The Ruins.

Level by Mikel

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts outside under a ledge. Walk forward and a warthog starts squealing. 
Enter the passage on the right. The trapdoor on the end opens. Jump in and swim and at the end climb the ladder. Pick up some uzi ammo next to the skeleton and twice some shotgun ammo. Slide down and kill some more warthogs. In front of the Iron Gate is the Crowbar and use it on the door. Some spikes pup up and you see that the person who visited this place before you wasnít so lucky. At the end climb up.

On the right and left are some Flares and you hear and see spikes popping up in front of you. A tiny bit further than the flares on the right is the Torch on a block. Light it at the fire on the left. (I didnít bother with the torch, as you donít really need it). Take a running jump to the next ledge and make your way North.

And jump in the opening North with the use of the Ctrl key. Watch out for the fires and the poisonous darts. Pick up the Trident. On the East is an opening and behind that a warthog is guarding another Iron Gate. Use the crowbar on that gate. Left around the corner on the floor are the Gate Keys and use those on the door on the right. On the left a receptacle for the Blue Gem and a warthog is guarding the Blue Gem that is on the ground near a trapdoor. Watch out for poisonous darts and place the Gem. Behind the gate is the Uzi and once in front of the trapdoor there is a crawlspace with a small medipack in it (I couldnít get).

Fall in the water and swim to a big underwater room with a croc in it. On the North is near the corner an opening so swim down and at the end, up.

Use the crowbar on the gate and enter. At the end is a slide, down the stairs and watch out as a trapdoor opens. A running jump to the other side and get the Golden Star. After the Star drop down where the trapdoor was and use the Star there. The camera shows a door opening. Jump in the hole and climb there the ladder. The first door stays closed, the second one you open with the crowbar. Enter walk around a corner and pick up another Gate Key. This key fits on the first door and through a slide you get back where you picked up the Star, But for now continue.

Room with fire emitters.

Stand as right as possible and run to the other side, Boulder alert, once they are down, you can pick up the uzi ammo if you want. On the right side is a ladder so climb and shimmy to the other side without getting burned. Walk up the ramp and the level ends there.