The Hidden Garden Levels.

Levels by Jon Heywood (Inchdix) Revised version.

Authorized walkthrough by D&G Productions.


Note: Sometimes savegames can crash on restarting the game even though they worked perfectly before. If this occurs, try disconnecting from the Internet and that should solve the problem.

 We will not mention most of the enemies, to keep an element of surprise.

1-Hidden Garden 2-Emerald Lakes 3-Firewalk 4-Serpentine Gorge 5-Obsidian Heights 6-Serpentine Lair

Level 1, Hidden Garden (hub level).

The Temple Key.

Step out of the passage and look for the Small Medipack close by to the right. Leave the monkeys in peace and head into a cave NW, down the steps and left into the small passage, stop when you see the hole in the ceiling. Turn around and climb the ladder there, backflip from the top and get Secret #1, Arrows, Flares and a Large Medipack. Saw the Boulder did you? Get back down and look into the passage, run and jump over the pit to get to the other side.

Climb the ladder on the left and go through the passage to a room where a gate opens in the opposite wall, it is booby trapped and triggered at the entrance to the room, but will close when you step into the lower part of the floor. First go check this room to get the Flares, Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack. Go back to the entrance to open the gate again and Run along the side of the room to get through the gate.

You’ll end up at a pit (going down the pit you’ll slide back to the boulder passage, but you will get some Flares), jump over the pit and go out to a rock ledge.

Go W and see some Flares on a tree to the left. Jump there from the higher spot and then jump to the branch E, from there to the roof E and go into the passage N to use the lever, a gate opens up somewhere. Ignore the branches and jump directly back to the ledge you came from, continue W and jump to the ledge around the corner, to the next and then to the roof. Jump to the tree S and hop to the next branch to get the Shotgun ammo.

Jump SE to the next tree and close to the trunk you can grab up to the branch above (face S on the higher part). Head N for the Revolver ammo, go W and jump SW. From there into the opening S to get the Temple Key. Safety drop from the end of the ledge, kill the beast and head N.

The First Trident.

There’s a structure on the W side of the Garden Square, enter and go down the tunnel, a flyby takes over. Go further down and jump over the pit, hop back and grab the edge, hand as far right as possible and drop, slide and backflip to a ledge. Hop E over the slope and throw the lever there to open a gate. Hop back over the slope and from the ledge a running jump SW to the far left corner of the central ledge, slide and jump to the ledge across the lava. Jump S to where the gate opened. Go left through the crawlspace and use another lever to open the gate there, go out and into the room E where you will find the First Trident, Arrows NE, Flares SE, a Small Medipack SW and that’s it. Go back into the crawlspace with the lever, take a left and go up the ladder there to backflip to a tunnel. Follow through and get back to that Gate (Red) at the pit. Jump back E over the pit and follow back up to the Garden Square.

The Second Trident.

Go straight across and into the building E, just left of the big Gate (Blue) is a small open gate (opened before by the lever on the roof). Go in and come to room with a pool, dive in and use the underwater lever. Climb back out and enter the open gate, turn right at the crossing and jump over the pit to get the Large Medipack. Jump back and go down the other end, time the burner and run to the pedestal to get the Second Trident. Hop back quickly and return to the Garden Square.

Go straight W and turn left to that big tree standing near the edge of a canyon. Walk to the edge of the canyon there, down below is a part of a broken stone bridge. Slide down backwards, grab the edge and safety drop down.

The Torch and a Crossbow.

Run N off that bridge and you are in front of an opening in the wall, follow through to where some gates open up. Enter the pool room, go left up the steps and look up in that hole in the ceiling. Use the jump lever there to open a gate in the N wall of the pool room.

(Left of you is a ladder, don’t go up, that’s a shortcut back up to the Garden Square in case you forgot something, although there’s another route back up to the square)

Go through the open gate N of the pool and in the hall take a left to get Arrows from that room, then go to the room N. Pick up a Small Medipack left and use the big button on the wall to ignite an oil lamp. Out again and into the room E, find some Arrows and the Torch and ignite the Torch on the oil lamp in the hall. Go out to the pool room and ignite the 2 oil lamps E, drop the Torch and go inside. Grab Secret #2, the Crossbow and shoot one of the vases to get the Arrows from it. Leave S, back out to the canyon with the broken bridge.

To the Temple.

Go into the opening W and to a small room with a fountain, pick up the Small Medipack to the right and hop into the pool, all the way down and into a narrow tunnel E for some Revolver ammo. Get back out, take a left and follow the ramps up to where you can place the Temple Key. Enter the open gate and use the lever to open the gates to the Temple.

The room below seems to be for later, so go out and into the big Gates.

Go to the Neptune statues S and to the S wall there, step off the grated floor and get under it to go for a Large Medipack. Return to the statues and place the 2 Tridents. The following flyby will show the canyon flooded and ends at a vertical shaft. Shoot the 2 Beasts and enter the open gate N to grab the Arrows there, the other room has a small medipack. Go out of the Temple NE, dive into the water below.

The Lake Keys.

Look down S and just right of the submerged stairs S is a dark tunnel, dive down and swim through. Walk out and climb up left into a crawlspace, follow through to a large room with pillars and ladders. Jump to that pillar in front and a bit left, pull up over, slide and jump to grab the ladder in front (do not shimmy right away as the ladder is a bit buggy). Go right around the corner, back flip to a ledge. Hang from the side and climb to the other side of that pillar, jump to the pillar NW and then to the stairs. Go get the First Lake Key from that room.

A Torch for a Lasersight.

Grab the Torch in that room and jump out to the pillar, stand in the middle and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on the pillar. Look down W and stand jump down to the pillar below, get into the opening N and use the lever there to ignite an oil lamp near where the Torch is. Jump S from the pillar to the ladder, go up and jump to the Torch, take it and jump into that passage N. Ignite the Torch, jump from that passage to the stairs SW and ignite the two oil lamps in the back of the room with the pedestal. A gate opens at the lava level. Drop the Torch, jump out to the pillar again and down to the slanted block W (at the lever).

Make your way SE over the ledges to the gate you opened and go in carefully. Step down to the lower ledge, face E and back flip to a slanted rock, jump and grab the monkey bars, turn around and go all the way to the other end to get Secret #3, the Lasersight. Go back along the monkey bars, to the end where you will drop back to the ledge. Step out of the gate, stand as far left as possible and jump with a grab to land on the pillar in front of you. Jump to the ladder and go up, make your way to the passage NW and follow through to where you slide into the entrance passage. This time go N, out of the crawlspace and back into the water. Swim back to the flooded canyon.

The Second Lake Key.

Swim to the broken bridge N, under the bridge and swim into the passage you’ve entered when the place was still dry, follow through and go up in the large room. In the middle of the ceiling is a breathing hole. Dive down, get a Large Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Turn S and swim into a passage you see there (near the ceiling), follow through and behind the pillar in the end room is the Second Lake Key. In the ceiling is a breathing hole and in one of the corners (SW) are some Flares. Swim back to the large room, exit through the open gates S and get back to the canyon. Take a left, swim to the big Gates and up in a hole left of the gates, climb out and use the Lake Keys there. The big Gates open up, so swim down and left, follow through and the current will take you.

(We’ll be back)


Level 2, Emerald Lakes.

Swim straight into a larger cave with a shark, go up W into the hole in the ceiling (where the bubbles are) and get out, equip the Crossbow with the Lasersight and shoot that shark when possible. There are more Arrows in an alcove up N (a screen of a jump lever and behind the gate is a Trident) and some Flares on the floor. The gate remains closed for now.

Opening up some Gates to the First Trident.

Dive back in, swim W from the hole and come to a grey wall, go right into the tunnel and keep going left. Up left at the fence and you’ll end up in a short tunnel with another underwater lever (screen of a water hole). Swim back, keep going right around the grey wall and end up in a large room and get to the breathing hole in the ceiling above the entrance.

Turn N, swim down and get the Uzi ammo. Now swim down S, to a lower level and into the narrow tunnel in the stone green building (E side near the bottom). Up is a grate, down is another underwater lever (gate opens nearby)…You can do this in one go or go back for air first. Swim back up, out of the small opening and N of the structure is the open gate, follow through and up slowly till you are in a grey cave, look on the E wall and use the underwater lever there (trapdoor opens).

Swim up into the ceiling and the current takes you away. Wade out of the water and follow through, it brings you back into the larger room. Swim S to the stone green building again and around to the back (W side), up into a shaft and get out into a room with a lever. Throw the lever to see an underwater gate open up in the green structure and behind the fence you can see a room with a Trident. Dive back into the water, swim to the S side of the green structure and into the large opening. Go up and into the opening S, follow through and climb out in the room behind the fence. Make your choice out of the goodies, as taking one will make the others inaccessible (I picked the Revolver ammo). Only then go get the First Trident.

Make your way back out of the green structure, swim up NE and then N into the tunnel at the bottom and follow back (keep right) to the first cave, to get air. Swim down E, turn right and follow to a room with a grey ledge on the bottom. Over that ledge is an opening in the ceiling of which you saw a screen before, go up and climb out. Get the Shotgun ammo and go down S, follow through a crawlspace to the lever and throw it to open a gate in a room we go to later. Get back to the water.

Face SW and swim down; follow the tunnel to an underwater lever. Throw it to open a gate and swim back the way you came, go get air in the breathing hole of the first cave.

The Second Trident.

Dive down E, turn left and down the tunnel to the gate you just opened. Swim through to a high room and go up for air, the opened underwater gate is in the S wall. Swim up the steps and pick up some Flares in the first room. Face W and use the jump lever there to open a gate to the Trident behind the fence S. Go NW and save when you come to the top of the high room and then sprint down the next passage, release sprint so you can immediately run right (left on the screen) to a safe spot. Pick up the Small Medipack and wait for the boulder to disarm some of the Blades.

A Torch for a Secret.

Continue with care to trigger more Blades and come to a stair with burners, in the corner of that room is some Uzi ammo. Time the burners to get upstairs and climb the pole from facing SE, carefully time that circular Blade and watch your health. Back flip onto the floor, get the Large Medipack from the corner and use the lever (stops a burner at a gate below the grate). On the floor is a Torch, pick it up and throw it down the hole at the pole. Go up the pole once more and back flip into a secret room to get Secret #1(4) , Arrows, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack. Throw the lever to lift a gate near a bridge (Shotgun Secret).

Get down along the pole and pick up the Torch, well get to that gate W later. Go down the stairs again taking the Torch with you, follow the passage back over the boulder to the top of the high room and left is a burning scone, ignite the Torch there. Go back down the boulder slope and ignite the two oil baskets.

An underwater gate now opened in the bottom of the high room. Drop the Torch, go to the edge of the floor and dive into the pit where a trapdoor opened. Follow through and find an Emerald Gem in the passage (screen of a gate we saw before).

The Second Trident.

Swim up E to the high room, into the tunnel NE and follow back to the first cave, into the breathing hole. Climb out and climb up N to get the Second Trident. Get down, open the gate E with the Gem and go in for Secret #2(5), Flares, Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack. Make your way back, swim E, left and left again. Up in the high room and into the open gate in the S wall. Go up the steps and follow through to the gate with the burner in front, time it and jump up to the alcove (if the fire in that alcove is still there, you may have to go up the pole again to the lever on the first floor and use it again).

Use the lever in the alcove to open the gate to the Neptune room. Place a Trident on the statue NE and one SW; watch the flyby and dive into the water below. Swim into the tunnel underneath that underwater lever (E) and at the crossing go right to get to a Small Medipack, roll and keep swimming right around corners to get to a room with air in the ceiling. Climb out there to pick up Revolver ammo, dive back in and in a hole in the floor is another Small Medipack. No need for us to explore further, another tunnel leading from this room brings to where you got the Emerald Gem before (shortcut for the Secrets maybe).

So swim into the tunnel NW again and follow straight back to the Neptune room, roll to use the underwater lever E and go down the hole in the bottom.

The Emerald Key.

Once in the large room, swim to the right to climb out at the big gates, shoot the two sharks and swim behind that green structure SW, swim inside, down and time the spikes to get through. Go up and turn around to get the Large Medipack there, roll and swim up to the next room. Now go E and left up the stairs, get a Small Medipack in the room above and throw two levers next to the stairs to lower a block in the vase room. Go down the stairs again and left into the vase room, climb the block in the middle of the room and grab up to the ladder W.

Upstairs is the Emerald Key, but when you pick it up the entrance gate to the vase room closes up. Get down to the block and jump off, get ready to fight the two beasts and when they are dead, visit the room SW to get 2x Shotgun ammo and throw the lever in that room to re-open the entrance gate. Go out and to the SE, get a Small Medipack near the vase and enter the room S, get another Small Medipack. Go out and into the crawlspace at the E wall, stand up and climb up E to get 2x Uzi Ammo.

To The First Dragon Mask.

Leave the vase room, go straight W and hop up to the gate N and open it with the lever to get a shortcut. Dive into the water and swim around the green structure to climb out at the back to the receptacle for the Key, place the Key and the burners on the pillars up in this room will be gone as well as opening a gate.

Go back into the shortcut (gate S), head right (E) and left up the stairs. Into the gate NE and get the Shotgun ammo from the indentation in the floor. Follow through to the suspended bridge, jump to the bridge and run straight into a gate you opened at the previous secret to get Secret #3(6), the Shotgun. Now go back and jump to the rope S, swing over to the platform and get the First Dragon Mask.

The Horsemen Rooms.

Look down N and see the big gates opened up, get in there and a block with levers will catch fire. Go left to the SW ramp, shoot the Horseman and there’s no need to shoot that vase. Go up the stairs (W) and on top use a lever, a gate opens (but not here), so go back downstairs and turn left to run past the archways north. Turn left just beyond them and run up the NW ramp. Shoot the beast and pick up some Uzi ammo in the SW corner and then go into the room N to get the Arrows.

Go over toward the east side of the hall, on the NE ramp you’ll have to shoot a Horseman. The vase holds some Revolver ammo, then go up the stairs in the NE corner. There's another lever at the end for you to pull, and you hear the sound of a gate opening (but not here). Go back downstairs and into the SE opening to your left right after coming down on the stairs. In that dark room is an opening to your right. Get in and crawl until you can stand up. Walk to the edge of the hole ahead and you can see the jump switch up on the wall (W). Take a standing jump and grab to activate the jump switch; then pick up the Arrows from the bottom.

The First Emerald Key.

Climb up the north wall, climb right and drop back into the same passage. Crawl back and go back to the stairs NE. Go back up the stairs and the gate near the lever is now open. Kill the horseman and pick up the Emerald Key he drops. Go S from the walkway into a small room south with a pole. Climb the pole, past a rotating blade, and back flip into the room. Go into the opening N, follow through to a room with a lever. Use it and a gate opens, go back the same way you came here and get back to the hall all the way down.

The Horseman, the Second Emerald Key, the First Lever.

Go to the far SE corner near the entrance and use the ladder to climb up to the passage. Go through and save after the Horseman got on the horse. Drop down into the room below and keep hopping around backwards while shooting. Watch out for the spiked pit (Save). Pick up the Second Emerald Key and the Small Medipack NE. Go into the SE section of the room and throw the lever to see the first burner on the gold block (it will have an interval now).

The Gold Burner Block.

Go back out to the ladder and down to the hall, the burner on the S side of the gold block can now be used if you time it right and back flip away (changes the burner N). Now you can do the N lever, the one W and finally the one E.

A Gate will be opened on the walkway above, so go up the SW ramp, up the stairs to the walkway and that door is N from the walkway, in there are big Gates and an opening W. Jump over to the W, follow the stairs all the way up and jump into the alcove N, turn around and spot the jump lever you have to use. Jump back to the stairs and go to the gate you opened SE, follow through to get to the top of the hall.

Jump over to the roof N and get a Small Medipack NW, walk back to the S end of this roof, drop to the grated floor below and place one Emerald Key there. Climb back up, go S and get 2x Uzi ammo SW/SE from the roof. Place the second Emerald Key on the grated walkway and a cut scene shows the big Gates opened up, but also some pickups.

Back up to the central walkway, out W and down the steps, jump back over to the E and you could leave now through the big gates. However, if you want more pickups, go out S to the walkway, out W down the stairs and to the hall all the way to the ground floor. Go to the far NE ramp, go right at the stairs. Into that dark room and into the opening on the right, crawl through and jump with a grab over the hole. Crawl to get Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack, a camera shows spikes go down in the horseman room. There’s another important pick up, so go out the gate in front and left to the hall. Up the ladder in the far SE corner to get back to the horseman room and get Secret #4(7), the Revolver from the pit (don’t jump in the wrong pit). Make your way back to the hall, up the SW ramp and up the stairs into the N opening at the walkway. Through the big gates and up the ramp carefully, shoot the beast and go get the Fire Key from the pedestal. The trapdoor opens N, drop in and just slide…

Hidden gardens Interlude 1.

You are on a roof in the Garden (have a look at the next paragraph), jump S to the rock ledge and slide down from the W side. Go over to the building NW (W wall) and down the steps, jump over the pit and take a right and go to the gates. Open them with the Fire Key and go in….

Previous part with a detour for additional pickups:  After sliding onto the roof, jump S, then follow the ledges to the far SE building, grab the Shotgun ammo and then grab a crack in the rocks SW, shimmy right and drop in an alcove. Jump NW twice, then into the alcove SW to get the Arrows. Hop down into the canyon and go NW to the building we visited before. Down the steps, jump over the pit and take a right and go to the gates. Open them with the Fire Key and go in….

Level 3, Firewalk.

Slide and jump with a roll to slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy to the left side. Drop and grab the ridge below, shimmy right around and drop. Throw the lever there to open a nearby gate. Hop backwards, grab the edge after sliding down and drop to the path below, go in and claim Secret #1(8), the Uzis after using the monkey bars. Be careful when going back, burners started on the monkey bars. Back at the lava pit you can climb the ladder on the right and slide over the top of the pillar, jump to the next slide and just slide down to a safe spot.

Stand at the edge of the lava pit, under the monkey bars and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the monkey bars. Time the burners to get to the other side and drop, immediately run forward and start shooting. In the middle of the Main Hall on the grate is Shotgun ammo. Walk down the ramp to the water and shoot the crocs.

The Lava Chamber, opening up some Gates.

Head S and into a wide passage of a Lava room. Jump to the pillar to the slanted pillar SW. Grab the edge and hang in the middle, pull up and back flip with roll to grab a jump lever. You will drop through the Lava into a cave. Swim N and left to that ledge with the Small Medipack, go on straight (W) and up through the opening in the ceiling in the end. Roll and swim E then swim left in the end to get back to the large flooded room. Go up to that grating and climb onto the ramp to shoot another croc behind you.

Head back to the Lava Chamber S and just before you reach the lava, turn right into an open gate and follow to a lever. Throw it and watch how several big Gates open up. Look through the fence E and spot the Small Medipack, you may need it, so go back and turn right to the lava. Jump W to the rock ledges and go up to the highest point W, from there you can reach the ledge with the Small Medipack with a run jump. To get back, stand on the most NE tip of this ledge and jump back to the flat rocks NE, make it back to the entrance and go to the Main Hall.

Gates NE, Firewalk for the Flame Star.

Go through the open gates NE and come to a room with changing floor tiles.
There’s a pedestal on fire across the room, you have to step on the 5 Star tiles to get the fire out. That’s not too hard, the first ledges left and right ate solid, so stand there and do one or two of the Star tiles in one go. Just fall through into the pool below and get out SW to do the rest. After the fire on the pedestal went out you can worry about getting there. Aim for the left or right lower side and time the jumps.

I went to the solid ledge against the W wall and waited till this situation (screenshot) was visible, run onto the first tile and jump, then a running jump and jump onto the ledge ahead (Video - Save). Grab the Flame Star from the pedestal and dive into the pool where a gate opened S. Go in and use the underwater lever on the N wall. Now a trapdoor opened in the bottom of the pool, but first go up for air.

There’s a Secret in the next part, it depends on which tunnel you take (they both lead back to the Main Hall). Dive into the trapdoor a bit, turn S and swim into a narrow gap, follow through and get Secret #2(9), 2x Uzi Ammo from the indentations on the bottom. You can leave W and follow the narrow tunnel to the pool in the Main Hall, swim left (E) and get a Small Medipack in the end, roll and swim back along the ceiling till you see a hole above. Get through and swim E again to turn right into the Main Hall pool. Go up and climb out.

Gates W, the Fire Star.

In the alcove S are 4 vases, you can shoot the left hand one to open a gate, leave the rest alone as the right hand one has a Wraith in it. A gate now opened in the N wall; jump over to the central plateau and then to the gate. Enter and go straight, to the right is a lever, go left and hop backwards up the slope till you hear the ball coming, run back out and wait till the ball stops the flames under the lever.

Go up the boulder slope, hop over the slanted floor and get Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack there. Go back down the slope, hop over the boulder and use the lever (gate opens W in the lava room). Turn right around the corner and go to the W end of the room where you can now claim 2x Uzi ammo, one on the floor the other on the block.

Timed Pillar Run.

Go back to the lava room and jump over to the gate W, don’t grab up W, but turn around and look up for the ladder you have to climb. Go up and back flip into the passage above, follow through all the way to come to the top of the lava room. The gate across the room will open when you step on the ledge; it is timed however. Find the fastest rout over the pillar ledges and get in quick. I went to the pillar NW, a running jump onto the next, turn left a bit and side flip left so you will land on the edge of the high block, now run jump into the open gate  (Video- Save).

Burner Hops.

Go around the corner and wait on the grated floor, left hand side. You have to jump up to the burner block in front and immediately side flip to the right to land in a passage (You can also stand left, turn around and do a backflip onto the block, then a side flip left). Follow through, get a Small Medipack in the corner to the right and the Fire Star from the pedestal on the block, a trapdoor opens. Just hang and let go, follow the tunnel to get back to the pool in the Main Hall, swim to the ledge in the middle and get the Revolver ammo on the bottom before you surface.

NW corner, Color Puzzle.

Go to the NW and into the colored passage, there are five vases surrounding you in a half circle. If you shoot them in the wrong order, the burner tile under your feet ignites. The clue to the puzzle is in the transparent floor tiles you walked back to the main hall, 1-blue, 2-green, 3-yellow, 4-red and 5-white. Now shoot the vases in the same order and you should be safe. So shoot NE-W-N-NW-E and a small gate opens up in the Main Hall. Go back, keep left and go into the new opening E, just left of the fire monkey bars. Be careful after the long ramp, there is a pit you have to jump and proceed to the top of the Main Hall.

Top of the Main Hall, use the Flame Star and get the Fire Gem.

In an alcove NW are some Flares, return E and around the corner are monkey bars, get over the pit and turn left into a room. Head down the stairs S to a passage where you can use the Flame Star to the right (one tile of flames is gone). Go E to a room with pillars in a pool, go down to the pool and shoot the crocs, dive in and swim into the tunnel NW. To the right is a Large Medipack and to the left an underwater lever (opens a gate across the pool). Climb back out and line up for the jumps over the pillars. Hop back against the wall and do running jumps over the pillars that will start to burn if you stand on them too long (Video - Save). Into the opening and get the Arrows from the pit to the right, then step backwards up the slope once and quickly run back to the right. Follow the boulder slope up to another room with pillars, same drill here to get across (Save). Go into the passage and carefully take the Fire Gem from the pedestal.

Turn around, go SE into the passage and look up when you come to a grated floor, use the jump lever and the gate to some monkey bars opens up. Time the Flames to get to the other side. Drop and walk to the W side of the ledge, hang from the side and drop/grab the ledge below. Go all the way left around till you hit the wall and drop, get a Small Medipack and jump over to the ledge with the Grenades. A hatch opens above, so climb the ladder back to the entrance ledge. Go S, through the boulder slope (another boulder comes down), shoot more crocs in the pool and swim over to the other side where a beast awaits you (you can shoot him before you dive into the pool). Once across, go out W, up the stairs to the right and then left. A gate now opened W, go straight in and follow to another section of the Main Hall, go straight W and follow the ledge to the end. Hop to the ledge SW, then NW and get the Revolver ammo. Safety drop to the passage below.

Gates SW, use the Fire Gem.

Go S and up the rock on the left and at the end jump over to the ledge SW to get the Large Medipack. Jump to that closed gate on the other side (E) and look W to find a crack in the rock wall, Jump to grab it, go left and climb down then back flip from the last ladder to a ledge near the opening S, jump in and slide/jump to the safe floor. Follow the passage up and drop into the pit to the right to place the Fire Gem. Another flame goes down in the crawlspace.

Use the Fire Star and Raise the Pillars.

Head NW and follow through to the N, crawl and use the Fire Star in the end, last flame in the crawlspace gone. Go back, crawl and find a lever, use that to open the shortcut gate on the right. For now we go the other way, just go S and left to the lava room and drop down from the ledge to where that Medipack was and jump back to the flat rocks NE and get back to the passage to the Main Hall, but don’t go there.

To the E is a passage, follow through over the now safe burner tiles and throw the lever in the end to raise the pillars in the lava room, go back. Head N to the Main Hall, go N and just before the big Gates N into the passage right (E) (you’ve been here before). Go up and watch out for the pit, follow trough to the top of the Main Hall. Turn left, use the monkey bars and go right through the open gate. Take a left down the tunnel to the top of the Lava room.

Up, Up and some Levers in a Labyrinth.

Jump the pillars again and this time jump to grab up to the central pillar, face N and grab to the ladder to climb up. Turn S, jump over the pit and keep going right, crawl and use lever #1, go back and keep going right to get to lever #2. Back and right, over the ladder hole and keep to the right for lever #3, turn and keeping right again will get you to lever #4, this one will release a Wraith. So better not use it and head back S to the ladder hole, jump over and in the end of the passage you’ll see a block that went down.

The Second Dragon Key.

Climb up to an outside area, get onto the structure N and look S to spot a lever in a passage, there’s a burner tile in front. Go all the way over to the N side of the structure and jump into a tunnel in the rocks. Just inside, turn around and use the jump lever to kill that burner tile. Make your way back over the structure, jump into the S passage and use the lever to open a gate in the N passage, so back you go again and now crawl through to a gate you opened, inside is a lever and a Teleporter beam will appear in the structure outside. Go back out and get onto the structure. Jump down from the E or W side onto the ledge in the core and get your Second Dragon Key.

The Gorge Key.

The block will rise so you can jump back to the W or E side to get back S and down to the labyrinth. Don’t go straight to that Gem, but turn left first. In the corner where the Wraith is, a second block lowered, climb up there and get Secret #3(10), Uzi ammo, a Large Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Down again and to the Gem in the passage N which happens to be the Gorge Key, go through the opened gate and slide down to….

Hidden gardens Interlude 2.

You’ll end up on the ledge where you found the Temple Key earlier, drop down to the ground and go to the canyon. Dive in and swim to that ramp SE, open the big Gates with the Gorge Key. Follow through to


Level 4, Serpentine Gorge.  

The Iron Key.

There’s a keyhole to the left where you start, go straight and then right (S). Enter the room to the right and the gate closes after you picked up the Iron Key. Walk to the edge of the deadly pool and grab up to the monkey bars; time the burners below to go along the monkey bars into the passage across the pool. There’s Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack in this passage, then go into the alcove N and grab up left. Be careful, the circle tiles will start burning when you stand on them too long.

Fire Jumps.

A little trick is required here, face S and stand face against the wall. Now side step carefully onto the tile so you will stand on the corner as it begins to burn (screenshot). Stand jump to land on the left most side of the next tile and run against the wall so you will be in the corner of the tile again. Turn left and stand jump to the next tile while steering against the wall and immediately run to safety (Save). Drop down and throw the lever where the gate opened to open a hatch over the pool.

Go back to the deadly pool and grab the monkey bars. Go back left and in the first low corner; drop to the now safe ledge below. Turn around and jump with a roll onto to that slanted block at the W wall, jump and grab the ladders on the hanging block. Go right around the corner and down to back flip onto the block with the Revolver ammo SE. The open hatch is up N here, jump to the ladders on the rock and go right to get into the hatch. Follow through, crawl and drop down to the first passage. Head N and left up some steps, to use the Iron Key in the lock and the gate opens.

Dark Caves.

Drop down into the caves and head W, climb onto that last ledge (where the cave turns right), next to the fence. Grab up into the room above from facing W and use the jump lever in front of you, a gate opens at the N end of the caves. Drop down, go N to climb the next block, jump from block to block to get near the open gate. Jump and grab the edge to pull up into the next cave; swim into the SE corner and through to get the Arrows. Get back and onto the block to jump E and a bit to the left so you’ll slide and land on a ledge. There are spikes, at the end of the slide are more, so jump and jump again to get in the water below. Quickly swim left (E) and then to the right to get out on a ramp. Shoot the crocs, get the Flares from the bottom and get back out to use the lever after you saved, you’ll find out why.

The Shiva Room.

Watch the flyby and the two wraiths will soon join you, so dive into the water and swim back where you came from, straight W and in the middle of the tunnel is a hole in the bottom, go in and follow through. Climb onto the block in the corner (NW) and grab up W, slide into the Shiva Room. Run to the NE and hop onto the ledge with the statue, in my case the wraiths were killed in front of the statue. There are two crawlspaces, left and right of the statue, go in for Flares and a Small Medipack.

4 Levers and Corkscrews.

Now go to the statue SW and there are two more crawlspaces, the right hand one (W) leads up to a lever. Go there first to drain water from the floor of the corkscrew room making a run through that room somewhat easier. Go out and the left hand crawlspace leads up to that corkscrew room, go there. Save before you enter, there are 4 levers in this room and a closed gate NW, as soon as you enter, corkscrews will start to come down from the ceiling so be quick about it  (Save).

Boulder Alley.

Behind the opened gate is another lever, throw that and jump over the pit when the burner is down. Side flip at once and wait for two boulders coming down. On that slope several more boulders will be triggered. Go up the slope and step backwards onto the third square, runjump back out of the way. Up again and

step backwards into the left hand side passage so you can immediately run back. Go up the slope again, I did a run-jump over that broken tile and ran into the second passage left, immediately a roll and get back down the slope to safety. Back up the slope again and the passage straight up seems to be safe now. So hop back into the passages to trigger more boulders and turn up the slope to safety. After all boulders fell, go up the slope and the gate will open for you (Save). Just before entering you can see the Grenade Gun behind the fence to the left (next Secret).

Pushing Blocks, the First Serpent Stone.  (Map)

Go right (N) and push the #1 block once, go left and passing a second block, go around and you come to #3, pull it once and return to block #2. Push it twice and go left into the opening to get the Serpent Stone. Go back to the last block you pushed (left hand) and push it along the passage to the S end. Go left and left again and come back to block #1, pull it once so it will be in front of the passage again. Turn around and go all the way around till you are at block #1 again and pull it once. Go around again and find block #4 N which was behind #1. Push it once and go into the crawlspace left and come to block #5, push it twice and turn right. Push block #4 twice to get the crawlspace back open. Pull block #5 back to where it was (twice). Go through the crawlspace again and into the passage NE where a lever will open a hatch (for the Grenade Gun later). Look up in the passage near the crawlspace and find an opening up E.

The Iron Key.

Climb up and go through the first swinging Axe, then at the second, stand here (screenshot) and when the Axe goes back, sidestep left once and side flip left over the fire basket (along the wall). Go NE into the opening behind the last Axe and climb down, close to the spikes a back flip into a passage behind.

To the right (SE) is a passage with an Axe, behind it a timed gate. For now turn left and follow that passage to a lever, left of it is Revolver ammo. Throw the lever for the timed gate and sprint there passing the Axe (Save). Pick up the Iron Key from the grating and use the lever N to open the trapdoor in the floor. Get down and arrive back in the caves.

Opening up a Gate to the Central Shaft.

Again go N over the blocks and jump into the opening, climb on the ledge to jump into the spiked waterfall E and make it over the spikes again. Head E, dive under the ramp with the lever SE and down into a hole in the bottom for the Grenades. Swim into a new area and immediately after the waterfall you can climb out to the right (W wall) and grab up left, if you want you can get another Revolver and Lasersight in the waterfall cave up NE. Jump back to that high block SW and jump to the next S, turn left and shoot the 3 balls you see there (E) and big Gates opened up under the balls.

First we do something else before going through the gates. Run down to the ledge around the SW corner and grab the monkey bars. Go into the opening across the canyon. Climb up again and head out N and into an opening N. Swim into the next room; dive into the hole (N) and use the underwater lever there. Swim back up, climb the block and grab up to the floor above. Jump W and use the lever there to open the gate to the Central Shaft.

The Second Serpent Stone.

Return outside (S) to the bridge. Go in S, climb down and get back to the ledge at the monkey bars. Face W and hop back grabbing the edge, safety drop to the ledge below. Hang from the side and shimmy right to the flat corner, just run off to land on a pillar with a Large Medipack. Jump and grab back to the ledge, hop to the E side and jump to the E to get to those open gates. Go in, shoot the croc and go get the Second Serpent Stone. In the crawlspace S are Uzi ammo, Flares and a Small Medipack. Go back out of the Gates and turn right, climb up N and head N. We have to get back for the Third Stone.

The Third Serpent Stone.

Swim back through the river, under that arch with the lever and to the W, at the end into the hole in the bottom and back to the Shiva Room. Go into the S crawlspace behind the SW statue to the corkscrew room.

Optional: Going for the Secret requires a bit of a detour. Go into the passage NW, jump over the fire pit and go up the slope, take the first left and follow through. Up the sloped tunnel to come to a pit, jump across and find that trapdoor you opened before (block puzzle lever). Get down and collect Secret #1(11), the Grenade Gun. Go back through the trapdoor and just slide down into that pit, go left and down the slope to get back to the corkscrew room. In the corkscrew room, go through the opening N to get back to the caves.  

Head N and over the blocks into the last cave. Dive down into that SE tunnel you visited before and follow to the small cave. The gate is now open, jump over to the opposite side (S) side of the shaft and run left (E) along the fence to jump over the sloped block in the corner SE to get the Third Serpent Stone. Drop down into the central shaft, swim through the tunnel to the river and head E once more, climb out left after passing under the first waterfall.

Using the Stones, the Snake Statue.

Go left (NE) up a sandy path and follow in to the right to come to a large hall with a giant Snake statue. Shoot the natives and use the Iron Key on the S wall. Gates open up to the left, go in and push the 2 blocks in that room next to the gate E on a marked tile, they go up. Now move them onto the marked tiles on the ledges and the E gate opens. Go in and use the lever to get a screen of a ladder.

Leave the room; go around the central structure to an opening N. Follow up to a pit. Jump to the pillar, grab the ladder and go down in the pit. Under the pillar is a crawlspace with Revolver ammo. Get back up the ladder, back flip and jump to the ladder again and into the passage S, take a right and drop out to the snakes back. Go get Secret #2(12), Revolver ammo. Slide down from the back of the Snake and go back up to where you left off. Follow the passage further up and up and down the stairs N, place the 3 Serpent Stones there.

The Third Dragon Key.

The Fire in the Snakes mouth is now gone. Go back down the first stairs, turn left and jump over to the Snake. Down the ladder, into the water and swim through the tunnels and climb out to get the Third Dragon Key in the Neptune Room. A gate opens, go back W and through the tunnel. Up the ladder and safety drop from the mouth to the pool below, get out and leave W. Back in the canyon go S and find the best way down to the SW canyon (Best is following the route along the left side of the canyon).

The Obsidian Key.

Go W and kill two natives and then go left to a cave with a pool. In the pool on a block is an underwater lever, throw it to raise a block in the pool so you can reach the gate you opened (S). Climb the ladder and get the Obsidian Key, the fire doesn’t harm you. Go beyond the fire basket and arrive back in

Hidden gardens Interlude 3.

You are on the roof again, jump to the ledge S and safety drop down. Go into the building you just came down from (E) and open the Gates.


Level 5, Obsidian Heights.  

You’ll come to a room with a Shotgun on the ledge in the middle of a large pit. There’s a Bird statue and around you are gates, go straight (E) to the outside area.

Outside, the Iron Key.

Go left (N) and turn right around the high mount and just before that big tree, go to the edge of the abyss (just S of the tree) and hop backwards. Slide and grab the edge, Climb down the ladder and to the right and go up on the ledge. Jump and grab the winding monkey bars to follow to a ledge with a burner at the end. Time the burner to get around the corner, up the ramp and climb up to the right, then left and climb a ladder to a room with a burning Key. Go up the ladder in the SW corner, get the Shotgun ammo and use the lever to kill the flames. You now see a flame above the large pit in the first room. Go down to the room below and get the Iron Key.

The Bronze Key.

Leave through the opened gate, jump from the highest tip of the ledge onto the branch of the nearby tree (no Ctrl) and go left (N). Remember the route you are following now, this route has to be taken more times in this level. From the N branch a run-jump to the NE and land on that lower branch of the other tree. Go to the far SE corner of the E branch and runjump straight onto the corner of that floating block. Go NE, then another jump NE, this one being a bit harder because of the blue block above. Aim a bit right of the corner of the blue block and runjump, turn a bit left in the air (NO Ctrl) and you should just land on the corner of the next block (Video - Save). (Also possible was to jump down to the ledge NE and right, the one with the Small Medipack, but that will cost you at least a Small Medipack in health loss. From that ledge, climb the block and jump/grab up to the higher block).

Now jump and grab N, save hanging and pull over, just slide and land on a lower block, slide and jump to grab the ladder, go up. Jump and grab to the roof W, go right around till you can pull op at an opening in the fence. Go in and right, at the bottom of the stairs is a trapdoor (Secret). Go up the stairs and in the upper hall go down the steps between the blue balustrades (notice the gold gate S). To the right are some Flares, jump higher at the vase and use the lever after dropping down. It will open a crawlspace for later. Head E for now and in the end is the Bronze Key. The gate opens up, step out.

The Torch.

Go right around the corner into the passage and open the gate, get a Torch there and go back out. Run right off the balcony to land on a rock and make your way S, to the right and get back to the first room. Ignite the Torch and go around the room to ignite the 4 Oil lamps E and W. Gates open up, shoot the beasts (best from the stairs in the passage W) and go into the gate N for a lever and a Small Medipack. S are Flares and another lever, the gold gate you might have seen before opens up now. You can leave the Torch here.

Up Again, the Big Hall.

Go outside again, turn right and climb the arch over the entrance to jump SW to the balcony and get into the trees again. Make your way to the N side tree and go onto the W branch. Jump and grab the balcony with the open gate, follow the passage up the stairs to the hall with the blue balustrades. The gate behind the balustrades is open. First look E and spot that crawlspace you opened with the jump lever when you were here before. Go inside and pull the chain, a gate opens up behind the fence to the S.

 “Lara: Hmmm … There should be something important up here. I should find a way up to there”.  

Get back out through the crawlspace and go left through the gold gate you opened before (S). Step into the big Hall and go up the stairs right (W) and come to a room with a fountain. Shoot the vase to get Shotgun ammo and W is some Uzi ammo.

The First Serpent Key.

Get back to the Hall and to the big gates E, between the gates is a block with a keyhole, hop up and open the gates. Step onto the balcony and carefully go into the gate right (S), you opened with the chain. Jump to that floating block a bit to the right and then up to the one E, NE and to the tree. Go NW and jump onto the ledge at the opening, follow in and come to the First Serpent Key, grab it and Beetles appear, run into the passage N, turn around and use the jump lever to get a pole out of the ceiling. Go up the pole and jump off into the upper room and grab the Small Medipack. Get out through the crawlspace and drop back onto the balcony below.

Up Again, the Second Serpent Key.

Go up the S gate route again and now jump to the NE branch of the tree, then to that big floating ledge NE and from there NW to the branch of the N side tree. From there jump on to the corner of that building. Go inside and find a closed gate to the right. Jump over the first Axe ledge and jump N behind the next Axe; throw the lever and go shoot the vases on the next lower floor. Pick up Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack, then hop S behind the last Axe and use the lever there too. Go back and find the open gate NE in the room. Follow up, shoot the beast and go W and left into a crawlspace, throw the lever and go back out. Head straight into the now open crawlspace N to get the Second Serpent Key.

The Third Serpent Key.

Go back and left (E) to get into the passage to the Axe Room.  Go out to the balcony and now jump into that alcove NE, pull the chain there to open that trapdoor to the Secret room. Jump to the branch SE and then to the E one. Check the health and jump to that large block E losing some health. Now jump to the slanted part of the next block straight (E) and drop/grab the crack below. Go all the way to right around till you can drop in the opening. A burner starts, sidestep onto the corner of the burner tile and time the burner to grab up to the floor above. Jump into that corridor you see S and get the Third Serpent Key. There’s another one of those Bird statues here, they will turn into teleporters later.

Use two Serpent Keys and get the Fourth.

A skeleton wakes up, shoot it into the abyss and jump back to grab the blue crack, shimmy right again. Make your way back up to the block; if you are fast enough you are up before the burner starts. Now jump E (no Ctrl) and up into the opening to pull a chain pulley (trapdoor opened in the pool). Visit both passages N and S to place two of the Serpent Keys already. Go back out, dive into the pool and save, swim E and just keep going left on the same level to get to a small room with an underwater lever (opens another gate in this labyrinth). Swim back a bit and keep left to get to some air. Save there and swim back E, ignore the first right and then keep going right to get back up to the pool.

Now dive down E again and keep right, down and go N towards the fence, keep going right and go up for air in the end. Swim down and W, up into a rock cave and E, around the corner is another underwater lever (E wall) to open a gate back at the pool. Swim back down, go N and up for air in the next corner. Now swim S, keep going S and up, then go W and up to the pool. Turn N and swim through the now open gate to climb out at the Fourth Serpent Key (Save).

Use Two More Serpent Keys.

Dive back in, swim through the gate and up, get out of the pool and shoot the beast. Get on the block NE and jump/grab the branch S. Jump to the next branch and over to a windowsill S and get the Arrows, jump back and to the balcony E go left and place another Serpent Key E, go back out and jump to the balcony with the gold gate SW, go in left to place the last Serpent Key and the gate opens.

The Fourth Dragon Key.

Go to the gate, jump over the slope and hole and get the additional Crossbow from that room and then jump into the alcove SE for the Shotgun ammo. Drop down the hole and go down the passage, jump to the pedestal to get the Fourth Dragon Key. The gate opens S and you get a message: Teleporters are active”.

(If you don’t go for the secrets, jump to the open gate S. You’ll end up at the blue gates in the Hidden gardens, a beast is waiting for you. Dive into the water and go into the opening W.)

But there’s another open passage W after you picked up the Dragon Key.

The Secrets; Jump to the passage W (now a gate has opened back at the big Hall). Crawl in further, a gate opens and a Key is visible. Stand up as soon as you can and turn around, climb the ladder to Secret #1(13), a Small Medipack and 2x Uzi ammo. Get down and crawl N, turn around and use another jump lever. Get out and find the now active teleporter.

Back with the Teleporter, the Two Tridents.

Jump onto the block with the teleporter and you are back in the first room, go out E and turn right (S) outside. Go right around the corner in the end and into the open gate you saw open in that crawlspace at the first secret. Pick up the Iron Key and go back out, left around the corner and climb the block onto the arch over the entrance. Jump into the opening SW and from there to the tree, over the trees to the balcony NW (same route as before).

Go into the open gate NW and follow through to the hall with the blue balustrades. Head NE down the stairs and to the left is the trapdoor you opened a long time ago (see paragraph “Third Serpent Key”) is open. Climb down twice and crawl to Secret #2(14), a Large Medipack, Revolver ammo and a Trident. Don’t go too far past the trident or you’ll slide into the abyss. Go back and up to the passage, up the stairs W. Go left (S) to the big Hall and into the passage S. To the right is the gate that opened when you went for the Secret at the Dragon Key. First we have to open a gate for later; Dive in left of the stairs, into the tunnel and follow to a large pool, just swim forward along the right hand side and around the first pillar is an underwater lever. Use it to open a gate where we go now. Swim back and climb up to the stairs.

Go up and down in the next room and into a passage W (the pool left is leading back to the big Hall). Jump over the corner block (here we opened the gate with the underwater lever) and use the Iron Key in the lock.

Get into the crawlspace on the right and get Secret #3(15), a Second Trident. Get out, make your way up the ramp E (get a Grenade ammo by jumping left) by timing the burners and on the top balcony you can place the Two Tridents. The gate on the opposite side of the pool below will open up. Hop over the balustrade to the waterfall and jump over to that open gate, go in and slide down into the last Secret room in Hidden Gardens.

Hidden gardens Last visit.

You landed in the Last Secret Room of Hidden Gardens (you wouldn’t be able to get this Secret if you went S from the Dragon Key before). Pick up Secret #4 (16), Grenades, a Small Medipack, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo. Throw the lever NW and go out to the flooded canyon. If you got here without the Secret, you would have ended up at the “Blue” Gates near the canyon.

Use the Dragon Keys.

Swim W into the building, take the first right and go follow the ramp up to the Gates, just before the gates to the right is a small room. Enter again and go down the hole in the floor, go N and place the 4 Dragon Keys. Go through the gates and down in the hole….


Level 6, Serpentine Lair.  (New level)

A Coin

Go N and jump into the pool, climb out on the other side and proceed and in the corridor beyond the 2 Shiva statues are two side passages. Go in left and get a Coin from the pedestal.  “When you have no other option, just make a wish.”
Back out and head left  (N), come to a Tower in an enormous Hall. Get down the hole and spot the huge doors N, go down once more. Throw the lever there and those doors open up. Go back up one floor and head in N, coming to a deep pit. Jump to the platform on the pillar, to the next and into a passage right (N) to get the Flares. Hop back and proceed to the W end of the room.

Push Blocks Puzzle.

You’ll end up in a room (room 1) with a pool and a fountain, dive into the tunnel SE and follow through to a similar kind of room (room 2). Swim into the tunnel E and use the underwater lever to open a gate so you can get to a push block. Roll and swim back to the room. Climb out E and go into the passage E, pull the cage straight out and put it in front of the passage N. Go back into the passage E, go left and run around and push the next block once. Now use the passage to move the block out onto the lower block and push it off so it will be on the floor too. Now move the third block out and leave it standing on the second block. Move the first block to the side of the stack and climb up to the highest block. Jump and grab the ladder S, between the 2 pillars near the pool.

A Little Wheel.

Climb up into the room above and go N and left, the second alcove left at the Axes has Shotgun ammo. In the end go right and come to a hole in the floor. Drop down into the pool of a cave, to the S is a shortcut back to room 1. We go E and climb out on the triangle ledge, get down into the water and find a Little Wheel between the plants E (white light).

The Emerald Shard.

Climb out at the sandy bottom N to get up to the passage there, and get the Emerald Shard in the midst of the Shiva’s. When you go back to where you came in, the Shiva’s will come alive, shoot all 4 of them and go for the exit S, as it seems nothing else is to be done here. When you leave, all three gates open up in the Shiva room, so go back in and go in E and W for 2x Uzi ammo. Now go N and get a Small Medipack there. Go back and out S and to the cave W, swim into that shortcut to room 1 (S). Climb out and go up the stairs S. Make your way back through the room with the Fire baskets to get to the Tower. Drop one floor down to the floor with the lever.

The Amethyst Shard.

Go to the E side of this floor and jump up to grab that wooden ledge, safety drop down onto the arch below and jump S towards that crawlspace. Get into the crawlspace; follow through to a lever opening up more big doors. Go back through the crawlspace to the ledge. From the NW jump back to the Tower, go down one floor, go E. Go left or right around the central structure and in the back a beast attacks. When the critter dies the gates in the back (E) open up, inside in the pit is a lever we can’t reach. Go SE or NE into the back and push that cage down to the floor, move it around the pit and over the edge so it will end up under that lever. Using the lever will open up big Gates to the centrals structure. Go out and to the W side of the structure, go all the way to the other end and enter those gates.

The Shifting Stairs.

On the frozen pool S is a vase, shoot it from a safe distance and the explosion will melt the ice. Dive down and use the underwater lever (W wall), swim through to the room E and use another underwater lever (E wall), a gate to a Coin opens up. Swim back up and in your desperation (because you can’t find anything to do) you will think of this phrase When you have no other option, just make a wish.”  So we need a wishing well, jump up to the window NW and go to that fountain, use the coin you have there and the stairs will all shift into their original position again.

Get up the stairs and on the first floor landing, NE corner, face N and jump as straight as possible to grab the balcony. Grab the second Coin from the pedestal E “You now have a second wish”. Go to the W side of the balcony and use the lever there (first for a gate). Go back to the far S side of this balcony and jump/grab back to the central staircase. Go to the SE corner and jump over to the balcony S (no Ctrl), go left (E) and make your second wish at the fountain. The next set of stairs will line up. Go to the W end of the balcony and use the second lever for the gate on top of the staircase. Jump/grab back to the staircase and go all the way up, jump down to the triangle ledge in the corner (NW) and from there, a drop down with some health loss. Grab the Amethyst Shard and a trapdoor opens up.

Go halfway down the ladder and to the right into the passage, get the third Coin there “Last Wish….Be careful, This is your last”. Back to the ladder and all the way down you go, to the left is a lever (brings out platforms in the cage above). And in the SE corner another fountain; use the last Coin to get Secret #1(17), a Golden Idol. Go back up the ladder; use the wooden platforms and the triangle ledge to get back out of the cage and head down to the ground floor. Leave W, go right then left to the Tower.

The Second Little Wheel.

Climb up two floors to the one with the golden lever, jump to that wooden ledge E again and go to the jump to that slanted corner pillar, jump off to land on the wooden ledge next to it against the E wall. Keep jumping to the SW corner and shimmy around the ledge to drop down to a block below. Jump to the arch N and grab up left into the passage. Use the lever to open doors in a passage below and look for the Large Medipack in one of the pits.

Go back out of the passage, drop from the arch onto the bridge below. Go up the stairs and pass through the swinging Fire baskets, you’ll end up at a pool with a fountain. Go to the other side and take a right down the passage. At the bottom of the stairs right into a hidden passage, follow to a lever opening up a gate in the pool, go back to the pool and swim into the opening N. Follow up to a fenced off passage, pull that cage once. Swim back to the pool, climb out left (E) and go left around the corner, shoot the grating. Crawl through and get the Second Little Wheel.

The Dragon Room, the Ruby Chard.

Get out and down the stairs S and spot a vase in front of a gate. Stand far from that vase when you shoot it, because it explodes and can seriously kill you. The gate opens up, go into the Dragon Room. Step back twice from the edge and stand-jump to the first ledge a running jump to grab the next. Hang and time the Dragon to make a standing jump to the next and hang till it is safe to do the next running jump plus grab. Jump then to the floor with the Ruby Chard. Boy… The pillars are gone…

Climb a block S and jump up onto the stairs N, go up to where the Dragons blow fire now. Jump and grab the second platform and time the Dragon to get to the middle of that platform (safe). Now jump to grab the last platform and you’re home free (Save). Crawl through and hop over the two holes to pick up a small medipack and2x Shotgun ammo, drop down and you are back at the stairs. Go up and follow back (N) over the pool, passing the Fire baskets and get back to the Tower.

The Third Little Wheel.

Make your way down to the ground floor of the Tower and go down the hole in the middle, jump into the passage SW and use the lever to open a small door. The pool below is empty so climb back up to the ground floor and go in N, follow to a cave and look up for a hole in the ceiling where you’ll find a jump lever, use it to lower a wall torch somewhere. Proceed N through the cave and come to a huge cave with a Temple entrance. In the NE corner is a hidden passage, get in and jump over the spike pit. At the pool room you can just dive over the spikes into the pool, get the Flare in the middle and climb out S. Around the corner is another spike pit, jump over and drop back into the pit to get the Second Little Wheel and a Small Medipack.

A Torch for the Shard.

Climb back up and go up the ramp, throw the lever to get a screen of the big cave and platforms will slide out of the wall at the pool. Go back, from the lower ledge at the pool you can jump and grab the platform. Jump and grab the grated floor and go in left up some steps. Use the lever and see the doors to the Temple open up, when you grab the Torch, you’ll get a screen of the jump lever you pulled before. Go back to the grated floor taking the Torch, jump N to the platform and then into the passage, follow back to the big cave. Go W into the cave and follow back through the cave with the jump lever to get to the Tower. That wall torch which lowered is to the left, ignite your Torch there and make it back to the Temple.

Go in the Temple and in an alcove SW and NW are two fire baskets you can ignite, leave the Torch, go into the opening in the floor N and come to the room where you can use the 3 Wheels N.

When the wheels are in place some floodgates will open up and the trapdoor outside opens up. Go out and through the trapdoor, swim S and left and follow through to get the Sapphire Shard.

Place the Shards.

Swim back, climb out and head back to the Tower (ground zero) through the W cave. Go straight S into the room where the Shards can be used, watch the flyby as platforms rise from the top of the Tower. That’s good because we have to go there anyway for the last Secret. Go out, up the steps SE, jump to the arch SW and from there turn E, grab and climb up to jump to the bridge on the Tower.

Make your way up the Tower and to one floor from the top where you entered the big doors N at the beginning. Go in N again, over the Fire basket pit and to room 1, swim into the opening NE, climb out to head E through the canal. Follow through to the room with Secret #2(18), a Golden Idol. Go back, swim back to room 1 and go up the stairs S to get back to the Tower. Climb up and use the platforms to get to a ladder, up again to a large Hall. Just in front of you in the water is a Harpoon Gun, SW an Automatic Rifle, NW the Bazooka (you can’t use them) and then leave through the big doors which will only open up after picking up the weapons.

A nice flyby will end this adventure.