For a Handful of Thistles.

Level by Daffy.

Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

In this level, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the community (“Prager” as most of us came to know it), you can gather 10 thistles. They will give access to a final room. You don’t have to get them all to finish the level, but we advise you to do it...

If you are used to using the up/down arrows to do a roll.. That probably won’t work in this level. No idea why…

There are some Flares along the E wall, Revolver ammo NW and then go to the N wall, push the button and shoot the tiger. Enter the open grate, slide down backwards, grab the edge and safety drop into a corridor.

The Fountain Room, the Revolver.

Go to the fountain room N, into the water and swim E into opening, go left and use the underwater lever, this opens a trapdoor. Get some air at the fountain and now into the opening SW. Another underwater lever all the way in the end, this raises a block under the trapdoor.

Get onto the block and climb higher, find a Revolver, a Small Medipack and a Thistle (#1). Push the button W and drop down into the fountain. Go into the open gate N and left and walk over the pole to the other side to come to the Block Puzzle Tower, watch the fly by of the Key on top, that is your goal.

Push Block Tower, the Blue Key.

Push one of the blocks on the bottom onto the grey tile between the blocks and climb up onto the ledge E (where one of the blocks has to end up). Pull yourself up one floor. On the W side is a lever that will lift the block up, now push the block E and use the lever again so you can push this block onto the raising block S. Jump down and now move the second block on the tile, climb up and use the lever again to get the block up and at the same time the other block will be raised to the floor above you.

Push the new block twice to the E on a wooden trapdoor and leave it there. Climb the ladder, back flip and kill a vulture. Go to the N side and spot the timed lever there, this will raise a trapdoor so you can move the block over it and to the wooden trapdoor W. Leave the block on that trapdoor.

Now before doing anything else, get that Thistle (#2) from the pedestal in the W wall. Make your way to the bottom and use the levers E and W to drop the blocks. Push both blocks onto the marked tiles, this will extinguish the fire all the way on the top of the Tower. Hoist up one floor and get to the ladder for the Blue Key. Get down to the ground floor and use the key on the gate S.

Shoot the pesky chicken in the next room and spot the jump lever on the W wall. Use it and immediately back flip, as a boulder will come down. Go up the stairs, and up the ladder, pull up and do a backflip to let another boulder pass. Use the zip line and let go so you will just drop behind that opening in the wall, Lara will catch fire but when you jump in the water she will be safe.

Pick up a Small Medipack SE and use the underwater lever N. Get out of the water and climb the ladder N. Jump down N and see the hatch in the SW corner is open now. Dive in and swim through to a crawlspace, go left and get Revolver ammo, turn around and get Secret #1, a Golden Dragon from the other end. Swim back out.

The Spiders, the Red and Green Key.

Once on dry land go E into the spider room, a native is waiting there. Climb the ladder SW, go right and use the crack to traverse to the other side. Pick up a Small Medipack, go to the N wall and stand in the middle between the yellow dots. Run jump to the pole and swing to the ledge further on. Again a running jump to the ledge on the E wall and from there another running jump to the central pillar. On the side is a jump lever, so face S and jump off, pulling it. This will release one spider and a very safe way is climb the ladder again and try to shoot it from that ledge. Once it is dead go into the passage W and to the left into the lair and pick up a Red Key (NE).

Go back out and up the ladder but now jump to the ledge behind you (E), the fire is gone (In case you encounter a bug here and the fire is still there, you can use this save). Take a running jump E (watch the low ceiling) and push the button. This releases the other spider. You have to safety drop and it will take some health. Kill it and after it is dead go into its lair and get the Green Key.

Use the Keys.

Go into the spider room and through the now open gate N to the Fountain and use the two keys E. When the door opens, a boulder is coming down. Go up and avoid the next boulder. NE is some Revolver ammo and at the other wall, a Small Medipack. You can either sprint through the popping up spikes or do a runjump when they are just up. Go use both levers at the end. The doors E opens, shoot the tiger and a bat.

Jumping around for the Yellow Key.

Jump to the block E and read: Your guide is the light. The first light is NW so jump there, you have to jump back to the block (no Ctrl) and the next is to the block SE, where you shoot a bat.

Now go S and get Thistle (#3). Jump back and now make your way to the wall E and then a jump to the burning torch on the N wall. Face W and use both poles to get to the other side, get the Revolver ammo and use the lever.

Climb up the ladder and back flip then take a running jump to the poles S and from the breakable platform to the ledge on the wall. Run off W and land in an alcove to use the lever. Go up the ladder and shimmy left and onto the ledge. Now jump the ledges to the E wall, (a trapdoor goes up where the Thistle was, in case you forgot it, you can go down now), then take running jumps to some breakable ones to get into the opening N.

Use the lever and get back out and down onto the raised platform (you can also jump to the ledge SW from the opening). Now jump to the SW and from there again to the other opening N. Use the lever and go back out and jump back. Now jump and grab the tall central pillar and hoist up into the opening.

Get the Flares NE and go to the timed lever S. This opens the door N. Get the Yellow Key and go back out. The gate E is open, at the end of this passage climb down and use the zip line. Go out right to the Fountain and go through the N gate and right. Use the key you have there.

Push Puzzle and Target Shoot, a Blue Key.

Get into another room with more push blocks. Pull all four blocks you find onto the wooden trapdoors and use all the four levers to drop them all down and then jump down and pull them once onto the marked tiles.

If you happened to look down there and the trapdoors are open, just close them again with the levers. When you are pulling them on the marked tiles you get a camera shot of a gate opening up (maybe you went in there already), that one is upstairs right opposite the entrance. Climb back up to the ground floor.

Go to the NW corner and use the lever there again, jump into the opening, behind the crawlspace is Secret #2, a Golden Dragon. Turn around and push the block once to open the trapdoor again. Get out and now go opposite the entrance (S) and into the now open gate to get the Revolver ammo and Laser Sight. You have to shoot four balls in the puzzle room.

One is right out side on the W wall up, turn around and spot #2 E and up. The next on is in the N wall left and the last is N wall right. When standing in the SE and SW corner you can shoot two at a time, a trapdoor opens up. Go back to the room opposite the entrance and now climb the ladder. Shoot the native and two tigers.

Get Revolver ammo NW, Flares SW, the Thistle (#4), SE and the Blue Key where the native dropped it and use that Key to open the double doors N. Go down the stairs and in the NW find four push blocks, put them on the tiles and the gates will open up. The clue is on the wall near the blocks, the position is given seen from the wall torches.

NW-pull once, SW-pull twice, NE-pull once, SE-pull twice.

The Pit and the Torch.

Go through and shoot the two vultures. SE are some Flares and NE is a lever. Go W and down the ladder.

First stand on the timed trigger tile and take a running jump to the trapdoor on the other side and push the button. You fall down and a tiger attacks. There is a Medipack E (under the hatch) and Flares near the W wall. Go to the NW corner and get Thistle (#5), then go to the dry piece of floor E and place your feet on the feet there. Back flip and keep jumping and grab the last ledge. Go W and get the Torch.

Go outside, up the stairs and ignite the Torch on one of the fire piles (stand in the middle of the block). Back down to the pit, go to the W and stand on top of the ladder a bit to the right and save your game. Use the 1 key and hopefully the torch falls down on that ledge. Climb down, pick up the Torch and ignite both wall torches left and right. Leave the Torch here.

Up the ladder again (or up the jumps E) and go into the open gate E and use the pole to get over the poisonous water. Climb up on the left and swing over the pole to the other side. Use the crack in the S wall to shimmy around left and kill the spider and a bat.

Find the crawlspace behind one of the hides SE and pick up Secret #3, a Golden Dragon. Back out and to the SW, pick up the Flares S before you go down the opening in the floor. Use the button there and get out again. Get to the crack and shimmy right, then jump down, grab some Flares on that ledge. Use the pole to get back to the E side. Jump to the ladder S and climb up.

Use the zip line to the end, pick up a Large Medipack and Revolver ammo SE. Shoot the barrier, get in and scoot to the right avoiding a boulder. Go back out and take a back flip to the slope where the boulder was and find Secret #4, a Golden Dragon. Back to the E and watch the flyby.

Go in; kill two natives and one crock in the pool. Get a Medipack in the SW corner of the pool, Flares in NE corner and climb out there to pick up the Thistle (#6). Along the E wall is a block with 2 Timed levers. (It makes no difference which one you do first).

S Side:

The one lever when facing S opens the gate in the S wall. Get in there and avoid the fire emitters by jumping over them, crawl under the next fire emitters around the corner and push the button to open the trapdoor behind you. Climb in facing N, let go and grab into a crawlspace. At the end you can get Secret #5, a Golden Dragon.

Back out and drop into the water. Swim further and up. Save and run behind the right hand side swinging block, quickly duck and you should be on the other side with some health loss. When you go over the marked tile on the ground a block at the back goes up, climb on it and turn around and jump to the jump lever on the N wall (a raising block goes up at the pool). Trigger the block again by stepping on the trigger tile E and climb back over the wall to the S side of the room. Jump in the water, swim N over a timed trigger tile, a gate opens and you are back at the pool.

N Side:

Go back to the block with the timed levers and now use the one facing N. Run to the gate in the N wall. Stop right there… and look up to the ceiling (clue to the safe path) so you know where to put your feet down as there are hidden spikes in the floor. First get the Flares SE, then turn back and around the other side.

Use the button E and jump into the trapdoor, get Revolver ammo and hoist up. Get out the Revolver and the Sight and shoot the 3 balls S. Climb the block and use the jump lever W to lower a block at the pool.

The turn left and run to the corner and then to the E wall for a Small Medipack. Get back to the corner and into the water, follow through over a timed trigger tile and you end up in the pool again. Turn W and on that central structure is an underwater lever. This will lower a block, but also releases another crock, better climb out and kill it.

Get the blocks in place.

Climb up the central structure from the block with the timed levers and push one block onto the W (red) trapdoor. Jump in the water and swim W, into the opening in the central structure. Swim to the left (red) and use that lever, the block drops down. Pull and push it to the marked tile S. Climb up again and now take the other block and push it on the E (yellow) trapdoor. Back in the water and to the opening and use the right hand (yellow) underwater lever. Get out and push/pull the block on the marked tile S.

Another Blue Key.

The gate E opens so go there. Go in and jump down, shoot some bats and find some Flares and a Large Medipack in the alcoves left. In the SE corner is a Thistle (#7). Pull the lever, which will raise a trapdoor up S.

Go back to the entrance and take a running jump to swing the poles. At the end go to the E wall and take from there a running jump N, grab the end and hoist up, just slide down, hop down and use the lever. This will stop the spikes, get up and jump N, then jump up left (W) and then jump SE to the lever that was protected by spikes.

Jump then down NE and another jump N, climb down the ladder and pick up the Blue Key. Back up the ladder and standjump down S, hop back doing a safety drop and you can use your key there.

Boulder Alley.

The next room is full of boulders so better take it slow (there are several ways to go through this room, this is how it was intended). Let the first one stop then stand left and runjump in, run a bit and jump onto the higher ledge in the back. Go right and jump over the pit, one more to get to the lever. Use it to open a gate and immediately side jump left as another boulder comes down. Jump back E and go left around to where the gate opened.

Quickly hop back to let yet another boulder pass. Pick up some Revolver ammo S, go in N and jump E over the boulder. Stand at the white line, hop back and run jump to use the pole to get to the other side and use the monkey climb to go back to the jump lever W. Use the poles again and at the end the gate on the left is open. Crawl under the knifes and pick up a Large Medipack. Use the button, shoot a tiger and pick up Flares just around the corner.

Push Block Frenzy.

Up in the NE corner is a ball, shoot it and a block goes down. NE is some Revolver ammo if you need it. There is a second ball SW to ignite a wall scone.

E are some Torches, throw all the Torches off the raising block, pull the block onto the raising block and do the block near the W wall too. One of the blocks in the middle of the room can also be put on the raising block. Now grab a Torch and ignite it E and then go ignite a wall torch (SE). Drop the Torch for a bit and use the lever inside, a block goes up along the N side. Pick up the Torch again and go jump one floor up with the Torch. Shoot the tiger. Ignite all 4 pots and throw the Torch away. Retrieve the Thistle (#8) SE and some Flares that are at the SW end. There are two tigers below, best shoot them from up here and then go down. (In case you didn’t yet: push the block W and E on a tile. And one of the middle blocks on the tile next to it).

NE is another lever; this raises one of the blocks. Now use lever NW and the second block goes up. Go up and push both blocks onto the marked tiles. Two trapdoors go up as well. A lever in the S wall is revealed (ground floor), use it and go up, push the block to the S this time. Get down use the lever S again and push the last block the raising block, use lever and climb up and put the last one on its tile.

The gate W opens. Use the binoculars and look at the floor and follow the path under the transparent floor. The gate W closes if you get it wrong. Throw some flares on the floor to make it easier. If you need Flares, first go to the far left corner, go back out to open that gate again and then follow the path.

Use the zip line and at the end shoot some bats. Go N and into a crawlspace there, get the last Secret #6, a Golden Dragon. Get out and get the Red Key from the floor.

Get the Revolver ammo S and go up the ramp left for the Thistle (#9). Back down and W and use the pole to walk back. Back at the pit, shoot the 2 natives and go down the stairs N to use the key for the doors.

The last Thistle (#10) is in the SE corner. When you pick it up the gate E opens up and you could leave. But, if you have all 10 Thistles, it will be worth it to use them and go into the room W. There are some nice presents. You can take those with you and go through the gate E to bring them to M. Prager as the author suggests J