by Lumi

This is an unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty


The Pillar of the Desert.

The level starts with Lara outside and tall dunes surrounding here. Push the two blocks onto the marked tiles and a fire starts on top of that pedestal. Push the blocks one more time to the other marked tiles and that will open a trapdoor. Before you go looking for that, go to the South and on the right is another trapdoor, open it and you will find the Pillar of the Desert.

Now go to the other side (North) and on the right jump over the slope. There is the trapdoor you just opened. Crawl through it and climb down the ladder, hang and let go, grab and pull up. Crawl further to the door and open it with a lever next to it.

Room with fierce water.

Jump over the left and keep pushing the jump button as well as the left arrow key and land on a safe spot. Take a running jump to the other side and draw your guns as there will be a ninja. There are torches fixed on the wall, and yes you have to light them, but that will come later. Get the explosive arrows laying on the floor and around there is a crawlspace. Get in there and place the Pillar. Go back to the fierce water and a block is lowered, push that lever.

The water will change and now you can swim into the opening in the middle, get a small medipack and pull that lever. Get out of the water and another block is lowered. Push that lever and you see a flyby. So go back to the sand dunes over those slanted blocks and climb that ladder. Donít worry about the spikes thatíll pop up. At the place where the blue block was, pick up the torch. Be sure to light it at the pillar that is in flames and go back down again, throwing the torch through the crawlspace and later on the floor. It will take some doing but it works.

Jump again over the slanted blocks and once in the small maze start lighting the wall torches. There are five of them and once you are done a door opens, near one of the torches. Watch out as a ninja is there and a ball with spikes will come out of the ceiling. I jumped back into the corridor and waited for the ninja there, to save health. After killing the guy, crawl under the ball and locate the two switches on the wall near the statue. Flip them both.

The Sand Glass of Desert

Youíll see a flyby, so go back to the crawlspace where you placed that pillar. The block is gone and pick up the Sand Glass of Desert (timeless sands). Go back to the statue and place the Glass in its hands. An Earthquake occurs and just take some steps forwards and it will be gone. Youíll get a cut scene of sand dunes and once you are above ground you see an opening between the dunes. Watch out for another ninja and pick up the medipack he leaves behind.

In the NE corner there are some boxes, shoot them and pick up the goodies. In the SE corner is some crossbow ammo and in the SW corner is another trapdoor, SECRET # 1, a Revolver. After getting the revolver Lara will be attacked by two harpies. Now see that statue and a bit further to the North a door? Step on all the blue tiles around that statue and SAVE as this is a timed run. Then slide down and a block will raise. (I saved when standing on the block as well) and now there is some timed jumping to do as the flames will die down just for a little while, so be prepared. Jump over the blocks to the opening at the end.

Room with the 2 Stairs.

One door is locked and needs a gem; behind the other one youíll find a room with a fountain. In the West corner there is a hole Lara needs to grab into (cut scene of lowering a block) and jump into the water. Swim through the hole in the floor and climb out, pull the lever and swim back. The door in the East is open now as well as two ninjas. Kill them and pick up a large medipack.

Get into the door and in the water. Swim around a corner and almost at the end of that passage there is a lever on the right, pull that and swim further also through a hole in the floor. You end up in an underwater room with pillars and levers. There is an open trapdoor in the North wall on the right to get some air.

Now it is lever pulling time. Start with the one on the North wall all the way behind a pillar on the right, roll and there is another one two pillars down. The last one on the last pillar also North wall. Get some air, pick up some ammo on the floor and swim back to the fountain. The door opposite is open, with fire tiles and a rolling ball.

Save your game. The fires are on and off and the trick I did, is it to watch carefully and I jumped with a running jump almost on the edge between two tiles to the other side. Switch that lever and a fire wraith will pester you. I couldnít be bothered, I just jumped as fast I could back into the water, as of course Lara caught fire, it did cost me a large medipack. Climb out the water and locate that switch in a corner of that room (South left corner). Get up the ledge and donít worry about the spikes, but switch that lever. Jump on the invisible ledge, climb higher and up onto that block. Make a standing jump and grab that ladder.

Room with the two rolling spiked balls, the Diamond of Passage. 

Stand with Laraís face to the North and know that you have to move to the West. So get out, watch the floor as spikes will pop up and jump to the save area on the West. Climb higher and higher and take a running jump to the other side. Climb higher still and walk over the top to the left side. Jump backwards and grab and youíll find your first Diamond of Passage.

Find your way down and drop into the water. Climb back onto the ledge and leave the room, go to the other door with the gem receptacle and place the gem. Walk into the corridor and slide to the next level.


To save health I made a roll and use grab to make a safety drop and immediately a roll to shoot the two ninjas. Go to the opening and you see a body of water. In the South corner is a lever on a pillar, so pull that and pick up a medipack on the floor. Get out of the water at the middle structure. As soon as you do that water turns toxic.

Push the pillar there on the tile and a second rope will drop. Now jump to the ladder, climb it and jump roll and grab the rope. Swing to the middle structure and from there to the next rope. There is a door there so swing to that ledge, the door will open. There is a lever inside that will open an underwater door and a lever on the wall, that will change the water again.

Dive into the water and swim through that door. Two ninjas are waiting and pick up a small medipack.

Now you are in a room with two pillars. First push the pillar on the West wall to its place, then go to the other one near the opening and push it on the tile near the door. Go through the open door and climb the ladder. Opposite the door there is a jump switch, and enter the door.

Room with 5 pools, a Key Half.

The one in front of you is pool # 1, the next is # 2, the middle one is # 3, on the back to the right is # 4 and left is # 5. Now jump in pool # 1 and find flares. Climb out and go to # 2. Open that door and get some air and save your game. This is a maze and you need to find one wall lever and three ceiling levers to open up a gate with a Key Half (piece of the Eye).

There is a place to get some air in the maze, and I am terrible doing mazes, so good luck. After getting the Eye, go to pool # 4; there is a lever there, pull that one. Also shoot all the four vases that will open a trapdoor in pool # 5. Swim in and before you switch that lever, save your game as this is a nasty timed run jumping.

The Second Key Half.

There is a flyby and you can save after that than start running and jumping to get that Second Key Half. After getting that piece you have to jump onto the block and save there as the rest of those trapdoors will drop a bit later. I didnít bother with the small medipack on the other pillar. Afterwards swim back and go to pool # 3. Swim to now open door and save your game again.

There are slanted blocks you have to jump or even you can shimmy almost to the end. And then pull up and start jumping till you end up on a safe place. See the crack and shimmy to the ladder. I accidentally did a safety drop (with health full and ended on the floor) and went to where a small ladder is with a crack where normally you have to shimmy to that ladder, that wall is climbable. Standing on that safe area with the ladder look up and see a monkey climb. Jump to the monkey climb and almost at the end turn left (a bit hard to see as it is dark), let go and jump again to grab the next monkey climb.

Follow that to the end and drop on the floor. Pull that lever on the end jump over the slanted rocks and make your way again to that monkey climb. This time you see the door is open, so enter the door.

Room with push pillars and levers and blocks.

Near the face (East) is a lever; pull that. Push the pillar as far as it will go. Push the same lever again and a block in the far left corner on the North wall will lower. Push that lever and another block on the same wall will lower, so work that lever there. Jump to the other side and push that pillar on the tile (cut scene). Also push that other pillar as far as possible and next to the face on the West wall is another lever and after using that, swim across and use the most left lever again.

Now you can push the pillar on its tile. Donít worry about the other levers as they are traps. So go back to the now open door and swim to the bottom and around some corners and get the gem. Also the gate is now open so swim and end up in pool # 3. Now climb that ladder in the corner and use the rope to swing to the walkway, running jump to invisible tile and another to the second walkway.

Use the gem and turn around and at the end a running jump to the ledge and open door and slide down. Before you drop into a corridor jump and grab and get SECRET # 2, crossbow and medipack. Drop into the corridor. Walk back to the pools (donít slide down) and the gate in the middle is now open. Use the two pieces of the Eye to open that door and enter that corridor.


You get a flyby from a pyramid and after the stairs turn around the corner. Draw your guns as there is a demi god there. Go to the back of the pyramid; there is a place you can climb it. Go to the corner and jump all the way to the top. There is an opening and enter the pyramid. There is a lever, so push that, and get out the pyramid and climb all the way to the top. Stand facing North and the right tile and slide down. That door is open now.

You enter a maze with two pressure tiles and one lever, so find them and leave that room. Slide down and on the South is a door you opened. Here are three pressure tiles you need to find and after the last you see a flyby of the door that opens. Leave the pyramid and go to that door.

Room with yellow tiles.

Tip: save your game while standing on a tile as these are all timed runs and it will save you a lot of frustration. Start facing North and stand on that tile, run straight ahead through open gate and stand on that tile (1). Run back out (the gate does open) and run straight through to other room (South) and immediately go to the right (2). Go back to other side and go right (3). Again go back and straight to other side (4) note the different colour of tile. Go back to the other side to the left (5) and again back to other side to the left, there is a lever (6). Push it and a gate opens up downstairs.

You enter a pool area and there are four demi gods to shoot; one of them leaves another gem. Dive into the pool and on the side of that underwater ramp is a lever. Get out the water and a block is risen at the back of the pool. Climb on the block and use the gem (cut scene). Remember that room with the different tile? So go back and take the four steps (see above) and go to the opening and slide.


Go the five pools again and get to the door in the North wall; this time go to West and slide down. You are back at that body of water you lowered a while ago. Before jumping over to that structure in the middle, jump to the ledge on the right side, turn around and jump into the opening in the wall there. Up there is a crawlspace SECRET # 3, a medipack and arrows. Now you can jump to that structure and the door on the other site is open now. It is an elevator.

Climb the ladder and jump backward onto a ledge and a running jump to a higher ledge. Run through the corridor and you will see a tile. Step on it, it is a timed run that will open a gate a bit further down. After the gate find the monkey climb and get over the burners. Follow the corridor and jump into the water.

Room with the blue electric lights.

Watch out, there are three ninjas waiting to kill Lara. OK, get ready for a lot of swimming, but before that go to the East wall, left and jump into the opening; there is a lever, so use it. Get out and stay on that wall there is now an opening that is open, jump into that and pick up the medipack and laser sight.

The Head of the Stick.

North wall, way up onto a ledge shoot the two white vases, that will raise a block in the room with the Effigi (Head of the Stick), climb on the block and pull that lever. Go to the east wall and enter that area (cut scene of a burning Effigy). See a tile in a corner, stand on it and save your game as this is a timed run. You have to run over the tiles in the middle in the other rooms. So go first to the right, than straight and right again and hurry to the room with the burning head. Save after you got the Effigy (Head of the Stick).

The Food of the Stick.

The door in the pool is now open, so swim in. First, swim to the right and locate a ceiling lever, watch the tile in the floor and swim back out again. You will be doing this a couple of times. Find the opening in the wall with the same marking (North wall - right) Jump in and step on tile, back into the water. This time swim straight ahead, pull lever and swim out and go to South Wall - right. Swim back, now to the left, pull lever and swim out again to North wall - left.

Into the water again, go straight ahead and left (there is an opening so get some air), swim in another room, pull lever and get out off the pool, go to South wall - left. Dive in again and left, left again and get some air at the end. Swim back a bit and take the one on the right, pull lever and get back out to West wall - left. Another dive, straight, right, right pass breathing hole right, pull ceiling lever, the tile should be an eye and get out. Go to the West wall - right. Now we go for the Food of the Stick (Ornate Handle) Swim back in, go left, right, right and straight and get the Food of the Stick.

The door in the North wall is now open and there are two ramps, take one and watch out for boulders. Climb up and you are on the ledge where you shot the two vases. In one corner there is a lever (see flyby) and find that door.

End of the level.