opening filled with water.

Get in and this the block you saw with the camera shot.  Swim through at the end climb out and find SECRET # 2, a small medipack, revolver ammo and REVOLVER. Swim back and leave this building and you can find shotgun ammo immediately on the left in a small alcove. Then go into the big building. The opening is in the NE corner.

The Mu room (room with pool and fountain)

Stand at the edge of the pool, looking west. Take the revolver and sight and shoot the brass ball way up. The door on the west opens. Enter the maze.

The Maze:

Just next to the entrance of the maze is the example of the safe Tile on the wall.

There are three different tiles in this maze.

Tile 1 has only one broken line,

Tile 2 has two broken lines

Tile 3 has three broken lines and this tile is save.

This goes also for the walls, as most walls are climbable.

First tile in the maze is a safe tile. Save here. Walk to the edge (not too close) hop back once, take one step back as well, and then take a running jump to the next save tile. Go right take another running jump (the tile next to it on the left is also save) and grab and climb up. All the tiles are save here. Go left (W), jump down once and do a safety drop in the room below. Go stand in the middle of that save tile and do a standing jump to the SE, the next four tiles are also save. Stand in the middle of that last one and a standing jump around the corner to pick up some uzi ammo.

Go back to where you dropped down, there is a ladder. Climb up and almost at the top, do a backflip. Find the small medipack, shotgun ammo and uzi ammo. Get to the ladder and get off on the middle floor (same passage you entered from), and turn right on the second tile and you must be looking south now. Take a running jump down and the next tiles till the corner are safe.

Next bit is a bit tricky as you need more than one tile to grab the ladder (E) (even if you miss that ladder and jump into the opening there, that is OK). So jump back one time and a running jump around the corner should do the trick. Three climbing walls surround Lara and two of them are save, the one east and the one south. Climb the east one the top and shimmy left, another safe tile.

This is tile # 1, the next 2 and 3 are safe, and you are looking west now. One standing jump straight ahead and turn looking north again.  Another standing jump and find around the corner some shotgun ammo, all those tiles are save.

Retrace your steps, that is: take one hop south, next tile is save, turn looking west now. Hop and see north and south an opening. Ignore that for now and hop to another tile (still west), now a hop around the corner, looking west and drop down and down again. Hop around the corner and find SECRET # 3, the UZI plus some ammo.

Hop back around the corner and climb the wall. Take the next wall as well, hop over the tile in the corner, you should be looking east now. Another hop and on the south and north should be the openings you saw before. Take the opening on the north, then a standing jump (W) and another one (N) get down and all tiles are safe except the one near the climbable wall. Pick up the uzi ammo. Hop back so you are standing in front of the wall (S) and hop over the deadly tile to that wall and climb up. Hop over the corner tile and face two climbable walls, the east one is safe. Once up, turn and hop to the right (N), take another hop and you are through.

Now go around the corner, up the ramp and you come into a room where you have to battle a couple of Tin men on horses and also some other Tin man on foot. (For those who donít want to battle all of the Tin men, I leave a tip I got from the author at the end of this walkthrough.)

So start shooting and one leaves a medipack. The one on foot donít leave anything. Now get your bearings, SW is the maze and you donít want to go there. On the west wall, hop on the blocks on the right, there in the corner is a jump lever hidden (camera of a block being lowered). North wall hides a small medipack and flares. In the SE corner is an opening. Up the ramp and you are on the next floor.

Top floor

In the east is an opening, in the SE corner is a blue door and west is also an opening with a Tin man guarding flares and shotgun ammo.

Go to the SE and open the blue door and get the Golden Star. There is also a lever on the right that opens the other doors in the Mu room. The opening in the east is the one you have to go to, drop down at the end and you end up in the Mu room with the pool and enter the open door east.

Cog room with steam blowers.

Take a couple of running jumps to end up on a ledge all the way back and find a small medipack. Turn around and face the steam blowers, there is a ladder there, a standing jump with grab and climb down.

Go west and find near the cogs, in the middle is a lever. The cogwheels start to turn. Go right around the corner and at the end, next to the cogwheel you can jump down. Pass the wheel and at the end climb up. Pick up the flares and flip the switch (camera of block being lowered). Go back to the cog room and climb out, go to the back and climb the ladder. One running jump to the next ledge and on the right behind the not working steamer is a block lowered. A curved running jump will do the trick. Use the lever there and get back to the cogwheel and the room where you found the flares and lever as in the corner is a hole filled with water. Swim in and into the opening ahead and the minute you turn the corner, swim up and climb out.

The next room has a pool and a three brass balls high up at the west wall, so shoot the middle one (as the L and R balls bring out Wraiths) and jump in the pool and swim back, and retrace your steps through the cog room, up the ladder back to the big room.

Now go to the north, as the double doors there are open.

Star room

At the west is water and in the east a big room, go there. In the north are two blue doors, on the south also a blue door and next to it a ladder. Climb it to get on the upper ledges.

Go north and to that middle structure and look up, as in the left corner is a brass ball, shoot it. This opens the blue doors downstairs in the north wall.

Donít go down yet but make your way west toward the pool area, in the NW is a jump lever on a pillar there. This one is for the door south. Quickest way down is to drop in the pool and get the  two Golden Stars from the room south and north. Back on the ladder again (S) and to that middle structure and place your three Stars.

Get to the ladder and down again (or jump into the pool) as the area on the east is open now.

Up the first flight of stair and then left in an alcove on the right is the last Golden Star you need. Now take the second flight of stairs and place the last Golden Star at that golden block in the middle. The room n the right, with the two harps standing outside, is empty so is the pool at the other end. Go the yellow wall (E) and an opening is there, climb in and you hit the finishing trigger.

Tip from Michael Bender:

If you draw your weapons, pistols whatever, and shoot at the horsemen on the left before they reaches the horses, they get distracted and won't mount it. Also avoid stepping on the center pattern on the floor, and the 2 other tin men on foot won't join the fray.