Mists of Avalon – First Clues.

Levels by Titak.

Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

The Save games provided in this walkthrough are made with the version of the level downloaded Jan 12-2012. They might not work on other download versions.

Croft Manor-Courtyard

The Gym.

At the start you’ll get an indication of the notebook. Open the PDA-Notes from your inventory and use the right arrow to get to the next pages where you can read all about the new moves. You'll also get crucial information in the PDA as the game progresses; check it when you see the PDA come up on your screen.

In the PDA-Research you will find available info gathered throughout the level. Esc will get you back into the game

Go to the S wall, between those big grey pillars and get into the crawlspace, go left (E) and climb up E. Grab the PLS and drop down to the ground floor. If you scroll through the notebook a bit more, you’ll find the PLS function in there too (replacement for Flares).

Go W and push the small bench (W) to the W wall and to the right against the pillar. Face the pillar and jump up to grab the crack. Use the new move (Alt) to jump up to the steel rim above. Shimmy left around onto the left side of the crack, then jump up again and shimmy right to pull up onto the platform. Turn and look for an alcove SW (corner of the Gym).

Jump to the alcove in the corner and use switch #1 (screen of an underwater door in the pool).

Hang out of the alcove, shimmy left and drop to the rim below. Traverse all the way left around the pillar to get a another alcove and push switch #2. Hang out of the alcove, shimmy to the right and around the pillar, jump one rim up and get back into the SW alcove again.

Face E and run-jump and grab to the pillar, pull up and slide far to jump and grab the pole, swing (“up” arrow) and jump (Alt) to the next pillar and so on to the wall ahead. Grab the climbable surface, climb down and to the right to use switch #3 there. Drop backwards out of the alcove.

Go back to the small bench W and get back up to the crack in the pillar, jump up to the rim and shimmy around to the right, turn around to jump and grab (tap “down” arrow and just hold Ctrl) the pillar behind you. Face E step up to the pole and use Ctrl to start climbing the pole, when you are at the height of the swing pole jump to it (hold Ctrl and tap ALT).

Do NOT swing on the swing pole, but only hit Alt, so Lara climbs the pole and jumps. Make a left curve so you’ll slide down backwards and grab the edge of the pillar. Drop down to the crack and shimmy right to the steel rim, jump up into a crawlspace and get some Desert Ranger ammo W.

Get out at the same place and shimmy to the right, to the middle of the last wall part. Hit “down” and jump to grab the swing pole (behind you). Swing and jump to the platform. Jump E and grab the windowsill, use switch #4 there. Jump back to the platform and jump down into the pool. Climb out and take a running jump to the climbable surface on the pillar in the pool, go up and grab the top of the pillar so Lara hangs by her hands. Traverse right to get on a platform to use switch #5 in the alcove. Now just drop into the pool below.

The Gymnasium Key.

Behind the window over the pool you can see a Secret; the Bronze Shield, you’ll get to it later. For now swim through the door, follow through left and again left and pick up the Gymnasium Key.

Go back to the Gym and use the key on the right hand door E.

The Courtyard.

Coming out of the gym in the flowerbed on the left is a Medipack. Go SW left of the gate and get some Shotgun ammo.

A Note from Winston.

Go to the E, through the door into the Hall. Pick up A Note from Winston on the left and read it (it’s in the PDA now), then go N through the door.

A Banana from the Kitchen.

To the left is the kitchen, get the Banana from the far end of the central counter. There’s a small medipack near the sink S.

An Empty Bottle.

Go out E and right (S) back to the Hall and open the door you see S. Go in and take the first on the right, the dining room. Go W and collect an Empty Bottle from the table.

Get the Desert Range ammo near the window N. Go out E and head right (S), on a pedestal in the SE corner is some Shotgun ammo. Continue W into the Arboretum.

The Arboretum, the Coconut.

Go to the W wall and find a Coconut on the floor. Fill the empty Champagne bottle with water in the shallow pool S and head back to the kitchen (E).

The Kitchen, a Tropical Fruit Smoothie.

Follow through and cross the hall N and go left. Combine the Banana and the Coconut and place it in the blender on the counter to get a Tropical Fruit Smoothie.

The Arboretum, the Key Head.

Head back to the arboretum and to the S wall, find two switches, left and right of the small pool. The block that went up is in the NW corner. Climb on it and jump E to grab a platform. Use the switch in the alcove N to release a Ball.

Get down to the ground floor and climb the ladder W to fill the bowl with the Fruit Smoothie (on the small coloured ring on the bottom you can see where the Smoothie goes and where the water). Go to the other side up one of the ladders and fill the bowl with water from the Champagne Bottle. There is Shotgun ammo in the small pool SE. Using Water and Smoothie raised a platform, up on the S wall. So jump to the platform and jump to the middle of the S wall. Get the Key Head from the pedestal and get down to the ground.

You are done here, so leave (E) and get back to the corridor where the kitchen is and proceed to the swimming pool.

The Swimming Pool, the Key Bit.

Go to the N side of the pool and use the switch hidden behind that plant in the alcove, this opens a trapdoor in the pool. Check Winston’s Note in the PDA where Winston reminds Lara that N and S are safe today.

Dive into the pool, the underwater lever W opens the door to the pool in the gym, in case you want to practice some more. Get air and then dive through the opening in the bottom and use the N and S levers to expand two platforms in the poolroom. Swim down one more floor to get a small medipack on the bottom. Then open manually the underwater door S. Better go get some air now and dive back down, follow the tunnel up to where you can climb out and claim Secret #1, the Bronze Croft Shield. Go back to the poolroom, along the S wall is a fish statue; pull it out once.

Climb the statue and use the poles to swing to the balconies, first E and then W. Pull the chains, then go to the diving board W and jump to the plant that has lowered in the middle of the room. Jump to the ledge N and get the Key Bit. Combine the Key Bit with the Key Head to produce the General Manor Key. Leave the pool (E) and go to the Hall to use the Key on the double doors in the entrance hall E (the keyhole is on the right hand door).

Croft Manor-Downstairs

Living Quarters.

Lara drops the bottle and it breaks…

Lara: Rats!!!! Now I have to find something else to hold water in…

Go N or S (no difference), open the door there and you are at the Main living room. Go to Zip in the Tech centre.

Lara: Good afternoon Zip.

Zip: Hi Lara, Alister is in the library, doing some research on the Stone of Omphalis like you requested.

Lara: Good!

A Valve Wheel.

Go to the glass cupboard SW, open it and get a Valve Wheel. Go back to the Main living room, the doors W lead back to the entrance hall. (NE on a table you’ll find a book, read it).

You’ll find several books on tables throughout these rooms and in most of them you can get clues to the story of Avalon, do read them all!! (or you cannot proceed later).

The Bucket.

Now first go to the big doors E and open them with the Manor Key, go in and to the right (S). Open the small door to the storage and inside is a trapdoor in the floor, open it and go down to the Boiler room. SW and left of the Boiler is a pipe where you can use the Valve wheel to turn off the steam. Now you can take the Bucket. Go back up and to the Living Room.

Head up the stairs, left (E) (read the book on the table) and at the end go right through the door. Alister put a post-it on his door, (read the book on the table (S)), go N and around the corner, open the door to the music room. To the SE is some Desert Eagle ammo on the floor, then open the door N. Go left and up some stairs. Open the door and you are in the Observatory.

Read the 4th book N, you’ll get a screen of Zip (Zip might know where the key to the crypt is”)

Go S and look at the keypad, there’s another post-it. Choose the PDA-Notes from the inventory and read:

4th rock from the sun. Planet Mars is the 4th, so the code is: 5 1 6 7 (select the numbers with the arrow keys, punch them in with Ctrl and then punch in * to enter the code, # is to delete a digit).

Secret #2 sounds as a reward for breaking the code.

Go in and push the button E to see the floor in the living room open up. Leave through the door W, down the stairs, right into the music room and right to get into a corridor that gets you back to the landing. Go down the staircase and towards the Tech centre and jump into the opening in the floor there.

Slide down and grab into the opening, then take a running jump and grab the monkey climb to get to the other side. Jump over the next lasers and disable them with the code lock (have a look in the notebook for the note from Winston: PS. The red code is the day and month of your birthday in case you need it (if you Google it, you’ll find February the 14th). So the code is: 1402).

Leave, jump down and go to the passage with the monkey climb and then left. Swim down, go W and avoid the spikes and then swim all the way up. Get Secret #3, the Gold Croft Shield. Back to the water and halfway down behind the lowered gate you can get that Medipack. Swim down, through the opening and all the way up again. Go back E and take a right, another right and jump up and you are back in the Living room.

Now go to Zip (you must have read all 4 books).

Lara: Any idea where Winston might have hidden the key to the crypt?

Zip: I do, but I am not telling you

Lara: Hmmm I just have to find it myself then

Zip: Be prepared to some nice new surprises

Lara: Sounds like fun

Zip: By the way, your bedroom key, it is in the safe behind me there

Lara: Thanks.

The Master Bedroom, the Pistols.

Go and get the Bedroom Key in the NE corner safe. Go up the stairs and left (E) and open the first door on the right. Enter and follow the corridor

Croft Manor-Upstairs

Open the next door, and you’ll enter a small parlour. Open the N door to the master bedroom and the door to the left is the walk-in closet. Open the closets with drawers to get Desert Ranger ammo and a Medipack. The pedestal NE has a small lever, use it and enter the new room. Open the closet with the drawers and get your Pistols. Go back into the parlour and this time, open the door S.

Open another door and go to the sink S to take out the Shower Plug. Go to the shower in the previous room and use the plug there and afterwards (read the note book). Use the bucket you found before and fill it. You can leave this area, so go back to the staircase and to the other side of the landing where Winston is waiting in front of the open door.

Croft Manor-Downstairs

Winston: Good afternoon Lara

Lara: Good afternoon Winston, I’ll take it you won’t tell me where you hid the Crypt key today?

Winston: My lips are sealed on that subject.

Go through the door, around the corner and the level changes.

Croft Manor-Upstairs

Go straight and all the way (W) near the window for a small medipack. Go back and now take the door on your right (S), you are in the library now.

The Library, the Trophy Room Key.

Step inside.

Lara: Good afternoon Alister

Alister: Good afternoon Lara

Lara: What’s happened here? The Library is a mess!

Alister: Oh.. sorry about that. I’ll tidy it up once I’m finished.

Go to Alister and there is a lengthy conversation you can read about in the PDA-Research. For the next Secret: Go to the bookcase in the NW corner and push a blue book there (#1 for a panel in the Trophy room, you need to use 5 books)

Alister: I’m hungry, what are you doing there Lara?

Lara: Making you a sandwich, obviously

Alister: Obviously

Go up the stairs, into another room E, get the Medipack straight ahead, push the book (#2) in the bookcase on the left of the Medipack. Go out and left, jump and grab the painting of that jumping boy on the wall, this is acting as a timed lever.

Alister: Don’t damage that painting

Lara: Oh relax, Alister, it is as good as new, look

Alister: New in the sentimental-value-priceless sense…

Lara: Wouldn’t want it any other way

The bookcase at the bottom of the stairs (W) opens, run inside and go downstairs. Get Shotgun ammo straight ahead and Desert Range ammo N. S you’ll find the Trophy Room Key. Go back up and exit the Library N.

Lara: Catch you later Alister

Alister, See you soon..

Open the door ahead (N) and again another door, then go left (W) and find Shotgun ammo on the right (near Zips room). Go back E a bit and open the door N with the Trophy Room key you have.

The Trophy Room.

Find the pushable book (#3) on the S wall, near the corner, go up the stairs and right to the last bookcase, push another book (#4). Go to the other side of the landing and enter that room (E). Right round the corner right (W wall) is book # 5. Go downstairs and into the opened panel in the W wall. Get Secret #4, the Silver Croft Shield.

Using the 3 Croft Shields, the Treasure Room Key.

Go back up the stairs and into the room upstairs and place the three shields on the stands at the window N. A Secret panel opens up E, enter and pick up Secret #5 the Treasure Room Key, a small medipack and the Desert Ranger.

The Security Camera DVD.

Go out of the room and to the fireplace (read the notes), save and stand straight in front of the fire S (Lara’s toes have to be on the plinth) to use the bucket of water on the fire. Climb up, follow through and get through the spears. Push the crate into the room; shoot some bats. In the room are three boxes you can shoot, the one NE for some Shotgun ammo, another box SE for a small medipack and finally one NW for Desert Ranger ammo.

Get the pushable crate that is against the E wall and push it to the S in between the other crates, another crate that is SW needs to get there as well. Now you can pull a crate in the S wall out twice, so you can get behind it. Pick up the Security Camera DVD and hear a door opening. That door is in the E wall. Walk down the stairs.

Croft Manor-Downstairs

Push the button next to the door and you are back at the Living Room.

The Treasure Room.

Go downstairs and to the big doors E, now you have the pistols, you can pick up some supplies from the boiler room. Go right and down the ladder into the boiler room, shoot the crates there to get Shotgun ammo N and Desert Ranger ammo on top of the other crates. Climb back up and leave.

Go straight N and open the door using the same key on both locks. Climb down the hole in the floor and run-jump from the last step of the stairs over the laser beams. Go to the S and face W, backflip onto the slanted wall and jump to grab the crack in the W wall, shimmy right around the corner over the laser trap and use the down arrow (hold Ctrl) to get Lara to pull up on the crack and jump across to grab the other side. Shimmy left and drop past the lasers.

Climb up W and go through the crawlspace, drop and climb up N for some Desert Ranger ammo, then follow the passage to water rooms. Dive in, swim around right and pull the chain to de-activate the lasers on the stairs. Go back and through the crawlspace. Now go down the stairs N and follow through to a room filled with treasure, pick up Secret #6, Lara’s Pendant.

Make your way back up the stairs, climb up W and jump to the crack E, shimmy right, jump over the lasers and shimmy left. Drop and run-jump N over the lasers. Climb up and go back to the Living Room.

The Aquarium, the Crypt Key.

Go to Zip and insert the disk in the computer behind him (post-it: Security Cameras), near the door with the code lock NW. Write down the numbers 0973 and use this code on the door behind you. Go down the stairs and into the basement.

Croft Manor-Basements

Pull/push the Chinese cabinet, standing against the W wall, underneath the trapdoor S. Climb up; go past the spears and up some steps, into the water and straight N of where you dive in is some Shotgun ammo on the bottom. Go back for air, face N and dive down again. Swim to the N, go around the corners and swim to the underwater lever SW. Swim back to get air. Then dive again and swim into crawlspace SE. Don’t swim over that Spike trap with the Key, but safely around it and head into the tunnel N and up. Get Desert Ranger ammo S, and time the spikes W. Use the chain there and swim back to get the Crypt Key from the now safe Spike tile. Get out, swim up and climb down into the aquarium room to pick up a Medipack in the NW behind the chair. Leave and return to the Tech Centre.

Croft Manor-Downstairs

”Zip: So did you have fun finding that key?

Lara: Oh, it was quite good, I’m impressed!

Zip: We do our best!

Lara: I’m looking forward though to seeing how you boys can hide my keys the next time I’m bored.

Zip: Winston’s is already drawing up the blueprints.

Lara: Sooner or later you’ll run out of rooms.

Zip: Then we’ll just have to built another wing to the Mansion.

Lara: Oh good, I can put that through my expenses.

Open the door E.

Croft Manor-Basements

The Crypt.

Pull the chain and go through the gate N. Enter the passage left (W), down the steps and shoot some spiders. Again go left (W) and shoot more spiders. Pull the chain at the end. Go back to the shallow pool and up the steps to the first crypt, the gate E opened.

The Block Puzzle.

There are 4 stone slates in here that needs pushing. They will form a stone engraving. The block on the lower floor and near N wall goes into the niche S on the left side (it will raise a bit). The block S goes also S but on the right (it too will raise a bit). Go into the NE passage, left and find a lever in the form of a cross just around the corner and pull it to lower raising blocks in the puzzle room. Go back and push the block you will find all the way S onto the lowered raising block. Do the same with the block standing W.

Back to the cross lever in the passage N and pull it again. Now go pull/push the blocks on top of the other two to complete the puzzle. Watch the flyby as the Tomb opens up.

Lara: Time to get dressed for some serious raiding!!!


The Dig Site. “One hour later”

Let there be Light.

Go forwards and shoot some bats. At the shack, take a right and right again (SW), jump in some deeper water and swim into an opening N. Get the Crowbar and swim out and go to the shack. Head to the N from the shack and use the ladder to climb down. Open the chest S for a can of Petrol. Go back up and to the shack.

Start up the Generator and get an Old Knife.

Use the Crowbar on the door, shoot the rats inside and take the Old Knife out of the chest against the E wall. Go to the generator S and put the Petrol in the tank under the control panel. Lara will start it up. Get out of the shack and go NW, up the slopes and use the switch you find in the now open switch box on the E wall.

Now you have light and that old gate opened up too. So make your way back to the shack and down N to that gate. Follow through and come to an abyss, jump to the nearest piece of rock then to the N wall and from there to the left (W wall). From there to the N, avoid the spikes sticking out of the wall and run up the stairs.

The Large Hall, the Balcony Doors Key.

Go left and jump over the gap to get to the end and find Shotgun ammo behind those crates. Go back and around the other side and use the ladder to climb down. Go up the stairs N and open the chest for the Balcony Doors Key. Go N and take left or right and then again N and the first opening on the side into the second hall. Go to the stone wheel S.

A Handle for the Wheel.

Read the notes in the PDA… so now you have to find a handle. Behind the crates left of the wheel is the Desert Ranger. At the N wall near the Wood debris is a small Piece of Wood, pick it up. Combine this Piece of Wood with the Old Knife and you’ll get a Carved Piece of Wood you can use later. Leave this hall and go further N, there are two flights of stairs going up N. Take the left one for now.

Left hand staircase, a Golden Cross.

When you are all the way up, watch out for falling debris, go into the opening at the end and go left (N) to pry the Golden Cross from the wall. Get back downstairs and now take the other staircase.

Right hand staircase, a Broken Golden Cross.

All the way in the back is a small crawlspace (up S), get in and push the boulder down. Slide down after the boulder and on the balcony on the right (N) you can get a Broken Golden Cross. Combine this with the Carved Piece of Wood to get a Fixed Golden Cross.

Get back to the boulder and climb up, through the crawlspace and down the staircase. Go left and right into the room you were before and place both crosses in the receptacles SW and SE. Watch the flyby and get out of this room, go S and into the Large Hall. The serpent is in the S, kill it (Savegame) and go downstairs. Follow through and avoid the spikes till you come to closed doors and an abyss.

The Abyss.

Jump to the slope left (N) and slide down, grab the edge and shimmy to the right. At the end jump backward (down arrow). Get Shotgun ammo in the S and then go E, follow through passing a door with a keyhole. When you get to a grate on the floor that is burning go to the side (left) and pull up to the crack, jump up (Alt) to the upper part of the room. Get down at the other side (NW) and go to the alcove W. Jump to the lever around the corner there and use it to retract the spikes.

Back to the grated floor and grab up to the wall you just jumped down from, climb up and push the cage (SW) all the way to the E. Stop when it is under that second wall torch. Now pull it twice to the S, climb it and grab up through the grated floor above. S is some Desert Ranger ammo and on a pillar NE you will find Secret #1(7), a Templar Cross. Go back down and push the cage down from the E side of the floor below.

Now pull the cage onto that contraption on the grated floor and after it moved to the other side go up again and lower yourself down again at the other end. Pull the cage into the next corridor N and in front of the burning grated floor. Climb the cage and take a running jump over the hot grate, in a straight line you can just make it. Shoot some rats around the corner of the next passage.

For the Rusty Key.

Down a staircase and up at the other side, again down some stairs and in the NE corner of the room there is a timed switch. You’ll see a trapdoor opening up in the previous room. Wait till the switch is set again and now Save the game, pull and run out and up the stairs, jump a bit left just over the corner of the balustrade and if you’re lucky you land into the open hatch. Get the Rusty Key from the pedestal and swim up and out before the hatch closes (Savegame).

The doors W are now open, go in there. Use the crack in the W wall and shimmy left over the pit, at the end drop one crack, jump backwards to another crack and jump up and now shimmy to the right. A lot of rumbling is going on, just follow through and use the lever at the end to open the doors. On the left you’ll see that the abyss you crossed before is now flooded. Swim to the other side and use Rusty Key on the wall (S). Shoot some bats while you jump over the first spikes and crawl under the next ones.

The Spear Stake Mechanism.

In the next room push both Spear Stakes to the E wall. The right one goes to the left and visa versa. They will lock into position when placed correctly. Bars lower in the Se and NE corner. Get the Wooden Pole on the right and a small medipack on the left.

Face N in the alcove where the medipack was and jump to grab that rim on the wall, shimmy right and pull up. Turn around and jump to grab the pole. Swing and jump to the next, now use Alt and Lara jumps onto the corner ledge, from there, go into the crawlspace and shoot the bats in the cave.

Walk into the water at the W wall and grab up to the crack, go right around corners till you can’t go any further. Jump back and grab the edge of an alcove, turn around and jump to the ledge. Stand W and backflip onto the slanted rock, jump and grab the edge of the ledge above, pull up. Grab up N and pull up in the crawlspace, drop down the other side and get Secret #2(8), a Second Templar Cross from the room with the graves. Leave W and you are back in the Large Hall. Climb down the ladder again and head N to the Hall with the Wheel (N). Use the Wooden Pole on the Wheel, and then push the pole.

The Croft Diary.

Climb the blocks that went up and use the Balcony Key. Go in and up the dais to get the Croft Diary from the floor near the table.

”Lara: My Fathers lost diary..! He told about this diary on several occasions but he never told me how or where he had lost it!”

NW, to the right of the doors is a lever against the wall, go in and up the stairs and when you are on a balcony go left (N) and around the corner is a chest and get the Shotgun. Go back and around to the other side to the NE corner and look N to see a crawlspace a bit left. Run-jump to the wall and grab the edge, shimmy left and crawl in. Follow through and on the side of the coffin you can pry Secret #3(9), a Third Templar Cross from the wall. Get back out and jump SW to the balcony. Get back downstairs W.

Now go to the middle of the row of barriers N and shoot them. Slide down backwards into the pit and then a safety drop and grab the edge. Shimmy left and climb up. Run-jump to the slope NE, shimmy right, drop and slide and grab the edge. Back jump to the other side, slide/jump/grab and you are safe for now. Look W and jump into the opening there, follow through and slide down…

The Lost Realm.

A Shotgun

Go S to jump the platforms, first drop down, then a run-jump SW, then up S and a standjump down S, grab the spare Shotgun and do a curved run to jump back to the higher platform N. From there take a run-jump to the one E and jump down to the one SE. From this one do a perfectly aimed jump to grab the corner of the grated balcony SW. Follow through, shoot some rats and climb the stairs. Jump over the spikes (the ones popping up) and the next jump over the popping spikes to the corner and then up the stairs to come to a room with poles.

The Poles.

Jump towards one of the nearest poles and grab it, climb up over the flames, align Lara with her face to the next and jump to the next (tap ALT) and then to the opening N. Go around the corner and side flip to the lever and use it.

Go back to the poles and now jump to the one on the right (SW), slide down a bit then jump to the next (tap Alt) and align up to the wall opening right, as spikes went down there. Jump down and go left (S) and use the lever in the next room. Go back to the pole room and jump down to the ledge SE, avoid the next set of spikes. Follow through up some stairs to come to a Huge Cave.

The Huge Cave.

Go down the long staircase and you already can see one secret against the E wall. Once down on the bridge, go to the NE corner and pick up some Shotgun ammo, watch out for a boulder though. Go back to the bridge and to the W of the bridge at that skeleton on the bottom is more Shotgun ammo.

The Right Cog.

Go into the far NW corner. Underneath the waterfall and crawl through, dive in and swim through and at the end up. Back flip to the slope and grab the edge, shimmy all the way to the right and back flip again. Jump to the small pedestal and pick up the Right Cog. Jump to the opening S and crawl through, you are back at the waterfall. Now back to the bridge, go S over the bridge to that big pillar.

Spider Caves, the Emerald Key.

From the pillar go left (E), there is a path into the cave there. Go down the stairs there and shoot the big spider. Go NW and left, shoot another spider and get into the hole in the corner for a small medipack.

Then go to the E (keeping to the left) and find an opening up a ledge SE, there is a lever in there to open the big doors. Quite some spiders are loose so shoot them while going back to the main cave. In the S end from the doors, near a skeleton, is some Desert Ranger ammo. The doors in the E close after you entered, push/pull the box to the N wall so you can climb the ledge above.

Jump the ledges to the opening S, jump up right (W) and into a well concealed opening on the right (NW). Follow through and grab the Emerald Key. Don’t go back the same way!!! (You could try after you saved…, nice)

Instead go to the wall S and find a crack; jump higher and you are safe. Get down SW and then go S. Into another tunnel SW and you’ll slide down to the Spider Cave staircase. Go up the stairs, over the path and to the left (S) up some stairs to a double door. In the cavern on the left side of the staircase is some Revolver ammo.

Up the Rock Faces.

Use the Emerald Key and draw out some bats, go left (E) and around the corner watch out for the spikes. Follow through and come to the bridge, walk onto the ledge on the right of it.

Jump to the ledge NE and then to the sloped ledge NE, grab the edge and shimmy left to where you can pull up again. Walk to the far N end and jump with a right hand curve around the rocks to another flat ledge. From there a run jump over the slanted rock to the ledge with Secret #1(10), the Fourth Templar Cross. Drop down and go back S to that big pillar.

Make your way back up to the bridge (up the stairs) and cross it to the other side. Find a crack a bit left of the bridge (W wall) and jump higher. Jump (NW) to a corner ledge, one more jump N and jump up onto that rock bridge. Jump to the left (NW) to that ridge and jump straight ahead and then a jump to the right (NE). Climb up N and again left, then go straight and avoid the boulder. Jump over it and at the end jump down (keep to the right though) then run-jump over the spikes by using the alcoves left or right.

The Left Cog.

Keep going, slide down, shoot several bats, you come to a balcony in the big cave. Go to the other side, hop up into the opening ahead and jump to the opening left. There is a pole around the corner, climb it facing SE and jump over the corner of the spikes (Alt). Climb the block in one of the corners and then jump to the block at the S wall. Jump up N and go to the balcony N. Go all the way to the N wall and jump up in that crevice, crawl into a crawlspace there. Jump NW and then to the small pedestal at the N wall and get the Left Cog.

Jump back, first to the S wall and drop down into the cave below, behind the dark pillar S is some Shotgun ammo. Grab up to the crack in the N side of this pillar and jump higher to the top of it. Hop up S and from there into the opening E. Go back through the crawlspace and then to the SE and all the way to the S end. Go in the door opening and then to the left (E) to place the two Cogs on the wall S. Watch the fly by and go out and use the bridge to get to the other side.

Head all the way S to the end and jump up to the path along the S wall, go E over the steep part and get the Large Medipack in the end (the guy there doesn’t need it anymore). Go back and N passing the bridge, to the left is the entrance to the building. In the far N, in a windowsill is some Desert Ranger ammo.

Go back and into the building and now you can choose, Heaven or Hell…. Good is to the right (blue), Evil is to the left (red). Makes no difference which side you do first.

Good side:

Keep going straight (N), then at the end go up the stairs, more stairs and at the end you’ll come to 2 shafts. They are too high and nowhere to go but up. But under the grated floors are big fans creating an updraft.

Go to the left hand grated floor (the right hand side hasn’t got enough power) and walk against the wall (W), jump up and grab the edge, shimmy to the right and pull up, back flip and jump again to get hold of that monkey climb above (or just back flip with roll holding down Ctrl to grab the monkey swing), go to the other side and drop on the right hand side.

Good and Evil?

Go up the stairs, then go left (S) and more stairs, shoot some bats. You hear a sound. Look up and there are the swinging axes. For now take a running jump over the blowers and another one after that.

Ice Water Hall, the Angel Halo.

Look left when at the big hall and find the crack there, hop to it and shimmy right and drop on a big block. Stand with you back against the wall while you shoot two harpies. Jump the ledges to building in the NE. Mind you, the Icy water is quite deadly.

For an extra pick up, jump into the cavern NE and shoot the harpy there. Make your way towards the ledge NE and pick up some Desert Ranger ammo and jump back to the door outside. In the room N is a blue crystal pushable column that has to go to the bright light in the middle of the raised dais, but the way is still blocked. You can push it out of the room and leave it in front of the bridge.

Remove the Three Barriers.

This part can be done in no particular order.

Barrier #1:

Jump to the ledge around the corner SE, then to the next and then to alcove in the E wall to use the lever to get some spear poles out of the wall above. Go back to the N wall, jump to the next ledge and pull out a cage from the NE corner, climb the cage and face S.

Use the poles to get to the other side. (keep CTRL + forward pushed and immediately use the ALT when you grab the next pole to jump to the next without swinging). (Savegame)

Find a crack in the S wall and shimmy right and climb onto the pillar. Jump up to the NW ledge and climb up left. Once on the balcony jump over the balustrade to the NE and at the skeleton grab some Shotgun ammo (duck). Jump back to the balcony and now climb up into the opening SE. Keep climbing higher then jump through a triangle opening SW. Shoot some pesky bats.

Now pass the swinging axes (slowly walk around) and climb up right at the spike traps. Jump through the spikes and push the button, Barrier #1 goes down. Turn around and jump back, go up the rubble against the N wall and turn right. Jump up into the opening to slide down a ramp, walk out and come to the lake.

Barrier #2:

Slide down backwards and safety drop down, start jumping to the building NW, there is a ladder on the wall there. Get on the ladder and shift to the right and climb up. Jump to the ledge NW, go in and jump up the sandy slope. Climb up N and end up on a balcony. Around the corner is another button and Barrier #2 goes down. Walk back SE, shoot a harpy and jump into the opening over the slanted rock SE. Slide down again and again a safety drop to the ledge below.

Barrier #3:

Jump back to that blue Crystal column you pushed. Go in the room N and go left and jump to the ladders on the S wall, shift to the right hand one. Climb up a bit and back flip/roll to another ladder. Climb this one almost to the top and again back flip/roll, grab another ladder, let go and grab the edge shimmy all the way left and back jump (down arrow), veer to the right to land on a ledge. Grab the small medipack and Desert Ranger there and jump back to the sloped ledge. Shimmy till you are over the third ladder and back jump (down arrow), grab the ladder again and go to almost to the top to back flip/roll for a jump to another ladder. Now climb to the right and drop down to safety.

Jump into opening on the left NW. Jump over spikes and go at the end to the right (S). On the balcony go right (W) and find a button right around the corner, Barrier #3 is history. Shoot a Harpy and you can jump from the other end of the balcony down or take the passage back, turn right and safety drop there. Go push the column into the bright light and hop back till the Wraith kills itself in the light. Get the Sapphire Key and walk off the bridge.

Use the Key on the door E. Inside grab the Angel Halo and continue E. Jump to the ladder and climb up for some Shotgun ammo, then turn round and jump to the opposite side, turn again and jump to the other ledge (S). Some jumping over deadly water and a slide down and follow through, down the stairs left (E)

The Lost Realm

Go left (N) and slide down, softly landing on the floor. Go E, down the stairs and all the way S to go to Hell. Go in W, down the stairs and slide down a slope left (S).

Good and Evil?

Follow through to a pit full of lava. Jump to the other side and end up at a lava lake. Shoot the harpy.

Lava Lake, the Ruby Key.

Take a running jump to the moving platform S when it is going up, then one more S to the tunnel entrance. If you want an extra pick up, drop from this tunnel down on the rocks then jump to the crack N and shimmy all the way right, pull up at the end, jump over a lava pit and get the Large Medipack and Desert Ranger ammo.

Go back and at the end of the shimmy jump to the opposite side (tap the down key). Jump back onto the moving platform and jump into the tunnel (S) and now follow through, up a slope and at the end to the moving platform W. Next is the N, the one on the right then another to the W, NW and onto the floor NW.

Then to the lava cave in the W. There is a small medipack near the skeleton on the left and entice a Harpy to come out of the cave W. Look over the edge of that ridge to see a ledge behind it. Stand facing W aiming for the left side of that ledge. Save and take a step back before you stand jump up the rocks W, you can stand on the spot to the left (screenshot), a timed sequence is next.

Hot Run for the Key.

Stand jump to the first block and do running jumps over the blocks, around the corner in one go, as Lara will catch fire if you are too slow. Grab the [b]Ruby Key[/b] and get the hell out of there (Savegame)(Video).

The Devil Horns.

Jump to the door NE and one ledge further and around the corner you can use the key. A Harpy wakes up, better take care of him here. Jump over the ledge and go in the open door now, take a running jump the pole on the right, jump to the next (tap Alt) one and next and then to safety.

Next cave go up the stairs right and follow through up a staircase, at the pit jump over. Get the Devil Horns from the pedestal. Leave E and left up the stairs and jump to the ladder, climb around the corner and off on the ledge. Go to the end climb up the column and turn around, there is an opening NW. You have to go the long way around so take a running jump and grab the ledges S. Turn and jump up the ledge W. Jump a bit further and slide backwards down, shimmy to the end, back jump and grab the other side, shimmy left around a corner and you can stand. Jump up N, walk to the end and a running jump to the small ledge in the corner E and from there up in the opening SE.

Follow through, slide down and the level changes.

The Lost Realm.

Good vs. Evil.

Go straight and then to the left, up the stairs, keep going left and down some stairs to the hall. Place the Devil Horns on the left and the Angel Halo on the right. Watch the fly by, Lava and Icy water get mixed and it is still undecided which way you have to go, Heaven or Hell. So for now just go W and enter the open doors.

X Marks the Spot.

Go through the purple-blue spiral and Lara sees something in the air.

“Lara: Ah.. That looks interesting!”

Read the PDA notes and be aware DO NOT use any gun in this place as long as there is a faint purple haze surrounding Lara.

The Bone Dust.

There are three ways to go but you have to visit them all anyway.

The Humerus

Go N and take a right, jump into the water and go high over or time those spikes. Swim up and climb out, pick up the Humerus and go back in the water and over the spikes.

The Pelvis

Go out of the water and straight into the next passage, down to a room with more spikes. Jump to the pedestal and use CTRL. Lara twist and turns and a skeleton appears, grabbing that Map from the air.

“Lara: Oh, now look at that skeleton taking my prize! That won’t do at all!”

Go W and climb the pole, jump into the alcove and take a running jump to the central platform. Jump N, go right up some stairs avoiding the rolling spikes (best go left or right of them and then up the steps). Avoid the next one from the right side, follow through and jump over popping up spikes to a lever. Use the lever to lift the glass housing and jump back. Slide down W and jump to that middle structure. Get the Pelvis from the pedestal. Jump back to the pole and leave S, up the stairs and straight into a room with a big bowl.

The Mandible

Go right (W) and follow through, crawl under the spikes. Climb the ladder and hoist up. Jump even higher and turn and climb (tap Alt) the swing pole, jump and land on a slope, slide almost to the end then jump and curve left so you can grab the climb pole N. Climb up, jump to the next and then turn to the ledge NW. Aim for the corner (Lara’s head just should be sticking out a bit over the flat surface) and then jump there. Get the Mandible from the pedestal.

Jump W and then go to the ladder and use the slope before jumping to the ladder. Crawl under the spikes and stand up while the lower trap activates, jump over and go to that bowl in the room. Face it E and combine the three bone fragments to a Bone Collection. Put that in the big bowl and use the lever S. A big grinder will grind the bones and 3 samples of Bone Dust will fall on the floor.

Use the Bone Dust.

Go pick it up and go out N, down the stairs and left to an elevator in the end. Wait for it and step in, turn around and get out on the top floor. Go left (E) and right into the next room, around the central structure are 3 bowls; put the 3 Bone Dust samples in the bowls and the gate E opens up. Go in, push the button in the right hand alcove and watch the flyby. Go back to the elevator W and ride it down to the ground floor (step inside and not on top). Go back to the hall E and wait in front of the higher floor till the skeleton comes close. Run onto the floor and lure the skeleton onto the pentagram. As soon as he touches Lara a cutscene will take over.

“Lara: Time to take that thing off your chest”

This is it!

And X Marks the spot!

This Map shows me what to do next.

Now the time has come to go back to the house.”

Go S and down the stairs, take a left (watch out for a boulder) and follow through, in the next room you can place the Crosses on the wall but it seems you’re one short.

The Last Gothic Cross.

Go through the door S and just through that blue spiral, the purple haze around Lara will disappear (now you can use weapons again). Turn back and go back down to the room with the pentagram. Down the stairs W to the elevator, go to the upper floor and turn around, hop onto the top of the elevator as it goes down.

Turn around again facing S and stand against the wall. When the elevator reaches the highest point, jump and grab up to the passage above. Follow through, up the stairs and right to come to a fence, shoot that. Get Secret #2(11), the Fifth Templar Cross and turn around, down the steps and run straight into the empty elevator shaft W with water at the bottom. Grab the small medipack from the bottom and swim through SE, follow through and crawl through the gap, stay low because you are now under the working elevator. Turn around and climb up to the ground floor as the elevator goes up.

Go E to the pentagram and then down the steps S and take a left back up to the room with the Crosses to place the last Cross. (Savegame with the last Cross)

The gate E opens up, go in and get Secret #3(12), a Jewelled Gothic Cross.

Go out and into the door S through the blue light up the stairs and around the corner jump on the dirt mound and into the opening left. Jump in the water and swim through watching the falling debris (keep swimming close to the left walls). Once up on land go E and jump to the crack there, go one higher and back jump to the other side and one up again. Jump up NE and then E. Go left shoot a bat and back flip to a column in the SW corner. From there jump E (no Ctrl) and up left, crawl through, shoot two rats some bats and continue E, jump into an opening there. You’ll land on top of the shack.

Dig Site

Drop down from the roof and go N, left up the slope and follow through to the ladder…

Lara: Hello boys

Zip: Look who is back, late as usual.

Lara: Fashionably late I’d say.
And where’s the fun in a short raid anyway.
Alister: So, what’s down there, did you find anything?
Lara: Believe me, you don’t want to know the details.
But yes, I did indeed find something. An old map to be exact and X seems to mark the spot.
It says here that King Arthur was buried somewhere in caves along the coast. Here.
However, I still believe he is buried on Avalon. But this so-called tomb could provide me with some clues on the whereabouts of Avalon.
Set up a dig site at this spot, on or near the beach. And start looking for potholes or fissures in the rock. Anything that could possibly be used to gain access to the underground lake and those larger caves that are supposedly hidden there. I'll meet you there in a couple of days.
Zip: Gotcha, I’m on it
Alister: Consider it done.
Are you coming to diner? Winston is cooking...
Lara: Splendid. Let me know when it's ready, I'm off for a shower

Alister: OK.

In the shower

Don't you think you've seen enough?
For now anyway. See you again in the next part of Mists of Avalon.

Watch the credits…

To be continued….