The Adventure.

Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Choose Temple of Horus from the menu.

Two ninjas attack you straight away and one leaves some arrows behind. Go first to the block and push it aside. Climb down; this is SECRET # 1, some flares, revolver ammo and a small medipack.

Then climb the other block and jump to the taller one. Looking N there is a rope there and swinging NW you can pick up some uzi ammo on the ledge there. Back to the rope, this time swing east. In the NW corner is a lever that releases two mummies and a door in the South East corner is open.

Step outside and looking down there is a small lake. Nothing else to do than dive in. In the water north is a closed gate and on the east is a closed gate on land. Next to that gate is a jump switch. Nothing happening so dive in the water and see that the gate there is open. Swim in, left, immediately right and follow through. Climb out and get up that ladder. On top is a lever, go back down the ladder, swim through and get out, as the other gate is open now.


On the right on that small hill, looking upwards is a ladder. (I had a bit of a problem climbing that and it worked when I stood all the way to the right) Pick up one half of the Cartouche and in the other corner is the Crossbow.
Continue through the cave and on the south wall is another opening. Left is a crawlspace with a jump lever that is too high to reach so leave it for now. Go outside and shoot a warthog.

Waterfall area

Walk around the rock and climb a block there. Looking up to the west is a closed rolling gate and in front is a pool and a waterfall. To the east is a ledge you can reach with a running jump, there is a trapdoor. No need to go there yet.

Go to the pool and shoot the vase on the left and pick up the Laser Sight. On the right is also a vase but nothing under it, but behind that block is a small medipack. Dive in the pool in the SE corner and swim straight and up, there is a ceiling lever, use it and a camera shows you a block rising. Swim out quick as two crocs are suddenly showing their ugly faces.

I would first climb the ladder on the east and halfway on the bridge is a jump lever. Use it and jump on the ground. The rolling gate is open.

Now go back to the entrance and go into the crawlspace and use that lever and that opens the trapdoor, so go there next. Lower yourself down and on the right is a ladder. South is left some arrows and right a lever. Unfortunately a skeleton wakes up so either blast him or run to the ladder and start climbing. Once up better save your game. Take a running jump to the other side and yes there is a boulder here, so roll and a running jump back. Now run up the ramp and climb up. At the end is a ladder and be aware, as some ninjas are guarding this trapdoor.

Pull the two statues on their tiles and behind the left statue is another piece of the Cartouche. A block appears so you can climb the pole. Back flip into the burial chamber, where a tin man is guarding the tomb (he leaves some arrows) and place the Ba Cartouche. You are on a ledge above the waterfall. Scorpion alert and go left and get the one half of the Eye Piece.

A camera shows a block rising. The rolling door is open and jump on the block left. A running jump to the next one and walking in, look north and be sure your health is up, drop safely down, climb the small block there, turn around and jump on the next. Pick up the one half of the Cartouche. Now go to the SW direction, there is more to do, but you need the other half of the Cartouche, so jump into the water and swim east and out of the pool.

Climb the ladder east again and over the bridge, enter the open rolling door. Eek a skeleton and also the block you saw earlier in a camera shot. First climb to the bottom, another skeletons is there, but you donít need to go down all the way, but get in that crawlspace. Once in there, running jump to the next block, pick up the Hand of Orion. Jump back and climb up again.

Now climb block and use the monkey swing to get to the other end. Another crawlspace and use the Hand.

You are at the other side of the waterfall. Go and get that other Eye Piece and the rolling door there also opens. Jump to block on the left and a running jump to the next. Be sure your health is up as you have to safety drop in the opening north. Climb next block and see the other half of the Cartouche, so grab it. Jump down and get out and the first one on the right jump down to the grass. A tin man guards the receptacle of the Cartouche, so place the second Ba Cartouche. Climb up again and a bit further is a ladder climb it, as the door there is open.

Area with broken bridge.

There is a ladder on your left, a broken bridge in front of you and looking to the bottom you see a trapdoor. Walk to the end of the bridge; jump back once and a standing jump to the column there. Turn around, hang down and get that jump lever there. A mighty big scorpion will appear. It looks like there is no way out so go into the SW corner all the way to the end, hop back twice and look up. Shoot the brass ball. The trapdoor is open now, so jump in and follow through, climb the ladders at the end and you are where you started.

Now jump over the bridge, a standing and a running jump. Follow through and jump in the hole.

You better save before the slide though. Turn around and slide backwards, once you are on the ground hop back and hang as a boulder falls down.

When that is behind you look around. Two skeletons roam the bottom and on the west are ladders. It is way to high to get there so first thing is to get to the bottom. A simple safety drop will do. Go to the right side of that construction of the ladders, there is a lever there.

On the other side a block appears so a running jump to the ladder should do it. Climb the ladders. A skeleton and two dogs are guarding the gate. Place the Eye of Horus and walking in triggers the finishing trigger.