Level by Aza.

A tribute to Bedazzled.

Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

The First Salvation Gem.

Go straight and at the water edge take a right to get some Flares in the SE corner first. Turn around and head W; keep going and Lara will look in a certain direction. So jump to a small island and from there to the SW. Then go to the alcove in the wall right (W).

Grab up right (N) and hoist up, keep jumping till you are on a flat area, immediately run into the corner and jump grab up to the ladder, go a step higher if possible (A boulder will come down; you can either jump to the ladder straight in front and avoid it by climbing up a bit or jump down and get out of the way of the boulder).

Either way; go up W and at the end pick up some Flares.

Go down and take the first on the left (N). You get outside way on top. Now go N (not in the hole but stay on the ledge) and jump to the higher ledge N.

Another jump N and now look to the left (NW) and jump to that small opening in the rocks. Follow through around the corner and use the monkey swing to get to the other side. At the end let go and grab the ledge and go in and around the corner is a lever. A rope will appear. Go back, running out and grabbing the monkey swing, go around and jump back SE to the ledge.

Next jump straight (E) and jump to grab the pillar. Hang a bit right of the middle and pull up over. Slide jump, slide and jump till you are safe on the N wall ledge. Turn right and jump to the ladder, shimmy around two corners.

Push the cage there forwards and then push it down from the ledge (E) onto the block in the water below. Just leave that cage for what it is, go to the SW corner and jump to the rope there.

Swing to the ledge with another cage but don’t touch the cage. Instead face W and jump to the slanted ledge there, jump again with a bit of a left curve so you can grab the ladder on the wall around that corner.

Climb up and around the corner right into an opening. Follow through, and around the corner look up and grab up to the passage above. Take the first passage to the right (E) and pick up the First Salvation Gem. You’ll hear a gate opening. Retrace your steps (go left), jump down and the gate N is gone. Jump down and push the cage from the ledge.

Safety drop down onto the cage, jump to the floor S and go around to the NE corner, take the cage from the  E wall and push it out to the water edge and jump on the cage you dropped first. Look E and a running jump to use the jump lever, as that will disable spikes on ledges in the water.

Back onto the dropped cage and jump to the ledge SW. To avoid the burner and also not to trigger some spikes on next ledges, you could jump straight W onto that slanted block, grab it and do a back flip/ roll to grab the spike ledge. Jump to the cage W and climb it, from there, jump to the wide ledge W and use the two levers to open the doors W. Take a running jump (no Ctrl) to the stairs W and pick up 2 Large Medipacks left and right before you enter the open doors.

The Demonic Head.

Go left (S) and safety drop down in the corner. Then jump into that passage SW. Turn around and again a running jump, but now to the NW, that ledge between the pillars.

Now you can jump to the middle structure and kill the Demon there (be careful he doesn’t push you through the bars). Grab the Demonic Head and jump back to the ledge S. Face S and spot the ledge behind that pillar on the right, take a running jump there. Use the jump lever (up N), this extinguishes the fire on the tile down and right at the deadly water.

Run off W aiming for the slope below and slide and curve to the right to end up on the tile. Turn around and take a running jump SW. At the end time the jump to the block with the flame emitter and shimmy to the right till you can pull up.

Take either a curved running jump or slide and jump/grab the ledge N. Around the corner take the two swinging poles and grab the ladder at the end. Climb up and go left into the passage. Pick up some Flares half way through, and continue up. Jump out left at the end (E) and climb the ladder on the wall, over the spikes into a passage.

At the end of this passage, safety drop and grab the edge; let go and immediately jump up and grab the monkey climb. Go straight around a corner to the right, and take a left and again a left and drop down safe between the fences. Now grab up over the slope W. Slide/jump and slide again jump and now slide and jump with a left curve, and last one with a right curve to a safe spot.

Now jump to the passage next to that head (NW) push the cage in (you see the head sliding), pick up the Shotgun ammo and jump back to the ledge outside. Put the Demonic head in its slot and jump over to the S, as the door there is open now

(In case you forgot to bring the Demonic head with you, use the ledge down N to drop to the platform where the Demon was).

Jump into the water at the end (watch out water is sort of deadly if you stay in it too long) swim through and up and climb out to the right. Now quickly make your way through this small channel to the far end. In the water along the W wall there is an opening in the bottom. Swim in and up and pull out. Go W and the door will open.

Timed Run for the Second Salvation Gem.

Near the W wall is a timed lever. (Hit “look” as you pull the lever to get out of the camera) You have to run/jump around the pool to the opening in the SE and jump the three blocks (in one fluent jumping sequence) to an open gate at the end (Save -Video).

Jump up E and down again and grab the jump lever at the end. Swim to the ledge SW and get out. To get the secret, jump back over the blocks to the one in front of the gate. Hang from the side and shimmy around to a jump lever, use it and swim back SW to climb out.

Go back through the passage and a gate opened to the right, pick up Secret #1, a Large Medipack. Coming back to the first pool, climb the middle block on this side of the pool, turn E and jump to grab the edge of the rocks, pull up and back flip. Go get a Small Medipack S and drop down.

Now go to the SW corner and into the passage left there, get the Second Salvation Gem. Get out and go to the N, down the stairs and enter a room full of levers.

Deadly Levers.

There are levers that trigger a boulder and a wraith, if you picked those, run back outside and up the steps and jump in the far way corner of the pool so you won’t spike yourself. Better not use those levers. There are four to levers that won’t trigger a boulder (the clue is on the ceiling above the levers).

Go to the closest levers near the S wall get the Shotgun ammo left of that pillar and use the #1 lever while facing S. Then go straight W and use the #2 lever facing W.

Then go N and use the #3 lever facing N.

Go NE and use the #4 lever while facing E. The door W is open now.

For a pick up, go to the SW corner and face N and pull up, turn and jump to the ladder and climb up and around the corner. Pick up a Medipack halfway down that ledge.

Get back to the W end and jump N to the ledge left of the boulder. Get onto the arch W and to the N end. Stand on the right and take a running jump and grab a crack in the N wall, shimmy right till you can get into a crawlspace for Shotgun ammo and Secret #2, the Shotgun.

Shimmy back to the left and drop down to a block below and into the open door W.

The Hag Queen.

The queen of the sea hags is presiding in this room and she is deadly. Run straight to the left and pick up the Revolver and some Revolver ammo (ran out of ammo? Then this is the place to remember, because the ammo will reappear if you run out).

Stand back far enough so the queen can’t see you and take a running jump to the SW and land on a ledge there. Inside is a keyhole near a gate. Turn around, stand against the left wall and run back out, curve right and jump to the pillar S, jump to the next one S. Now twice to the E and quickly get down on the ladder behind that pillar (the pillars under the bridge is quite safe).

The minute you are on the ground run to the NW and get onto the block with a fire basket on it. Here you are safe for the sea hags. Duck and grab the Large Medipack.

The Gate Key.

There is a Flare pick up in the W cave. Then go to the S and into the water cave and between those two stick with skulls SE, you can crawl through. Run to the left and shoot the two snakes that appear. Pick up the Demonic Head that the one snake leaves behind. Go back to the room with the queen. Go E and crawl through and in the room go E, hoist up and place the Demonic Head. You'll see a gate opening up, back to the water cave, crawl through and go left (E)

Climb on all four corners; take the SE corner as last. This SE corner has no fence, so you can get into the middle section. If Lara catches fire jump into the openings in the floor, they are filled with water. Get the Gate Key from the pedestal and get out and back to the main hall (W). Go to the ladder and jump from pillar to pillar to the NW corner, avoiding the bolts the Queen throws at you.

The Torch for the Laser sight.

Use the gate Key and proceed, go left and into the water. Swim to the left or right and get some air, swim to the S wall and wade up onto the steep bottom. Climb up S and use the lever to stop a burner at a jump lever. Back in the water and swim back through the opening S, back through the passage S and spot the jump lever up on the E wall near that closed gate. One of four doors at the lake opens up.

Back in the water, swim left or right and keep swimming to the other side and climb out. Get into the open door. Go right at the water and look up to see a jump lever on the wall facing W (opens another door outside). Jump to the NW and push the cage into the water (#1 for the secret, 4 cages in the water will open the door to the secret). Pick up a Torch, and use the crate to get to the floor E, jump to the ramp S and go outside.

Ignite the Torch outside and ignite the wall torch W. Go through the door with the Torch up some ramps and once you are in the room throw it somewhere you can retrieve it. Shoot the three Demons and the two harpies and retrieve a Jerry-can that is near the N wall. Empty the Jerry-can into the bowl. Retrieve the Torch and set fire to the gas in the bowl. If you however forgot the Torch there is an opening way up in the S wall so you can go back and get another Torch.

You can drop the Torch now and jump onto the block with the green light, as the cage is gone. You’ll be teleported outside, pick up the Laser sight.

For a secret we go back to the N as another door opened when you used the jump lever before. Get in, climb the ladder and off to the right. There are three push able cages here, two in the first lower passage and one in the second. Push the 3 cages down and safety drop to the ground floor. Push all the cages into the water trench. This opens the last door outside. Get Secret #3, a Large Medipack.

Go back to the pool and swim out S, back to the corridor and the gate E is now open. Stand behind that half block and get the Revolver and Laser sight and shoot at the eyes of the Queen (safer is to run into the passage N and stand further back to the Queen doesn’t fire at you, could take a bit longer though). You can jump to that iron walkway but be careful, as the tiles with the skulls are deadly.

Jump over the first two tiles, then jump to the left hand walkway and immediately hang as a boulder will come tumbling down. Back up and jump to the S walkway. From there jump over the skull to the safe ledge and use the two Salvation Gems. Enter the door and the level ends.