“The Cherubim Are Calling”                                               

                         List of Chapters
Level 1  - Al-Kashkar.
Level 2  - Jerusalem – Old City, 2011.
Level 3  - Church Of The Holy Sepulchre.
Level 2  - Jerusalem - Old City, 2011 (II; passing through)
Level 4  - The Wailing Wall (I; passing through)
Level 5  - Yad Vashem.
Level 4  - The Wailing Wall (II).
Level 1  - Al-Kashkar (II).
Level 6  - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village).
Level 7  - Herod’s Temple.
Level 6  - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village) II.
Level 8  - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Crafting Area).
Level 6  - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village) III.
Level 7  - Herod’s Temple (II).
Level 3  - Church of the Holy Sepulchre (II).
Level 2  - Jerusalem- Old City, 2011 (III; Passing through).
Level 4  - The Wailing Wall (III; Passing through).
Level 2  - Jerusalem – Old City, 2011 (IV).
Level 4  - The Wailing Wall (IV).
Level 9  - The Temple Mount.
Level 10  - The Cherubim Are Calling.

 By Clara, Masha & Spongebob                            


Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The provided savegames won’t give you the shortest play time

as they were made while writing the walkthrough.

When restarting the game, you can hit Esc to skip the Intro.



The mentioned savegames/screens/etc. are in this Saves Folder.


Level 1 - Al-Kashkar.

Lara: Hello, Mr. Goldberg.
Mr. Goldberg: Shalom, Mrs. Croft. How far have you got with your preparations to search for the Ark of the Covenant?
Lara: I'm ready. I've got the Magical Thread to weave the flying carpet, with which I can travel into the past. The thread is said to be more than two thousand years old, so that the carpet might take me to Solomon's time. In his temple, I could fetch the Ark of the Covenant directly from the Holiest of Holies, as your uncle intended.
Mr. Goldberg: That sounds fantastic! Do you know where the mysterious loom is that my uncle mentioned in his diary?
Lara: According to the coordinates, it is in the Negev desert. I'm going to fly to Al-Kashkar now, a small settlement to the South of Jerusalem.
Mr. Goldberg: Good. I'd be pleased if you kept me informed.
Lara: Yes. Will do.
Mr. Goldberg:
Good luck.

Lara: Zip! Where on earth are you? Can we get going now?
Zip: Clear for takeoff, baby! But you'd better put something on your feet, haha....
Lara: Right... Have you seen my boots?
Zip: Winston's coming into the hangar now. It looks like he wants to serve them to you on a plate, haha!

-Choose New Game-


The patio:

Zip: Well... Where do you wanna start?
Lara: First, I need to see Rana Barton. At the moment she's working at an excavation site nearby, and she promised to see about my permit to enter the local caves.
Zip: All right, I'll be close by.

In the Inventory you will have a Magic Thread.

The Koran.

Head to opening E and take the right hand stairs. On the balcony open the first door on your left. Get Secret #1, the Koran and 2 x Medipacks from the table in the corner.

Go out and around to the left and find the door that the flyby showed, it is on the other side.

Lara: Hello, Rana!
Rana: Hi, Lara! Nice to see you again. How was your flight?
Lara: Not too bad. Have you got all the permits I need?
Rana: Sure. Everything. From the excavation licence to the permitted use of firearms. You just have to sign a single form. It's on the desk over there.
Lara: Wow! Thank you so much! I owe you something.
Rana: True. However, from those to whom much is given...
Lara: ...much is expected. Indeed.
Rana: Oh! That's quite an interesting object. You recognize the image, don't you? My team and I have found it at the excavation near the Wailing Wall, but our instruments cannot date it properly. They go crazy whenever we try to check it.
Lara: Maybe I can find out something about it while I'm searching for the Ark of the Covenant.
Rana: OK then, off you go... but don't forget your signature! Oh, and, Lara...
Lara: Yes?
Rana: Take care. People say there are nasty creatures down there in the caves. Maybe it's just gossip, but you never know.
Lara: OK, Rana. Thanks a lot.

Go to the small cabinet NE and get the Pen, take it to the desk and sign the papers. When you go out to the balcony, get the Medipack from a cabinet to the left.

Go E, downstairs and on the Patio, right and left behind the balustrades near the open door are two levers, use them (There will be water coming into the lower floor where the helicopter landed-you’ll need it later). Then go out of the door W.

Get the Flares on the right and then step outside.

The Flowery Star.

Turn right and open the doors on the right and behind the rolled up carpets is a Medipack. Go out (spot the Star lock) and go left, at the corner of the house go right (W) to the gate you see there. Use the lever to open it. On the small hill is the Flowery Star. Get it and go back to the house opposite where you got the Medipack and use this item.

The Mosque.

Open the right hand doors and go to the S wall to pick up a small medipack (healing potion, herbs) and check the Diary that appeared (under the Load-Save line).

Something lies on the box filled with prayer mats. I should get it when the coast is clear.

You have two options now, Save and check it out. Go to the pillar NW and push it (face S), it falls on the guy and he plummets down to the canyon below, you’ll get Key when he is dead. OR leave the guy be and he will help you later. They Key he is carrying will be yours later anyway.

Go out again and take a left, kick in the corner (NW) and crawl in (use forward+Alt to jump out). Shoot the carpets and use the lever, this opens the well outside. Crawl back out and go to the streets to the well. Near the water Lilly (NE) is a small medipack (flower).


Get onto the waterfall and slide down into an underground building. SW is small medipack, and against the W wall another small medipack. Climb up onto the water Lily and jump to the N, to the fore last ledge from the top. There is a round stone to your right, shoot the grey boulders in front of it. The stone rolls down and opens a door. Back to the water avoiding the spiked pits and swim in the opening S. Go the right and find a star on the wall, this is in fact a lever so turn it, then turn around and find another one at the other wall. Then swim S behind the round stone and up, straight ahead there is a small pocket of air so you can take a breath. 

The Maze, the Ornate Star.

Face S, go down, into the right hand side, straight to the end and left is air, go down S and into a room with the Ornate Star. A camera shot of a door opening up.

Swim out through the opening E. Go right and down, around the corner and follow through and at the intersection go straight up (N) and take the left side to get back in the cave for air. Go back in, keep going left and come to Secret #2 on the bottom, a Golden Rose.

Go E, keep the wall on your right, once you swim S keep swimming straight to the end. If you need air, in the corner is an air hole. Swim then around the corner (W) and take a left and immediately a right. Swim up to the ceiling and take the first right and aim to the left you are back where you started the maze.

Now swim down through the opening N and up through the doors and climb back up the Lily plant. Jump all the way N to the top and go through the open door. Place the Ornate Star on the right (the left is already in place) and enter. Go left and jump up to a rocky area.

The 1st Shrine Key - the Frog

For now go straight (W), follow through and go W to a ledge. Watch the flyby. You have to descend and get a Key. A couple of bats are flying around so be aware of them.

Jump NW and walk around the pillar, shooting some bats, face S and spot a slope on the left, slide down backwards and drop down. Take a running jump to the S side and from there you can slide down to the bottom of the cave.

Run (avoiding the Frog) to the N end and then left into a greenish cave with bats and pick up the First Shrine Key.

A person appears and he’ll be shooting the frog but to kill it takes a long, long time.  Get out and go to the ladder and climb up, climb off around the left or right.  Take a running jump to the swing pole S and get on the ledge ahead. Go to the W and at the end a running jump to the next swing poles and land on another ledge. Yuck..

Jump to the ladders right and climb up, take a running jump straight E and grab the ledge to hoist up there. There is another ladder on your right, get to that one and hoist up. Turn right (W) slide down and jump to the swing pole there. Grab the crack, shimmy right and then go through a crawlspace S. Jump to the ladder E and back flip from the top. Look N and take a running jump for Secret #3, a Golden Rose. Save before you jump back to the ledge near the ladder. Run of the ledge and get the ladder, shimmy left then take a back flip/roll for a crack in the wall and shimmy left. Pull up on a ledge and carefully jump to the E.

The 2nd Shrine Key - over the Abyss

Go to the right (S) and jump up the slope. Take a running jump with a right hand curve to the first of the swing poles, swing to the next and then grab the rope, another swing to the next and then SW to that rock ledge with the plant. Hop up SW and grab up to the ledge S, shimmy right a bit and pull up, then head W to where you cannot walk anymore. Look down right and spot the small medipack. Just run W off this ledge and you’ll slide right down there to pick it up.

Hop up SW, then SE and hop to the rock E (left side of it), you’ll slide off the other side, just jump to get onto the rock E. Grab up S again and jump over to that rock ledge E. Stand left and face E, turn slightly left and hop back, run and jump with a curve around that rock pillar E to land in front of a cave (savegame.0).

Go up into the crawlspace S and kill some more bats, follow through and kill even more bats. You are in a crypt of sorts.

The Progenitors Star.

This part only works if you didn’t kill that man in the Mosque. Around the corner right is a button; this brings part of the ceiling down. Go there and climb up, go left into the church and take a right into another room.

Climb on the box and kick the wall there and crawl through.  Once outside go to the left (N) and visit the Mosque. Now push the NW pillar (face S) and get the Progenitors Star from where it fell down. Go back into the church (last building S) and back to the crypt to place the Star on the right side of the wooden bars W.

Open the sarcophagus and get the Second Shrine Key. Crawl behind the sarcophagus for a Medipack.

To the Shrine.

Go back N, through the crawlspace and make you way down into the sandy pit with the shallow pool. Go to the opening E and jump there. Then jump to the slope S and shimmy a bit to the left and back flip/roll/grab onto a safe place. Aim for the opening SE and fall into water after the jump. Climb the Lily and jump to the top. Go through the doors and take a left, down to the lower ground and hop up N to use the two Keys you have on the door. Go to the back and place the Magic Thread into the holder.

Lara: Oh, boy... It seems that I need three different crystals to start the loom. Zip - any idea?
Zip: Yep. Jerusalem. If someone had taken the stones from here, maybe he would've tried to sell them down there.
Lara: An evening sightseeing tour would be interesting indeed. Where are you at the moment?
Zip: I'm waiting near the small oasis in the valley underneath the mosque, honey.
Lara: Give me five minutes.

Go back where you just came from, through the doors, down the slope and stand on the block nearest the water. Side jump through the opening to the slope W, shimmy right and hoist up around the corner. Make your way to the waiting chopper.


Level 2 - Jerusalem – Old City, 2011.

Go to the zip line SW, but don’t use it yet.

Zip: Lara! Well, that's a nice welcome! I'd better get the copter out of the line of fire - but you should take care of the guy down there on the balcony. The way he's shooting at everything that moves, he's definitely got something to hide!
Lara: Yeah, yeah. OK. But stay close!
Zip: Will do, baby.
The diary pops up and it reads: A man on a balcony in the Muslim Quarter is shooting at us, I should stop him.

The Shotgun.

But first go N, down the ladder and open the door. Follow through and use the button at the end. Get the Shotgun ammo, Flares, a Medipack and more Shotgun ammo. On the crate you’ll find a small medipack and the Shotgun.

Go back and up the ladder and if you want to get the secret don’t use the zip line but jump to the roof straight ahead, slide down, grab the edge and shimmy to the left. At the corner, back flip/roll with a right curve and you should land onto a small balcony where you can get Secret #1(4), a Golden Rose. Jump down to the ground floor.

By the way, the soldier standing near the end of the zip line on the balcony S is a friend, so no need to shoot him.

The Flat Key.

Go W and in the street to the left is a sign on top of a shop: Kosse’s Finest Whisky. Turn around and jump up to the awing there, pull up, jump onto the balcony and shoot the sniper. He leaves the Flat Key.

A Bottle of Kosher Wine.

Get down on the ground floor and find a cupboard W, filled with glassware. Jump up and down to shoot all the glassware and pull out the cupboard, go behind it and get the Bottle of Kosher Wine. Push the cupboard back. For some additional pick-ups go to the left (S) and under the right hand Arch is a small medipack and under the left are Flares.

Now go back to the balcony (Secret) you jumped down from (NE) and take the narrow alley on the left of that balcony (N), follow through up the steps, over a small bridge and use the Flat Key on the left. Immediately on the left is a chest with Revolver ammo under it. In the NW on a table is a Medipack.

The Revolver.

Open the double door on the right (NW), shoot the glass in the cupboard and pull it out. Get the Revolver behind it (camera shot). Go to the previous room and use the button in the SE corner. Go to the open gate and shoot a window on the right and jump there (stand close to the open gate). Go down and at the end push open some doors. Go down the stairs to a poolroom and jump in the empty pool.

Sewers, a Piece of Paper and the Blue Energy Cell.

Open the trapdoor (face E), get in and follow through. Shoot some rats in the sewers and crawl into a crawlspace at the W wall.

Getting out in time…

Save at the valve in the end of this tunnel. Use the valve and quickly get out of the crawlspace before the water makes that impossible (savegame.1). I also had a bug, couldn’t get back into that crawlspace after using the valve, only after drawing pistols once, I could get in. Swim back E through the sewer and up at the ladder. Once back into the pool use the underwater lever on the N wall and climb out. Go to the open gate E and collect a Piece of Paper (Part 1) and the Blue Energy Crystal. Back out and shoot the window next to it for a Medipack. Go back up the stairs and Lara will contact Zip.

Lara: Zip?
Zip: Yep?
Lara: There was a scrap of paper next to the crystal - without the other piece it doesn't seem to make any sense? What could it be?
Zip: Maybe a prayer-note? If there's a request to the Almighty, why not stick it in the Wailing Wall?
Lara: Good idea.
You also can read about this in your Diary.

At the end safety drop to the street below and go in W, shoot some bats and at the end climb into the alcoves left and right, make your way up via the ledges with plants to get a Medipack and Revolver ammo from the alcoves in that wall.

The Laser Sight and the Holy-Sepulchre Gate Key.

Get down and go to the street behind the house E and climb that flowerbed with the street sign. Jump up to the awning E, shimmy left and back flip/roll and grab the awning behind you. Shimmy right till you are over a table, back flip/roll/grab the balcony. Go to the front (N) and jump over to the arch there.

Turn right (E) and jump to the pole and jump off with a left curve. On this terrace shoot the window left (NW) get the Revolver ammo, inside some Shotgun ammo and Flares and on the pedestal the Laser Sight. Go out and into the now open gate and pick up Holy-Sepulchre Gate Key. Jump over the balustrade to the street.

The Church of Holy-Sepulchre Key.

Go W and then left at the Keb’up shop, find the scaffolding S and climb on top of it. Go S and jump through a tree and follow to the end, jumping over a slope. Climb the ladder and at the end is a button. The doors opens on your right, go to the man.

Keykeeper: Yes? What?
Lara: Uhm... This morning, when I was at the tour at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I lost my helicopter ignition key.
Keykeeper: Never! Yes... that can happen. But I haven't got any time at the moment.
Lara: That's a shame. May I at least use your bathroom?
Keykeeper: Phoawh... , if you have to... Second door on your left.

Go into the hallway and to the door on the left, pick up the small medipack and then go back into the next door opening and go to the man:

Keykeeper: Do you wanna watch too?
Lara: Er... no... I could have a look myself to see where my key is.
Keykeeper: Yes, yes, you do that.

Go to the back and grab the Church of Holy-Sepulchre Key from the table in the corner. Leave this place and make your way down the scaffolding to the ground floor. Go S through the opening, kill a few bats and in the next square climb the scaffolding for some Flares. Down to the ground and use the Church Key in the NW corner. Go to the NE wall and enter the church.

Level 3 - Church Of The Holy Sepulchre.

Along the way you will find numbers, they will form a code later, the order of the numbers will be explained later (we have to find some items for that first). The order of visiting the 4 spots is random.

Chapel of Adam.

Enter and find some Flares in an alcove on the right (E), side flip over the small fence in the next alcove (SE) and find a block around the corner, pull it out twice. Go around it all the way and the Diary pops up:   

Holy Sepulchre: - pulled a block out of a wall, Via Delorosa: Station II (if you look through the binoculars you see a II written on the wall).

Get out and go to the W side of the church and up the stairs on the left. Use the Gate Key you have there. Climb up the ladder and at the top shoot the windows NE. Then turn around and look up to the NW and shoot that glass cage with the rope, so that rope will drop. Take a running jump to the rope, angle a bit to the right and swing to the next balcony (savegame.2). From there jump over the balustrade down on that arch but be sure to end up as far as possible N, as that arch is sloped.

Go around till you reach the N wall, turn to the S and side flip over the balustrade, take a running jump to the dome and get the Medipack from the W side. Running jump back and continue to find a jump switch in the NW corner. Pull it.

Timed Hatch, a Secret.

Watch the flyby and save before pulling it again. Sprint E and stay close to the wall (collision), climb the ladder and back flip (or just go up if you have time to spare) (savegame.3). Turn W and if you look through the binoculars or use a flare you’ll see an invisible ledge. Jump to it and jump to the top of the dome and pick up Secret #1(5), a Christian Cross.

Catholicon, The Torch.

Jump back to the ledge and E into the building Catholicon and get the Torch from the pedestal in the middle of the room. A bit further is a staircase S, descend and ignite the Torch on the candle. Go back up and ignite that brass pot near the Torches, a door opens in the SW corner. Ignore it for now, throw the torch down and go to the E wall and shoot the panels left and right.

Lara: That's not quite the way to behave - but never mind. My insurance will cover it.
Get the Medipack and Flares and look up for Via Dorlorosa Station IX (in the Diary).

Go to the staircase and jump on the block (S wall against the pillar) and jump over the balustrade SW. Stand in the SE corner and shoot that small balustrade, then take a running jump there. Go to the S side and use the floor lever. You’ll see a flyby from a painting and behind it, the Via Dorlorosa Station VIII.

Go back and push the block N to the railing so you can jump back to the Catholicon. Now go to the door SW, up and down some stairs and under a vase is some Shotgun ammo. Go up some steps SW and shoot the railing so you can pull the rope and sound the bell, this summons a clergyman.

Go back out to the Catholicon and to the staircase (SE) go down all the way, push a button (E wall) and down the stairs, but not through the gate. Take the stairs on your right and push the button at the end. A rope appears, go to the other end and take a running jump to grab the rope. Swing to the other side and jump off. Use the floor lever W to open another gate and use the button W to open the trapdoor under the ladder.

Greek Calvary.

Climb down and to the E and right is that open painting with Via Dorlorosa Station VIII and a small medipack.

Latin Calvary

Go back to the ladder and S is that gate you opened with the floor lever. Pull back that glass display inside and go stand in front of the altar, a camera shows a gate opening up (Pad Room Key) and look at the floor where the display was for Via Dorlorosa Station V.

The Code Order.

Go out, left down the stairs there and to the W to talk to the clergyman.

Man: Bless you, Ms Croft. I have been expecting you.
Lara: Expecting me? What can I do for you, father?
Man: Our most valuable Bible has been stolen. I hope you'll be able to help us.
I'll see what I can do for you.

Pick up the Code Order (note in diary).

Latin Calvary (Via Dorlorosa Station number V)

Catholicon (IX)

Greek Calvary (VIII)

Chapel of Adam (II)

First go a bit further and then to the right into a chapel. Go straight (NW) and shoot the vase in the small room for some Revolver ammo. Go out and to the left to an open gate SE, in there you see you need a key to get to the Code Pad later. Grab the Shotgun ammo from the NE corner. Go out again and to the right around the chapel and into a small arched opening NE, under the chest are Flares.

The Pad Room Key.

Stay in this room and save at the top of a sloped passage E near the entrance. Run down the slope and to the left to avoid a boulder, shoot some bats and in the next (N) room also shoot the railing so you can get the Pad Room Key (camera shot). There is another slope SE going up with another boulder after a pit (stand as close to the wall and side step till you trigger it) but the gate at the end is closed.

Go back up W and left, go S out of the chapel. In the place where you talked to the priest is a floor plan (N), assign the found numbers to the corresponding places to put them in the correct order: 5982. (plan.jpg)

A Ghostly Game;

the Yellow Energy crystal, Piece of Paper (part 2).

Go back into the chapel NW and right around the corner into that small chapel, use the Key and then the Keypad. Go down the ladder and listen to what the ghost has to say.

Ghost: Hey! Would you like to play... a little game?
Lara: If I have to... I just want the yellow crystal.
Ghost: You'll get that... if you win. But if you lose, I'll get your soul, heheheheheh... The rules are quite simple. Three stones in a row and you win. You can begin. However, you can't use the same stone twice in a row. NEVER use the same stone twice in a row! You should remember that. You begin with the stone in the middle square.
Lara: OK. Let's get it over with.

Save the game, jump down and move the middle one (green) to the W. Then push first the NE forward to the S and then the N one. A gate opens, go there get the Piece of Paper (part 2) and the Yellow Energy Crystal. Combine both papers to get the Prayer Note, climb the ladder NW and leave the church altogether (SE).

Jerusalem - Old City, 2011 (II; passing through)

 Go straight ahead and then take a left.

Level 4 -The Wailing Wall (I; passing through)

Walk straight ahead and read the street sign, we go to Yad Vashem. Get in and down the slope..

Level 5 - Yad Vashem.

When you go further there is an entry in the diary, read it carefully.

Yad Vashem is a Holocaust memorial. I must not use my weapons here. People put white flowers on the floor in the Hall of Memory in remembrance of the dead.


A Bunch of White Roses.

Go to the opening on the right (N) and get a Bunch of White Roses from the pedestal in the back. Go to the passage W and follow through, the door opens on approach, go straight, again the door opens. Get down and walk to the dais where some other flower wreaths are. Stand on the Majdanek tile, face S and take one step back to place the White Roses. Go out through the door NW, into the next room and use the button under the projector. Watch the lengthy flyby about the concentration camp and the horrible gas chambers used at Auswitz.

Leave and go through another glass door and get the Torah as Secret #1(6).

When you get out the announcer tells you that the Museum is about to close, so go back to the exit.


Level 4 – The Wailing Wall.

From the street sign we go to the Dome of the Rock, so through the arches on the right (E) and then left and then a right. If you played “Wessely’s Last Will” this should be familiar.

Place the Note, a Handle, the Purple Energy Crystal.

Climb over a wall E and climb the chair in the SE corner (use Ctrl in front of the chair). Lara puts up the Prayer Note onto the wall (camera shot of a door opening). Go back over the wall and go left (S) behind the wooden ramp is a small alley, go in, shoot the rat and pick up the Handle from the floor. Go back out and up the ramp, through the open door and again up a staircase on the left. Once up go around to the right and use the lever W, this allows you to get the vase (blue) in the SW down and push it E on its own coloured tile (middle alcove). Behind the palm tree is another vase (brown), also push that one also on it own tile E (right alcove). Then go to the left (green) vase and push it upright.  The gate near the brown vase is open, go in, pull the table away so you can open a trapdoor behind it (face S) and jump down. Use the lever and this deactivate the spikes, climb out and get the Purple Energy Crystal. Go back, down the stairs and..

Lara: Zip? Can you hear me?
Zip: Loud and clear, baby.
Lara: I've now got all three crystals. Where are you?
: I'm directly in front of the ramp in front of the Wailing Wall. In a no-parking zone, so hurry up! Well, that was a tough job getting the crystals. I hope we'll be able to get the loom going with those stones

Al-Kashkar (II).

Turn around and put the Crystals in their slots. Watch the flyby.

Lara: That's so marvellous! But... isn't it exactly the same carpet I saw at Rana's apartment? This is really strange. And the image doesn't seem to be Solomon's temple, but Herod's temple.
Zip: What's the difference?
Lara: No-one knows if the Ark of the Covenant still existed in Herod's time.
Zip: Well, the Magic Thread is said to be old enough for a carpet to take you to Solomon's temple, so why not give it a try?
Lara: You could be right there. All right. We'll see.


Level 6 - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village).

Go to the fellow sitting there and talk to him (Ctrl)

Lara: Excuse me. Please tell me who built this temple over there?
Villager: What? Don't you know it? It's Herod's temple.
Lara: Maybe the thread was not old enough. I wonder if the Ark
of the Covenant is still there.

Go behind the guy to the right and you get an update of the diary: I don’t need a Torch here. In the past there were lots of secret mechanisms.

A Carrot, a Bag of Sand.

Go right and at the end right, jump over the railing and get a small medipack (flower) from the sheep pen. Not much more to do here so make your way to the W and go along the left wall. At a little market stall you can get a Carrot. Keep going W and at the intersection go right (N) and right and again a right into a small courtyard and pick up a Bag of Sand (SW).

The Trapdoor Key.

Go to the brooms in the other corner and climb up the wall. Go right and jump onto the roof of the house SW. Look S and jump to that small balcony for Secret #1(7), a Golden Rose. Jump back to the roof and go to the SW corner. Take a running jump to the top of that small stone bridge and from there to the roof also SW. Stand in the SE corner and take a swan dive (runjump with Alt+Shift) ** over the railing there and grab the Trapdoor Key from the pedestal. ** this is a shortcut, because standing on that stone bridge before, you should jump to the balcony E and around the corner is a timed lever that raises a trapdoor S so you can jump to the balcony for the Trapdoor Key.

A Mystery Key.

Climb the vines on the wall E and climb off on the left, take a running jump with a curve to the right to the rooftop NE. Continue in that E direction over a walkway to the next roof. In the SE corner is a lever (#1) (camera shot of a red gate, we’ll find more later). Go over to the W side of the roof again and get on the walkway to go to the stone bridge W (hop down) and drop to the ground floor.

Go S under the arch and into the first left, throw the lever and enter the door. Use the Trapdoor key right of the ladder (S wall) and climb the ladder. Back flip and go W, grab a Mystery Key from a pedestal at the window.

The Silver Hemisphere.

Back outside again and make your way to the N right around corners again to get to the courtyard where you got the Bag of Sand, climb the wall and make your way over to the far house N. Climb onto the roof and next to the bed is a Medipack. Get down to the ground again and proceed to the E. Go through the arch on the left and just past a sheep pen with a woman, use the key next to the door of that small house (N).

A Vase Puzzle.

Open the trapdoor, get down and run down the slope. There are 4 vases in this room and they have to get to the marked tiles on the floor.

It doesn’t matter which vase you push/pull, only try to push/pull on one go, the second you stop, the walkway changes and the vase drops to the lower floor. But you can’t really go wrong here. If you still need guidance: this is how I did it- W vase, pull once then move it N, E vase, pull 2x, then move it N too. Here the walkway didn’t change, so I moved the vase from the tile and put it back again to change the walkway. S vase, pull 3x and move it E, N vase, pull it past the red central tile and then to the W.

After putting the vases on their tiles a light appears, go there and grab the Silver Hemisphere. Leave this place (NW) and climb up into the house.

The Rules.

Now go the lever SE which will open a trapdoor; climb up and get some Flares. Climb the wall W and a running jump to the other side and grab the edge. Go S and climb up the vines there. When you are the same height of the roof left, shimmy over and hoist up. Jump the roofs to the E and in the far away corner SE is lever #2.

Go N and jump over to that trapdoor, once inside jump up on the right, here is lever #3 and the Secret gate is finally open.

The Rules.

Go outside and take a running jump down to the SW. Jump to those pedestals W and get the Rules. Read them:

Where you stand there’s always light. Around this square it’s never right. Illume all flares around you here, then you will get the Hemisphere.

Grab the Medipack from the other pedestal.

Then drop W down to an alcove overlooking the fire puzzle floor and save before you start the fire puzzle. Try not to step on any other tiles that the numbered ones, use jumps to get from one to the other and go around the floor, not over the floor to the other sides (firepuzzle.jpg).

When the puzzle is done and all the fires are lit, the spikes lower and you can pick up another Silver Hemisphere.

Get out and climb the rooftops and go to that little stone bridge SW. Jump over the railing W and then on the flat piece (S) next to a sloped roof. Face the wall (W) and jump to the wall; that wall is climbable. Once up get Secret #2(8), a Golden Rose. Climb down and slide/safety drop to the floor. Go out this alley and go N past the bridge, take a left again into the sandy area and near that grass (NW) you can pick up Secret #3(9), the Magic Lamp

Now we are going to summon the Genie that lives in the lamp. Look for an open space and select the lamp and us Ctrl.

Genie: What is your wish?
Lara: Who are you?
Genie: Ginnie.
Lara: Why are you so tiny?
Genie: Is this your wish? That I'd be taller?
Lara: No, thanks. I'd like to have a key.
Genie: Never. Anything else? Nice try. Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...
(he gives a Medipack)

A Pail with Water.

Go back and to the huge stairs around the corner left (NW). Stay on the left slope of this staircase and run to the end. Take a running jump to the opening SW and find Secret #4(10), a Golden Rose, on a pedestal S. Safety drop down into a shallow pool below and pick up a Pail with Water from the W side.

A Bronze Ball.

Go out and go up the steps N, around the corner and almost at the end look left (N) and use the lever there. Go out and left and on the left a block has come up. Climb it and make your way to the W side, jumping over the balustrade and open the door. Inside on the left is a Bronze Ball on the floor. Pick it up and get back to the floor where the lever is.

Timed Jumps to get to the Bowl.

Go to the floor lever E, push it and watch the fly by. This is a timed run and the arrows shows you which way you slide. Your goal is to get to the bowl before the pillar goes back up. Doing it the intended way is pretty hard, so there’s a shortcut, still a nice run but much easier and less nerve wrecking:

Throw the lever back in its original position. Save while facing S at the lever.

Throw the lever, jump on the block in the alley and onto the roof, follow the same route as to the Bronze Ball house, but curve left just before the house. Jump onto the block with the plant and a running jump over to the wall S. Run curving left and run down onto the lower wall. Then a right curved jump to the tile two tiles away from the element bowl (bowl.jpg). Slide and jump left onto the ledge with the bowl (savegame.4).

Seems another shortcut was found by Tom: Stand facing the playing field and push the floor lever.  Run forward and slightly to your right, and at the entrance jump 45 degrees to your right so that you land on the two arrows pointed to your right.  Jump off the second arrow to land on an arrow that will again turn you to the right and cause you to bump against a wall.  The wall lowers upon contact.  Save your game here.  Reverse roll in the alcove, turn slightly to your right and take a running jump out of the alcove, landing to the right of the spike trap.  Immediately jump forward with a left curve and apply the Bag of Sand (Video-bowl.wmv). 

Pour the sand in the bowl and you see the Temple Doors opening up. Jump S and slide to the side. Go Left (E) and to the right, there is a hidden alcove in the W wall behind the Ivy. Here is Secret 6(11), a Golden Rose.

Get out (W) and left down the stairs and find two red doors on the left. Use the Bronze Ball there and enter. Go to the right up all those stairs and go to Osias who is waiting at the top.

Osias: Greetings, stranger. My name is Osias. I am the highest guard of the Holiest of Holies. I cannot let you enter the temple with those firearms. You have to give them to me.
All right.

Approach the doors…

Level 7 – Herod’s Temple.

Because of the lack of any fire arms you better keep your wits about. Go to the N and down the stairs. Use the button on the right to open the door. Go through the beaded curtain and pick up a Lute from the settee.

Lara: Hmmm... I'll probably only manage to make a racket on this, but this should be enough. Let's see if the tigers are musical.

Go back upstairs and to the tiger’s cage S, use the lute and they fall asleep for about 30 seconds only though. You can use the lute as much as you want.  Go to the front of the cage (E) and Lara will play the lute once more, the cage opens, get in and climb up the platform right at the opening. Jump from there to the next SW and then again to the one NW. Play the lute before jumping to the jump lever S. Go to the pool and at the NE side is a small medipack. Then go into the open door E, that will close behind you.

A Horse ride.

Go to the horse, first use the lever E and then feed it the Carrot (stand next to the head). Go out and left, down the stairs N and straight up a ramp N. The ramp collapses, ride the horse to the corner and stop when Lara is looking at a wall on the right.

The Cage Key.

First go to the second arched storage (NE) and push the cart away to pick up the Cage Key. Then go to the gate and use the jump lever on the right. The door right opens, go in and immediately right again in an alcove and use the button to open a door NE.

Some Meat.

Run to the N arch and pull/push that wooden block E and under the meat racks there. (Stand on the box, jump up and you’ll get the Meat).

Go to the door you opened NE and in that courtyard is a Medipack near the Gazebo in the middle.

Now go back to where you left the horse (W) and in the corner of the building left is an ornate block, push it all the way in and left into the SE corner on the tile. Climb up and use the jump lever (trapdoor opens)

By the way, in case there is a guy following you around, you can get rid of him by riding him over with the horse.

Get a small medipack from the sarcophagus.

Now move the block to the N side, there is another jump lever (block rises). Move the block to the W, then climb on top of the ledge and the raised block, jump to the SW and timing the spikes, jump into the alcove on the right and from there to the ladder and climb up.

Griffin: You look as if you could help me. Some stupid chickens have stolen one of my eggs. Ridiculous! Those creatures are locked up in their coop. That is why I can't come to them. If you bring back my egg, I'll help you to get into the temple courtyard.
Lara: Well, that's a nice offer.

The Chicken Egg.

Hop over the wall S to the wall below and use the button behind you to open the gate (just in case..), go to the other side and do the same there. Jump SW to the top of the staircase and jump into the alcove N there to use the lever. Go down and watch for falling debris and don’t forget to play the lute if the tigers are there.  Once downstairs go to the SE and get the Chicken Egg and a Medipack opposite the egg.

In case the lute doesn’t work outside, run back to the tigers cage and use it there. Seems to work every time.

Go outside and around the corner to the E and after the stable there is a key lock. Use the Cage Key you have there. Go in and careful of the spikes, climb up the small roof from the left side and use the jump lever W. The spikes are gone and now entice the bull to break the door E.

The Hen House.

Go into the hen house, jump to the ledge up and make a deal with the chicken SW (with the really Big Egg). Stand before the Griffen’s Egg and use Ctrl. Get down on the ground go out and to the right, next to the gates (E) is a huge button, the bull has to smash it.

Go through the gate and the Diary has a note for you:

The animals are getting annoying. Perhaps I can get rid of them.

(A lot of my tigers were already killed by the bull J)

Use the Meat to get the Ruby.

Go to the S wall and use the left lever. The gate opens, lure all the animals including that bull inside and play the lute, get a small medipack from the grass and then get out and lock them all up by using the lever again. Now use the right hand lever, go in and to the big bowl (face E) and put the meat in the bowl. The Lion starts eating, pick up the Ruby he was sitting on.

Exit and go E and find a pool with 4 underwater levers in it. All 4 are timed and the correct order to pull them is: E–W–N–S.

When you have done it in time Osias appears (savegame.5).

Osias: I see that you have prepared the bath for the temple dancers, so I'll make it a bit more comfortable (lights a torch on the wall).

The Torch.

Now we need to find a Torch. Go to the W, through the gate, to the end, right around the corner at the well and into the open gate. Up the stairs and jump over to the opening N. Over the wall to the gate N and jump to the ladder. Go up and you are back at the Griffin. Put the Egg you have into the nest (face W and stand in the nest) and he brings you the Torch.

The Courtyard Key.

Grab it, jump S over to the walkway below and through the open door ahead to the stairs and get down and out, to the left, through the gates and ignite it on the wall torch near the steam bath. Take the Torch to the E and around the corner ignite the two small fire baskets in front of the Temple Entrance. Take the Torch with you and go the far away side (N) and push the button.

Go through to a familiar courtyard. Go to the SE and place the Ruby on the left side of the door.  Enter the house, light the bowl E and the Courtyard Key will drop on the floor. Go behind the screens and pick up a Medipack near a cupboard (No you cannot shoot that vase, remember?).

Temple Courtyard; Sound the Gong.

Go out the house and back to the Temple Entrance (S) and open it with the Key. Here you have to be very careful. Once inside watch the fly by and when that is over start crawling to the left. You stay out of sight as much as possible. This was the best route; keep left in the entrance, duck and crawl SW go down the incline on the ledge onto the lower floor. When you keep going SW you will go up the next incline and down the one after that. Now turn right to that low wall around the inner square and go to the W side, here go left a bit and towards that small room SW. Crawl onto that dirt mount and stand, grab up to the floor above (savegame.6). There is a big gong N, kick it and watch what happens.

The Column Key.

Get down and go to the open door W, take a right and just around the corner of the structure facing W is the first ladder, (there is one still further so look good). Climb up till a crack, get hanging by the hands and shimmy to the left around the pillar to crawl into a small crawlspace and get the Column Key.  Go back to the ladder and back flip and grab the block behind it. Turn around and jump to the upper ladder, climb up and at the top, roll/back flip and immediately duck to crawl to Secret #1(12), a Golden Rose. Hang on the ledge, shimmy left along the crack and climb down the ladder. Get down the second ladder and halfway down back flip/roll again and use the Key. (To get rid of the fixed camera you can use Save/Reload.)

The First Holiest of Holies Key.

Jump to the block that went down and jump to the next ladder. Back flip/roll to a slope, grab the ladder again and go up to the next sloped block. Back flip/roll and slide to jump and grab the next slope, hoist up and slide down.

Time the teeth door and use the dirt ramp in the corner. Stand in the corner and hoist up N. Turn and jump to the crack ahead. Shimmy all the way around, back flip and look to the E. There is an opening in the wall. Take a running jump and grab the edge to get in. Down at the end and jump up to grab an alcove. (If you didn’t make it, just back-flip to the slope and then grab). Use the lever and watch the camera shot.

Get down and the gate S has opened, jump up to the right and use the lever there. Look to the left (NW) and jump into the opening there (savegame.7). (I did a swan dive from the corner).

Climb up N over the dirt slope again and then on the block left you just raised. A soldier attacks; Face E and run over the blocks, straight to the open gate there and get the First Holiest of Holies Key. Get out, take two steps and use the monkey climb to get to the other side. Pick up the Medipack and then use the lever. Drop to the ground floor and leave (E), jump down spot another Key behind a closed gate and climb/safety drop down to the ground.

The Second Holiest of Holies Key.

Go N and around the corner again, now take the second ladder and climb up to the crack, shimmy to the right around and pull up in an alcove. Take a running jump to the ledge W and go to the right. At the end is a button, go in and only do running jumps only on the raised tiles (igniting the fires) and the door at the end will open (If it closes again, jump back to the last tile and jump around the corner). Go left (N) and look for a ladder on the right. Jump to it and climb up, then back flip. Then jump a slope and again and end up on a ledge with a button (that lever and gate up there we visited before). Go in grab the Second Holiest of Holies Keys and push another button E. Jump up and you are back on the ledge you were before. Watch out for falling debris though. Climb down the ladder and go E a bit and pick up that small piece of Stone from the floor Lara is looking at.

Lara: With this stone I could distract the guards from over there.

Walk to the S and spot two stones in the floor behind the dais with the vase. Use the Stone and the guards run to investigate. Go around the corner left (W) and on the right use the two Keys. Back around the corner, the door where the debris fell is open. Go in and to the left, grab the Silver Ball from the pedestal. When you walk to the tables Lara will say:

Hmm... It seems that I have to go back to the village, to make some bread.

For now you are done here so go out  and left around the corner and to the corner of the courtyard (NW), use the lever here to get through the doors. Go S down the slope, up the staircase and into the corner SW (I went on horseback).

Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village) II.

Go down the staircases, then right (S) down some steps and use the Silver Ball on the door in the end (left), for the other side, combine both Silver Hemispheres together for the second Silver Ball.

Level 8 - Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Crafting area).

Go in, watch the fly by and read the Diary when it pops up:

For making a bread, I need some flour, some water and an oven.

Go to the left and around the corner up the stairs, Lara looks at a clue on a carpet. Proceed to a bridge. Go down to the Lake and from the grass pick up a small medipack. Go to the wheelbarrow and take a left where you'll see a man, go into the building he is looking at. Read the Diary: I need a weapon, maybe I can make a crossbow using a piece of wood and hair.

A Makeshift Crossbow.

Lara looks at the W wall; go there and kick the wheel, pick up Part of Wooden Wheel. Go back to the Lake (SE) and go to the E side of it. Jump over the railing E into the stables and go to the horse on the left. Pull his tail and get some Horsehair (LOL). Combine it with the Part of Wooden Wheel and create a Crossbow.

Go back where you got the Wheel and talk to the man.

Lara: Hello!
Well owner:
Hello. Would you help me to fix the well? In return, I will give you what you're looking for.
Lara: That sounds good. I'll try.

Go into the barn where you got the wheel, left and find a lever behind a big barrel. The spikes that are deactivated are on the other side of the barn. Go back and now open the door where that girl is sitting. Jump the block and open the trapdoor. Climb up and go right (W), shoot the chest (aim by looking down) for some more Arrows. Go out to the balcony and up the right hand side and jump over the railing to the roof of the house NW and in the back is Secret #1(13), a Golden Rose. Jump over the next railing SW, shoot the chest for more Arrows.

Pyramid Key #1 (of 4).

Make your way to the balcony again through the barn, go E and shoot the barrel and open the door behind it. Left is a lever this opens the door next to you. Get from the pedestal left the Pyramid Key # 1 (you need 4). There is nothing under the barrel in the other corner.

Fix the Well.

Get out and make you way to the well owner. Go stand square S in front of the well and shoot the lock in the middle (look down). Jump in backwards and descend the ladder, safety drop down. Pick up the Pail (bucket). Go to the W wall and climb up the right hand of the spikes and push the block twice, follow this passage. At the end kick the boulder, the shallow pool gets flooded. Swim to the W wall and use the underwater lever, this deactivate the spikes so you can use the wall lever.

Some trapdoors open and the water is gone. Jump into one of the water filled holes and use the underwater lever on the E wall. Climb out and go W again and use the lever to flood the place once more. Into the water and swim though the open doors and up. W on a pedestal is Secret #2(14), a Golden Rose but a wraith is watching over it. Quickly jump into the water and now again swim to the lever W to drain the place again. Go back to the room E and move the pillar SW out of the room and under the rope. Climb the column and put the Pail on the rope (face N).  Now to get out of the well; flood the room again and swim through the opening S. Keep swimming S to the end and go up in a pool. Get out and go to the fire and then left, up a staircase. Once up go to the W and push/pull the left vases till they mirror the ones on the right.

A Torch, the Riddle Map.

Camera shot of a trapdoor. Go to the W and right into another room. On the left is that trapdoor, use the lever there to kill the fire in the fireplace. Then go around the fireplace to shoot a chest and get some Arrows. Go jump into the fireplace to grab Map Part 2 from the pedestal. Jump back and run to the exit S, E to the stairs and down and jump into the pool to get rid of the wraiths. Go back up the stairs and left into the opening(N) and pick up a Torch on that lowered block. Go out to the staircase, W and ignite it on one of the bowls near the vases (stand real close). Go downstairs to the pool and into the E opening to ignite 3 bowls. Part of the wall lowers, get the Map Part 1 and combine it with Part 2 to get the Riddle Map. Make a note of the dots on the map; they correspond with the levers that you have to use later.

Leave the Torch at a place you can pick it up again later, shoot the chest in the NW corner for a Medipack, go out and to the other area opposite, in that room is another chest you can shoot for some Arrows. Stand about two tiles away from the fireplace and shoot the grate above it. Go there and crawl in for secret #3(15), a Golden Rose.

Use the Riddle Map, Stone Disks.

Get down and leave the pool area, go N and stand behind that pedestal (face S) and use the Riddle Map. The spikes surrounding the two blocks with levers are gone. But some levers are red herrings so pay attention. On the Map are black dots, those are the levers you have to pull. Looking S the left block use the lever facing N and the one facing W. The right hand one use the levers facing S and N. Watch the fly by. Jump on the blocks and get the two Stone Disks.

Pyramid Key #2 and a House Key.

So back to the back of the pool, up the stairs and then to the left, run to the end and around the corner left you can use the two Stone Disks on the left to get the Pyramid Key # 2 and a House Key.

The Well Key.

Go down again and behind the pool on the left (W) is an iron gate; you have to use the Key next to it. Go in, use the lever, this will close part of the river. Go N and left or right and over the bridge, you have to go to the man at the Well. He’s gone, but left the Well Key for you as thanks for fixing the well.

Another Torch, Pyramid Key #3.

From the well go to the SW and keep the house on your left, around the corner is the lock. Another underwater door closes. (a bit further behind the black sheep is another small medipack). Go back to the Well and now push open the door S. In the S windowsill are Arrows and on the other are Torches. Take one, go out and right to the corner of the Lake where you can ignite the Torch on the hanging lamp. The place we have to go is left of the stables where you got the horse hair (N wall). Ignite the three fire baskets and go to the room in the NE corner. Throw the Torch away for a bit. Pull the left pillar out and use the lever behind it. This opens a gate at the other corner (NW) and up the staircase you go.

Go all the way to the last room SE, Lara will look up and on a balcony there is a jump lever. Go back one room the block that lowered is there. At one end get Pyramid Key #3 and use the lever at the other end. Go back to the last room and in the bowl N is the Oasis Key.

The painted door on the S wall is a walkthrough door, watch out, teeth doors are behind it. Get Secret #4(16), a Golden Rose. Under the chest are some Flares. Have a look around and notice this must be the place where they cooked up this great game. Get out and go to the Lake.

If you want more Arrows in the Lake is a barrel (S), shoot it and get the Arrows. Get out of the water and in the SE corner is a lock on the wall of the structure, use the Oasis Key. The door on the right around the corner opens, use the lever. The last underwater door is closed and the water wheel works.

The Mill.

If you know where you left the Torch, pick it up and go over the bridge (S) to the building (Or get a new Torch from the house near the Well). When you are there (ignite the Torch), leave the Torch so you can pick it up again and go E. There is a small staircase going down into the Mill, open the door, go left and read the Diary: In order to grind grain the millwheel must turn.

Pyramid Key # 4 and The Flour.

Go to the NW corner and pull/push the box with grain to the tile S. Pull the rope behind it and the box goes up. Go up the stairs SE and pull the box (W) to the trapdoor E. Use the floor lever N to stop the mill stone and then go to the W wall for another lever (if you used this lever first, use it again) The box drops down, use the floor lever again to start the mill stone and watch the flyby. Use the floor lever again to stop the mill stone  (must be away from the hole) and drop down so you can get the Flour safely. You get a camera shot of another Pyramid Key # 4, this one is on a barrel N. Combine the Flour with the Pail of Water and get Dough. Now we have to bake the bread.

Use the Keys, a Golden Ball.

Now get out to the street, get the Torch and go left and into a room with wall torches and ropes hanging. Light the 4 wall torches the floor turns transparent. The gates with the receptacles for the Pyramid Keys are also open. Place the Keys and see what happens. Pull the 4 ropes and the vases get transported to the glass floor. Push the vases into the alcoves where you placed the Keys, you have to push them off the rope wall first. The door E opens, get the Golden Ball. Ice wraiths do their little dance. Go out and to the right and right again past the Flour Mill and place the Ball next to the door, go through.

Jerusalem – Old City, 70 AD (Village) III.

The Bread.

Go N and you see the Romans are destroying the Temple. Jump over the wall and go to the house NE (there is a soldier on the roof) and open the door. Go straight to the oven N and bake the Bread (combine Flour and the Pail to get Dough and place it in the oven, wait a bit and the Bread will be done). Go out the window W up the huge staircase and go to the Temple.

Herod’s Temple (II).

Watch the flyby. (No more Carrot, no more Horseback rides) Go to the left, down the stairs and up the slope and into the building to the right. Watch out for incoming Roman boulders. Go E and right around the corner to the entrance with the huge doors and go in to place the Bread on the right hand table N. The door opens go in and:

Osias: The Romans are going to burn the temple completely down! I have to escape. And you should quickly return to your time as well.
Lara: Yes... It seems I haven't chosen the best moment to come here. But tell me where is the Ark of the Covenant?
It's still here, in the Holiest of Holies, but be assured it's well hidden and safe. BTW, before you came, another time traveller had been here in order to see the Ark. He entrusted some holy scriptures to my care, but I cannot take them, as they belong to your time. Take them with you now... and farewell.

He gives you the Holy Bible.

Lara: Zip, are you near me?
Zip: Hey Lara. How was your trip to the past? Have you brought the Ark? Hehe…
Lara: No, I haven’t even seen it. But I think I know now where it is. We should search for it exactly at the place where the Jewish Temple was.
Zip: Well then, let’s go to the Temple Mount.
Lara: It won’t be so easy. First, I’ll have to get behind the Wailing Wall. Perhaps the priest can help me to manage it. I have brought his Holy Bible, you see? Well, see you later.
OK, I’m gonna have a look around the Wailing Wall

Church of the Holy Sepulchre (II).

Go straight and place the Bible on the stand there.

Priest: You’ve really found it?
Lara: Found it. It wasn’t really that far away. Only about 2000 years. But let’s forget about that.
Take this as a token of my gratitude

Pick up the Ancient Sword (crowbar) and walk to the E and to the right to exit the Church. 

Zip: Listen Lara, I’ve done some research and I keep coming across a certain Fax. He lives in the Jewish Quarter and he’s the owner of the Smithy in front of the Wailing Wall. He’s got the Star of David. And apart from that, he’s loaded. And he seems to be a wine lover. You should take a look at the Smithy and his apartment.
Ok, got it.

Look at the Diary: Fax’s smithy is near the Wailing Wall.

Go through the door.

Jerusalem, 2011 (III; Passing through).

The fastest way to the smithy is to go straight and then a left.

The Wailing Wall (III; Passing through).

Go straight through the three arches, then near the wailing wall a left (N) and take the most left arch straight ahead.

Jerusalem – Old City, 2011 (III).

Mr. Fax’s Safety Plug.

Go NE and the house on the right hand corner belongs to Fax, the Smithy (sign above the door). Use your Ancient Sword to break open the door. Stay on the lower floor and get Flares SW. The minute you stand on that raised corner near the door the Diary pops up, flames and a boulder and spikes are pretty active. Read the Diary: Probably some squares will start a hidden mechanism.

Run counterclockwise over the tiles but wait on every inside corner of the corner ledges till the fire spews out and then go to the next corner ledge. When you reached the last one (NE) a block should appear in the middle and flames and spikes are gone. Use the lever in the opposite corner and the trapdoor falls open. Get up there. Under the vase is a small medipack, the button N will close the trapdoor, so ignore that. Go to the desk and get Mr. Fax’s Safety Plug. Leave the place go to the SW to the Wailing Wall level.

The Wailing Wall (V).

 Go left (E) and use the plug on the wall there. A trapdoor in the left opening opens, get up there. Get your guns out (select in the inventory) and shoot the guard. Back flip on the slope E, jump and curve to the right to get up the wall. Climb higher (E) and jump over the railing. Go to the front and open the door to the apartment. When you enter and go toward the nightstand:

Fax: What are you doing there? Leave my nightstand alone!
Give Fax the wine bottle.

Fax: What a great wine! Let me do something in return!

The door opens, but first go back to the nightstand (face W) and Lara opens it and grabs a Handful of Shekels. Go to the balcony door and get Secret #1(17), the Star of David. Go out and jump down to the terrace where you shot the guard and take a running jump E over the balustrade to the ledges there. The first has some Flares and the second one a Medipack. Drop from the ledge to the ground floor and give the beggar (N) your Shekels.

Beggar: Thank you very much!
Lara: You’re welcome. Can you open the gate, please?
Of course. Here you are.

Duck to pick up the Waling Wall Key next to the beggar, use it on the lock E.

Behind the Wailing Wall.

Go left, the soldiers are harmless but will get dangerous once you break in to get a Key. There are 3 on the ground floor and one on a balcony. Go to the very end (N), pull out the metal crate and climb on top to get onto a wooden awning. Jump to a crawlspace NW and crawl in. Go to the right and at the end pick up Flares. Then go back some steps and push the dark grey wall twice, turn around and open the grey trapdoor.

Fiery Jumps, the Crescent Moon and the Chapel Key.

Climb down, and in the next room start jumping back and fro to get to the other side without getting burned to a crisp (savegame.8). At the end jump into the passage on the left, down some steps and the gate opens when you approach. Left is a ladder, climb up and get Secret #2(18), a Crescent Moon.  Now you have all the Artefacts of the City. Open the trapdoor S and get down into a small chapel. The Chapel Key you are after is on a pedestal S. Go to the other side and use the button on the right. A block goes up, climb it and jump/crawl into the crawlspace N. Go to the right and get out on the streets.

The Chapel, a Torch for Temple Mount Key #1.

Go out, S and pass the garden to use the Key on the Chapel on the left. Get in and go left, shoot the glass and open a trapdoor above the bowl (the soldiers will probably show up by now, shoot them first). Face N under the trapdoor and climb up to the room above. Shoot the chest in the corner and pick up the Torch. Take it down and ignite it in the other room at the fire basket. Go back and put the torch to the bowl, an explosion will follow breaking the box on top of the pedestal. Grab the Temple Mount Key #1. Leave the Torch, as you don’t need it anymore.

Get some Dynamite and a Spade.

We are done at this end, go to the S end of the street and to the guy in there.

Lara: Oh, this guy again…
Pete: Hey… Psst… You wanna buy some artefacts?
Lara: No, no, I prefer to dig myself.
I’ve got a little something which you can make a big bang with…

Give him some Shekels and he gives you Dynamite (use Ctrl again). Go out (E) and to the right, to the left side of the big boulder and face N to plant the Dynamite. The gate a bit further down opens, go there and ignite the bomb. Get behind the blast and open the double doors. This is a sorry state of a garden, pick up the Shovel in the NW and combine it with the Handle you got before from other side of the W fence to get a Spade.

Zip: Hey Lara, a spade like that is really quite ancient. But at least, it won’t make any noise. By the way, I can see that artefact dealer trying to open the temple door. You should take a look there too…
Ok, will do

The Minaret Key.

Go back out and N, pass under an arch and take a right so you can enter the next chapel, where the gate opened. Go to the N side and back flip on the right side there to a crack and shimmy right to tot ledge in the other corner. Use the button, this lowers a platform in the middle, face W, stand right and jump over the top of the grey arch below, slide and jump onto the other corner ledge SW. Push the button to open the gate N. Face NE and jump with a curve to grab the platform in the middle, shimmy left to the corner and pull up. Jump to the open gate N to grab the Minaret Key, get down to the ground floor.

The Minaret, Temple Mount Key #2.

Go out and N and find the Minaret on the left (double wooden doors). Inside on the right is a TIMED lever. Use the lever, hop back once and back flip onto the block, hop forward onto the edge and jump to back flip onto the platform. Turn a bit to the right and stand jump to the corner of the next platform, side flip left and turn to use the button there. Side flip left to the next ledge and you are save (savegame.9). Then another jump E and finally the last one N. (You can use the timed lever twice if you can’t make it in one go). Get the Medipack and shoot the soldier around the corner. Go to the other end of the balcony and grab the Temple Mount Key #2. Go back and make your way down to the ground floor.

Go out and straight (E), place the Temple Mount Keys left and right of the gates and go in.

Level 9 - The Temple Mount.

The Dome-of-the-Rock Key.

Go all the way to the right (S) and shoot the glass door. Go in and go to the pedestal at the W side, let the guardian of this place use his sword to shatter the glass on top of it, grab the Dome-of-the-Rock Key and run out (Or shoot the head of that guardian). The guardian won’t follow. Go back to the entrance (N) and all the way to the N fence and that little house. On the right is a door, open it and get the Torch. Back to the Temple and light the Torch and throw it where you can retrieve it. Now use the Key to open the Temple.

Go in and watch the fly by. Lara: I’d rather pack my boots away, or I would forget them.

Use Ctrl to pick up the boots and retrieve the Torch and go further. N and S are 4 fire pots; ignite them. A block appears in the centre and the camera angle is a bit nasty, you can save and reload for a better camera angle.

4 Stone Disks.

Jump on the block and jump to the jump lever NW, this raises yet another block (W) where you can reach the second jump lever. Back flip and climb the block behind you and jump to the pillar N. Look left (W) and take a running jump to grab the edge of that crawlspace. Pick up Stone Disk #1. Safety drop to the floor and climb the blocks and the pillar N again. Turn around and use the swing pole to get to the other pillar (S).Then a running jump to the rope E, turn to the right and swing to the alcove S. Shoot the chest for Stone Disk #2.

Take a running jump back to the rope, turn and swing right again to land on the other pillar (E). Take a running jump to the ladder E and let Lara put her feet on the ladder. Shimmy left around the corner and climb down a bit, jump/roll/grab the ledge and retrieve Stone Disk #3.

Safety drop, climb the blocks and use the swing poles/rope to the to the last NE pillar. Turn to the E and take a running jump (no Ctrl) to the TIMED lever E.
Pull, roll run turning left and then curve right for a jump to the pillar so you will have room to do a running jump to the platform, no grab so you don't have to pull up. Run onto the ledge (savegame.10 - Video-stone.wmv). Shoot the chest and get the last of the 4 Stone Discs. Use the ladder to safety drop to the ground floor. Put the 4 discs into their slots and a trapdoor in the central part opens.

Into the Temple Mount.

Go down some steps and into the hole there. Lara puts on her boots, go down and face N and use the Spade, Lara digs through the debris to get to a passage.

Under the vase left you find some Revolver ammo. Walk further towards the light:

Zip: Lara, where are you?
Lara: I’ve just stuck through a blocked entrance under the rock.
Zip: That sounds good. I’m circling above the Dome of the Rock, taking a look at the area with an infrared camera. There seems to be an underground source of heat to the south. It might be the bottom of the rock. Or it could be the foundations of the original Jewish Temple. And it could also be a labyrinth full of tunnels.
Lara: Yeah, or all of them.
Doesn’t matter. The path should lead you directly to the ancient Holiest of Holies, where possibly the Ark of the Covenant is still there

Look up at the light and shoot the ball that is swinging there. This opens the wall N. Go down the steps

Level 10 – The Cherubim Are Calling.

Keep going down and kick in the wall. Crawl in and go left (S) and shoot the rattlesnake there before he poisons you. A bit further to the right are some Flares. Then crawl back to the other side and in the next cave are two more rattlesnakes. Go to the N wall and find a dead person and near him a Banana. Face the rock there (W) and use the Spade to reveal a wheel. Push it S to open gates. On the wall N is a button, use it to free the monkey.

You have to follow the monkey but it could be he’s faster that you. Go N and then take a left (W), then a right and around the corner shoot a bat. At the end W take a right (N), at the next corner a left (W) and there you can see the monkey. In this cave are snakes and also some falling debris from the ceiling, so walk slow. SW is a skeleton with a small medipack. Go to the top of the mount in the middle and climb up a ladder (face S) in one of the openings in the ceiling. Up there jump up the slope W and get Shotgun ammo. At the N wall is a Torch, get it, jump down and light it on the wall torch near the skeleton. At the S side are some wooden timbre, ignite it (face E); hop back twice as fallen debris will come down. Once it burned away follow in. You can take the torch with you for some light.

Lara: Zip? Hello, Zip? Are you there? Oh no, no reception…

Go in (S) and on the right is another snake if you want to shoot it.  At the corner go left (E) and watch out for a boulder. Go right when you are almost at the end of this passage, there is a small earthquake. Throw the Torch down and slide down the slope, jump up to the ladder till the 3 boulders are gone, jump down and side flip as a sneaky boulder drops from on top of the ladder. Grab the Flares W and a small medipack E. Climb up the slope near the E wall and slide down again, this time climb up after grabbing the ladder. Here is Secret #1(19), a Golden Skull. Back down the ladder and slide down, to the left and slide down in the middle. Walk to the wall ahead and then go left, there should be a boulder there. Use your Ancient Sword to pry it loose. Now slide down the slope stay away from the right wall (spiked trap). Slide down as some boulders are crushed and the road is clear now (that ladder left is for later).

The Mother of all Snakes.

Give the monkey the banana and he will open a gate S. You arrive a cave that has the Mother of all Snakes in it. Look to the right (W) and see that ladder? That is the way to go now. Lara’s legs have to be in a climbing position. Shimmy left around, back flip/roll, slide and jump, jump (without sliding) and grab a ledge. Hop to the S end of the ledge, look left (E) and take a running jump to the ladder there. Climb up to avoid being burned and shimmy right around the corner. Back flip onto a save ledge and kill a snake that is up E, turn W and look down to spot another snake in an alcove covered with ivy, shoot that one too. Run jump up onto the ledge W and push the boulder. If you wait here Lara will burn so immediately back flip, turn and run W (no jump), you’ll slide onto that gold block that will trigger all the boulders. Then take a running jump in the alcove W. That’s why you shot that snake here before. Wait for the Big Snake to die.

Jump back to the gold block and climb the vines, shift to the right and back flip on the ledge. Turn N. get to the N end of the ledge, top up the health and jump to the sloped block below. Grab the edge of the first slope and then drop. Just let Lara slide and DON’T grab the last edge. You’ll end up on a block with a lever. Use the lever to open a gate in the S wall. Jump to the Snake island and a running jump/swan dive (Alt+Shift) into the small opening there (savegame.11)

Watch out for falling debris, jump up the slope W and go in, shoot a snake and pick up some Flares and a Medipack. Pull away the skeleton for Dynamite and head back up the slope E. Make your way to the E, jump up and push the column on the left down. Lara looks at the skeleton in the pit but you can’t get there yet. Walk over it to the other side. For now just go left and pick up a small medipack.

Walk down slowly and make your way down and up till you hit a wall.

Blow up the Wall.

Zip: Hey, Lara! Can you hear me?
Lara: Zip! Thank God! Yeah, now I hear you load and clear. I’m telling you it’s pretty spooky down here. I’m standing in front of a wall which – weirdly enough – looks like it’s quite new. I don’t know – maybe other people have had the idea that the Ark is somewhere down here. In any case, there’s a dead end.
Zip: Well, you’ll have to blow the wall up to get through.
Yeah, it’s worth a try.

Place the Dynamite at the wall.
Lara: Ah, you again!
Baboon: gives a torch)
That’s what I call service.

Take the Torch and go back down. Jump up the steps from the left side and ignite it at the wall torch near the spike trap. Go back down again and ignite the Dynamite, then be sure to turn and you can hide (crouch) behind where the monkey was. The place gets flooded after the explosion. If you want all the pick ups; swim to the S near the steps and behind the arch go left and up, there is a triangle opening behind the plant there. Swim through and all the way to the end, near the skeleton pick up the Glasses. Swim W a bit to get some air in the pit. Swim back inside and to the N into the new opening there.

Excavation Site.

Swim a bit to the left and find a ledge you can climb up to. Turn and jump to another ledge up and W. From there another jump to the rock NW. Still one more jump N, then climb a slope, slide and jump to grab the ladder and climb up. Take a running jump to the broken fence and kill a worker there. On top of the big container you can find Revolver ammo.

Go to the opening in the E and go over the metal bridge and to the left, jump up the rocks and use a button on the wall. Get back on the metal walkway and go to the E side, jump SE over that railing and go around the structure to that container in the back. Here is the trapdoor you opened with the button.

First look down W into the water, you should see an opening with a vase down in the water. Shoot it as it is hiding an important pick up. (You could jump in the water and get it now and do the jumping over the rocks again but you’ll get to it later). For now get down into the open trapdoor, find the Shotgun ammo left and grab the Revolver ammo from the shelves right.

The Storeroom Key, Dynamite and a nasty Toilet.

Go through the passage SW and find a small medipack. When you walk into the room you hear a guy farting, apparently he is on the toilet having a hard time. Go to the first shelves (facing S) pick up the Storeroom Key. The soldier is done with his business and comes out of the toilet and disarms the mines at the second shelves. Go there and pick up the Dynamite and now save before you venture into the toilet.

Lara: Uhh… no-one could stand this!!!!!

Toilet Adventure, Crane Control.

Open the trapdoor (stand against the right hand wall and face S). Get out and some fresh air, then go in and walk to the left wall and jump up for a jump lever there. Phew, the ventilation is going, jump up W and crawl into the vents. Shoot out the grate (don’t get too close or else Lara won’t shoot). Get down and shoot the soldier and use the Storeroom Key. Get the Crane Control from the shelves and climb the shelves in the room to jump into the vents. Get back to the toilet.

To get the Holiest-of-Holiest Key and Ancient Scroll.

Go back through the passage to the E room (the soldiers doesn’t shoot at you so leave him be) and put the Crane Control in the receptacle E. Watch the fly by, go to the passage back to the other room and down the trapdoor. Into the water and find that hole where you shot the vase (directly below), go in and pick up the Holiest-of-Holiest Key and swim to the SW. In that building is a pedestal in the SW corner; grab the Ancient Scroll. Combine it with the Glasses to get the Ancient Scroll and Glasses.

A Detonator Key.

Swim to the far SW corner and plant the Dynamite on top of that explosive barrel. Climb back on the ledge E and make your way up as before, over the rocks and over the walkway to the crane E. Go to the back of the crane and climb up, another block to climb S and now jump over to the box hanging from the crane. There are two chains S so swing to the last one and from there turn right and drop on top of the red/white crane platform (it’ll cost a bit of your health). Pick up the Detonator Key use the lever to roll out the bridge. Get onto the iron bride and jump onto the rocky ledge S. Go into the cage and use the Detonator to explode the barrel in the water. In the left SE corner of the cave is a Medipack, guarded by a snake. Jump in the water and swim through the opening you made SW, swim through and up at the end, climb out (S).

The Ark-of-the-Covenant Key.

Push in a block in the right wall, then stand next to it facing S and push again twice. In this small room is a lock, use the Holiest of Holies Key you have. Lara takes off her shoes, so pick them up and put them in your backpack. Push pull the block out and put it against the wall, left around the corner so you can get to the lever there. This opens a gate (E) so you can grab the Ark-of-the-Covenant Key from the pedestal.  Another gate opens (W) go down the stairs and to the back and use the Key in the E wall. 

The Ark of Covenant.

High Priest: Shalom. You should behave with dignity when you follow the Cherub’s call.

Save the game so you can play the “good” and the “bad” ending.

A Bad ending: Go to the Ark before talking to the Priest and open it.

A Good ending: Go to the Priest waiting SE and give him the Scroll and Glasses so he can read it and watch the fly by.


Mr. Goldberg: Hello?
Lara: Mr. Goldberg, it’s Lara Croft.
Mr. Goldberg: Shalom. And, have you got it?
Lara: Yes, I found the Ark of the Covenant. – it was a bit more complicated than your uncle had thought, but without his notes, I wouldn’t have succeeded anyway. It’s a shame that he couldn’t have seen it anymore.
Mr. Goldberg: I knew that you would find it. And, where is it now?
Well, you know, when I was finally standing in front of it, after this exciting hunt - I suddenly became aware that there is some buried ancient treasure that should be left at its place.

The End.