Underground Kingdom (Khazad Dum)

Level by Stanislaw Ozanski (Joker)

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

This is a dark level and there arenít many flare pick ups, so be warned. I didnít include the enemies you encounter and as the readme says, there is only the crossbow and shotgun to find. Tip: shoot always all the vases, benches and whatever, as there might be some hidden goodies. Be careful with the explosives ammo, as some people have problems shooting targets with normal ammo. There are 4 secrets in this mini-game. And thanks to Andre (Dutchy), as he played the game from the walkthrough to see if there were any mistakes. 18-02-2004

Level 1: The Way of Khazad Dum

The level starts pitch black while Lara is falling into some water. Get out and after walking a few paces you see a room on the right, one on the left and a corridor straight on.

First, go to the room on the right and climb that brown structure, and make a back flip to that middle pillar. Turn around and a running jump to the wall (South) with a grab. There are some pillars that need pushing there. There is also a ladder. You can shimmy past the pillars so go for that ladder. Jump to the ledge (West) and part of that wall is climbable. Push the pillar on its tile and you see a camera shot. Go back the way you came and climb down to push the other two pillars, same camera shot. This lowers a rope in another room.

Jump back to the middle formation and again to the climbable brown structure. Now take a right; we are going for a swim. At the end of that corridor you jump up and get into another corridor. There is a hole with water and a ladder to climb up. The ladder comes later, so save and dive into the water. Aim for the south side as there behind some rocks (swimming to the East) you have to find that crossbow and there are also some other goodies in the water. After finding all that, get back out and go to the first room.

Bull room.

After the fly by go all the way to the back on the left side and climb up, turn around and jump to pillar and get on the first roof. Jump to the South onto the sand and there in that corner is SECRET # 1. The wall there is climbable and at the second green tile, do a back flip. Again climb to the first roof and from there to the second roof. There are the ropes, so swing to the other side (for the first rope, jump back once and a standing jump to the rope) and find a lever you need to push. This opens up the bull cage. So get down (I jumped to that sandy bit), and entice the bull to get out as he needs to smash that door. Once inside, there is also a tile he needs to smash, so get to it. This will open a door on the next floor and there is a statue that needs pushing. Get the laser sight and climb once again to the second roof. Swing to the other side and use the crossbow and sight to shoot the blue ball that is hidden (North). You can also use one explosive arrow to shoot the blue ball by standing on the sand as you cannot see the blue ball from that spot, saves you the rope swinging bit, but you also need the explosives later and if you donít find more arrows you are in trouble.

Go back to the water and now climb up the ladder. There are goodies there and the shotgun on that brown stone thing. The trapdoor is open and go down the stairs. There are two slides and try to slide backwards to end up on a blue pillar.

Room with empty pool

It is very dark in here and there arenít that many flares. There is a monkey climb to get to the other side and near that statue there is a ladder down to the pit, you can find a small medipack down there. Climb up again and push that statue to wall, a block in the corner lowers. This is a small maze and your goal is to find a lever and a block that lowers after using the lever. I kept to the right, you will pass the block first and then find the lever. Get the Pillar (Angaloth) that is behind the block and get out off the maze. A rope has lowered over the empty pool so swing to the other side. In the left corner you can use the Pillar. In the next room there is an opening in the North East wall and jump from pillar to pillar to get there. Use the lever and a small earth quake occurs and a door opens (opens the exit). Use both levers in that small room and now you need to get back over that chasm. Run jump straight and use from that block the monkey climb to get to the other side. Jump and another jump to get to the opening. The pool is now filled with water.


Underwater in the East is an opening, swim through keeping left and climb out. There is a vase in the water so shoot it. Get out and climb out of the pool and run to the opening on the right. When the corridor splits go straight, a door has opened there. Save and look at the ceiling, there you can see how to get to the other side without burning and climb the stairs.

Sandy floor room

Do not enter the opening in the North, instead go to the East and run straight and spot a plant with a vase in it. Use the Ďcrouchí button with Ctrl to pick up another Pillar (Angaloth) and some more goodies. In the next area there is a crawlspace in the North East corner. Through there you get into the big room. On one side you see where you can shimmy, so take a jump and shimmy to the end and one tile from the end, let go and immediately do a back flip. Jump to the wall on a blue tile and follow that. Look to the North East and do a running jump with grab. On that ledge there is a lever, flip it. Flyby of an underwater door opening. Jump back and get on that blue tile, slide down, backwards, climb down and let go and grab again. Crawl through that triangle and at the end turn around and climb out and let go. Climb down to the floor to get goodies, you can find them in the corners. Now you have to get up again. So next to where you climbed down is another structure you can climb up (West wall). Stand behind that slanted block, pull up, slide and grab next slanted block, pull up, jump, roll and grab the ladder. Save now to be on the save side as the next move can be tricky.

Slide down, jump (you probably hit the next slanted block) keep on jumping and grab that blue tiled walkway. Jump left from that pillar and at the end a running jump to the other side (South wall). Standing jump to the next pillar. In the North wall is an opening, take a running jump and slide down into the water. You are back in the pool.

In the North there is that underwater door you saw in the fly by, swim to the left and get the Vraeus (Golden Dragon) and get out of the pool. Now go back to the opening to the right and go into the one on the left ending up in a small room. Place the Vraeus and enter.

Room with an obelisk and doors

In the corner on the right is a ladder, climb it. The first room is the room with pillar pushing. Two are traps, so the pillars to push are; the one on the East side, push the right one. The one on the West wall, push the right one (the tiles you push the pillars on, are different). A door downstairs on the West wall is open now. There is a hole in the floor and if you drop down to the sand, beetles will attack Lara so climb on the stones and on the right is a crack you can shimmy and there is SECRET # 2. Get out as quick as possible, through a ladder and a back flip. Once back in the obelisk room on the same wall is another opening. Climb the stairs and you get on a walkway of the first floor. Walk to the end and there jump up, grab and you are on the second floor. All the way at the end is a button to push. Get to the right or left, one tile away from the wall so you wonít bump Laraís head and take a running jump. Push the button and nothing happens (because you need to find 2 other buttons to push). Drop from the East side of the ledge at the button, to the lower ledge and jump to the East walkway to the door that needs the Pillar. In the room climb on that structure and get the Time of Sand (Mithril Sand). And jump backwards into the hole (North East corner). When you canít climb anymore, let go and grab again and climb up, follow that corridor and see a fly by. Once in the obelisk room find that opening, there is a green button, push it, this opens yet another door opens on the other side and there is another button. The door on the first floor is open, so take the stairs en enter and save your game as this is a timed run.

To be honest I did this only once and havenít been able to do it again, so donít kill the messenger. Slide and almost at the bottom jump and grab, pull up and immediately do a run jump, jump, jump, jump, jump back hang pull up and a running jump and grab and save. After that another running jump to get the second Time of Sand (Mithril Sand) and dive in the water to swim to the side of the slide, you can climb up there. Go now to the two statues and place the Sands.

Stairs of Khazad Dum

Follow the stairs down and run jump to the next. Look at the fog, beautiful isnít it? Be careful as the stairs have holes in them and it is a long way down (see how many rolls you can make before Lara hits the ground heh heh). At the North wall the stairs are too far away so take a running jump to the left. Slide and grab and shimmy to the end. Pull up and do a backflip. There is an opening in the North East corner and that is where you are heading. When the stairs are running along a wall at the end is a corner and the way down is to the North, look West there is a stone structure, jump to the right one and behind it and take a running jump towards the rocks. Follow the rocky path, jump and jump higher and higher and enter opening.

There is a corridor with some slicer and dicers, what works for me is standing as close to them without loosing health and at the right time do a roll. In the next room is a nasty fixed camera and I had the binocular bug, so I couldnít use them. Walk into the room after you saved and start shooting the Demigod, be careful not to jump into the fire while dodging his fire bolts, as soon as he is down his brother shows up, kill him as well and enter the room they came out of. One of them dropped a Blue Gem (Silmaril Gem) and use the lever inside. Go back to the rocks and jump back to the stairs. Now descend the stair and do a running jump over the lava. The door is open, enter the next level.

Level 2: Khazad Dum

If you are in need of some ammo, turn around and walk back if not, go straight ahead. In the corridor you see a big vase on the right, shoot it as there is a lever. Go straight into the corridor, first left, nothing there, second left and right, there is a room with a dark pit, also nothing there. Follow corridor and the next right and right again. I kept on the right and there are two blades clanging away. On the left is a ladder with spikes under it and a trapdoor, remember this room. Retrace your steps and walk to the North till you see an intersection. East is room with fountain, door is closed. Go to the West, there is a room with a dark pit. There is a lever in that pit and you can climb out at the West South corner. Fly by of a trapdoor opening so go there and get SECRET #3.

Now go back to the intersection and go North. On the right wall are 3 openings with where you can see vases, the last one also has a lions head. Shoot first the vase and then the lions head and the door on the East to the fountain room opens and when you enter you see a fly by that stops at a door that need a Vraeus.

Fountain Room

In the water of that fountain is a swim through in the North West corner, there you can find some goodies. You can swim further but there is nothing there. Swim back and get out off that fountain and run all the way to the end and on the left is a ladder, climb it. There is some ammo somewhere on that walkway and go all the way to the end on the left. Do a running jump without a grab to end up on that ledge and from there a running jump to the roof over the fountain. Go to the West wall and do another running jump. Crawl into that crawlspace and once inside look at the ceiling for save tiles to walk on. Flip that lever and go back to the ladder and climb down. You also can do a safety drop with roll, but you loose about half your health. Go to the now open door (East) and crawl under that spiked ball.

Room right, table with vases, room left fireplace, that is the way to the caves, straight on through some clanking knives is a door that needs a guardian key and another door that is closed and another opening leading to a staircase.

First go to the room with the fireplace and in the corner is a hole, drop through the hole and make your way to the end, On the left you can crawl through and keep on the left and follow the path. Watch out there is a deep chasm, jump over it, stand as close to the wall and do a running jump to the next ledge. Next there are some stairs.
Straight on is where you go later so take the right side then left, right and left and you can see some water to your right. Shoot the benches and in the South wall is a block, pull it and pull it again, there is a lever you need to pull. See a fly by of a door and a squishy block. Retrieve your steps through the cave and jump on the pillar next to the hole in the ceiling, do a running jump and you are back at the fire place. From there take a left and go through the clanking knives. At the end is an opening and keep walking right you enter again another room and there is an opening with cobwebs. That is a staircase with squishy blocks. I shot all the vases I found and I donít know if they did anything, but better late than sorry. Pass both squishy blocks and enter that now open door, the one you saw in the flyby.


I am not good with mazes and it is important, at least I think to get a feel of this one. I kept always to the right, so here we go.

First: first room, shoot that bench, take notice of that coloured block that is your way out much later. There is also a crawlspace so jump up and get some ammo.

Second: There is a lever and some coloured tiles before it, this is a timed run but you need to know where to find the gate that it opens, so leave it for now.

Third: You see a block and behind it a gate, that is the gate that opens with that timed run, you canít do anything yet, so away you go.

Forth: You see another closed gate.

Fifth: You come upon an entrance with some cobwebs, somewhere behind it is another lever, flip it, this opens that second gate.
So backtrack (going to the left) enter that room, there is the block that needs pulling to give you access to that timed gate run.

Backtrack again to the timed lever and save. It is a nasty timed run so try it this way: Pull and immediately hit the ďlookĒ key to get out of that cut scene. Roll, run the first corner sharp and start sprinting, in the corridor of the Gate, keep to the right side and you can hit the Alt key to roll through the gate at the last moment. 
In this room is a block, that is the exit of this room and on a pedestal a Guardian Key (Aina Key) Now you can leave the maze (take left turns) and get back to the squishy blocks and climb the stairs. You have to go to the opposite of those clanking knives. Open the door.

Room with swinging axes

First block is a standing jump, than two running jumps and get to that ledge on your left. Save at top of that ramp. There are some boulders you need to outrun. At the end is a corner to the left, but you canít save there, there is another corner to the right, there you can save. After the second boulder save and walk back, pass the boulder and you see a ladder, climb it and there is a lever (fly by of a gate with water). There is another boulder a bit further down and you end up in a room with water. Run through the water and flip at the end that lever. This raises a block so do a standing jump to that block and a running one towards that waterfall. Walk to that and enter an opening on the right, there is that gate from the fly by.

Room with brown tiles

There are 3 holes in the corners filled with water. The Vraeus in down there and for that take the North West corner. Swim left, right and follow through, between those white blocks is the Vraeus (Golden Dragon). Swim back and follow that corridor filled with water. At the waterfall you see an opening in front of you, go right, right, left, left, second one right and you are back at the stairs from the cave. Straight ahead and there is that crawlspace under some rocks and after climbing those pillars you are back at the fire place. Go under the ball with the spikes and near the fountain is the door for the Vraeus (I called this room, Room with Shivaís). Use the Vraeus and shoot some benches to get some goodies. Way above the door you entered is a lions head, shoot the gem out of its mouth. Go back to the ball with spikes, through the clanking knives and there is a door on the right that is open now. Shoot that purple vase that is on the throne, that raises a block in the North West corner in this room. A standing jump from that block in front of it and flip that lever. That opens up a door behind a push block in the room where you used the Vraeus key.

Room with Shivas

Now go all the way to the back and stay left, there is a little room and in a small corridor is a block, pull that. Return to the main room and now you enter that small room at the end, on the left was that push block and a gate that you just opened. This is another cave system (keep in mind that it is pretty hard to describe where to go, so sometimes it looks that I took the roundabout way, but it is the only way for me to write it down so people wouldnít get lost).

You have to get a Star and another Guardian Key here, also this cave system is the way to the third level. From the start, keep to the right and walk over some brown rocks (South West), go West and left, a small passage with brown rocks on the end. Jump those rocks and at the end is a dark pit. Face West and jump towards that wall, it is climbable. Take the ladder all the way down and almost under Laraís feet is the Star (Elendir Star). Climb the ladder and slide down. Go left, left again. Follow path, right again and keep close to the wall which should be on Laraís right side. There is a small indentation in the floor and in front of you a pillar (East). Behind that pillar is a hole in the floor and a crawlspace. You are in a cemetery of sorts and in the back on the right, is the Guardian Key (Aina Key).

Get out and face West, run to the right and you come near where the exit is, that is North.

Now we have to find the receptacle for that Star. Go to the Shiva statues and facing them, near the right one, behind the columns is a ladder (look up and East). Stand as close to that column, jump and grab. Climb up and do a backflip. You can shimmy past the vase, shoot the benches and get in that crawlspace. Take the corridor on the left and watch a fly by with spikes pooping up. Around the corner, save and run over the spikes when they are down and after the second block use the sprint key. Place the Star and you can get the second Blue Gem (Silmaril) and climb the stairs and save.

Room with lava

A standing jump with grab, slide and jump/grab and pull up. The exit is North East, way up and there is also a secret to find in here. Face the ladder to the South East and do a running jump. Shimmy around the corner and do a backflip, roll and grab toward the other ladder. Shimmy to the left till you are under the burner. 
(you know you can save while hanging if not, keep your finger on the Ctrl button, push F5, release Ctrl, pick a slot and push the Ctrl again and keep it pushed. Using the saved game, when the save bar runs, push in Ctrl)

Next part is a bit tricky so wait till the burner is out, climb the burner, backflip, roll, slide, jump, slide, jump and grab. You are on the ledge of the exit. (Or climb over the burner, do one step down when it is out and backflip, slide jump and a slide jump and grab ledge). If you want to have the secret, look at that sloped pillar with a ladder. I lined Laraís head up with the burner and did a curved running jump and shimmy around the corner and climb down. When you canít go any further do a backflip with roll. The next tile is South East, also a curved jump and jump to the next, then jump and grab the dark stone ledge. In that corner is a hole and SECRET # 4. From that point a standing jump on that tile in the lava and get back to that ladder and a backflip and slide, grab and you are back on that ledge. Shoot vases and the door will open and you are back at the fountain. Go back next door and get in the caves again as you have to get to level 3.

I kept going left all the time and you will end up at the entrance of lever 3. Go as much to the left near that pit and turn around and grab, let go and grab again, shimmy left till you can pull up. I found a quicker way to get into the entrance, so this is what I did. Walk to the South as far as it goes, one step back, one hop back, two steps sideways and a running jump to that wall with the Ctrl key pushed in. You loose a bit of health but is saves climbing in the dark. Get in that corridor and climb those stairs to the end. Use the Guardian Key and the gate opens. Nothing there than climbing those stairs.

(The normal way is instead of walking South, go North, there is another crack you can shimmy, around the corner, climb down. There you have to do a jumping curved jump to the right, running jump to another piece and a jump into the entrance).

Level 3: The Bridge of Khazad Dum

Nice fly by of the Great Halls of Moria. On the right are two doors, and on the left also one door and an opening. Straight forward you can see the bridge of Khazad Dum.

Go into the opening on the left. There is a blue light shining on Balins Tomb. Stand to the second pillar in the Great Hall and look into the blue light, there is a blue ball you need to shoot. That will open the tomb. Climb down a ladder and follow that path, a slicer dicer, stay in the water, another slicer dicer and enter a small room. Pick up the Star (Elendir Star) near that skeleton and get back out. Go back to the beginning of the level and see over that chasm a blue ball swinging, shoot it. That opens a door on the right (looking East). Climb the stairs. There is a fixed camera and going downstairs youíll find the place where to put the stars, so for now, go up the stairs. Enter a room with a broken table, follow through and come to a bigger room. First go right, right and on the left is an opening. You can see the Great Hall and looking down you see a wooden trapdoor with skeletons laying around it (also a skeleton of Indy heh heh). This is a timed run. The lever is in the building behind you so enter the room with a picture of Sauron and on the left is the lever. Save!. The best way for me is, flip lever, side jump, run and sprint, then no sprint and a running dive (dive =Alt + Shift). The minute you hit the water SAVE again. Watch out slicer and dicers, so go right, right, slicer dicer, around a corner, slicer dicer and you are in a huge underwater room. Save as well at this point.

Underwater Room

In the South East corner is an opening, swim in it and make a sharp corner right as a boulder will fall down. After the boulder is gone swim up, you can climb up in a room with a lever. This lever opens up a trapdoor way up in the ceiling.

Now swim to the bottom ledge and in the South West corner around a pillar is an opening in the floor. Swim through and up. Climb on the small block to jump to the block with the lever. Spikes pop up. Push the lever and you see a fly by of the Vraeus. Stand on the edge and dive into the water and swim out off this hole and all the way to the bottom of this huge room and pick up the Vraeus. Now swim all the way to the top and climb out. Enter the room with the fire and two Shiva statues. Behind the Shiva (West) is a lever, best way is to climb on the ledge from the left and side step. After flipping it the door will open and you ate back in the Great Hall.

Go to the opposite side and behind a pillar is the receptacle for the Vraeus and enter.

Room with puzzle doors.

Look up and take note of the drawings. There are levers on the West, South and East and there are doors opposite the levers. 
First door: East: flip the right one, go South: flip the right one, the door on the West is open.

Lava Room

Stand to the right and do a curved jump to the ladders on the right. Shimmy to the left and about the third/forth step from the top, backflip, roll and grab. Shimmy right, climb up till third/forth step from the top and backflip, roll and grab again. Now shimmy left again as far as you can get, again about the forth step from the ceiling a backflip, roll and grab that crack. Shimmy right, There is a slanted block (I would save here) and let go, slide, backflip, jump, jump (no sliding) and a running jump over those breakable planks and hang on that slanted rock formation. Shimmy all the way to the left, you can stand there and save again. Stand with you back to the breakable planks with an angle and do a backflip, move Lara so she is looking straight at the ladder and jump and grab. Shimmy around the corner as far as. Climb up to the second step, backflip, slide, turn and run into corridor. Watch for that fire emitter and flip the switch in the corner. Go back and do a running jump towards that rock formation and shimmy to the left till you can see between the pillars in front of Lara. I would save here. Pull up and slide (Lara will do a small hop) and jump immediately again to do a running jump from those breakable planks to the corner. Stand next to the wall and take one side step, running jump to the next, slide and grab the ladder. Climb up and shimmy to the left. About the forth step from the ceiling and a backflip with roll and run into corridor. Get the second Star (Elendir Star). Climb up the blocks and use the monkey climb to get back at the entrance.

Second door: East: flip left lever, West: flip right lever, the door on the East is open now. Follow the corridor.

Room with rotating knives.

Be sure your health is up and your crossbow with laser sight ready. Save and when the knives passes jump to the first block and immediately on the block with the knives. Try to stand in the middle so you wont loose health. Turn around there is a blue ball swinging under the ledge, shoot that. That disables the spikes from a block further down. Turn around again and jump to next block, and back, so hang from the pillar. When the knife passes Lara pull up and jump on block to the left, same again for the next block, with the disabled spikes. From there a running jump to the ledge. Take the right opening and save before a lever. Timed switch that opens a door in the other opening. Flip switch, roll, run around corner, sprint, run around corner, sprint again, again a corner, sprint again, run around a corner and you should have made it. Pick up the third Star (Elendir Star). Now you have to do the same jumping through those rotating blades again and you are back at the switches.

Third door: West: flip right lever, South: flip right lever, the door North opens.

Swinging axes and more

Go to the right, pass the ax, first right again. There are 2 squishy blocks, jump pass the first one and behind the second is a hole, so a running jump should clear that. Around the corner is a lever and after flipping, immediately two back flips. Another jump pass that same hole and squishy block, and the other squishy block, go left and right and see some spikes popping up, with an opening on the right. So run pass those, watch out another squishy block. Take a curved jump to the right and turn, you see another hole behind there. Jump and you can get the fourth Star (Elendir Star). Time to get back and return to the Great Hall. Go to the North West corner and climb the stairs, when you experience that fixed camera, go straight, down the stairs, to the room where you can place the Stars. After doing that the door to the Bridge of Khazad Dum is open. Seth (or rather the Balrog) is shooting at Lara and there is no way you can get your hands on that blue gem as the bridge will collapse and after the fly by Lara is in the water.

On the South side to the right climb out and over some rocks follow the path and climb at the end on a rock on your right. Jump with a curved jump and grab to the block around that corner and you see some stairs. You get to a chasm with a rope, a running jump to the rope, swing and at the highest point let go, slide and grab that pole. I let Lara climb that pole, turned her around so she is looking at that rope, slide her down till her head is above the ledge and with an angle to the right. Backflip to some breakable planks, turn and run over the rest over those planks and save there. Next room has a lot of boulders and if you donít just run towards them, you can make it without even dying once. I approached the slope from the right, taking a few steps on the brown sand and ran back behind the wall for the first couple of boulders that came down. Then I made my way up, slowly running from left to right. This way you can have a good look which boulders fell and which way is free. After the boulders, you see daylight, so run towards it. The level ends.

If there by any chance mistakes, please let me know/G