Escape in the Pacific.

Levels by Daffy.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions. (rev.July '19)

The mentioned Savegames and videos are in this Saves folder (9.3Mb).

At certain stages of these levels you can choose between Easy and Hard. The difference is mostly the timing, pick-ups of weapons/ammo and some or all secrets.

1 - The Ship.

Turn around and pull the iron crate E out once, hop on the green crate next to it and get the Flares on top. Hop down behind the crate you pulled and push it W as far as it will go, now crawl into a crawlspace NE.

Go to the end and pull up on the right (W) into another crawlspace. Down at the other end (Alt + forward) and go straight ahead. The door on the right opens (N). Pull the crate twice (in the doorway) and go back (E) through the crawlspace to get behind it again, then push it one more time, back again through the crawlspaces to push it straight ahead (W) onto the grey tile. The elevator goes up.

The Security Card.

The door on the left opens now, go in and jump on a green crate on the right to push the button. This opens a trapdoor at the other side, get down and walk W through the water. Get a Security Card from the blue oil drum and pull the jump lever that you find if you look up and E over the yellow drum. Go back and use the ladder to climb out, back flip onto the red crate and climb up N through the newly opened trapdoor above.

The Crowbar.

Go N and push the yellow crate once to the S side, use the button on the wall and watch the fly by. Go to the S room and right (W) as that door is open now. That Sentry gun was disabled when you took the Security Card and in the NE corner is a green oil drum, on top of it is the Crowbar.

The Pistols and the Green and Red Key.

Go back to the trapdoor E, down one floor and to the crate you pushed onto the elevator earlier (W) and open the crowbar gate. Get to the cupboards and get a Medipack first and then the Pistols. The alarm goes off and two guards appear. Kill them and pick up the Green and Red Key.

Use them both at the locks and after the door has opened you can choose to go the EASY or the HARD way, the routes are the same, the difference lies in the choice of weapons here which will also determine the kind of ammo you will find later.

The Yellow Key - Easy.

Push the button and fall down, open the closet (W) for the Revolver and ammo.

The Yellow Key - Harder.

Push the button and fall down, open the closet (W) for the Uzis and ammo. Climb the ladder to get above and use the switch on the S wall. Now go back to the trapdoor (to the E) and climb up, go N and take a left and kill the guard. On the oil drum is some Uzi ammo. Use the Security Card in the slot NW.

Roll and run to the right (S) and through the door there, watch out because this sentry gun is much alive so stay on the right as much as possible and sprint through the door there (W).

Get the Yellow Key, sprint back out along the left side this time and leave E.

The Car Deck.

Back in the room behind the conveyer belts go SE and use the Key. There are two guards here, kill them. On top of the crates N are some Flares and N on the crates some Uzi ammo (if you did it the Hard way. Between the Jeeps you find also some Revolver ammo (Easy way) or Uzi ammo (Hard way). Shoot the grey box with the life belt in the NE corner. Use the switch; this brings the elevator up.

Another Security Card for the Yellow Key.

Go in and down, get out and climb the ladder (E) and climb off on the left. Stand in front of the laser beams and shoot the grey box with the life belt and a platform appears (S). Climb the ladder that is N and get the Uzi ammo or Revolver ammo. Jump back to the platform, shoot the railing SE (orange colour). Jump there go to the end and shoot the railing. Take a running jump to the wooden floor NW over the fence and get the Security Card and a small medipack.

Side jump over the fence to get back to the ladder E and off to the left, go into the passage as the laser beams are off now. You can get the Yellow Key safely.

Now you have to jump to the platform and get back to where you got the Security Card and now climb up the ladder N, turn around take a running jump to the S balcony and at the end use the key. Shoot the guard and save the game.

The Laser Traps, the Blue Key - Easy and Hard.


Go left after the lasers have passed, the corner is safe. Easiest way is run after the lasers and when the door on the right goes down, run back to the corner. Back after the lasers and now jump in and get the Blue Key from the oil drum.

The button stops the lasers but I didn’t bother. For a Secret you’ll have to visit the “Hard” side too.

Hard. Don’t go into the easy side or you’ll miss out on the second secret.

Go right when the laser went to the right, jump over the laser and go left around the corner where you can jump over another laser, run to the end and get into the crawlspace. Go get Secret #1, a Gold Dragon and go back to the laser, I waited left as close as possible to the laser. Get out and run with a right curve to jump into the open door.

Get the Blue Key from the oil drum. The button stops the lasers, which might be nice in this case.


Get out and make your way down to the elevator and ride back up.

On Deck.

Use the Blue key on the E wall at the bottom of the stairs, and you’ll get to the deck. Lure out some guards and then go to the E side and push the crate behind the green oil drum twice. Get the Flares and a guard might show up. There is a door here; this door is open when you did the Hard version of the last lasers. Inside is Secret #2, a Golden Dragon, only for the Hard version.

The Green Key from the Cargo Hold.

Go to the back of the ship (W) and find a switch under the staircase. Go back to the front and on top of the crates next to the radar hut is a small medipack. On top of the radar get the 3 x Uzi ammo, (Hard version) 2x Revolver ammo (Easy version)

Back to the deck and climb down the ladder into the cargo hold. This is a laser maze and the grey tiles are safe. So jump them, crawl under them. At the end grab the Medipack and the Green Key and use the ladder to get out.

Go to the W and use the Key near that gate, open the door to the Captains Hut and use the Security Card you have to open a gate at the back of the Ship. Open the door to the toilet and get the Medipack, back into the hut and shoot the wooden doors SE, get Secret #3, a Golden Dragon. Get out and go around to the right to the back of the ship and up the staircase.

Watch the flyby.

On the Bridge, lower the Dinghy.

After the door to the bridge opened, kill the two guys and get a Medipack SE. Go out and stand in front of the wheel next to the door and save the game.

Turn the wheel and go back inside the bridge, up the steps and to the left, pull the now available switch there and now run out, down the steps, down the stairs and to the right. Go to the back of the ship and just run down into the dingy, that is lowered, you have to be quick though. Drive the dingy away from the ship and the level changes.

2 – The Island.

Walk to the SE corner of the beach, jump around the corner to the shallow water along the shore, walk to where you see a beehive (#1) on a ledge. Shoot it with the pistols and you’ll get a screenshot of a boulder. We have to find and shoot 4 more. You might have encountered the parrots already, go back onto the beach.

Go to the wooden sloop N and shoot the crates for a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Walk to the nearby palm tree SW of the sloop and look on the hills SW where you can at least see two more beehives. Go to the palm tree all the way to the N, walk left up the rocks and look up E for the next beehive (#2), backflip onto the rock behind you and jump to shoot it.

Then go S all the way and right, at the start of the trail (don’t go down) and hop onto the rock on the right. Look up S and jump up and down to shoot the beehive (#3).

Also look up W and jump up and down to shoot the beehive (#4) (If that doesn’t work you get another chance later, see below). Slide down and go down the path to a waterfall.

The Revolver.

At the small waterfall, dive into the tunnel, follow through and get Secret #1(4), a Golden Dragon. Swim back out and follow the trail, and be careful, as there are two raptors. You can however shoot them from a safe distance; best stay on the path, there is a minefield near the gates W. For now go to first palm tree on the right, face S and start jumping up the rocks to the S as far as possible. Look W for the next beehive (#4). Then jump onto the top E and now make your way to the N. Then jump to the NE and shoot the crate to pick up the Revolver. Be careful with using it, as you have to do some target shooting later, so save some bullets for that task. Now get to the top of the rock E of the Revolver and look N to find the last beehive (#5) to the right of that boulder. The boulder will open up a path through a minefield.

The Laser Sight.

Slide down W and walk towards the building along the path the boulder took (right of the palm tree).

Go into the hole made by the boulder, pick up some Flares, go to the S and shimmy to that side where you see some poles sticking out. Get the Laser Sight (there is a ladder up from the bottom of the valley in case you have to get the Lasersight later) and go back out the boulder hole and up to the bridge.

Easy: Watch the fly by and make yourself ready to jump the wooden platforms avoiding the moving crates.

Hard: Actually the same route, only the crates are moving faster. 3 stand jumps to the right immediately one after the other, turn left while doing a running jump to the next and a running jump to a longer platform, run to the safe back part. Now take 3 steps back and time the last jumps, a stand jump and a running jump, run and jump to safety. (Or do it like in this (video-islandbridge)(savegame.1)

Open the Trapdoor.

Once on the other side first go to the right (N) of the bridge and jump the rock ledges to the lever there. Pull it, and jump back to the bridge.

Now go to the S side and side flip, grab the edge and shimmy left. Pull up at the closed trapdoor, keep going N and hang from the edge to drop on a light colored safe rock ledge.

In the cave SE is another lever, a running jump gets you there. The trapdoor opens, hop back through the gap and jump to the safe rock again. Hoist up and go to the trapdoor.

Drop down and crawl to the W to use a jump lever that is sneakily hidden there to raise a block we need later. Go back, follow the water-flow and open the trapdoor.

Jump down and walk slowly to where you can spot a boulder on the left. Run down and to the left (N) and pick up a small medipack. Climb back up to the waterfall and go where the boulder was before, crawl in backwards and jump down to pick up Secret #2(5), a Golden Dragon. Then jump over the water to a ledge SE near the waterfall and jump over dry ledges to a sandy ledge E, shoot all the livestock (save some bullets for the Revolver) and get the Revolver ammo from the water. The little piranhas are very deadly so watch out. Get back to the waterfall S.

Target Shoot.

Jump to the raising block next to the pillar S and from there jump/grab up to the pillar. Face E and stand on the NE corner to shoot the gong there (Camera shot of a gate N).

Now it is time to jump the moving platforms. They change colour, use them when they are green. Take a running jump when it is green and hop over to the next pillar. Face W and run-jump to the next green one and from there to the pillar and even further into the opening W and use the lever there. (Another camera shot). Go back to the pillar and a running jump to the pillar NE. Then take a slightly curved running jump to grab the edge of the pillar N (aim for the right corner).

Face W standing on the NW corner and shoot the gong there. Face NE and wait for the platform to shift to the right (green); take a running jump to it and keep running and jump to the pillar E. Then make you way into the E wall and use the lever there.

Jump back to the second pillar and then wait for the platform to shift to the right and jump to it and then a running jump to the wall N (you might have to curve the first jump to have room for the second jump). Pick up the Flares, slide down and when you see the danger sign on the wall, jump up to a safe ledge in front. Crawl in N and get a small medipack and Flares, then into a crawlspace SW, down at the end and pick up Secret #3(6), a Golden Dragon. Go back through both crawlspaces and take the ladder down and watch the fly by.

The Mushroom Cave.

Easy way.

Before doing anything, try to shoot the two flyers (I shot them during the flyby when they were still close by). The make a save before the lever. The turn NE and avoiding the emitters jump to the red dot (submerged mushroom) in front of the slanted block, the next jump is to the NW behind the second emitter and from there to the wall N ledge.

Turn left and jump behind the emitter there and from there to the slanted block, slide and jump up to grab the monkey swing (video-mushroom). Time the burners and swing around the corner, go straight and drop in the next corner and if you did it right you’ll end up on top of a mushroom.

Jump over the mushrooms to the one near the W wall. Jump onto the trapdoor left. Go up and walk over the tight rope to the pillar N. Jump and grab the tiny ledge NW, crawl in to get Secret #4(7), a Golden Dragon. Get out, run S from the ledge with a bit of a right turn, grab the edge and shimmy left a bit before you back flip and roll to grab the ladder and go up.

Face NE and save the game, run jump to the slanted ledge you see against the N wall and grab the edge. Go right a bit and back flip, jump to the next flat ledge.

Hard way.

Basically the same, only with less time before the monkey swing gate closes. But if you are fast and do curved running jumps to the NE corner ledge, you will be there before the first burners start. Face W and hop back, then save your game before going on. Jump to the next ledge when the burner is off and line up for the jump to the slanted block (Video), slide and jump up to grab the monkey swing. Time the burners and swing around the corner, go straight and drop in the next corner and if you did it right you’ll end up on top of a mushroom. I still had plenty time left at the gate (savegame.2).

Jump over the mushrooms to the one near the W wall, face SW and jump onto the slanted block, grab the edge as you slide off, pull up and back flip with a roll to grab the ladder. Go up and walk over the tight rope to the pillar N. Jump and grab the tiny ledge NW, crawl in to get Secret #4(7), a Golden Dragon. Get out, run S from the ledge with a bit of a right turn, grab the edge and shimmy left a bit before you back flip and roll to grab the ladder and go up.

Face NE and save the game, runjump to the slanted ledge you see against the N wall and grab the edge. Go right a bit and time the spikes behind you (I pulled up when I heard the spike sound). Back flip (with a roll), immediately side flip (left) right and you’ll land on a safe flat ledge.


Line up for rope swinging to a jump lever at the opposite S wall. Slide down a bit and jump, grab the ladder and climb up.

Jump to the stone bridge and shoot that flying beast. Jump to the solid platform on the right and another running jump on the sloped block E so you face to the right (S), jump again and grab the swing poles (release Ctrl to jump off), swing to the end and shoot the flying beast NE. Take out the Revolver and Sight and shoot a gong in the far NE (you can shoot it with pistols too if you jump up). Then make your way there to the now open door. Get in and wait for the boulder to fall and jump over it.

Native Village, a Torch and 3 Skulls.

Once through the opening, kill three aggressive natives. (Easy: In the NE corner behind a gate there is extra ammo but if you get it now, you will not have access to a secret later). Go to the SW corner (left of where you came in) and find a pile of wood in a small cave, turn around and look up to find a jump lever above. Use it and take a step forward so you won’t burn yourself.

Go out to the right hand side of the first hut and back flip over the fence from the rocks. Pick up a Torch and go into the hut, the door will open so go ignite the torch in the SW corner cave. Go back over the fence into the hut where you got the Torch and ignite the pile of wood. Another hut opens up NW, go out and shoot the native. Take the Torch to that hut and ignite the woodpile (opens the E hut). Pick up the First Skull and leave your Torch outside where you can find it again.

Go to the pond SE and kill the two crocks in there. Now go to the E side hut you opened and shoot the croc in the water below. Follow through and just before the door is the Second Skull. When you get to the pool you can pick up a Medipack from the bottom, climb out and shoot another native, he came out of the middle hut N. Go in to get the Third Skull.

The T-Rex.

Go NE and to the skull receptacles. If you are not going for all secrets, open the gate E with the lever and get the Medipack and 2x Revolver ammo, but you cannot get the next Secret anymore.

Now go place the 3 Skulls, three raptors come out of the gate, go shoot them. Enter the valley through the gate. There are a couple of Dino Eggs pinned up the rocks and 5 holes in the floor. Run over the patches that have dots on them and be careful not to get hit by an egg. A T-Rex with some babies will come out of the big doors. You cannot shoot the T-Rex, there’s something else planned for that…

Open up some Big Doors E.

Now go pick up the Torch and sprint through the open doors when the T-Rex is not looking J , turn left into the first opening N, ignite the bowl W. Turn around and go into the passage E, drop the Torch and climb up in the crawlspace N to get the Medipack there. Get back out, get the Torch and jump into the window SE.

Jump down and run into the opening S, take a right and first go to the back to get a small medipack. Now ignite the bowl and go SE with the Torch and hop onto the windowsill. Hop down and get into the door N, around the corner is another bowl. It is the last one, ignite it and watch the flyby. You can leave the Torch behind.


Save and run out of the door S, left through the opened Big Doors and sprint down the slope drawing pistols, right around the corner at the Dynamite and start shooting that Target S as soon as the T-Rex gets close to the dynamite. Finish off the babies too and have a look where you shot the target J .

Go pick up the Flares carefully and get into the cave E, to the left is an open door with Secret #5(8), a Golden Dragon. If you used the lever before to get the Ammo and Medipack, this door will remain closed. But once you have the Secret, you can still go back to get that Ammo and Medipack. Go to the end of the cave and watch out for a boulder, use the lever, retrace your steps and go left and pick up the Keys to the Jeep.

Back to the lever and now go left up the slope, run back down the slope and right as soon as another boulder falls down. Back up the slope, up a ladder and end up at a courtyard with a jeep. First jump in the water after shooting the crocks, and find two underwater levers, one left and one right of the ramp to the double door. This opens the door. If you are a dork like me (Gerty says), you can do the next bit on foot as well, there is an “Easy” ladder on the left side of the ramp.

Go in and follow through killing 5 raptors (with the Jeep you can run them over) and at the end climb over the wall to get to the Temple area.


3 – The Temple – Intro.

For some Supplies.

Run forwards (the dynamite crates are on fire) and watch the flyby. Again Lara starts without the Revolver.

Go to the left wall (SW) and find a ramp going down to a hole with water. There are crocs swimming around here, look for any crocs you can find and shoot them. This might be quite a bit of “luring them, get out and shoot them”. It is for a Secret and some pickups, so you decide.

Swim W and then go right (N) and find some Shotgun ammo on the right. Swim from there around a corner right, and right again into a crawlspace for Flares. Turn and swim straight ahead (S) and around the corner, through a crawlspace and get a Medipack and all the way at the end Secret #1(9) , a Golden Dragon. Swim back and go to the SE corner and get out.

Go up the slope and around the corner to the left and find a crawlspace NW. Once in, remember the bowl for later and pick up the Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun. It is time to meet some people, so go to the N down the sandy slope and kill the guards there; there are 3 on the ground and one up. Then go to the building NW and jump down on a block in the water.

Lever Hunt, lower the Block.

Shoot the animal and now we go for underwater lever hunting.

Face S and jump in, turn around and find lever #1, swim all the way N through the next room and right around the corner into the alcove right, lever #2, go back to the start point and get air. Swim S around the corner and immediately right (N) at the end is lever #3, roll and swim W and in the corner is Shotgun ammo, go left around the corner, straight ahead (S) on the left wall, lever #4. Swim around the corner and straight E, around the corner and get back on the start block, as a crock is set loose. Back to the water and swim N and immediately to the left then to the right, lever #5, swim around and find lever #6. Swim back (E) and right to get some air.

Swim N and go right and again a right (S), on the left is at the end a small medipack and on the right at the end the last lever #7. A block lowers outside.

Up the Pillars, push the Boulders.

Swim out, go left, left and climb the start block and get out of this place. Go to the back of this building and jump up where a block disappeared and climb even higher. Shoot the guy if you didn’t yet. Pick up the Shotgun ammo on this roof and climb the block SW, jump and grab the edge of the W wall. Shimmy left to the end and backflip with roll and try to slide down backwards so you can grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and pull up to the arch with the Medipack.

Now jump over the arches to the S and into the opening SW, get the Shotgun ammo on the right and turn to go to the end of the passage. Push the boulder out and go back to the other end of the passage, jump to the arches.

Revolver and Lasersight.

Jump to the third arch and look E, jump to that rope there. Use a little trick here, just tap the swing key once and wait till Lara puts her feet back up the rope, then hit swing again and she will go extra high. Jump off onto the pillar and get the Revolver. A goon starts shooting you, so take him out and jump to the ladder N and make your way over the bridge to the SW for a small medipack. The goon left a Lasersight behind (S) so go and get it. Go back N and safety drop down onto the structure below.

If you want all pick-ups go to the SE corner and onto the block, use the monkey swing to get to the other side. Once against the wall, let go and grab the crack. Now shimmy around to the left and just around the third corner let go, slide a bit and back flip. Grab the Medipack then drop down to the ground floor and climb up at the structure NW.

Go E and jump to the pillar, then to the one NE. Look up NE and shoot that creature. Take a standing jump E and hang on the edge, hoist up, slide/jump three times and grab the last one. Now jump to the flat surface NE and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Then a running jump N and enter the opening, there is a guard in this passage and he leaves a small medipack, go to the end of this passage and push the boulder down. The gate opens up.

Swinging Spike blocks, a Torch.

Safety drop to the ground floor and turn around, the gate is in the S wall. Inside is a closed door left, so go right and stand in the middle, take a running jump to the ledge when the swinging blades are way up. Next is a standing jump and last another running jump.

Choose Hard or Easy. The difference is the time you get to get to the door E. (The Hard lever will also open a door to the next Secret.)

Easy and Hard: Jump back to the now open door E, watch out once in run to the left corner and then to the right and let the flames pass Lara. Then you can take a breather on the two small footsteps that are near the left wall, wait for the flames to retract and run past them. Pick up the Torch, you get a camera shot and then go out to the outside.

There might be a flying beast outside. Take the Torch up the sandy hill SE, go straight (S) and at the end of the rocks go right around and throw the Torch through the crawlspace there (NW) you have to stand at least one block away, crawl through and pick up the Torch and ignite it at the bowl. Now throw the Torch back again and crawl after it, back to the sandy slope and down left (W) to the arches.

The Bike.

Ignite the three bowls there and see a door opening. That door is behind the chopper E, shoot the guard. Go to the open door SE and pick up the Revolver ammo and shoot the machine gun through the gap N. Go to that room and get the bike and ride it up the sandy hill. When you are near the double door the dynamite will explode. Get off the bike and pick up the Nitro and put it on the bike before you get on it again. Drive to the SW and go along the sloped edge of the pool to the opening NW.

Get off the bike so you can have a look where to go and get the Shotgun ammo there. Nothing more in the water as you already searched this part, so back on the bike and follow the path and jump the high ramp with Nitro (sprint). This is the end of the ride, so get off the bike and into the open door S for Secret #2(10), a Golden Dragon (door is only open if you chose Hard the last time). Go out and up N where the level will change.

4 - Temple Final.

Watch the flyby. To the left of where you entered is Shotgun ammo. Around the Temple are a lot of guards, so take them out as they come for you, NE is more Shotgun ammo, then go W along the N side and along the N wall is some Revolver ammo behind one of the arches. Walk to the wall of the building and pull up, go left and use the jump lever there. Drop to the ground floor and in the SW corner next to the jeep is a Medipack. At the S wall there is also Revolver ammo to be found, and when you look up you see a guard and also a jump lever. Face the arch where you found the ammo and grab up, shimmy right and pull up. Go to the building and get to the other arch, first jump down to the ledge E for a small medipack. Get back on the arch, hang from the W side and drop to pull the jump lever, the block will go up.

The block is W, so get back there and climb the arch, shoot the guard (he leaves some Revolver ammo behind) and go to the building, walk left and enter the open window there.

Remote Controlled Push Puzzle.

Take a running jump to end up on a huge cage with raptors. Down in the cage are a green and a blue move able statue. There is a hint on the wall, a statue and arrows in all directions. By using the arrow pads up here and in the opposite corner push the statues to the circled tiles you can see through the grating. Every time you step on the arrow, the statue moves one square. You can follow its movement through the grated floor.

You’ll get a camera shot of the door at the green arrows when a statue is in place. Go into the opened door (in the green corner) and slide down the pole; you have to climb up the other pole, you have permission to shoot the 3 raptors down there. After climbing up to the room, use the lever there to open a trapdoor, get down the pole and up the other one and get out.

Hazardous Basements, the Red Gem.

Go down the stairs N to the ground floor, over to the E side and down the stairs, turn around and use the ladder, shimmy to the right, around the corner and drop on a ledge. Time the emitters and slide down and at the end jump to a flat surface. Or slide backwards through the middle; grab the edge and pull up to back flip (no roll).

Get the Flares then timing the emitters again, slide down, first jump then push CTRL and grab the edge. Go into the crawlspace and then make a save. When the red floating mine (explosive) is up, run under it, the tiles in between are safe. Or jump diagonally onto the sloped side to slide down behind the mine.

At the end, jump over the slope left and at the other passage, over the slope S and get the Flares and Revolver ammo there. Jump back out and time the spikes to run to the E end. Shoot the big spider and get a small medipack left. Then go into a crawlspace S and climb up on the right. Drop down and get the Red Gem and get back out, the exit N has opened. Leave through the crawlspace on the right and jump the ladder right (S) and climb up and out the trapdoor. Go up the stairs and to the other side of the cage and down the stairs there. Use the Red Gem N in that small room.

Push Puzzle and a Torch.

Go down the sloped passage and run at the end to the right to avoid the boulder. Back up the slope and climb up W where the boulder came from, get Secret #1(11), a Golden Dragon.

The 4 statues on the upper ledge have to be pushed on the tiles where you see marked tiles on the floor below and if you got it right the Yellow sphere in the middle will explode and a gate NE will open. Go to the NE corner and pick up a Torch and jump to the middle part (from the W side) to ignite the Torch.

Turn around and run down from the ledge to the floor below and ignite the wall torch W. The boulder falls through a trapdoor, ending up on the next trapdoor. Throw the Torch to the ground floor and remember where. Shoot the nasty spiders and either safety drop down or use the ladder in the SW corner. Once down ignite the wall torch W and do look out for the boulder that drops down into that hole. Drop the Torch and climb the ladder (SW) back flip and turn around and into the open gate there (S wall).

Timed Target Shoot.

Easy way (you won’t get the last Secret): the lever opens 4 doors on the other side and your goal is to shoot all 4 gongs, you can use the lever as many times as you want. A block will lower in the middle of the ground floor. Drop down to the ground floor, find the Torch and ignite the wooden pile. This opens the huge door N. You can leave the Torch behind.

Hard way: Basically the same, only shorter time at the gates, but you’ll get an extra secret in the end.

Lava Caves and Flames.

Stand to the left of the slide and slide down to a safe spot. A boulder comes down, stand E on the safe ledge, jump E and a bit to the right onto the slope and back flip again, avoiding the next boulder. Then stand jump to the tile NE and down and a running jump to the next. Then a stand jump SE and stand back in the corner to shoot that flying creature. Better save the game here as around the corner are rotating flames. There is a safe path through them when you start running when the first (right hand flame) turns away, so basically run after the turning flame and jump into the right hand corner with the Revolver ammo. Do not forget to save again. Wait there before you go to the lever as it is in reach of the near by flame, so time the flame, use the lever and side flip to the right. Turn around to shoot the big spider.

Go back to the other side and through the open door, shoot the tiny spiders and to the left is a Medipack. Light a flare and climb up N for Secret #2(12), a Golden Dragon in a crawlspace.

Drop the Ball.

Back out and proceed E. At the pit, jump to the left and climb up. You can see a boulder and you goal is to let it drop to the ground floor. First go to the right and behind the boulder is a button. This will drop the ball the first bit.

Go E and left over the ledge along the wall, then left onto the sandy block NE in the pit. Face N and hop back grabbing the edge, drop and grab the jump lever. This lever opened a door near the S wall (SE corner), go in and make a save, as this is a timed run of sorts, although not a hard one. Every lever on the right opens a part of the wall on the left where you also find levers. Completing this task will drop the ball. An explosion will occur and then go out to the N wall, also shoot a flying skeleton.

Cave with the Mines Puzzle.

Dive in the water and climb out and you arrive at a huge lava cage, watch the flyby. The green light you saw at the start of the flyby is the point to begin this task.

To the right is a ladder so climb down to the ground floor and make your way over to the NW corner by jumping NE to the sandy part over the lava flow. Jump on top of the pointy rock there and from there up to the green light in NW corner, turn around and jump up E, walk to the end and push the red explosive mine down. “A backup now is a good idea”, so save here.

A gate opens; so line up and take two running jumps S over breakable ledges, the third (green) wooden platform is stable, save again. Take another running jump and grab the edge of the next platform, shimmy to the right, pull up and again a running jump with a curve to end up on a walkway SE.

A trapdoor collapses so you can use the ladder but for now we go to the end of this walkway and jump to the rocks NE. Shimmy (or jump) to the opposite side so you can jump to the next explosive (NE). Push that one down as well; you get a camera shot for a block that goes down. Jump back to the block S.

You can jump back to the ladder or safety drop to the ground.

A Torch.

The block that went down is SW, go there and get Flares, a Medipack and Revolver ammo, as well as the Torch. Take it outside and the small campfire S is where you can ignite the Torch.

Now for the fun part, go to that Mine near the big doors and stand on the skull tile to ignite that thing with the Torch, side flip left immediately and look what happens. Jump over the Lava flow to the Mine N and do the same, drop the Torch down somewhere where you can find it and shoot the flying skeleton that comes out of that door you just blew up. Leave the Torch near the brown boxes NE and be careful where you throw the Torch as it might disappear in a slope and then you have a hard time to retrieve it.

Now go into the door NE to use the lever (camera shot of the big door).

After that go to the far SW corner and into the door you opened in the W wall next to the ladder, use the second lever (You’ll get another camera shot of the double door). Go outside and climb the ladder to the entrance ledge. Two ropes appeared so jump to the rope and swing to the platform on the right (I had to aim for the right hand side of it), get to the next rope and then aim for the left side of the next green platform. From there jump to the next platform and a running jump with a right curve to end up behind the explosive Mine. Push it and safety drop down in the NE corner, pick up the Torch and set fire to that thing, side flip immediately though and watch. Drop the Torch, you don’t need it anymore. Get over to the open door and lure the skeleton out to kill it. Use the lever inside and the double doors are open now.

The Boss, the Blue Gem.

Go there and jump on the wooden platform and then take a running jump left or right over the lava when the burners in the pit are down.

Easy has a Medipack and 3x Revolver ammo. Using the Easy lever will also close the Secret door at the end.

Hard has a Medipack and 3x Shotgun ammo.

Watch out for the emitters in the lava pit and jump to the area E and. A big Boss is waiting for you, kill it (NW and SE are 2 small medipacks if you need them), then run up the steps and the electricity turns off, so you can get the Blue Gem.

Jump up to the open gate S and slide down. You take a long elevator ride to the outside and there the chopper is waiting for you to take you away.The reward for playing the hard version is a bit to the N and left where a door opened for you, get Secret #3(14), the last Golden Dragon.

Approaching the chopper will end this adventure.