Continuous Level.

Level by Hans-Willi Brüggen

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

You need to use the ANGKOR Wads.

Lara starts underwater, so start swimming, right, left, left and right, there you can get some air, go left, right, right, left, left, second right. Climb out off the water and descend the stairs. I would save here.
The camera changes and as Lara runs down the stairs, blocks slam down. At the end of the stairs take a sharp right or left, as more squishy blocks are there. Once you are safe, I would save the game again.

Stand on the left hand side and start from there, keep jumping and try to get a bit to the right. It is hard to tell you exactly what to do, but it is a jump, jump, jump and jump. (I tried it four times and every time I came to the other side in one piece.)

Step on the tile on the east wall and a door opens west. Jump past the squishy block into the corridor and use the lever at the end. Watch the rolling stone doors open. Once on the other side, the door closes again.

Do not step on the last row of tiles yet, so you can have a good look at the area with the spikes, it is a Star Gate. Left is the receptacle for the Portal Guardian and a ladder. Right one for a Gem and also a ladder. Nothing here to do just yet, so better get the arrows and even some uzi ammo on the north side, near where the receptacle for the Gem is.

A wall is being drawn in front of the Star Gate. The minute you enter, more walls come down and also the door behind Lara closes.
In this area are also some ladders but everything is closed now. So go south and around the corner you see spikes and a lava river. There is a ladder there and once down, run jump to the ledge and pick up the Ornate Handle, (camera shot). Climb on structure north and on the other side is a mummy and a Scroll (also another camera shot). The spikes on that middle structure ate gone and get the Red Gem there. Go back to the ladder in the south and climb up.

You can place the Scroll at the north end and the door there is already open. By placing the Scroll you see a gate going up, this is the place you have to visit a few times. But for now go to the open door north. Turn around and the wall there is climbable. Get about the first seam and back flip with grab.

Room with spikes.

The door closes behind you once you step in and on the floor are goodies. First thing to do is to time the spikes, you have to run to NW, there is a square with no spikes popping up. Once there, looking east you see another save square, so go there. Now you can pick up the uzi ammo, Crossbow and Pharos Pillar, next to the lever. First run over to the other side, where the skeleton is and now you can flip the lever. The door is open so jump to it and climb down.
Go south and climb that ladder there.

Block room

The minute you climb up the block there you see more camera work, jump down and push that block as far as it will go. You see gates in front of blocks and one of them is without a gate. Your goal is to get them all on the marked tiles. So pull the first (camera shot of an underwater door), you hear a door opening and that is back to the exit and to the left. Place the Pillar (for another block to pull) and you better save (just to be on the save side), as in the next room is a lever, also spikes popping up and two beetles will attack Lara. You see another door opening. Sprint over the spikes and if you want you can pull out the second block. Go to the exit, down the ladder (you’ll be back here later) and climb the later east. Pick up the Uzi there and jump down.

The door north is open and you can place the Gem as well, (for another block to pull).
After climbing up the door closes. Climb down the ladder and shoot the three crocs in the water. Save here.

Underwater room

There is a current in the water and there are two openings in the floor. The one on the north is the exit and also the one you need to get air in between. The one in the middle floor is where the current will drag you in.

Jump in and swim north over the rocks there and down, get the Hathor Effigy and if you have enough air, turn east and see underwater that slanted block? On the other side is a ceiling lever, so grab that (that opens the door for outside again). Now swim up SW, over the rocks and into that hole there. Stay close to the wall and get some air. You have to dive in again though.

Underwater again, face first east and swim down and turn left (N) on a block you will find the Pharos Knot. From the Knot face west and swim back to the hole, keep to the wall. Keep clutching the wall and swim back to the ledge and climb the ladder. Outside there is an Ahmet waiting for you. After killing it look up, and see a rope dangling from the ceiling. Go to the ladder near the receptacle for the Ornate Handle and once up swing the rope to the other side. Place the Knot, and swing back, down the ladder, combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle and place the Portal Guardian. Climb the ladder next to it and back flip to the block and down the ladder. Get back up the ladder on the south side and pull the other three blocks on their tiles. By the last one you see the door opening in the underwater room.

Down the ladder, up the next one and take the ladder north to get to the underwater room again and swim in the door (NE).

Room with pillar

Push the pillar twice and there are four rooms with marked tiles, also nice objects behind glass. You better push the pillar on all the marked tiles (if you don’t do it there still will be spikes popping up at the Star Gate). In the last room is a fifth tile and that ignites the pyramid underwater. Swim to the pyramid, near the wall, down and up again.

Another pillar is blocking the way, push it once. Your goal is to get the pillar in the NE corner of this room; there is also a marked tile. The camera shows you a block rising in the Star gate area. So back in the water to the underwater room swim west to get out. Down the ladder op the ladder near the Portal Guardian to the Star Gate.

Climb the middle structure and enter the Star Gate. Keep swimming and at the end Lara pops out of the gate. An Ahmet is waiting there, so shoot him.

Pick up uzi ammo and wonder at all the dead animals and people in this room. Go east and there is a ladder there. Before it is a squishy block and if you look up, more blocks that will crush you.

The trick is to get behind the block to climb the ladder and not getting crushed by the blocks at the ceiling. Once up the ladder a block will close the entrance, pick up some uzi ammo and follow through. The dead soldier doesn’t hide anything so at the end climb down the ladder there.

More uzi ammo on the floor, and this room is full of sentry guns, so make your way to the north and pick up the medipack there. The door will open and a dog attacks. Down the stairs and another door opens.

A guard is there and if you go right there is some revolver ammo in the NW corner of this room (and triggers a guard) and in the next room in the SW corner the Revolver. Keep going right and end up in a rather large room with two guards. In another room opposite this room is a dog and some revolver ammo.

Climb the ladder on the east wall and when you approach the west wall it opens and two guards are there guarding two Ahmets in cages.

Climb the ladder south, turn around, jump and grab and jump into the cages. Shoot the Ahmets, and gather the revolver ammo and medipack and jump the lever on the north side. Climb out the cage and the door is now open. Follow the corridor and end up in an empty room. There are pushable blocks in here, and a dog and guard guarding them.

Pull the block in the SE corner and pull it aside. Behind it is a jump lever. That lowers the floor in the corner. There is another block you can pull, but it doesn’t hide anything. Jump in the hole and slide to the end of the level.