By Bec

Walkthrough written and provided by Gerty.

Standing in a room with a fountain, you’ll see that two skeletons wake up. There is a small body of water nearby, dive in there, you’ll find some ammo and the shotgun. In the fountain is the Pharaoh’s Knot. Around the corner from where you started is an opening. Climb those blocks and there is a jump switch. The door in the North wall is open now. Watch out for spike pits and crawl into that space where you will find the second Pharaoh’s Knot. At the end is a ladder and watch out for those skeletons and you can place the 2 knots there. The double doors are open now.

There are around the corner some benches to shoot and get the Ornate Handle. First go to the right of the entrance and shimmy around the corner. Jump over the fires (stay close to the wall) and pick up the Hathor Effigy. Shimmy back again. Now step on that green block and monkey climb. Halfway through go to the left and place the Portal Guardian. You can jump to that medipack if you want. Use the climb to go to the doors that are open now.

Room with the pyramid.

There are some enemies you need to slay. In SE corner is a wall you can climb for Secret # 1: some ammo. In the NE corner is a hole with water. Once in the water look to the South and dive, there is a small crawlspace and in there is a crowbar.

Underwater maze.

Swim North, first one on the left there is the crossbow. Turn around and swim North again. The first opening in the ceiling and get out. Climb ladder and shoot only the left bench. Climb ladders for two black beetles, the left one is the broken one. Run out as beetles will nibble at Lara.

Swim North again, around a corner and left, around another corner (East) and up. Here is the Winding Key. Back in the water swim East, around a corner and immediately sharp left. Swim to North wall right and find a gem. There is a camera shot of a door. In that room is also some ammo to find. Swim out going North and to the right (east) and up for some air. Another room with scissors. There is some ammo to find as well and get that black beetle. Get back in the water and swim West, first one right (North) get out of the water and use the gem on the East wall. A block will rise and get both black beetles.

Once in the water again, go to the right around the corner, the underwater door is open now. At one side of the pool are some goodies and on the other is a hole. Leave it for now. Go to the spike pit and hang over the edge. In the left corner is a place you can let go and follow that corridor. There is a jump switch. Follow the corridor and climb out. Now you can cross that spiked pit. Get up on that raised block and monkey climb to that black beetle.

Watch out: beetles again, don’t jump down as you can jump to that block on your left and monkey climb to the end. Another ladder and a slide and you are back in the pyramid room. Place the 4 beetles and get the Mechanical one.. Climb the ladders and slide down to end up in the pillar room. On the right there are some flares and get that medipack. A block at the end of the room will rise and jump those pillars. Watch out for a harpy that’ll attack Golden Lara. Jump around the room and use the Mechanical Beetle for the first time.

Follow that corridor and climb down the ladder and find a gem after a crawlspace. Climb up the ladder and there is another harpy attacking Golden Lara. Jump around the room again and use the Mechanical Beetle for the second time. Jump to the monkey climb and use the Mechanical beetle for the last time. Go into the room. On the wall is a receptacle for the gem. Enter the door and once on the stairs in the next room, the level ends.