Level by Tombi (Koen)

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty.

This level starts with a flyby. Lara just left her Jeep. Run around the corner to find a hole she can jump in. The camera angles make it a bit difficult to find what you need to do and maybe it is better to wait a bit as a scorpion is lurking and Lara needs to do some crawling (if you get my drift). Climb out at the other end and shoot another scorpion. Hop on the sand in the NW corner, there is another hole and climb down the ladder there. More fixed camera work and again scorpions and more crawling. In a corner is some Uzi ammo and in the corridor left a small medipack. In the end is a ladder and then a couple of standing jumps on the sand dunes and on top more scorpions. The fixed cameras are a pain, so walk to the end and use the binoculars so you can see that you have to stay on the right. One's near the hole, you better jump over it and go around the corner.

Keep on walking to the East, never mind the holes you see, and enter an opening North. Shoot the scorpion and enter. Behind the ramp is a ninja hiding, so run to the jeep to get a good shot at him and you will be well rewarded with the Uzi. Now climb up the ramp and enter the building. Apart from a scorpion there is a statue right in front of a door, and as you can see you need a Hand. So get out and retrace your steps and take the first to the right. Climb down a ladder and crawl through the small opening and end up in a small room with some water. Jump over (W) and read the text on the wall LOL. Pick up the uzi ammo and jump in the water. Swim and climb out again. There is a lever and after using it dive in and swim to the other side. Keep on swimming and at the end up and climb out. Two scorpions are there and one leaves a small medipack.

Enter the room with the small pool and dive in. Take the first opening up and climb out to flip that lever. A flyby shows a gate that is opening, so dive in and swim further (S) and end up in another pool near a pyramid. Shoot another scorpion and walk to the East and climb down. There is a crawlspace on the right and at the end a ladder. In the NE corner is a lever that shows another gate being opened. So back on the ladder and crawlspace as that gate is now open.

Room with four levers.

NW lever releases some scorpions and the NE lever opens up a door East. The SW lever releases some spikes and the SE lever two mummies. Behind the door is the round door that needs the Eye of Hours, so now we go looking for it.

If you run around the pyramid and climb up at the end (E) you found a shortcut. So slide down the slope but this time do a safety jump down, watch out for the spikes.

Building underground

NOTE: the flare bug is present here.

The Hand of Sirius.

In the building there, shoot some vases to get Flares and in the next room some Arrows. The door opens when Lara approaches. In the last room the door stays closed and in the SE and NE are openings. Nothing for now in the SE corner but an empty pedestal, but in the NE is a lever that opens the door upstairs. Climb the ladder you see there and you are in the tomb of Horus. There is a flyby. In NE is a lever and shows that by mystical powers a crossbow appears. In the other corner is another lever and lo and behold the Hand of Sirius also appears out of thin air.

The First Eye Piece.

Pick up the hand and climb down. Once down some mummies roam around and a ninja, shoot the ninja and jump into the hole in the SE corner to get the Crossbow. You see that a gate opens and now go up and shoot the mummies downstairs as one has one half of the Eye Piece.

Retrieve your steps and near the spikes, the gate has gone. It is rather dark there and the flare bug is still present, so shoot your guns to find the way. At the end climb up and remember where you are? Near the building with the ramp. So go in there and don’t forget to push that statue away from the door and place you Hand on the left. A fly by shows you the door opening so enter. Go right around two corners and at the end of that corridor is a spike trap. On the right after shooting a vase is a small medipack and on the left is a ramp.

The Second Eye Piece.

Slide down and walk carefully as there is another spike trap and just with a single jump, jump over that and stand still as a boulder appears. Once that is gone slowly continue as another boulders rolls down. In the end is another hole and just jump in and run and in the end go left or right or else Lara will be flattened by yet again a boulder. On the right is a lever and on the left a gate. Two mummies appear, shoot them or out run them and climb a pole at the end. Be sure to have your face to the East and at the end backflip.

Get the other half of the Eye and a door behind the pole is open now. Enter and go left. Climb the stairs and a long ladder and walk in the very dimly lit wide corridor. When you see that you are going uphill take the right and watch the boulder left fall, now go to the left and the other boulder will roll past Lara. You are back in the dark corridors with the spiked pits. Go left around some corners and at the crossroad take a left and you are back in the building. Go outside, down the ramp, to the right into the hole, into the water and swim to the left and get out at the end. Another dive in a pool and you are back at the pyramid. Get into the hole, you can shoot or outrun the mummies and place  the combined Pieces of the Eye at the end.


Walk in the corridor and Lara keeps her eyes fixed at the not working Stargate. There is a lever on the right, flip it and hey presto another lever appears, and another one next to that and now one on the other side and again and again, what a magical place this is. A fly by shows a gate opening so go down the small ramp and by flipping the last lever the Stargate is active. Jump into it and you travel to……well, that is a secret.