By Sascha Wandelt

Unauthorized walkthrough provided by Gerty


This level starts with a flyby through the city.

Turn around and at the end, turn to the left. Almost at the end of that alley, stand close to the wall and do a back flip, guns drawn and while in the air, shoot that barrier. Go to the terrace on the right, there is a lever there. Go back to the corridor, turn right and shoot that box. Crawl in and find SECRET 1, a Golden Rose. For now turn around and go back to that alley, up the stairs to where you started this level, at the end turn left. After a small alley you are in a small square with a fountain, a gate has opened. Follow that corridor and in the room there are 3 cupboards, that need pulling. Behind one are goodies and between the other is a barrier, shoot that and crawl in. In the room climb onto the stone blocks and monkey climb into the next room. Watch the flyby.

Warehouse room:

In this room is a closed door, a forklift and behind that an opening. For now climb on the block near the entrance and flip that switch (cut scene). Climb now on that yellow block and jump into the opening. You are in a room with several walkways and there is that block you saw in the cut scene. First go to the other end of the walkway and SAVE your game. This is a timed switch, that will lead you to another timed switch.

When you use the switch there is another cut scene of another block being raised. So the drill is: pull switch, roll and run to that first block. Monkey climb, use ladder, turn use ladder again and if you made good time SAVE, at another slot, again. Here is another timed switch, so use switch and jump to rope. Best way is to get as close to the end of the block and just jump and swing that rope just once, the second, slide down and also one swing and I hope you made it. There is a lever in this room and you leave by using the ladder.

You are back at the room with the walkways. Go back to the warehouse room and behind that forklift, the fire is out now. Switch that lever and the door almost at the entrance to this room is open.

Pool room.

Get some ammo and dive in. Swim and get some air, see the nice little bubbles coming out of that grate on the floor, get out of this pool and get the GUARDIAN KEY. Get back in the water and swim into the other opening and get out that pool. At the end is a gate overlooking the walkway room and in the room at the end, near the fence is a GARDEN KEY. The gate at the end of the pool is open and behind the barrels in the NE corner is an opening. You are back in the warehouse and walk back to the fountain.

Go left again and through that passage with the steps and turn at the gate to the right and around the corner is a lever. To see what this lever did, go back again but not into that passage but straight on. There is another fountain and a door you just opened. Inside is a CANOPIC JAR, but it is burning. Go back through that passage with the stairs and then go left into a white stone corridor. You end up on a square with a statue. There is a gate closed and right around the corner is a receptacle for the GUARDIAN KEY. Enter that door you just opened and see a lever on your right. This is a timed lever, so SAVE. Switch the lever and jump onto that block in the square. 
First go downstairs for some goodies and then upstairs, around a cosy corner to an opening on the right.

Another Pool room.

Dive into pool and notice that closed door. Climb out and go first immediately to the right (leave the opening further on the left for now), go around the corner and on a wall in that little square is a lever. That is a shortcut. For now enter that other opening, climb ladder and backflip. Shoot the window opposite and jump to that stone walkway. First go all the way to the left (looking at the square with the statue) to get a VRAEUS. Go back and jump into that other opening and get the CANOPIC JAR 1. Cut scene from that other jar. Go down again and get the other jar (square with statue and into the white stone corridor). On the left at the beginning of that white stone corridor is some greenery, that is a shortcut. After getting the CANOPIC JAR 2 go back to the square with the statue and enter the building again and go to the pool. Before arriving there go right and you enter the Green room.

Lara is looking up so near the entrance is a ladder, climb that ladder, do a backflip, turn and grab and shimmy till you can stand up. Push that lever. Flyby of the laser. Jump down and go to the water, that door is open. Swim till you can climb out and there is another lever to use. Now go to the second laser room and there a block has risen so you can reach the lever there. The second laser is active and get that VRAEUS. Now go back to the first laser room, the green room, and a block is up. Push that crate under the laser and a door opens. Get the second GARDEN KEY. Watch out a tricky jump over spikes is needed to get out. Now go back to the square with the statue and enter that greenery on the left, the shortcut. Follow till you see a fountain and just before that there is another alley enter that. A door is open there now. Climb ladder and find SECRET 2 there. Once downstairs go to the fountain and make your way to the alley with the stairs, backflip and jump now to that walkway, where you need to place both GARDEN KEYS. See the flyby and enter the now open gate.

Jump on all brown squares and the door will open.

Spike room:

Climb the pole till Laraís feet are on the brown and do an backflip and turn. There is a window to shoot for some goodies and on the North wall you can place the two VRAEUS. Now youíre in for some tricky jumping and I kept my health full so the knives wouldnít bother me so much. On the West and East walls are some openings you can jump in, place the two CANOPIC JARS there. A block has risen in the beginning, so jump back. Flip that switch and a opening is there on the South wall. Again some tricky jumping and jump into to opening. End level 1.


Sliding down, you see a boulder following Lara. Once down I did a side jump and a forward jump. Enter the opening. Next to the skeleton is a push block. Push it as far as it can go and pull it out once to the side. There is a button behind it. A bit further you can see that Indiana Jones has been here and he left you some goodies. Follow the corridor and pull that chain once. Watch out collapsible tiles and get that GEMSTONE PIECE 1 from the pedestal. A trapdoor will open, slide down. You better save as there is an abyss down there. Two openings one on the right and one on the left and a face opposite. Go to the right (North) watch out a collapsible tile there, so jump on it and jump back right away. Trigger the rolling ball and go up the ramp. Halfway there is a lever after a climb, flip it. The door on the South has opened. Get back to the abyss and shimmy along the end to the other side. Enter the room.

Room with 3 chains

Pull all three chains (I did the South one first) and jump down as that burning pedestal is not burning anymore. Get the torch and jump your way up to East chain. Light the torch in the room on the end (best is to stand sideways and a bit towards the end). Now go back to the chains and light all three pedestals the same way as described above. In the back room that block has gone so enter and climb up. On the right is a push block, push it as far as it will go for SECRET #3. Go to the other side, jump down and SAVE.

Slide down and jump over spike pit. There are two corridors with collapsible tiles so run over them. Climb ladder and push button and get down again. You have to shimmy over the lava, the best way to do that is donít let Lara get in a climbing stand, start shimmying right away and once around the corner let go and grab and shimmy right away again. At the end, climb that ladder and on the middle pedestal is GEMSTONE PIECE 2. Cut scene. Get back to the ramp as the door on the end is open. Get some goodies in that room and put the GEMSTONE into the receptacle. Donít forget to take a step back or else Lara will say NO. See flyby. So get down into the water and before diving, SAVE.

On the right side is a hole you have to swim into and follow the corridor and the first on the right, swim up and pull that lever, go back for some air. Dive again and now go straight, down and the first one on the left again, up and pull that lever, swim back for some air. Back on the surface swim to the left of the face, there is a chain to pull. After that swim to the other side of the face.

Lava rooms

Jump onto that block and up to grab that monkey swing. Watch out for fire emitters. Follow corridor and end up in a larger lava room. Some jumping to do here so jump to first block and watch the flyby. Goal is to go to the left and right as there are buttons to push. Best thing is to jump to a block and hang from the edge, climb up in a corner and wait till the flames have died down, before jumping to the next.

Getting back from the right button is a bit tricky as Lara might bump her head. So jump with a curve and use the Ctrl button to lower her jump. By pushing the two buttons a gate at the West wall is open now, so jump in. Climb the pole and enter the room. There are two levers in this room and they are timed. So better save your game, and I found this not an easy timed run and the only pointer I can give; start with the lever on the North, that one opens the doors, the South lever closes trapdoors. There are nasty cut scenes, the best to do is use the look key to get rid of them. You know the drill: pull lever, roll, jump run pull lever, roll, jump or sprint into corridor, around corner, sprint again. Sounds easy, but it isnít. Donít forget to save when you made it.

Now proceed to the water, swim straight and there are four ceiling levers to pull. Either pull them now or swim and get air and swim back to pull them. Get out and the door is open now. Donít be alarmed as it looks like a glass sheet is hindering your way (bug) step around it. Enter a room with a horse (flyby) and shoot the horseman. Heíll leave a GOLDEN KEY behind. In the North West corner a block is raised, climb on it and crawl in. Follow and youíll end up at the place you came out off the water. Dive in, swim back and a door around the stone wall is open now and you are back at the timed switches. Behind the South switch is a ladder, climb it. With a running jump you can get some flares, but be quick about it. Jump back and enter corridor. Next room there isnít much to do so enter another corridor, and watch flyby.

Mirror Room.

In the mirror you see blue, green and brown tiles, these tiles correspond with the tiles on top of the gates. So jump all green tiles, the door opens, find button and jump back. Do the same with the blue and brown tiles. The last opens a door on the South wall. Enter this opening and the level ends.


Use your key to open the doors and in the flyby you see the Hammer man. On the East left is a block you have to pull, behind it is an GOLDEN KEY 2.Use that key also on the East wall between those gates. The left one opens, enter and climb that ladder. Now you are one store up and on the South, jump to the next ledge and turn around, push that button. This opens the right of the gates, so either go back the way you came in or do a safety jump on the floor. At the end there is water, swim in and the level ends.

Either use your own saved game for Mystery of Eden 2 or the one provided by Sascha.