City at Crocodile Lake.


Level by Kartsen Kleo (6 of 9)


Walkthrough provided by Gerty

Even if this is an “older” level, you do not need to use the revised WADs. Choose Coastal Ruins from the menu.


The Crowbar.


Walk down the stairs and once outside, 2 warthogs will attack; at the end of the path, you see Crocodile Lake. Swim into the water and pick up a Small Medipack on the left, continue over to the small island and kill the crocodile waiting there for you, he leaves some Shotgun ammo. Also on the Island is the Crowbar. Kill any crocodiles in the water as that will make life easier.


The Shotgun.


Dive into the water and pick up Shotgun Normal Ammo on each side of the island, that may trigger some more crocs but you need the ammo, so go for it. Swim to the opposite bank. Shoot the barricade in the doorway, in a corner, pick up a Small Medipack, as you approach the ledges, you trigger the spikes and you can get hold of the Shotgun and some more Shotgun Ammo. Another boar will pester Lara and after taking care of that boar go back outside.


Use the crowbar to open the black iron door. There is a skeleton is waiting. On the left is a hole in the floor you can blast him into. On the right are ladders. It is tricky to jump to them as spikes will pop up. In the corner you can jump with an angle to one of the ladders where Lara takes some damage, so be sure your health is full. Once up the ladder climb up and then transfer to the left and end up on a ledge.

As you enter the opening around the corner, a skeleton attacks, you can lure him back to the ledge and shoot him there. In this small maze are more skeletons, and also Large Medipack and some Shotgun ammo to find and it is up to you if you want to wake them and get the goodies. In the maze, take the first one the left, left again, there is a pit to dispose of the skeletons. Behind the pit you see some stairs and boulders. Climb the stairs and on top op the ramp save. Stand a bit to the right (as the left boulder comes down first) and slide, at the end take a curved jump over the pit to the left or else you will be flattened by the boulder on the right.


The Gate Key.


Kill another warthog , go into the building that is surrounded by water and use the block to get onto the roof, pick up the Gate Key and at the other end some Uzi ammo and climb down, watch out another warthog attacks.

Shoot the barricade and take the opening on the right with the green water. This is a timed jump over 3 ledges that will start burning. Run jump to the first, on to the second, turn and jump to the third and side flip right to safety. As you enter the room, notice the closed iron gate, a skeleton wakes up, you can blow him into the pool in the next room.


More Weapons.


Jump into the pool, this is a mirrored pool, so pay no attention to the other Lara. Swim to the left opening (East), go right, left and right to find Secret # 1, Flares and the Uzi. Get back to the pool. Now swim to the West opening, first left and when you have a choice to the right. Keep on swimming it is a long way and at the end you can climb out off the water. Get the Crossbow and save in front of the opening. Climb into opening, slide down, get hold of those Explosive Crossbow ammo, arm the crossbow and fire at the targets, that will deactivate the spikes below. As you walk to the Sphinx on the wall it will drop the Golden Token.


Grab the opening and crawl through, head up the stairs and kill a crocodile. There is an opening at the back of that room and that passage climb on the block and jump into the water. Keep the wall on your right side and swim out. Climb out of the pool as the iron gate at the beginning on the right, is now open. At the end jump through the hole in the ceiling. Jump over that spike trap and climb up and slide down. Get back into the building to the Egyptian Adventure wall and now take the opening on the left and use your Token. Climb the rope. Watch out for that skeleton.


The Torch.


In the next room, run jump to the blue ledge and pick up the Shotgun Ammo, run jump to the next ledge, get rid off the skeleton as he jumps toward you. Pick up the Torch and throw it to the room below, jump back over and go down the ladder. Dispose of this skeleton (there is a pit), use the Gate Key to unlock one door, then use the Crowbar to open the opposite one, light your torch. Another skeleton runs into the room, throw your torch down and take care of him. I did blast the other skeleton laying in the room as I didn’t want him to follow me in the maze. Get the now burning torch and enter the maze behind the door you unlocked with the key.

Go right, corner, straight, first right, over spikes, corner, another spikes, corner, first left, corner, left and right an the rolling gate will open as you approach.


Some Secrets.


In the hall on the left is a crawlspace, after crawling to the end is Secret # 2, Uzi ammo, get back out and kill that warthog, get the torch continue ahead. Burn the rope holding the boulder and jump into the opening, crawl through and down the other side. Take a few steps and watch the fly by and kill the warthogs that come after Lara.

In the 1st door on the left, climb up and crawl through to find a Secret # 3, Small Medipack and some Uzi ammo, return to the doors area. Go into the 3rd door, a skeleton attacks and if you wait before that corridor another skeletons wakes up.

The corridor is full of spikes so sprint through it.


Watch the flyby, Slide down the slope to the ledge below, have your weapon of choice ready, jump to the ledge on the left. Step on both blue tiles on the ledges, climb on top of that structure as there is the third blue tile, the ladder is on a pillar in the NE). More skeletons and step also on that tile. Climb back down and find the ladder to climb down to ground level. There are also some skeletons there as well. Also dispose of the crocodiles and jump into the pool and West wall are the gates you just opened, go in and grab your Gate Key. Use your key and go through the shimmering door to end the level.