River Raider Part 1.

Debut Level by Rufierto (Mike Mayfield)

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

After the flyby you can pick up Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack in the hut. Dive in the water and swim S into the tunnel, up left is a dark ledge with something on it. That’s where we go at the final part of the level. Follow the river till you come to a waterfall (N) and on the left is a dark cave. Go in and get the Flares from the N wall (notice the tunnel E).

Swim back out to the big waterfall (N wall) and spot a tree SW and climb out. Jump to the NW and another one to a lower ledge near the water and pick up a Small Medipack. Go back to the tree and behind it is an opening filled with water, swim in and follow through and go up at the end and climb on the ledge. On the S wall is a jump lever, this opens a gate near where you picked up the Flares. Best is to immediately swim back to the tree, because a crock is released as well (the gate on the right is where the crock was locked up and there is nothing else there).

Top of the River, the Lion Pool.

Go into the cave N; climb out to the right and into the open gate (N) on the left and kill a big cat. Follow through and you end up on top of the river. Jump over the blocks in the water to climb up onto the ledge with the statue, the Lion Pool. First we go jump the ledges to the far S side and arriving there jump over to the other side (E). Go to the gate you see there and use the slopes to get behind the gate to the E wall, there is a jump lever you need to pull. This opens a gate next to it.

Go in and at the end, jump up to grab the monkey climb. Follow through and drop on a block in the water. On the N wall is another jump lever. A statue moves aside at the lion pool. Swim to the SE corner and get out, shoot that speedy fish and collect a Medipack.

Now we have to get back to the Lion Pool. There are two ways to get back where you need to go, NE and into the cave N, then through the gate you opened earlier or swim W and around the corner and opposite the Lion Pool is a ledge right (E wall) where you can climb out and jump up. Go back up over the blocks in the water to the Lion Pool.

Go to the statue in the SW corner, light a flare, stand at the left, save and slide down. At the end jump, wait a sec and back flip to avoid a boulder. Go up the ramp N and jump to the right for Secret #1, the Shotgun.

Climb back on the ramp and follow it down, around the corner and jump over the spiked ball. Follow through and pick up the Flares. Climb the stairs N all the way up and save at the first block in the water, this is a timed run.

Timed Fire Block Run, the Yaga Idol #2.

Use the lever, run forward against the wall and hop back, turning right. Then run-jump with a right curve to the next 2 ledges and do the same again. Then jump over the blocks where the flames were and finally jump to where the spikes went down (savegame). Another way to go about this is; sidestep to the right, side flip right and so on.

Use the button on the right to open two gates and go through the corridor to those gates. Jump down to the ledge on the left in the water and from there into the opening E. Get the Yaga Idol #2 from the pedestal.

Jump in the water E, on the right is a small dingy (boat) and straight ahead is where you have to go (you can also pick up the dingy and use it to go there).

Boat controls: Ctrl to climb in, Ctrl+Arrows to drive, Alt to brake or reverse, Shift and Arrow to jump out and Sprint to reach top speed.

On the left wall (N) is behind the first wall torch is a dark opening, in the back is the place to insert your Yaga Idol #2. The door you hear opening up is around the corner NE. get in there and jump in the water and follow through.

Level 2, The Bath House, Big Buttons.

Keep swimming to the end and find an opening underwater in the NW corner. Swim through and get out of the water W and head to the far away NW corner where there is another opening to another pool.

Go in and to the right, there is a trigger tile in the corner, this will expand a block on the higher block W, no need for it yet. Just jump to the ledge E, next to the slanted corner block, stand back and jump on the slanted block, back flip onto the high block. Look W and jump to grab the rope, swing into the alcove W to use button (lowers a block so you can get to the next secret).

Hop down into the pool and now go to the trigger tile SE, step on and quickly get to the trigger tile NE, climb up to the lower block, jump to the higher one and then into the opening S (savegame). Jump up and grab the monkey swing and follow it (left and left) and drop on a ledge with a button. Push it and watch the fly by.

Jump in the pool and climb out S. Go up the block there and climb the ladder. Off onto the ledge left for Secret #2, Uzi ammo, jump E for more Uzi ammo and then jump all the way W for more Uzi ammo and Flares in the end. Hop down into the pool below and swim S, climb out SE and jump to the W. Go up to the window S and jump over the lowered face into the water.

Once in the water swim to the S and pull up at the nearest place as there are two crocs roaming around. On the island is a floor lever, a rope appears above. Climb up the ledge N and take a jump to the walkway on the W side. Jump to the next and then to the rope. Your goal is those buttons way up on the top ledge. Swing to the S wall and use the ladders there to get to the button (up left). Push it (camera shot of doors) run around to the other side, there is another button, now the door is open. Back to the first button and use the ladder to get in the doors.

Jump over to the ledge left and pull that pushable once onto the tile, then pull it once more (there’s a gate behind it for later). Watch the fly by and then jump to the rope S, swing to the far away corner on the right NW and get the Uzi ammo. Then go down the slope, on jump over in the pool, get out on the island and use the floor lever.

First Gate.

This opens a gate in the NW corner of this pool. Climb out at the S wall and up a ladder W. In the corner is a trigger tile and while standing on it you can see a Timed block moving forward (up NW).

Go up there and on the block push the button, turn around and run jump to the opening in front of you. At the end climb down the ladder and safety drop down to a floor lever. You’ll see another gate opening, go to the water and swim through the opening S and back in the first pool immediately left and left again.

Second Gate.

Get out of the water at the S wall and pull up on the block N. Don’t slide down but do a running jump and grab the ladder to climb up the left hand side. Watch out for the boulder, run off the other side and to the ground floor to use the lever. Jump in the water and swim S, the gate at the other side of the first pool is open now (S).

Third Gate, the Crowbar and the Yaga Star.

Climb out N and up the ladder, grab the Small Medipack and go up N again. Climb the high block at the pool. On the tile where the emitter is, is the Crowbar. Grab it when the fire is out, this opens the door S but all the other emitters starts blowing as well. Jump from the crowbar block to the SE corner and get the Yaga Star from the wall.

The Yaga Idol.

Step out and watch the fly by. Jump the blocks to the open gate at the other side. Jump in the water, climb out and go up the ladder E. Push the pushable to the N, then get the Yaga Idol on the pedestal E.

“I need to return to the river and find the Temple”

Go back to the pushable and through the gate behind it (S). Go down the ramp and jump, swim S and to the left and you’ll get back to the river.

Level 1- River Raider (2).

Swim S, follow through and climb out at the end, a screenshot of where we have to go now, it is back at the start of the level near the hut. Jump in the water and swim straight W, at the corner left and climb out to shoot a soldier. Get into the dingy and go to the S, through the open gate (Or take the dingy if you took it here and just let that soldier be).

Follow all the way through to almost the beginning and when you reach the start, turn around and leave the boat near that ledge on the left. Get the Medipack and crawl in. Get up and once at the top, go right and jump over to the ledge NW to get the Shotgun ammo. Jump back and go crawl into an opening E to get Secret #3, a Small Medipack.

Go W and get into the opening there, place the Yaga Idol to open the gate. Jump down into the water. Save as a fly by starts and a crock comes as well.

In the NE corner is Shotgun ammo, but is it worth your while? If so, climb out at the waterfall N, shoot the croc and get the ammo Shotgun ammo. Swim into the hole in the bottom, follow through and climb out at the ledge straight ahead. A fly by starts.

Level 3 - Yaga Temple, the Guards Keys.

On the bottom of the pool (SW) you can find some Flares, climb up one of the stepped walls on the right and left of the lion statue S and use the 2 jump levers (SE and SW).

The W side lever gives a camera shot of the iron cage that lowers, on the bottom of this upper pool here you can find Uzi ammo. The E side lever makes it possible to get the next secret. Jump around the E wall over the ledges N and find Secret #4, the Uzis where there were flames before.

Get down N to the lower pool and hop E onto the rocks, go E and at the end of the pool left onto the lower rock ledge. Take a curved running jump to the sloped block in the water. Slide and grab the ladder and once up pick up the Guards Keys.

Into the Temple.

A demi god and a Harpy appear S, so shoot them both. A door opens, that door is to the SE and then right (S). Go into the Yaga Temple and at the end are some spiked walls, pass them by jumping on the ledges on the right

Head to the end and then right to the W wall, go N and a bit further on the W wall is a button, use it, the wall starts moving. Roll and jump to the ledge, go behind the wall to the N and find another button on the pillar E, use it and a couple of cages lower at the pool.

Get back to the S, left and climb the blocks at the S wall, jump to the first floor E then go left (N). Almost at the end you can climb up one more floor. Go left and you are overlooking the pool. Go to the W side and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Run down onto the block with the plant standing on the bridge below and get to the other side of it, jump grab up to the ledge NW so you can get to the ledge with the waterfalls N. Make your way to the W and at the end jump up to the left (SW) and get Secret #5, a Small Medipack and Uzi ammo.

Get back and use the blocks with the plants to get to the bridge. Jump from the bridge to a block NW where the last button is. Doors open inside, so jump back to the bridge and then to the block NE to get back inside. Go S and jump over the blocks to the W side of this floor, go N to where the open doors are.

Save just inside. Look up left and spot the slopes. When you go to the end a spiked wall appears, roll, run back SE and jump onto that sloped block as soon as the wall comes close, jump again to land on the hill and slide down behind the wall. Go to the closed door W and a Harpy appears near the hill and after it is killed the door W is open.

Climb down a bit and backflip onto a grey ledge, jump to the S and go to the SW corner of the floor. Drop from the S side to the ledge below and find the jump lever behind the statue N. Go into the opening W and climb to the top S, get the Shotgun and Uzi ammo there. Slide down E and jump into the alcove S, jump and grab the ladder NE. Go around right and back flip to a ledge with a Small Medipack. Up the ladder and left around the pillar to drop to a ledge below.

Grab the Uzi ammo and Save before using the jump lever, watch what happens and shoot all the Harpies. Jump up to grab the ladder again (which may prove a bit hard, jump up first and then hit Ctrl).

Go right around to the ledge again. Jump over to the floor N and go to the receptacle for the Yaga Star E

(The intended route: Jump down E into the water, climb out behind the pillar N and go to the far NW corner where you can climb up to the block and jump to the entrance ladder, up and back flip to the ledge again, jump to the floor S and make your way to the Star receptacle E).

The door on top of the ramp opens up and also a gate in the top of the Temple.

Exit the Temple.

Go up the ramp. Onto the blocks S and up to the first floor E, go N and climb up to the top floor again. This time go right and slide down the left side of the slope. Slide/jump a couple of times till you can get to the small ledge and jump to and fro to the right hand safe block. Jump over to the E and go to a ladder on the E side of the structure. Push the button and watch the cutscene. After grabbing the Golden Vraeus you have to shoot two baddies. Jump into one of the open doors and head N, check the health and drop down into the passage. Go out to the pool.

“I’d better get back to the boat”

Dive in and swim through the tunnel N.

Level 1 – River Raider (3)

Timed Boat Run.

A short cutscene will start and Lara stands at an open gate. The boat is behind you, step through the gate and go right into the hut. Climb up to the ledge and save at the button.

Push the button and run down from the ledge after the flyby, get to the boat fast and run into the boat. Use sprint where possible and keep to the right, follow the river back through that gate and just go straight passing the 2 guards. Right around the corner and into the door at the end. If you don’t make it Lara will die and you’ll have to reload. No way to make a save game for you here as the level will end as soon as you get through the door.