1943- The Star of David.

Level by (Davep83) aka sonnyd83

Part of the 1943 Series:

1943: The Star of David (2012)
The Black Diamond: Part 1 (February 2018)
The Black Diamond (2014)
The Black Diamond: 2 Minutes to Midnight (Expected October 2018)
The Iron Cross (2016)

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Part 1 – The POW Camp. 

Eppinghorst POW camp, Eastern Poland.

The objective is to locate the artefact, which we believe is located beneath the kommandants villa, and safely transport it back to London.

Please note, weapons have been deposited in the river to the lower end of the camp.

We have heard rumours there are 2 highly valuable secret objects to be found in this camp, and one in the villa (3 secrets).

The Weapons.

Grab the glider and glide down. Once down turn and go E towards the river, be careful as left and right on the guard towers are armed guards. Once in the river go under the bridge and get Flares, Binoculars, Medipack, Pistols, a Laser Sight and Revolver.

The Prisoner Area Key. 

Facing W you can climb up the banks on the right side of the bridge. You can now shoot the two guards in the towers, but you have to look for the best angle. At the W end are two more guards, you better kill them as well, one more guard will show up to investigate, go back to the E and shoot the guard there as he is carrying the Prisoner Area Key. Return to the W and right around the corner is the lock for your Key. Go in and get a camera shot of an officer.

The Holy Bible for the Walled Area Key.

Go to the far side and around the building and up the ramp there. In the room on the right is a small medipack in the cupboard. Back to the passage and on the right into a room. In the SE corner is a closet and in it is the Holy Bible. Now go out and into the door opposite.

Major Cyrek Gryzbowski: I can help you by providing a brass key, to get into the upper end of the camp. Once in there we have a tunnel you might find useful. However, before giving you the key, please can you find our Holy Bible as we seem to have mislaid it.

Place the Bible on the right and get the Walled

Area Key.

Open the Kitchen.

Leave this barrack and go to the other barrack, NW, crawl underneath and find a piece of corroded fence N. Shoot it and get through, head W and find a switch box, shoot the cover and throw the switch to turn off the gas and the Kitchen door will open (for later). Back under the barrack and leave this compound through the gate SW, take a left and immediately a right (W) and use the Key there.

The Walled Area, the Kitchen.

Shoot the guard coming through the gate and pick up the Revolver ammo. Go around the corner twice and shoot the guard on the roof. When you approach the door on you right, Lara has a thought:

I wonder if there’s a gas control switch behind the villa?

I could turn it off, which would distract the guards and allow me access to the kitchen.

Well we did that already, so enter and approach the cook, you’ll get a Medipack that way. Remember that gate in the NE corner, nothing else to do here now.

The Crowbar and the Prisoner Area Key.

Back out again, head N and open the door on the left. Go in and shoot the wall and red bench behind the wall (S), pick up the small medipack. Open the trapdoor and jump down, crawl all the way through and open another trapdoor at the end. Climb out and pick up the Crowbar NW. Leave through the door and kill the guards in this area. One of them leaves the Prisoner Area Key.

Under the second barrack (SE) is Secret #1, a Golden Rose. Go in the first barrack and open the door on the left.

General Piotr Adamicz: The Guards have confiscated a medal of mine which is priceless. If you can return this to me, I may be able to help you by providing a key to gain access to the kommandant’s courtyard area.

In the corridor to the right are two rooms with nothing in it. So go outside and W and open the gate there.

The Medal.

Go back into the small alley W and you’ll meet another guards, he will come out of the now open door opposite the kitchen and leaves Revolver ammo behind. Enter the open door, shoot the red crates and pick up the Medal and a small medipack.

The Kommandants Courtyard Key.

Head back S through the alley, straight into the last compound you visited and into the first barrack to the right and put the Medal in its slot to obtain the Kommandants Courtyard Key.

Disable the Guns.

Go out NW and back through the alley to use the Key at the gate. Do not go in yet, but return to the kitchen and go through the now open gate NE. From here you can now shoot the sentry guns. Now we can go for another Secret, but that will take some careful moves. Face E and climb up over that wooden door, stay low (duck). Turn right (S) and stand up, jump over the barbed wire into the lower ally on the roof. Duck and crawl along the wall to Secret #2, a Golden Rose S, stay low so the guns won’t turn around. Go to the end and pull up onto the roof to the right. Now you can shoot the 2 guns and collect a small medipack from the lower alley E. Back down to the kitchen, out to the street and to the N. Now go through the gate you opened N and use the Crowbar to open the entrance to the villa.

Part 2 - The Villa. 


Watch the flyby, go left (W) and around the corner take a right and open the trapdoor in the bathroom. Pick up Secret #3, a Golden Rose and jump out.

The Bedroom Key and a Torch.

Continue up the stairs, shoot the guard and get the Bedroom Key. In the cabinet W is a Medipack (stand one step back). Go up the ramp and shoot two guards, one leaves a pocket lamp (Flares) and the other one the Torch. Leave that Torch for now and go to the SW corner, there is a book sticking out, push it to open a gate.

The Crypt Key, ignite the Torch.

Go to the door NE and use the Bedroom key, inside the bedroom shoot the red chest SE and pick up the Crypt Key. Then go back to the previous room to get the Torch and go into the bedroom again. The gate you opened with the book is in the E wall.

Go down with the Torch and you’ll be behind the fireplace, ignite the Torch there and go on through this low passage, throw the Torch and crawl in, first go to the end of the passage and open the ceiling trapdoor. Pick up the Torch and jump out with the Torch. A guard will start shooting you from another room, get up there and take care of him, he leaves a Medipack. Get the Torch and ignite the 4 wall scones in the lower room to open a gate E, go there with the Torch and open the door with the Crypt Key.

The Crypt.

Throw the Torch through the crawlspace and enter the Crypt. From standing on the Tomb you can shoot 4 bells in the corners (with pistols) and the floor will open up E of the Tomb. Get down with the Torch. Sprint to the end, throw the Torch on the wooden floor and try to evade the mice that attack you (sprint back and forth till the burning floor gives way).

The Trap Disable Key.

Safety drop down on the safe spot in the mud. Jump to a safe spot SW and pick up the Trap Disable Key. Jump to a safe spot NE and then take a running jump to the N and walk the rest through the mud straight to where you can climb out. Shoot the wall in front and enter the next room. On a pillar SE is the keyhole to disable the traps.

The Artefact Protection Panel Keys; the Star of David.

Go to the opening in the floor, jump the pole and climb down. Not all the way, but b back flip and watch out for the mice. Get down into one of the holes, kill the 4 guys and pick up their Artefact Protection Panel Keys. Put them into the slots in the middle and climb up again, jump onto the hill that was on fire, now grab the Star of David. A deadly gas will fill the room, so immediately jump up and climb up the pole and back flip to “safety”.

The Escape.

An opening appeared in the N wall, shoot the 3 soldiers there. One of them leaves a Medipack NE, better jump there. Then take a running jump to the crack in the N wall and shimmy left as far as. Drop in the mud, turn left and climb out. From the highest part of the ledge you can jump straight W and quickly climb out at the bike.

The Bike.

Jump on the bike and navigate the narrow ledge, running over the guards and ignoring the one in the alcove to the right. Go up a ramp with speed to jump over a hole and a gate will close behind you. Leave the bike here. (When you climb up S, you’ll get a message:

I will need to find a mine detonator to clear this area of mines.)

Timed Gate, the Mine Detonator.

Go a bit back and climb up at the W wall. Use the wheel N about 5 times, roll and jump up the ramp S to get through the timed gate (roll as soon as you bump against the gate). Around the corner are two guards. Jump up where they were and get the Mine Detonator. Leave E, get back to the bike and walk to the minefield. There near the opening in the fence, choose the detonator from the inventory and the minefield explodes. Take the bike over the minefield and up a ramp. 

At the end get off the bike and climb up and open the trapdoor. Go to the N and the level will end.