Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts in a courtyard, and all around her are closed iron gates. Two dogs are guarding the yard here. First thing she must do is walk to the gate north, as that block there you can pull. On the south wall a block rises and there is a jump lever. The door next to the block opens and where the block was is a crossbow. Two warthog are there and in the water are some arrows.

At the end of the water is a little house and look up as there is a target on the chimney but you canít shoot it yet. Go to the west of this little house into that corridor. Run up the ramp, some bats are pestering Lara. Shoot the barrier and find a lever at the end. Get down and a harpy appears. Go back to the little house and on the east side the Iron Gate is open. Follow through and in the water on the left is a croc, better shoot it before you dive in. In the NW corner is the crowbar. Watch out for poisonous darts, and you can climb out in the SE corner. Get back and now use the crowbar on the Gate north. The minute you step in a skeleton is there; well, you have the crossbowÖ

Lake and bridge.

Two scorpions are there and also two crocs in the water. Dive in and find some uzi ammo and Laser Sight (behind a pillar). Get back to the little house and now shoot the target on the chimney. Go back to the lake and swim through the open gate.

Small village

It appears you are in a very small village. A tin man shows up and leaves some uzi ammo. The gate rolls up so enter. Somewhere are dogs so be on guard.

Go left and left again and find revolver ammo and a nasty harpy appears. For now go back to the rolling gate, pass it and about where the bench is, turn to the rocks there (S). There is a triangle formation and you can jump on the rocks there. Turn west and find the Torch. Slide down and back pass the rolling gates to the far end where you can light the torch on that burning fire basket.

Again pass the rolling gate to the far end on the other side to the room with the swinging chains. Go right and light that basket there after first shooting that barrier. Donít stand too close, though. There is nothing in the vases and the door opens. Enter and on the left is a trapdoor and a block behind it that needs pulling. Donít pull/push it on the trapdoor. The camera shows you a block with a button on the wall so turn around and leave this place and also the torch, you donít need it anymore unless you want to save some flares.

Before you go out, there is another barrier in the other corner and also some chains. Some flares on a block and a skeleton. Back to the rolling gate and pass it, left and now right, all the way to the end, around the house and jump on the block and push that button. Back again and pick up some uzi ammo on the way. The trapdoor is open now; pass the rolling gates for the last time going to the chains room for the trapdoor.

Room with pools.

There are crocs in every pool. So try to shoot them before you dive in. There are 4 pools and you start with the NW pool. In the east corner is an opening, in there are some flares. Next pool SW, shoot croc and find some revolver ammo on the bottom. SE pool on the west is also an opening and on the bottom of the pool the Revolver, There another opening on the north, but the underwater door is closed. Get to the last pool, the one in the NE corner. On the west is an opening and on the end left another one, swim up and locate the lever on the ceiling there. Use it and swim out and in the next one, before you swim back to the pool, on the bottom you find the Pharos Knot.

Before you go any further climb the stairs to that middle structure.

Jump in and on the north wall is a Golden Star.

The door in the north is open now, and shoot the tin man. This room has a lot of blocks that need pulling/pushing away from the wall so get to it. Start with the first three and then pull out the others behind it. In total 7 blocks. Behind the left is a lever and behind the right one is a crawlspace, SECRET #1, medipack and arrows.

The Iron Gate on the North is open now. Up the ramp and either jump on the block or on the ground. Shoot two dogs and look around. On the south wall are two openings, north wall has a rolling gate and a crawlspace is located in the east wall. In the two openings are two buttons and two copper balls to shoot and in the left you can pick up also some flares. Jump to the middle block and the gate is open and a rope is hanging from the ceiling, and swing in the opening (N). Jump down and in the corner left is a button. Get out and before you jump down, pick up the small medipack.

On the east is a block now so you can climb in the crawlspace, and jump into the water. Swim to you get into an underwater room, go left and right and keep straight, pass a door and before the column there look right, there is a lever on the ceiling. Now open the door and swim out to get some air. Get out of the water and now have a look at the west side, as there is an opening. Follow the corridor and at the end climb the pole. Shoot the vase there and climb the block that has risen. Use the monkey climb and get the second Golden Star. The door there is open as well as you pulled the ceiling lever.

Little park area.

Some warthogs roam here and in the water is a croc. Climb the hedge and on the west side is the Ornate Handle. Go back to the stairs and left and right are ladders, climb them both and place one Golden Star, this triggers a Harpy and opens the Iron Gate at the end. The Pharos Knot opens the trapdoor in the water. Go there first, there is an opening halfway and in the small room above, two mummies are waiting. Do NOT use the lever on the east wall as that closes the trapdoor; just use the other one as that opens a door behind the Iron Gate.
Swim out and enter the gate, follow the corridor and save there.

In there are two dogs and some bats are flying around. There are 3 levers in there; one of them is a trap (the middle one) and a floor that looks mighty dangerous. There are scorpions and mummies in there and you better wait a bit and blast them to high heaven as some floor squares are indeed festered with popping up spikes.

First two are safe, turn north that one is safe as well and you can walk to the lever there. You even can get the medipack in the corner.

Retrace your steps to the entrance; looking south, you can walk there as they are safe. Use the lever there. Go in the SW direction, around a corner, picking up some arrows and climb the block there and climb up through the trapdoor.

There is a door and walking towards the door you see a tin man climbing (at least in my game) an invisible horse. Invisible or not, he has to die as he is carrying a Blue Gem. Use the Gem and climb the block that appears under the Star receptacle. A giant poisonous scorpion shows up, you can shoot it from the block. Use the Star and go through the door.

You are back where this level started and you still need the Hathor Effigy. Climb the block opposite the receptacle and another one and there is the Hathor Effigy. Combine it with the Ornate Handle and place the Portal Guardian. Once you enter the door the level ends.