Peruvian Adventure.

Level by Daffy

Authorized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Level 1.

3 secrets

Lara slides down a passage. Pick up the Cog Wheel around the corner and follow through. Place the Cog Wheel N and enter the door.

Before you step on the blue tile teleporter, climb up left into the crawlspace and follow through to Secret #1, a Gold Dragon.

Stand on the teleporter and get whisked away…. Watch the flyby and afterwards pick up the Shotgun. Shoot the raptor from here and go left upon entering, pick up some Flares. Climb the block E of the Flares and jump down to use the lever (opens door S). Climb out to the right and go S, between the ramps leading to the gates is Shotgun ammo.

Go to the SW corner and crawl backwards down into the water. Swim to the N and to the left is a crawlspace where you can get Secret #2, a Gold Dragon.

Swim back to the S where you can get out.  

Now go to the open door in the S wall, go in and avoid the spears. In the next room, jump on the electric blue tile (teleporter). Shoot the two baby dino’s in the passage SE, one leaves Shotgun ammo Go where they came from (S) and use the lever at the end. A raptor appears, and after killing it go into passage N where it came from and use the lever at the end. Going back just stop at the darkest spot and look up, crawl into the crawlspace for Flares and a Medipack.

A Statuette and some Boulders.

Return and at the teleporter go left (S) and climb the ladder where the gate opened up. Back flip to the next floor. Go N and pull the cage to the marked tile next to it and a trapdoor on top of the stairs W opens.

Go there and climb up on the left. Shoot a couple of bats and run to the other side (N) and use the lever on the left. This raises three block (E) and jump onto the first. Use the button, side flip to the next, use button, again a side flip and button and side flip once more.

Three boulders are released, run up the middle ramp to retrieve a Statuette and some Flares between the ramps.

The Sun Disk and a Cog Wheel.

Go back down (SW) and use the statuette on the central block. The boulders drop down once more. A block went down behind the block with the receptacle, grab the Sun Disk and go down one floor using the ladder S. Step on the teleporter again. Go down and place the Disk E, stay put. Once the boulders are through the gates, climb up where they came from and get Shotgun ammo and a Cog Wheel at the other side. Jump down and go back to the passage SW (watch out for the spears).

In the courtyard, go to the SE corner and use the Cog Wheel. Shoot a native and watch carefully where he dies as he leaves behind a Grey Key (hard to see). A door in the W wall opened. Go in and use the button S to release the boulders, go out and shoot the two baby dino’s and another warrior which also leaves a Yellow Key behind.

Use two Keys.

Enter the double doors in the W wall and use both keys. Shoot the dog and push both statues on their tiles in the corners, picking up Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack in the process. Get into the gate SW, the tile at the end is a timed trigger tile for the door near one of the pushable statues (NE). A crow will attack as well. Jump from the trigger, run to the door and jump over the lava to get the Flares. Jump on the slope and keep jumping to the end.

Jumping Blocks.

Save, grab up to the grey wall and pull up, slide jump/grab and slide and so on till you get to a safe block. Turn around and run jump to the jump lever W, and back flip to the safe block. Avoid the emitters when you go around the corner E to jump + Ctrl over to the opening N.

Swinging Spike Blocks.

Continue straight to that closed gate, it opens and slams shut once you’re through. Get to the ladder and traverse to the right. At the end climb up, grab up to the monkey bars and climb around the corner to a jump lever at the far away wall. Immediately back flip to a safe block. Hop down to the NE corner and get the Small Medipack there. Get back on the block and jump to the S and do some slide/jumping till you are on the safe block again. The emitters are gone as well so jump around the corner.

Turn around and look down, climb down and hop backwards into the only safe spot in the lava, turn and carefully get Secret #3, a Gold Dragon. Climb back up N.

Jump to the N wall again, up to the lava room and this time use the rope to get to the first block on the left. Then jump to the next block and the next so you get down at the end on some steps. Shoot every pesky bat. Go S and around a corner all the way to the end to get a Statuette. (The gate there opens so you can go back if you missed a secret) Turn back and place the Statuette at the receptacle, get the White Key and step on the teleporter.

Level 1. Use the Key on gate II.


Level 2.

2 secrets

Magic Push Block Puzzle.

Get the Small Medipack and Shotgun ammo and avoid the spikes when you go right and push the button. Walk passing the spikes to the open door. The door closes, so better go in S and use the lever on the right. A block lowers, pull the cage SE onto the lowered block and use the lever again to raise the cage. Go out and to the right onto the teleporter, you are at the other side of the puzzle. Climb in N and pull the cage once onto another lowered block, go back through the teleporter and into the room to use SW lever again. Now use the second lever (SE) to raise the cage to the top floor. Go out of the room and up the ladder next to the entrance.

Pull/push the cage to one of the corners on the marked tile. You fall down into the lower room to repeat this process with the other cage.

Pull it to the middle of the room in front of the entrance, use the SE lever and climb out S, through the teleporter and push the cage on the lowered block. Lever SW, through the teleporter, climb up N and pull. Go back and use the SE lever. Then jump up to the top floor through the open trapdoor and pull/push the cage to the corner on the remaining marked tile.

Outside, the Sun Disk.

Go through the teleporter and turn around to go to the open door E, up the stairs, turn around and run jump up some stairs and wait at the corner for the boulder to fall, jump over the spikes, and on top, shoot the bats, a crow and a raptor. Pick up Shotgun ammo NW and stand on the tile next to it then run to the next tile E and shoot the last raptor. Go around the corner left into the open door and pick up the Sun Disk.

Go back down over the spikes and the first stairs to use the Disk opposite the gate there. Slide down to a lava room and shoot the bat. Use the ladders on the wall and back flip/rolls to get to the other side. Go down to the lava surface before you back flip to the ledge. Through the spears and pick up the Medipack and the Shotgun ammo. Pass the first swinging spike block.

Look E behind it and time the jump into the alcove there to get Secret #1(4), a Gold Dragon. Jump back out and avoid the rest of the swinging hammers with spikes to get to the other side, go right and watch out for burning floors and popping up spears.

Target Practice.

Go to the S wall and in the next room jump the block in the middle, get the 2x Shotgun ammo and Flares and jump down again and use the 4 buttons on it. These releases 3 x crows, a raptor, 2 dogs and 6 baby dino’s. The crows and dino’s leave behind some goodies like Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack. Go into all passages and use the 4 levers. The passage N has an opening in the ceiling, climb into the crawlspace for Secret #2(5), a Gold Dragon. Now get out NW corner and go left to the door you just opened.

Flaming Room.

Time the emitter and jump to grab the block (you can pull up as long as you stay at the corner) and jump to the other side (S). Use the lever and jump N to grab that block that came up and use the lever on it.

Now jump to the block S in the pit and use the button, climb up S and turn to jump back to the block N. From there jump to the block that came up W. The button there opens the gate in the S so get to there.

A Torch.

Shoot two dogs and pick up a Small Medipack right. Go to the passage N and pick up that Statuette, go back, pick up a Torch and climb the steps, jump up with the torch and leave it where you can pick it up again. Pick up the Flares and use the Statuette (N). Jump up S and shoot the baby dino’s, then go get the Torch and run down W into the opening in the floor.

Leave the Torch where you can find it and use the lever, hop backwards into the water. Be careful and avoid the poisonous/burning bit of water here. Also swim over, under and over a knife. Swim down get a Small Medipack and swim up. Use the lever and swim back. Get the Torch and go up the steps, turn (N) and jump up follow through and ignite the Torch.

There is some Shotgun ammo NE as well as a pesky bat. Throw the torch down into the hole in the floor and get ready to shoot a warrior that is guarding the place. Retrieve the Torch and ignite the wall scone, then go through the opening N. You can lave the Torch behind. Go up the stairs and climb higher, pick up the Grey Key and step on the teleporter.

Level 1.  Use the key on gate III.


Level 3.

2 secrets.

The Statue Puzzle.

After the flyby you can pick up the Small Medipack and Shotgun ammo and get into the puzzle room.

You have to lower 4 blocks so you can move the 4 statues, climb over the blocks to the middle of the room and get the Statuette. Get back out and place it on the block SE, a door opens W and a warrior comes out to play. Go in and into the NW corner, as there is a trigger tile to disable the fire on the tile in the opposite corner so you can use the button. Go out and to the left into another open gate (W). Jump to the other side from ledge to ledge avoiding the flames. Use the button and then jump up and climb the monkey climb to the end and to the right.

Hop down and go out and straight into the open double doors S. Kill some baby dino’s and look for the first trapdoor (arrow) that is near the door opening. Get in the water and to the E grab the Shotgun ammo and roll, use the underwater lever at the other end and look for a mark on the wall so you know which trapdoor to visit next (circle). Get out and go to the next trapdoor, get the Flares N, same story, look for the mark on the wall where the underwater lever is, till you opened them all (get Flares in the trapdoor SW).

When you visit the “diamond” trapdoor E, look down N for a crawlspace, get in for Secret #1(6), a Gold Dragon.

A Torch.

The last one has no mark on the wall but this one raises a block and frees a raptor. Climb the block into the room above, use the button to open a gate and grab a Torch.

Jump down with the Torch and go to the puzzle room, the open passage is in the NE corner. Get in and easiest is to throw the torch under the swinging blocks of wood, keep de crouch button pressed so Lara can crawl under them as well, pick up the Torch while crouching and throw it further. Ignite the torch and go back to the puzzle room and ignite the wall lamp in the SE corner of this room.

Go into the open gate E and in the back is a pile of wood, ignite it and see the blocks in the puzzle room go down. When you want to go back, the passage is blocked, so go through the water (you’ll have to drop the Torch) and back to the puzzle room.

Pull the 4 statues in once, so they stand between the blocks with the arrows. When the statues are in place, Lara will be taken up to the room above. Use the button on the wall and grab another Torch from the corner block. Go to the open gate (E) and throw the Torch down and climb down the ladder. Ignite the Torch on the wall scone on the left in the puzzle room (S wall). Leave it where you can find it again and go to the passage you just came out and pull the lever there. This lowers the block between the statues, so jump on the block surrounding them and throw the Torch on the middle floor square.

(If you jump down, you might find it hard to get out, just push one of the statues out of the way ).

Go back to the passage and flip the lever again and climb the ladder. Ignite the two wall scones upstairs and drop the Torch, you don’t need it anymore (sign on the wall) and go into the passage S, watch out for the spikes. Approach the gates and the left one opens.

The Courtyard.

Slide down and at the end jump out fast (left or right) as that boulder comes tumbling down. Climb on the middle pillar, the one with the ladder and jump to the NW one, from there to the rope S and then to a ledge against the S wall. Go left to jump to the next one and another one on the E wall. Jump up, grab the E wall and shimmy left around the corner till you are near that lever (disables spears). After pulling, drop down in the corner to the ground floor.

Back on the ladder and again jump NW but this time climb up E and use the lever. Drop down to the ground floor (or jump over to the ladder pillar), go to the waterholes and take the SE one. Swim in, use the underwater lever and follow through, picking up Shotgun ammo along the way. Once on dry land again, 3 wolves attack and the gate SW is open, push the button at the end, get out, climb the ladder and jump again to the pillar in the NW corner and climb up so you can go through the open gate finally. Hop back quickly as a boulder comes crashing down, after that climb the stairs, then jump down N to get the Statuette. Climb up again and use the statuette on the gate W.

Have another look down the boulder slope S, there’s a flat part now. Slide and jump/grab the climb able wall, go up and back flip for Secret #2(7), a Gold Dragon. Down again and jump up N to the open gate W.


Pick up the Shotgun ammo, there’s a sign on the wall indicating you should shoot the T-Rex with the Shotgun in the soft belly. So go down and run under the T-Rex, kill it with your shotgun, one or two shots in the belly will do the trick. Along the W wall you can even find more Shotgun ammo. Jump into the opened trapdoor in the middle and climb u the water S. Pick up the Yellow Key and step on the teleporter.

Level 1.

Use the key on gate IV.

Level 4.

3 secrets

Go up the ramp and watch the flyby, pick up Small Medipack and Shotgun ammo and read what is down on that tile:

“Your guide is the light”.

Two dogs and a warrior attack, he leaves Flares.

Go to the pool and on the S side is an opening in the pool floor, swim in and W for a Secret #1(8), a Gold Dragon. Climb back out.

Go NE of the pool and there is a wall scone alight so go into the passage. Use the lever (camera shot), go out this passage and see a light S, go there and right around the corner. Jump into the wall opening right (N). Push the cages on the marked tiles and pick up some extra Shotgun ammo for the raptor that is set loose.

Back to the pool and in the passage E is another light and at the end go right, that is the gate you saw being opened. Pick up Shotgun ammo and climb the ladder. Go forwards and around the corner left is a Small Medipack then go to the wall NW and grab the N wall, shimmy right around the corner and drop on a ledge. In the NW is another light so jump over to the building W, run around the building to get Shotgun ammo and then jump to the ledge NE. From there to the wall NW. Avoid stepping on all the dark patches on the ground, get the Flares and jump up near that tree W for the Mask. 2 Crows showed up and one left a Large Medipack.

Cage Puzzle.

Safety drop down from the wall S and the next light is in the same E passage, go first right (S) through the open door. Go right again avoiding the spears, side flip over the knives (or run through the second spears and jump straight over the knives), pick up a Small Medipack and pull the cage to the passage NE, so it is in the N side of the room, turn around and the block will go down..

Go through the spears and over the knives again and move the cage into the alcove with the marked tile. Go out NE and right (E) and again right (S) up the ladder (kill some baby dino’s) and shimmy around that wall NW again then jump over to the building W. Jump into the opening W and up to the right.

Turn around and jump to grab the crack S, now shimmy all the way around left or right till you are at Secret #2(9), a Gold Dragon. Drop down and go into the building again, climb up N.

This time jump the collapsible tiles hanging in the air so you can get to the wall E where another Mask is waiting. I took a running jump and grabbed the first tile, then pull up, run to the end with Shift down (so you won’t run off), then a stand jump and grab to the next one. Shimmy to the left, pull up and take a running jump to the one next to the wall and get on safe ground. Pick up the Mask and climb down.

Get down to the ground floor and kill the raptor. A light is on E of the pool, go in to use the lever on the right and climb the ladder on the left. Kill some bats, slide down, get a Small Medipack (dropped by a bat) and Flares and on the pedestal a Cog Wheel. A light came on up NW. Go to that corner and take a running jump towards that ladder ledge you see there. Climb up and jump down, shoot two wolves and pick up the third Mask. SE between the grass is Shotgun ammo.

When you pull out the statue E, you’ll find Secret #3(10), a Gold Dragon.

Place the Masks and the Cog Wheel.

Get back on the SW wall, down the ladder and safety drop back to the ground floor. Go to the E wall and to the left (there was a Small Medipack on the crossing, from the bat I shot before), shoot the warrior and in the room at the end, place the Masks there. Go out to the right and take the second right and you are back at the pool near the now open double doors (N).

Run through when the spikes went up and place the Cog Wheel. Pick up Shotgun ammo NE and shoot the wolf. Jump back over the spikes and go into the right hand passage E (another light), opposite the light the door is open, jump in pick up the Sun Disk and step on the teleporter.

Level 1.

Back at the gates, place the disk NW and enter the last room to leave.