Level by Marion Hundertmark (Commari)

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara slides into a lake and in the south, on the left a bit and near the bottom, is an opening, so swim in and at the end up. You better be quick about it as a croc appears. There is nothing to find here, so walk into the opening and at the end climb up. A scorpion lurks there and at the end you see a fast floating river.

You better climb down backwards and start shimmying to the right. Around a corner and at the second block, do a back flip.

Face west and a standing jump to the rocks there; shimmy to the right and at the end climb up. Get into the crawlspace and find SECRET #1, the Uzi and ammo. Turn around (facing west) and lower yourself in the water. Climb back up on the ledge. Jump NE to another ledge and a running jump with grab to the next one. With another jump you end up in the water but it is save there. Look out over the waterfall onto the lake. A vulture swoops down, so shoot it. The minute you jump to the rock on the left another vulture has a go at Lara. 
Nothing more to do than jump into the water and into that corridor (E).

You see a gate and a Star behind it and a scorpion is nibbling Laraís foot. Nothing to do here, so turn around and go outside. Enter the opening under the waterfall. Another scorpion is there and in the left some Uzi ammo. Turn north and crawl into that crawlspace. Watch out as a croc is hiding there. After killing it, follow that corridor till you see water. Get in and swim left, follow through and at the end, climb out. Find Flares and on the south wall a Jump lever as this opens a gate halfway in the next corridor you have to swim in.

Swim back and you better get some air at the first (taking the opening on the right) before you continue as the next part is breathtaking and you even might loose some health (or your life).

Underground lake, the Crowbar.

At the south wall is an opening and there you also find a small medipack.
Are you ready for some jumping? First one is a running jump north, then there is monkey climbing, around one pillar to the west, then a running jump plus grab to the north again. Then again a running jump, now to the west and another one with grab, to the north.
Take the Flares in the west, in the east under a skeleton is the Crowbar.

Return to the south wall and start the long, long swim back. Go through the waterfall to the other opening. In the corner, near the gate is some Uzi ammo and you better save before going into the opening in the north.

Once the boulder is gone go up the ramp again and use the Crowbar on the door.


There are guards here, so watch it. You see a closed door in the north, for now enter the corridor west. If you light a flare you see three pushable blocks there on the south wall.

You can just take the middle one, pull it and get that one out of the way. Enter and find some Flares on a crate and shoot the grate in front of that crawlspace. Crawl in and in the small room use the Crowbar on the left crate and use the button inside. The gate opposite opens and run down the stairs.


A guard patrols there and get the Uzi ammo he leaves behind. At the east is a monkey climb and the gate there opens as you approach it.


A working guy there is pretty annoyed when he spots Lara. Jump over the water and in the far SW corner, on top of the locker room is a small medipack and in the locker room is another annoyed employer and you can find some Uzi ammo there if he didnít steal it.

On the yellow structure SE you can find Shotgun ammo.

Go to the east wall en enter the corridor and watch out for a couple of pits with spikes and you are at another part of the sewers. There is also a guard and go east to find that monkey climb to get to the other side and into the opening there.

The Sun Talisman.

Follow through and jump down and get the Shotgun and ammo on the orange crate and the Sun Talisman (Star) on the wall. Before you leave this room, there is a Jump switch above the opening there (camera shot). If the camera seams to be stuck, jump back once.

Go back, over the sewer, corridor with spike pits, over the water and sewer, up the stairs, through the crawlspace and in the next room, into the open door (opened by the Jump lever where you got the Talisman).


Run up the stairs and open the door at the top. Kill the guard and open the door to the bathroom. In the right stall youíll find Shotgun ammo. Back to the previous room and when you light a flare you'll see a pushable block between the tables. Pull it out of the way and in the next room a guard leaves some Shotgun ammo. Get into the cage and behind the chairs (E) shoot the grate. Crawl in and shoot another grate.

Train tracks.

A working guy isnít too pleased to see Lara, so shoot him and on the right, further down the track, you see a door, push it open.

Go straight ahead, through another door and kill the guard inside. Around the corner is a jump switch (camera shot). Go back through the passage a bit and to the right you can climb the stairs. In the crane room is a guard and in the water, between all the floating aliens in the NE corner is the Uzi and in the room, SE behind the stairs some Uzi ammo. 

Now go out to the tracks again and find a grate east, shoot it. Crawl in and climb the ladder. Another grate is blocking a crawlspace and at the end shoot also the other one. Be quick, a workman is patrolling, shoot him before he reaches that small medipack on the crate SE, he leaves some Shotgun ammo behind. Now go to the train tracks and to the left and outside to the Pyramid.

The Ufo.

There is nothing else to do than climb the stairs and enter the Ufo. Lying around inside you can find some Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Go east and climb down the ladder. Once down, in the corner is a golden gate still closed.

To the west, left and right are two rooms, there are nasty big Dragonflies and at the ladder where you cams down is a crawlspace in the north wall. Climb in and lower yourself into the room.

Block Puzzle Room.

There are four blocks in the corners and they need to be pushed against the structure. The door in the corridor is open, so climb back through the crawlspace  nd into a new room. Lower yourself down and once down have a look around, watch out for those Dragonflies though. There is nothing here to find. Go into the opening W and follow through to the last big room, in the South wall is a pushblock (light a flare to spot it), pull it away and get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo.

Sun Talisman #2.

Go back to the room where you came down and onto what looks like rail tracks and in the west lower yourself down once again. Look east and around it (left) and take the first opening on the right. Find some Uzi ammo and the Sun Talisman #2 (Star).

Get out and notice a closed door. There are four block in this room that need pushing. They need to stand under the marked tile on the ceiling. Go through the open door and follow through. You are in an alien ship and better watch out for those Dragonflies. In the west is a door and behind the screen the aliens should be watching are two receptacles for the Stars. Place them en enter the door that is open now. Pick up the Gem and run to the left and you will hit the finishing trigger.