Level by Monika Pawlus

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

The level starts with a flyby and when it stops, Lara keeps looking at a crawlspace on her right. Turn around and walk to the water (on the right are some flares), and crawl into the water.

On the right of this ramp is a hole underwater, swim in and up. In a small room is a lever. After using it (camera shot), swim back and climb out at the column in the water. A running jump gets you inside and a scorpion will attack. The gate you saw in the camera shot is here.

There are three poles to climb, so start with the last one you see.

Third pole

Go into the opening on the east, down the stair and there are three opening in the next room south, east and north.


Safety drop and shimmy to the left and pull up, jump to the other side and shimmy right and pull up. There are some scorpions running around and once you are through the gate, it closes. Use the lever left and right. The right lever opens the gate again, but for now go into the crawlspace and in the small room pick up a small medipack and a Cartouche Piece 2. See flyby. It shows you where to place the Cartouche. Go back the same way you came and enter the opposite side.


Start running, as a spiked boulder falls down, and at the end jump. A running jump to the next one and climb up and a running jump plus grab to the green metal platform. A mummy is on the loose and south is Cartouche Piece 1 and the Shotgun in the east. Jump to the pole in the middle and once up, follow through and find at the end the Hand of Orion. Make a safety drop through the hole and place the Cartouche in the east.

Enter the open room and pick up the Sight and the Revolver. Go back to the stairs and down the pole.

Second Pole

Pick up a small medipack and shotgun ammo.

First, go out to the water and shoot the vases (you have the Sight and Revolver), there is the Hand of Sirius and after that now you can climb the first pole.

First pole

Back flip at the top and enter the dark opening. There is a monkey climb on the ceiling and at the end, enter the corridor. At the end you are in a room with a pole and deadly water. First do a standing jump from the opening to either left or right and pull up. This is SECRET # 1, shotgun ammo.
A running jump gets you to the pole, and if you are looking west make a back flip. This room has two mummies and a receptacle for the 
Hand of Sirius.

The gate opens and of course a boulder comes down, you can escape the boulder by running into the opening on the left. After the boulder is gone, climb out and resume your course.

Room with pool

Jump in and turn east and swim into the opening. At the end climb out and place the Hand of Orion and watch the flyby.
Swim back and climb out. You can go to the now open door and that ends the level.

But we still donít know why Lara looked up at that crawlspace, so instead go look at the south wall and get into that crawlspace. There is a scorpion there and the east wall is climbable. Once up, and slide down and jump in and get out straight ahead. You have been here before so down the ramp, down the pole, over the deadly water, over the water with spikes, down a pole and into the water. Up the ramp into crawlspace and you are back at the beginning. I can't tell you what is in there as there is no way (apart from cheating) to come there. There is nothing in there. The room is brightly lit and empty.