Level by Rene Winkler

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

This level starts with a rumble and a small earthquake. Just for fun, do turn around and you see a Stargate, you can dive in, but that will be instant death. Doing a step forward you get a flyby. Proceed slowly as a boulder will fall. Look up and you see more boulders, so be prepared. Staying on the same path will trigger the others. Do a running jump to the ledge and pick up the shotgun.

For now climb up the ladder and you are at a lake. There are two crocs, in the SW corner is a small medipack, NW some uzi ammo. Finishing back where Lara started another croc shows up. Dive in. In the SE under some water plants there is revolver ammo and NW some shotgun ammo. Notice a hole in the floor of this lake; a door there is still closed. There is nothing more to do so head back to the ladder and jump into the water below. Swim down and up and get some air.


There is a ledge you can climb on, but a flyby starts and in it, you see a croc swimming. Best is to get out ASAP and kill the croc. There is another one, entice him and also shoot it.

Better get in the water first and swim to the waterfall, Climb up (right) and find SECRET # 1, flares and a medipack, now go back to the ledge and the wall on the South is climbable and there you can have a good look around in this cave.

A running jump to the next pillar and turn West. Another running jump and crawl into that crawlspace. Drop at the end. Go North and better save here as there is a jump, slide, jump and roll and a grab to do. (added in Secret#2: Grab the wall of the cave at the green stuff and shimmy R to a ledge with the Uzis .Go back and continue here) > Climb up and climb up at the South, over a hole with spikes and at the end drop. Turn around and do a curved running jump onto that middle structure and get the medipack. Another curved running jump to get back and another running jump with grab on that structure with the skulls on it. Traverse to the left so your back is to the wall and backflip on a ledge. Take a curved running jump to the waterfall and stay on the right. Slide down.

Small lake

There is a croc waiting and a Gem is lying around the corner, left. In the SE is a small medipack and on the West wall are three openings.

Enter the left and pick up another Gem. Donít place it in the receptacle, as Lara will burn. Same goes for the middle opening, just pick op that Gem. In the right opening there is no Gem but place one in that receptacle and the gate is now open. Run inside and you see a door closing. You are not meant to make it but I would save if I were you. There is a trapdoor, fall through, slide and jump and grab. Traverse left or right till you are on the other side so you can backflip on a ledge. Enter the next room and do not try to take that Portal Guardian, as Lara will be spiked to death. First run over the tiles in the corner and that will set off the spikes, then take the Portal Guardian. This also opens the trapdoor above so climb in (North wall is climbable) and at the end backflip. Turn around and place the Portal Guardian the camera shows a door opening. At this place the camera might freeze, just jump back. Turn around again and that gate is now open. Follow this corridor up till you come onto a wooden bridge, The fixed camera makes it just a little bit difficult but there are two trapdoors here so a running jump will do the job nicely. Keep on running till Lara stands with her nose to some stone, a boulder will come down but that is quite a save place to stand. After the boulder climb up and at the end is a hole filled with water.

Swim down and up again, the trapdoor opens and you are in the lake where you have been before. The SE corner is the place to get out of this lake. And enter the door. Follow the corridor and climb the ladder. On the top, there is a slide and jump to pick up that small medipack.

At the end there is a flyby, now slide down. There is a warthog waiting and North you can pick up some shotgun ammo. Another warthog shows his nose. In the South just behind that waterfall is a medipack and in the water you find the crowbar. Near the tree is a torch; now enter that opening in the building. There will be some skeletons on top of those small stairs on the side, so keep on running and light the torch around the corner in one of those fire baskets.

With the burning Torch go now to the right opening (S) and take immediately a left. Once up the camera angle changes and you have to light that rope near the boulder. You donít need that torch anymore. Run into that slope and see the boulder made a bridge (from a tree) over the abyss. Jump on that now broken tree. There is a warthog roaming around and climb down from that tree-bridge. Enter the opening on the South in a corner there is some revolver ammo and on the wall is a Star. Pry the star loose and two skeletons will wake up. Run back to the tree and climb up.

NOTE: There might be a bug here as I couldnít climb that tree back up, downloading and playing it all over, it worked, you can also use the fly cheat if you want.

Run back and down and if you want another pick up, turn left (S), you are on the other side of the abyss, climb up between the tree and the wall and near the tree is some shotgun ammo. Get back to the hallway with the fire baskets and enter the other opening. After climbing some stairs there is an opening on the floor and use the ladder to climb down.

Mirror room

In the mirror you can see some holes in the floor and there are also some goodies. Turning West, in the corner is some revolver ammo, near the mirror is the Pharos Knot and all the way in the other corner is SECRET # 3, the revolver.
Climb back up and follow the stairs down. Near a fire basket is a ladder so get climbing. Here you place the Knot, than take a running jump to the other side and place the star. (added Secret#4, in one of the corners of the room is Ammo on the ground). Do a safety drop on the floor and the iron gates are open. Fly by of the ocean and run and jump on that stony thing in the water and that is the finishing trigger.